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can't find Megalosaurus

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On Monday, January 15, 2018 at 7:49 AM, MandyH said:

On center cave opposite blue ob. Tamed 145 male. kill plenty low lvls waiting for high female.

 This. At the entrance to the easy cave on the Center thats by the beaver pond there is usually one that spawns in the first room. Very easy to kite out into a pen and they respawn quick so just keep killing and leaving the area til you get the one you want.

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On 1/12/2018 at 3:53 PM, Rockthebeast said:

I'll give both these a try thanks!

If you eat a rare flower things will literally fall out of the ceilings and walls lol I did it once while trying to get an xmas beetle to spawn and things came from everywhere so have a good mount!

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