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  1. With a prim fishing pole BPs will be very rare. Go hunt some alpha tusos/mosas to get a premade high quality one for much better chances to get BPs. Fishing is pretty lackluster after it was nerfed a year or so ago.
  2. Dont know the coords off the top of my head but its in the lower right corner of the ocean very close to the map edge.
  3. Shhh. This is far more beneficial to small tribes/solos than alphas and megas. If you main anywhere other than genesis this is a massive boost to not being totally wiped to zero or being locked away from resources guarded by alphas. 30k hex worth of resource isn't that substantial to any alpha/mega with whole farming crews with bred farming dinos. I typically never play pvp in ark as i find it massively unbalanced and i prefer military shooters for my pvp kicks. But with this method I actually feel like life would be somewhat reasonable playing solo pvp on official. I would be 100% fine if its "fixed" but from my point of view this is a big win for the small guys for once in their beach bob lives. Just my 0.02 USD
  4. Ever been to Aberration? Honesty I play on 4 other maps with flyers, im fine with having a few with restrictions on them as they trivialize "half the game". Flyers on genesis would make it way to easy and your supposed to look at flying on this map as end game with the dope tek skiff. My $0.02
  5. Its possible. The first one ever and the last one I tamed yesterday was done solo. I haven't noticed fish trying to eat the swarm personally, all i do is follow it around(have tamed a few with no pen) and watch out for sharks, eels etc. Even when they take damage and reset I never have to kite another swarm as the bar just keeps going back up. In my observation the swarm seems to almost despawn and turn into a visual effect around the turtle(i may be wrong). Ive had a turtle break loose and i could still see the swarm where it was stuck but nothing to target like the swarm was just a visual effect. And caught up with the turtle and it had no swarm around it but was still taming. The biggest issue ive had is that sometimes they bug in my trap and go from full hp to dead in seconds. I did see a swarm that was glitched into the gates so maybe once a turtle has a swarm any additional swarms will hurt it. I expanded my trap and waited for the stuck swarm to despawn and tamed up another in the trap with no issues. Ill try to see if my recording stuff is still installed and do a quick video if my methods as well as where my trap is located on the map. Edit: Don't give up!
  6. Guilty. The reason I leave mine locked is I don't want tribes to use it and just leave low level turtles in it I cannot move. Theres a lot of [][][] grifers on my server so I can see that coming from a mile away. I've already had people hiding in the coral waiting for me to trap a turtle so they can try to kite a swarm before I can.
  7. Yes. The trap seems small but works fine. And you don't have to open the door for the microbes to get to the turtle.
  8. To the left is the trap and on the right is the edge of a trench with microbes in it.
  9. Tamed 3 145s today. I built a trap for the turtles out of 7 behe gates with a door at each end. I trap the turtle and kite a single swarm to it. Ive had them despawn once taming but it didnt seem to matter. Ill upload a screenshot of my trap or possibly a video of how I do it.
  10. Option for male to shed antlers for a decent amount of keritan. After shedding they will regrow over X amount of time and he cannot attack until they regrow. Will really help early game players.
  11. 100% agree. If they make x tapis untamable ill be pissed. Sure I cant use it on Genesis but there's plenty of other maps Id like to bring it to.
  12. New DLCs are pretty lame if i can just bring over a giga and rofl stomp the endgame on day 1. As someone who's played for years on official I love being cut off from my stuff for a while and enjoy the early game. Or better yet, bring 250 pillars and 250 ladders over and go crazy before people without super fast internet can even download the patch.
  13. I don't think he is trolling. I have no idea who Ava is either lol.
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