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  1. I always upload the ceremonial stack of fiber before I upload anything of value. Most times when ark data eats my items its the first one I try to upload. As said above, don't rush the process by dragging fast and always make sure what you put in disappears from your inventory and appears in data before trying to upload anything else.
  2. Troodons are friends, and friends don't lie. Troodons eyes and megas sleep cycle are the "official" start and end of night. My megas wake up at the same moment my troodons eyes start to glow.
  3. Yes, but the drawback is raiding is much more if a pain. As long as you don't build on the beach and play smart you will do fine.
  4. If your on pvp i would go minimum 150 movement speed.
  5. Dude, use paragraphs FFS. Your wall of text is higher than my defenses on pvp.
  6. Dollie was on ca6 valguero a week or so ago. Not sure who got wiped but i still see a few bases that use that cheese tactic. Send me a PM
  7. Got a premade tek chest with good armor and over 1k dura from a yellow the other day followed by a stack of 40 c4 in the next yellow. Not too bad honestly even if all the other items I got with them were garbage. Its all RNGesus at work but ive had far better luck with yellow crates over reds.
  8. If your only 2 hours in I would just start over. Here's is a video that will help you lvl back up fast. Sorry it is in english and not Russian but you should get the idea.
  9. I use stone for large outdoor Foundation slabs but all buildings are metal and tek. Stone does look nice but I've seen wild gigas rip through stone like its butter. To each their own. Also on pve
  10. Who is he? And who are you? At least get to know the community before you throw shade at people who are actually respected here like d1nk.
  11. Which is very impressive for a game over 5 years old. It most certainly has its flaws but no other game comes close to the same experience.
  12. Didn't they already do just that when they sold to Snail Games? https://mmos.com/news/snail-games-usa-acquired-studio-wildcard-developer-of-ark-in-december-2015 How can wildcard sell what they do not own?
  13. The biggest issue I see are those stone walls while your in tek tier. S In all seriousness I still keep all mine pinned even with them being "fixed". I would suggest everyone does the same.
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