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  1. ishootpaint

    Best Rock Drake Colors

    Im in love with my new white event drake. Named her spooky
  2. ishootpaint

    Need help with crabs

    Maybe bump up the spino spawns a tad to give crabs something that they may die fighting.(just assuming there are spinos in the rag swamp region) From what i understand your issue is that they dont overspawn but they just have no natural compitition so they just keep building and up as weaker dinos die more crabs spawn in the region.
  3. ishootpaint

    Need help with crabs

    When I read the title to this post i thought i had gone to WebMD on accident.
  4. ishootpaint

    What Tek forcefield does to your body

  5. ishootpaint

    Best tame to take on cave runs?

    Im a big fan of terror birds for certain caves. That glide, speed and low stam drain get you in and out quick with very little risk. I have some decent bred ones that can easily run most caves they fit in.
  6. ishootpaint

    Tek Rex Breeding

    Not the same breed. Its about the same as aberration dinos not being able to breed with non aberrant of the same species. Tek with tek Normal with normal Aberrant with aberrant(no aberrant rexs but im sure you get where im going)
  7. ishootpaint

    Best tame to take on cave runs?

    Thylas are pretty good for most the caves on the center. Might be to big for some caves on other maps tho.
  8. ishootpaint

    Will scorched earth get Tek Stegos ?

    Yes, thank you i know. I was only speaking in reference to the tek steggo. I found two lastnight and as already confirmed by another poster they are just plain ol' tek steggos. No aberrant before their name. Tamed a low lvl one to breed with one from the center to make sure there are no Wildcard oversight shenanigans.
  9. My guess is raptor, quetz and mosa since the skins already exist and from the same "set" as the rex and steggo.
  10. ishootpaint

    Deep Sea Loot Spawns

    All of the above. SE is the only place i even bother with crates. 4. Four at a time spawn instead of two like on the island.
  11. ishootpaint

    "- Increased Player and Dino Level Cap by 1"

    Rex hatching day is always a good day even if i dont get the stats im looking for.
  12. ishootpaint

    Dead Water Dinos

    Mantas seem to die from it easier than most. I get my plesi through some pretty shallow water sometimes and im always holding my breath but it hasnt died yet.
  13. ishootpaint

    Will scorched earth get Tek Stegos ?

    I wonder if the Aberrant ones will have the same breeding restrictions or if it will simply be a tek steggo.
  14. ishootpaint

    Paraceratherium attack

    I was always under the impression it was kicking with its front legs and the "stomp" was just from the fact there's no graceful way to put tons upon tons of weight down that fast without shaking the ground and stirring up dust. But now im gonna have to go look closer at their attack lol.
  15. ishootpaint

    Unable to Join - Unknown Error

    They stated legacy would get zero support after the new servers launched at the beginning of this year.