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  1. where can we find the ascendent rex saddle?

    Found an ASC rex saddle in east lava cave on the center from the red cave crates.
  2. Why can't there be any crossing for legacy?

    The new servers are hitting tame cap as it is. Being able to transfer dinos to them would cap every single server with the mass influx within a few days if not a single day. My tribe left behind everything we had to go to the new cluster. And honestly, i enjoyed the fresh start and glad i did it.
  3. I would submit a ticket. But honestly unless you have screenshots or have the incident recorded, its your word against theirs so any decision made by WC could go either way. One of the reasons my recording software is always running.
  4. Show me your PVE base designs!

    Thanks :). Still have alot more to grind lol. It is my favorite spot on the Center, nice view from the cliff looking out over the water at blue obi island.
  5. Show me your PVE base designs!

    Our cliff base so far. Much more to be added.
  6. Best Late Game Dino's

    Exactly, and some ASC items can only be made in a high weight one since the smithy/fab have limited slots.
  7. Which creature makes the most annoying noise?

    I would have to say galli or boa. Both drive me up the wall.
  8. Halloween cave drops

    Got quite a few nice MC and ASC items and prints from east lava cave on the center, all red cave drops.
  9. I got alot of crap skins but i also found quite a few more ascendant items than on a normal night of drop farming. Might have just been lucky though.
  10. Helena

    I have a feeling we will find out in the last DLC.
  11. Tranq darts or arrows

    Same amount of topor but still too much damage for bears and gallis. Did most my taming with a MC recurve.
  12. Any Cool Mutations?

    The hyena has a light purple belly
  13. What are everyone's goals for Aberration?

    Pillar every inch of it
  14. Tranq darts or arrows

    It would, but your talking alot of traps. Keep in mind you need two traps per tripwire. With the bears i would line every inch of the kiting pen with them. Just be sure the traps themselves dont knock it out or you cant tame it.
  15. Why?

    I got an ASC longneck print from a yellow beacon with ring. Didnt think yellow could spawn ASC items. The ringed beacons may have a chance to have an item from a higher loot table maybe along with the known features of the ringed ones?