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  1. I like pushing the limits of the building system with no mods on official servers so i tend to like my project to be there the next day. And i build for looks>security. Atlas on the other hand i like to build on pvp servers since you can do some pretty clever stuff compared to ark as far as defences go.
  2. No. You can only get the fert ones. Edit: if you mean ones you already have raised.
  3. Happened to my tribemate because he runs around naked. Lost his best direbear. Which was kinda odd because it should have owned the theri even unridden. Thats why i always atleast wear desert cloth and have a hatchet, sword and climbing picks on me. When your not prepared is when things go wrong. To the OP, tame that theri if you can. They are the MVP of the herbivores and will help you progress in just about every area if the game.
  4. This is pretty much how new creatures are created at WC. Just substitute gremlin with dino.
  5. This is how I tame all mine, just throw down a cryo sick reject rex/spino/etc and aggro the troodon wearing riot armor. Just run to the cryo sick baby and get it between you and the troodon and easy instant tame. Ive tamed at least 10-15 using this method with no issues. They have always aggrod during the day but you have to be very close to them. Maybe they adjusted that range a bit?
  6. ishootpaint

    Season Pass

    Joe "Hey Bob that was one hell of a season of yankee baseball, I already got my season pass for next year" Bob "Wait, your telling me my season pass doesn't get me into all the games next season" Joe ".....yup, says right there on your tickets what games it includes in the season pass" Bob " What a scam!"
  7. F key works(what i use) but you still need to be looking at the correct place to open it.
  8. I always access it via the little part on the front that looks like an obi terminal. Just used mine today and that was the only spot i could open the inventory. If it is bugged, since your on single player i think it would be fair to just spawn another with console commands if you can do that on xbox.
  9. If you were turned off by dying alot on AB you will detest SE lol. AB is a walk in the park compared to scorched IMO.
  10. ishootpaint


    Runs 60 fps solid on a 1070 with 8350 cpu and 16 gigs of ram. The only setting I turn down is ground clutter which is the biggest FPS killer for me.
  11. My first impression of it was Guilty Spark from Halo 1 with a female voice.
  12. Jeez, i know this is a video game forum with some younger members but damn, $35 isn't that much money. I spend more than that to take my wife and kid out... For lunch! Now if i can find a way to keep my family entertained for thousands of hours for the 100 some odd dollars that the game and all DLC cost I would have it made. Lets say all the employees at WC make 40k a year(some will make much more if they are skilled) and have 50 employees. If they take a year to make both DLCs they already have the payroll cost of $2,000,000. That is before all other expenses like advertising, studio rent, computers and equipment, tax etc. It is what it is. They can't pay their bills and employees with steam reviews and free modded maps. And those maps we get for free, they cost money too with server rentals and the in-house team having to put their hands on it to make sure its good enough to put on the official network. Moral of my rant is businesses HAVE to make a return on their investment.
  13. Our alliance just disbanded for this issue. Honestly alliances on PVE are more of a liability than they are worth. 2 year old alliance and the only feature ever used was chat lol.
  14. Just wow... Says he's entitled and wants a refund if reality turns out to be true. Not to mention the 3 maps you got for free with two of them having exclusive creatures. Game development isn't cheap and that's why alot of MMOs are subscription based to pay for the ever evolving game. A season pass is the cost of like 3 months in a subscription game, but you get 2 years of more content.
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