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  1. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2808610
  2. Didn't work for me =/ Still getting the same error and still needing a vpn just to play official servers.
  3. I submitted a ticket and there has been no response about this. I have been having the same problem since the update and I tried reinstalling multiple times and validating, restarting both my pc and modem, even reinstalling steam. I hope this will be resolved soon or even a response from any of the devs would be nice. I play on official, but I cannot connect to ANY of the servers, even unofficial ones or nondedicated ones. @Cedric can we please get a response?
  4. Same thing has been happening to me since the new patch released. I can't connect to ANY server, even unofficial ones and nondedicated. I reached out to the support team, but I have yet to receive a reply. I'm reinstalling ark for the 2nd time after doing file validation, reinstall, restarting my pc and my modem, etc.
  5. Ocean biome N, NE, and NW are all spawn to the same location The three northern ocean biome teleport spawns, North, North East, and North West all spawn in the same location
  6. PC Official PVE. I'd rather talk about it with one of the staff than tell everyone here where it is.
  7. I just noticed the banner text said community crunch 202 @Cedric lol Anyways, some lunar biome caves still have bases in them and some are now buildable for some reason because they were not like that before.
  8. Journeyman Mining Drill gathers much less than a regular metal pick/hatchet
  9. KasS

    how to climb?

    In the Ocean, people are building ladders from down-up. Some islands have 'mini' beaches where you can start building your way up. On some, you just have to build from the depths.
  10. Y'all should learn from this guy. He's been playing legacy for so long and still hyped for the new dlc without complains. He just loves the game.
  11. Even born ice wyverns cannot be transferred with cryopods. When brought back to maps such as island, it says cannot deploy.
  12. Nooooo. Don't let official toxicity merge with our relaxed legacy servers. We're having fun as it is.
  13. Wow good catch. I hope it's a good creature that I can bring over to different servers.
  14. I hope the next set of Tek dinos wouldn't just be the ones from the available skins.
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