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  1. What is the deal with chitin armour?

    Maybe balance it out by making it immune or highly resistant to arthro spit. I mean it is made of the same material as their body.
  2. Dinos and structures

    When i kite things into my pens for taming they try to chomp their way out even if im standing out of attack range. Always build trap pens from stone to ensure they cannot escape.
  3. What is the deal with chitin armour?

    And its nice being able to walk down a beach and not catch aggro from gulls.
  4. So what did you do in ARK today?

    I prefer overlord
  5. Non-Dedicated Sessions - Dino's Saving/Upload

    I believe only if the server settings allow it or they are on the same cluster.
  6. Legacy Server Looting Epidemic?

    Why let the gear go to waste. Where some see looting i see liberation.
  7. PvE server, stealing from inside ones base...

    Couldn't agree with you more. I always try to let my tribe know that their actions and words reflect upon the group as a whole. It only takes one person to make the group as a whole detested.
  8. PvE server, stealing from inside ones base...

    Im in the same tribe as the OP and I most certainly called them out in global. Needless to say im not going to be surprised at all if an alpha rex gets dropped on their doorstep.(i dont condone kiting but many people on the server are not too fond of them now) As much as it was partially our fault for not having a second door going to the hatchery(had just demo it to get a baby rex out) i still can call a thief a thief. Is it my fault if i open my door to my house and a mugger decides to make his move because i had the door open to go in inside.
  9. Favorite Ark Dino (Including DLC's)

    I would have to say spino. Deadly on the land and in the water.
  10. Mutations?

    Just got a green argie mutation breeding from a wild pair. Its a flat chance.
  11. Please extend Timers for Hurricane victims!

    Same here, just north of of Jacksonville. I didn't know wanting to get back to your normal life after a stressful event would trigger so many people lol. But they shouldn't extend timers because as people have stated theres always something going on somwhere in the world. And i hate base clutter
  12. Why even Jerboa on Rag?

    Whats the point of video games at all. Some people just like them, much like the jerboa. The more variety the better IMO.
  13. How long this X2 gonna go on?

    Haven't been on today. If that isn't accurate as you stated and i believe you. Then i guess it will end when the devs feel like ending it.
  14. How long this X2 gonna go on?

    It says how long it lasts and what it includes in the games main menu to the upper right...
  15. Current state

    Everything is up to date as far as saddles and alot of bugs are fixed. The mod is much more stable and keeps getting better.