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  1. ishootpaint

    Can't DL Old Characters to Extinction Map?

    You have to go to an obi or drop and select "travel to another server/ark" with the character you want to bring. This will pull up the list of all servers you can travel to including extinction. Then pick the server you want to go to.
  2. ishootpaint

    Lvl 100s on extinction

    So make us do something we have done many times before in an already repetitive game? Now thats a terrible game idea. I started fresh characters for SE, AB, Rag and the island(started on the center). I was perfectly happy using an existing character for the final DLC to skip the level grind. Even with a high lvl from the start you still have to grind from scratch. It just sounds like you wanted to start from scratch as I have many times before since it can be more fun. But you look around and see how further ahead everyone else is and you dont like it even tho you gimped yourself on purpose.
  3. ishootpaint

    Where's the pego?

    I could have sworn i saw one too at some point on extinction.
  4. ishootpaint

    Gacha Breeding issues

    Good to know. I was planning on getting one soon.
  5. ishootpaint

    Gacha Breeding issues

    Lol. So one bug fixes the other bug somehow. Sounds like their breeding is especially messed up lol.
  6. ishootpaint

    Gacha Breeding issues

    So even with stone in the troughs they wont eat it? Seems like a bug.
  7. ishootpaint

    extinctions story

    The arks came from humans/earth. So as did the genetics of everything present on them. They most likely were genetically engineered on earth to be sent off with that ark as guards much as you said. I would imagine most all work done with the Ark "project" was done on earth so there should be genetic samples of everything.
  8. ishootpaint

    Great job devs!

    Pretty sure doeds get more dust than ankies ATM. Ive get about 200 per post on a crappy lvl 50 berry tamed doed on 1x gather.
  9. ishootpaint

    extinctions story

    They were already on the Aberration ark including nameless and reapers before the bomb was set off that crippled it. Nameless and a few others are mentioned in the explorer notes prior to the bomb. All the bomb did was ruin the surface and kill the overseer, everything else there was by design. Im no lore master but thats what i remember from the notes.
  10. ishootpaint

    How do i stop wild water dinos in my water pen!!!?

    And to add to what Anaki said, if your water pen is big make sure you put some foundations around on the bottom to block as many dino spawns as you can.
  11. ishootpaint

    Why not merge legacy and official servers?

    None, none at all. And this thread is from July.
  12. ishootpaint

    taming a troodon

    Shoot the baby with a pheromone dart Also make sure its on neutral.
  13. ishootpaint

    A question and a problem.

    If you have the means to get a Phoenix you have the means to transfer sulfur in bulk. Mine hardly eats any, a few stacks lasts months.
  14. Worth a shot. Its a godsend for tapes.
  15. ishootpaint

    I just hit 5k hours in ark! Ask me anything

    How come my character gets poisoned eating mamal eggs? I figured they would be a good food source since they seem to drop all the time.