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  1. Oh dude, this morning I pulled a 3.80 I think? It's about 4 walls tall. Keep two blood lines. One for size one for stats. You can leap frog sizes. So you have a male and female of the largest size just breeding together just for size. Mate them like 3 times for off spring. Take the biggest and use it to breed for size, take the others put them aside and breed them for stats. Then when you have stats stabilized size doesn't matter as long as you have size breeders. Because once your secondd pool of dodo has a consistent level of stats you breed it in with the size stat dodo until you get an off spring that's close enough to the large parent to replace it. This took me a week to set up. Breed for size and stats in two separate blood lines. And then make a third blood line of A and B mashed together. Blood line C will become your primary blood line at this point. I had the same thing happen they wouldn't cooperate so I killed ALL of them but the two biggest and just kept for size.
  2. Will the dungeons scale? If i am soloing the dungeon, will i be expected to kill a boss designed for 10 people? Or will the difficulty scale based on players? pre-emptive question, that may be moot after 1 is awnsered, If the dungeons dont scale, are the bosses within the server level range? Or will it at least be easier then artifact of the strong? Will amber bought buffs carry into the dungeon, or be able to be purchasable in dungeon? (Leg day/Element shield) And can we build things inside the dungeon, Like a smithy to repair gear, not a farming base or anything obnoxious like that.
  3. gorefangs


    Biotixin works, but it lowers the tame effectivness, Any damage caused to a ko creature will lower the tame rating including from bio toxin. Best thing to do, is have about 2k narco berries. Get two of the lowest levels you can that have matching names, once you get a mating pair you can make griffin kibble. Takes like 3 griff kibble to tame one. You can not use admin console to level them, or unicorns. As well Unicorns eat griffin egg kibble.
  4. Thats what Im coming to find out it has a stacking effect. I hand it out to new people adn some of them eat like 5 at once and it still is happening an hour later. My license? Oh its on the back of the unicorn man.. Im going to get on and eat at least 10 at once and time it.
  5. Mines bigger!!!!! is that your base, or just your barn? whats it look like?! In my experiance, the ovaraptor has nothing to do with the offspring or feathers, just the amount of eggs they lay. What does seem to effect feathers, is when im in the area they lay a lot more. It lasts for 1 hour,, so i can leave base and come back and have no feathers... now if i lurk around the base for an hour i will have at least 3 feathers. with or without the ovaraptor.
  6. I'm up to 2.78, they take the same time to mature it appears, unless your working with a mutated blood line, then they can grow faster. If you get tripplets make sure you breeding them, it appears that it increases the chance off spring will have multiples. My equss just had tripplets. My bear has tripplets a lot. remember you need to breed a weight stat of at least 119 lbs or you can't ride it. And that's with ghillie armor only hotbar items and no ammo. I have a 500 mele stat and they still only do about 250 damage. I hope with larger scale they do more dmg more weight but still the minimum ridable size and excavator bit they are amazing at gathering berries.. they just can't carry much. And each level in weight is less then 5 points if I remember right. If you want to use them for attacking make sure you use a pair of males so they rage with familial bonding. To make sure you don't miss feathers, I sat mine on a ramp, so all the poop eggs and feathers roll down. Feathers don't roll so they are in the middle of the ramp usually, and if you due the dodo it changes the colors between white and black. I've only found white and black. A weight boost would be nice on the dodo. I gave up breeding stats and size at the same time. I'm just going for size then I will breed in stats. Had to stop breeding for a while, they frustrated me. I just started breeding them again once I made a new barn from them and equss. I put two large Dino gates inside the building using the buildings corner, as a mating pen. It's like 4 high and 4*7 but my server went down and nintrado won't take my money so I can't give exact numbers.
  7. I have server i play alone a lot. Fully functioning established base. Check server ads forum.
  8. HOW DO YOU MAKE ERYE CANDy?!?!?!??!?! yes i know im yelling, THx in advance. read wiki. Now if only i could dye my unicorn totaly hot pink.
  9. Is the wiki right you can catch with unicorn poop?? Here I've been eating it making stationary and handing it out like it's Halloween... With dodo arrows this will be cake to entrap wild.
  10. I saw one in the north east and started laughing because of candy mountain.. didnt know what it was or for at the time. Just remember because the song started playing i my head.
  11. No, i tried every way and combo you can think of.
  12. Candy mountain silly... Honestly dunno but i couldn't resist any longer. According to the post it kins of doesnt matter because they untame and poof at will.
  13. Maybe it helps with thr PVX loot crates that drop in the water around carno island?
  14. They are uaeful as you can grind implants for xp. And sometimes items yeild dust.
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