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  1. A tour of the working city using capitalism mod. Mod's Fully equipped working city, Merchants are set. PvP Arena, Jousting Lanes, Boxing ring And an obstacle course. More to come! Regular admin support.
  2. havent tried fishing for bp in a while, any area in perticular?
  3. gorefangs

    Griffin Eggs

    Mu and zar as well. My best line is my zar.
  4. We got a Cthulu... My fellow priest of reliegh is searching for its lover. I was amazed, im like omg my meat problems are solved!!
  5. Necro bump, same issue pvx server, any info?
  6. So the wiki says cooked fish lasts 2 hrs. Which is longer then meat. It says that all carnos will eat fish meat. Has anyone tried using cooked fish meat for land dwelling carnovores to see if this is true? I noticed sharks won't eat land meat from through.as well sweet veggie cakes are supposed to last the longest of the veggies.
  7. I found, that if you have two baby griffins, with paddle ball toys, one regular and 6 adults... you go through a fridge of meat and a half a real life day :X Im still trying to figure out what veggies work best. i am hoping it doesnt matter, but i think the dodos like the citra whatevers. Rock carrot for horses, corn for trikes. No proof, just some thiings ive noticed. Ive had no issues since i switched to just cooked meat. And BTW. I HATE BRONTOS!!!!!!!!! They lag sooooooo badly. They need to make a smaller option that does just as well. You can get a lot of food out of a small garden with lawn gnomes. They make everythinging grow faster with less fert.
  8. I have nine of them shoved in a barn with sabertooths.. next to a dodo barn.. so yes. Because they dont all roar ar rhe same time. So its random intervals, every 3-5 seconds. Add that to the constant clucking sounds and its enough to make me play with mute and god mode on.
  9. This, one of the most obnoxious things is playing with my base and hearing the raptors catterwauling every 30 seconds. Dodos too.
  10. Did you buy a ticket from the store?
  11. Oh dude, this morning I pulled a 3.80 I think? It's about 4 walls tall. Keep two blood lines. One for size one for stats. You can leap frog sizes. So you have a male and female of the largest size just breeding together just for size. Mate them like 3 times for off spring. Take the biggest and use it to breed for size, take the others put them aside and breed them for stats. Then when you have stats stabilized size doesn't matter as long as you have size breeders. Because once your secondd pool of dodo has a consistent level of stats you breed it in with the size stat dodo until you get an off spring that's close enough to the large parent to replace it. This took me a week to set up. Breed for size and stats in two separate blood lines. And then make a third blood line of A and B mashed together. Blood line C will become your primary blood line at this point. I had the same thing happen they wouldn't cooperate so I killed ALL of them but the two biggest and just kept for size.
  12. Nope, just trying to make sure they don't starve when I'm not there.
  13. Okay, thanks. Ill cook it all up then. I am sole admin so I have everything. Veggies are no problem for me to harvest i have 5 crop plots for each, with gnomes and my only herb. Are trike dodo and equss. The only animals i have on wander are dung beetles, and my scorpions on inside base guard duty. But the beetles are in cages next to pens.
  14. So i currently have eleven species of meat eaters. I am having difficulty figuring out the best combination to reduce raw meat waste. Does cooked meat give the same amount of food as raw? They both have the same food amount, bit the description is misslesding. And when i put raw cooked and jerky in, ill hit heal all to see whst goes how. Sometimes the jerky goes first sometimes the raw meat goes. Can i get the same food amount filled from cooked as raw when in a through? Also, which is better berries or veggies? Ive spent a few days trying to figure this out.
  15. Will the dungeons scale? If i am soloing the dungeon, will i be expected to kill a boss designed for 10 people? Or will the difficulty scale based on players? pre-emptive question, that may be moot after 1 is awnsered, If the dungeons dont scale, are the bosses within the server level range? Or will it at least be easier then artifact of the strong? Will amber bought buffs carry into the dungeon, or be able to be purchasable in dungeon? (Leg day/Element shield) And can we build things inside the dungeon, Like a smithy to repair gear, not a farming base or anything obnoxious like that.
  16. gorefangs


    Biotixin works, but it lowers the tame effectivness, Any damage caused to a ko creature will lower the tame rating including from bio toxin. Best thing to do, is have about 2k narco berries. Get two of the lowest levels you can that have matching names, once you get a mating pair you can make griffin kibble. Takes like 3 griff kibble to tame one. You can not use admin console to level them, or unicorns. As well Unicorns eat griffin egg kibble.
  17. Thats what Im coming to find out it has a stacking effect. I hand it out to new people adn some of them eat like 5 at once and it still is happening an hour later. My license? Oh its on the back of the unicorn man.. Im going to get on and eat at least 10 at once and time it.
  18. ...If friendly fire is off, then you can not beat up your tribe mates. But your on a pvp server so PVP would counter that, so you should be able to... but if your trying to solve a problem with admin powers, just kill them with your command and loot them. Or use a gas grenade and KO them cuff them Make sure you wear your gas mask. IF its someone who stole stuff and like ate all your candy and threw stuff on the ground whatever you can always roll back the server to the last daily save point on the nintrado website.
  19. gorefangs


    Sadface. Any creative solutions for allowing offline pssing of items? I came up with kind of a night deposit thing with windows. Build the window shove the vault or fridge against it all the way, then put the window on. set window for manager recruiter etc. ( I have an admin room I log out in that has stuff people waste stuck inside it.) and I have an air lock made of glass so no one can stalk the depositor. Thanks guy This would also reduce structure count, because then I wouldnt need an admin room to keep peple from wasting the good stuff. Can just leave vaults in the open.
  20. gorefangs


    Am I missing something or can you not lock vaults based on rank? If it's not possible to lock vaults based on rank, how comes we can lock doors but not vaults based on tribe rank? Or require you to know the pin?
  21. gorefangs

    In-Game Purchasing

    Yep cant ve looted lost stolen or left.
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