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  1. ishootpaint

    Solo Build Question

    I always run 150 stam and never have issues. I would take that 50 off stam and bump hp up. If you can't outrun it at 150 stam and 130 MS you better be built like a tank lol. My main build on official pve. Not exact numbers for all since i have 6 characters so they all blend together in my mind. Also, it depends on the map(no oxy on AB and SE). 450-hp 150-stam 260-Oxy(i like to swim like a dolphin) 400-weight 30ish-fort The rest i leave at 100 aside from my dedicated crafter which is every point into crafting.
  2. ishootpaint

    Hyaenodon taming nightmare

    They can be a pain. Mine are birthing around 240 and taming enough to start breeding was very time consuming and frustrating. You really gotta love them to tolerate taming them, and expect for every 3 you tame to need a new keyboard from smashing it when the server lags and you spook it.
  3. ishootpaint

    The Center Boss Help

    For saddles on the center, two places. South volcano cave and the jump puzzle. Red SE drops have a very slim chance but can be obtained that way.
  4. ishootpaint

    The Center Boss Help

    We did gamma 4 times back to back yesterday with 25k hp and damage ranging from 600-700% with 80-100 armor saddles. We had 12 rexs and a yuti. These stats are very easy to achieve, we mostly wanted to see how our old outdated rexs stood up to gamma for solo boss farming. After 4 runs without taking a break our most damaged rex had lost 7k hp. A run with this setup should only take 2-3 minutes.
  5. ishootpaint

    Finding a player in my base, PvE.

    Some scrub walked right past me and into my base when the door was open. So i just shut it behind them and gave them a boring lecture in voice chat about how its very rude to go into peoples homes uninvited and where im from in the world is an offense that will get you shot. After an hour of that they were still telling me how i was in the wrong and was a terrible person for locking in a trespasser. So i let them think about it over night and dragged their body out the next morning. They havent set foot on my property since
  6. ishootpaint


    I know im beating a dead horse here, but just move off of legacy. Your going to spend a long time moving just for a hope that the server you move to is not going to be on the kill list next migration. If you do stay find the server with the most people to give it a better chance not to be on the chopping block next. Just my $0.02 and good luck.
  7. ishootpaint

    Why Do PvP'ers and PvE'ers Clash??

    I feel its just a small group also, just a vocal minority. Most players could seem to care less.
  8. ishootpaint

    Are we done with dinosaurs now...?

    I honestly didn't mind when we got the 3 dino skins for the bronto, pacy and trike. It adds diversity without the need to rebalance everything. A sponsored mod aiming at making quality dino skins for existing ones would get alot of attention from me.
  9. ishootpaint

    PVE OfficialServer32 is locked and is PVP?

    Yup, they will fix a server if its down and that about it.
  10. ishootpaint

    Are we done with dinosaurs now...?

    From the screen shots they showed today I would say don't hold your breath for any new "traditional" dinos. But we are getting an Ent Im sure it will be called a wood elemental tho. Edit: On second examination it looks a bit big for an elemental. Maybe another of the titans? Its hard to tell its scale since where its standing in relation to the wyvs is blocked.
  11. ishootpaint

    PVE OfficialServer32 is locked and is PVP?

    Nope, hasn't had support for almost a year now.
  12. ishootpaint

    Most Annoying Creature

  13. ishootpaint

    A thing that ARK needed so far ago

    Lol, that 660(had one before i upgraded to a 1070 SC edition) would catch fire running at 4k, and turn to a molten pile with epic setting thrown into the mix. Pretty sure that was the lie 😛 But to the OP, with 8 gigs of vram ark runs very well even on all epic settings. Its the server performance that needs help mostly. 60fps solid out and about and 30ish is my metal base lit like a cristmas tree stuffed with 400 dinos.
  14. ishootpaint

    Got lucky with a level 180 drake egg

    This is my 175 Archeological event drake. Its my favorite drake, sadly it was purchased and not imprinted to me.
  15. ishootpaint

    Baby Dinos vs. Mammals

    But I want to be its mother! Im sure the imprinting mechanics had a role to play in WCs decision making on mamals. But it would be nice if the mother fed it through the baby stage and you have to take over during juvenile and adolescent stages.