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  1. It wont ever appear in ARK cause of copyright, but of course more dinos from JPE that existed like Brachio,Ceratosaurus,Corythosaurus could be But not as skins, whole new ecosystem on new map as a DLC, or sth simillar
  2. To be honest, shouldnt this thread be a voting?
  3. Finally not mutant or tek, an owl. a little bit Excited
  4. I would switch Hadrosaur with Corythosaurus or Lambeosaurus, basically same. And Pliosaur is my nearly most wanted dinosaur to be in the game(1st place is still Gorgonopsid) but you made a mistake. Plio should be rather much bigger badass version of liopleurodon, actually mosa just needs a buff, not oversized version And pliosaurus Is a real dino(or rather sea reptile family but still fits perfectly)
  5. your patagptotam description sounds rather like flat earth foundament than dino but for sauropods: -Brachiosaurus (Actually model is terrible, needs to be reworked,and also given as permament standalone tame. -Amargasaurus (this wierd one with sail on it's neck) -Saltasaurus (Not so big armored, covered in salt ore sauropod)
  6. 1.Full stand stance for spino (for now when you unmount him when stands bipedal, he turns quadrupedal) more frames for spino claw attack-it looks sometimes like a glitch imo. Replace its sounds, spino sometimes do a bronto sound 2. Add hitboxes for Obelisks. 3.Most important TLC: -Liopleurodon (looks terrible, not permament and too weak) -Mammoth(looks terrible) -Titanoboa( outdated, no mechanics) -Mosasaurus(looks terrible)
  7. Yes, and its pain for me wildcard doesnt care about him and his mods, they're brilliant (maybe except indominus rex, becasue he's op and that whole copyright stuff)
  8. Barje

    Titanboa - TLC

    Thing to change for me: -No torpor,no poison at all. If titnaoboa hits you when you're something smaller than a yuty/rex it slows your mount/you and begins the animation of suffcoating,while the animation titanoboa drains your oxygen until you die. In this stance you can't move. Of course you can still kill it. -stand stance means titanoboa to roll into a circle like normal snakes do, not just lying long fat string. -delete this useless skin thing on head.
  9. I can wait even much more time,but don't fool us with skins again devs Brachiosaurus (stomp,saddle with seats/platform on the neck. much higher than Brontosaurus but not so long) Styracosaurus (impaling enemies,smaller than trike) Stygimoloch-AoE bone crush effect when using special skill (doing 360) Acrocanthosaurus/Carcharodontosaurus- both simillar predators could be a filler between a rex/spino and giganoto. Good Post Tame rex could kill Carcha/Acro, and WELL trained Acro/Carcha could kill wild giganoto. Also bleeding effect is the plus. Tylosaurus(better version of ichtyosaurus. Bigger, more tanky,more dmg and same fast) Pliosaurus(bigger(plesio size),far more dangerous badass appearance than liopleurodon. But clearly the same stuff( long jaw,four fins,not very long tail,giant teeth), could chase down the prey even on land, which giving him a little damage per second. But still Plio could have crawl on the land ability to have it's prey dead. Anomalocaris- giant deep sea perfect silica pearls gatherer! tameable and irdeable Amargasaurus- Diplo sized sauropod with membrane between spikes on it's neck. Could be used for incubating, or giving heat/cold. Thylacine: Dog role, according to the real world. Thylacine could track the nearest ovis on the map since thylacines in real life were the sheep's nightmare and oh irony thats why theyre extinct now. Gorgonopsid: giant fast bone crusher, his strong attack making prey losing stamina and hp per second. i love the primeval design of gorgo so i would like to see something like this. Stethacanthus: Could be a sea rideable shark, which saddle would be adding a metal cover to it's anvil shaped head so we could craft items on him like on argent or beaver Platybelodon: Come on, this one is just weird enough to have it in game, could be another wood collector. but wouldnt get that much wieght buff for wood like mammoth. Archelon:(already done, this one just needs a bit of devs attention) Xiphactinus:(already done, this one just needs a bit of devs attention) Deinonychus:(already done, this one just needs a bit of devs attention)
  10. Barje


    All of arguments are invalid when you realize you can just bug yourself in rocks and levitate, which prevents you from eating anything, so you can't kill yourself by eating spoiled meat/poop/suicide potion. Suicide key is the solution,or allow us to eat when levitating.
  11. What i would to to see those tek dinos as console exclusive ❤️ (pc player here)
  12. Nice nice.... You destroyed the island forever and it'll never be the same. Mecha dinos spawning everywhere forever? Had you lost your mind? I would even understand event but forever? You even making sick players who play on the island only with this tek crap. God I wish we had ever game like ARK but without this fantasy sci-fi crap...
  13. For dog role thylacine would be imo the best option,ew WWD styled Andrewsarchus
  14. |Oh that pillar thing is preatty nic ayayayayaay reference,also for next Wildcard ARK extintion creature addwarioaomiomuanonyvgawie212345##!%!%rgator i suggest: for killing player doesnt get anything flying and throwing tek volcanos shooting tek rex shooting tek quetzals shooting stars drinking water attack everyone on the map by swinging its tail and dealing damage based on max hp of best rex living on the map Here's an idea for appearance: