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ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!


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On 6/19/2018 at 9:12 AM, MaJo28 said:

Why is this Trailer just 1.10 min long?

Aberration took 1.30 mins 

What did u Guys do since the last Dlc ? 

It can take a while to make something you know. They coudve been creating the extinction dlc sense after aberration was released, must without us knowing. Its like creating a whole new game, different creatures (which some are advanced and maybe needed lotsbof rltime to cose), different map, new environmental features, items, explorer notes, and more we might not know about

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You should consider doing a physical (standalone) DLC set with the expansions (that may or may not require the base game, physically as well - just as in the last gen - you start the base game, change the game and launch the DLC). Would buy day one on the switch oh jeez

btw, when will the switch version get extinction? It looks great my dudes

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1 hour ago, zeroBurnAcidCool said:

1 person since JUNE 19 has like this post.

Did a staff member like this?

Doesn't tell you anything does it, its great new dlc, no room for any of this on your servers, perhaps this is why there is only ONE person that like the post.

Does it look like 1 person liked the post? Looks like 2 did if you include the thanks one, which is pretty much the same.

Also does it look like a staff member liked it? I mean all the information is right there in your screenshot.

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Hi all, i love ARK...but I stressed that the game has become quite static. The maps are slow to go out ... and the news are still few (I give an example .. taking as an example the competitor FUNCOM with CONAN EXILES), fluidity and way of building better than ARK, more object, more dynamic game.

Why have not there been any ground breaking innovations since ATK came out on PS4? The mods are limited to PC ... so why not prepare packages to sell little to implement the game?

If the game remains static it will be killed by the competition. I have 5 servers on ARK but the players are switching to Conan because they are getting tired ... yet I think ARK has good potential but that they are being fully exploited by the developers.


 the tek machine ... has always been bagged (to solve it ? )

- Ragnarok..you did the desert ... but the down part on the right is useless (it seems done in a hurry)

- construction mode : not easy

- added the creative mode ... implement it with the Dinos ? it serves incece take them through code


we could have a list... i hope that with the new map we could see a new type of game..with real updates

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