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  1. Finally not mutant or tek, an owl. a little bit Excited
  2. What i would to to see those tek dinos as console exclusive ❤️ (pc player here)
  3. Nice nice.... You destroyed the island forever and it'll never be the same. Mecha dinos spawning everywhere forever? Had you lost your mind? I would even understand event but forever? You even making sick players who play on the island only with this tek crap. God I wish we had ever game like ARK but without this fantasy sci-fi crap...
  4. Make them tameable breedable rideable permament standalone dinosaurs spawning in wild.... meh is this really that hard to do if you got actually both textures and models? (brachio is the one to change, its horrible since its skin for bronto)
  5. Thats how it works, WC just dont understando this.it's sad. I always knew those species were some kiind of mutated, b ut still you could recognize stegosaurus or other raptor in them. Game was sci fi, but focused on prehistoric creatures,incredible good combo. I always thought its the game i wonder about all my life, about ridable dinosaurs and wars between tribes using those. now im really disappointed about this mix of skyrim and alien vs predator
  6. I really would like to be right if thats just final dlc that bring plot to the game, and then we could just have some dlcs focused on first ARK's thing, Extinct things
  7. Personally i dont understand people complaining about this being only a release date.
  8. Im personally gonna dislike all of the DLC until i see DLC with dinosaurs in it. Devs are trying to make a plot to this game which.. by part of community might be enjoyable, by other part not. I belong to the second group, so what do we get since start. -amazing game with extinct animals, where each dossier was hyping me more and more -Scorched earth meh.... but we finally got desert, but still adds mythological stuff i personally don't like so i'll call it crap -Aberration which give us more mutated crap -Extinction which give us even more technological scientistic mecha robo prime TEK crap. waiting for ARK vanilla 2.
  9. Meh.. An option you offer doesn't help at all cause they're still not standalone dinos. I personally like bones as a resource but more like I want them to create bone skins or buildable decorations
  10. Just make the three event skins as permanent standalone tameable and breedable dinos, so everyone shall be happy, right?
  11. God i wish, i don't remember if i ever was more hyped for ARK. I love extinct animals so i hope they make more of them like Gorgonopsid or Pliosaurus
  12. hohoho amazing hurr durr charlie the unicorn refference. A Liopleurodon had a potential,but u made him the worst poop in the whole game.In my opinion it should be an alternative for plesio(something like saber-wolf)its not that it's special ability makes me sick,but the temporarity,Temporary tames oficially sucks.While Titano is just able to break everything,liopleurodon is useless,and shouldnt even be supposed to be made that way.... shame on you wildcard, shame on you.
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