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  1. This. OP Your two options are live with the fact that crashes happen (all games crash from time to time albeit ark is a lot worse for some). Or find another game. I don't find it disgusting to live with the crashes in ark, I've played fallout 76 and that's my line for crossing into disgusting if you put up with that from a AAA development company.
  2. It happens to everyone but check to make sure your RAM isn't going bad. My tribe mate would crash from it every 30 minutes, he noticed his RAM was on its way out and replaced it and now he only gets crashes about at the same rate as me.
  3. 675 melee is what im currently raising.
  4. Option for male to shed antlers for a decent amount of keritan. After shedding they will regrow over X amount of time and he cannot attack until they regrow. Will really help early game players.
  5. This. I only play on official and understand what im getting into. I've been playing continuously since day 1 of the cluster so Im in it for the long game. Breeding times... Ill be here a year from now playing so no biggie. Pillars... It took over a year but outlasted all our neighbors and now I have pillars out to structure render range so I don't have to see peoples ugly boxes from my base. Its not for everyone but if your long haul players like my tribe official isn't that bad. A lot of it is rolling with the punches and planning extensively for anything that can go wrong.
  6. Hell, I'd have enough for the babies and have plenty to drink for myself lol.
  7. Wish I could store my wyv milk in the forums with all the endless salt.
  8. I know what you said. Your losing ground the more you call people names. Clones cannot have memories, those memories are either made up or artificially recreated and implanted from the lives of real people(i dont buy the timetravel theory). Memories arn't stored in DNA but in areas of your brain that can be accessed when needed. How would they have access to brains from the 1800s and ancient china?(without the aforementioned time travel theory) And it would take all of a half hour to draw a shape of a new made up ark as a placeholder(edit: or just simply use rag or the center if its just
  9. Lol. It is always cheaper to build two of the same exact things than two different things. Its pretty much manufacturing 101. And yes, there are multiple island arks as you see others upon ascension. And you kinda disproved your own point when you said they were probably just placeholders so WC wouldn't have to spend more to make a different one.... Since its cheaper to make two things the same and all. Your basically telling people your right and not to believe our own lying eyes. And no, "Humans" are extinct. Our players are homo deus clones. Why would we have to grow and e
  10. Not at all. Nameless, rock drakes and reapers are mentioned in the explorer notes before the ark was crippled and almost destroyed. They have always been in their current form even when AB was a pristine stable ark.
  11. Almost lost a 97% imprint giga on extinction. Had just thrown out some wyvs that im raising and then mounted up to go look for red/purple drops. Found a purple right as i left the city on my wyv and called it out to alliance members to clear it with me. Normally it takes a while to find a good drop when others are also looking for them. So in my haste I threw out my giga to get it ready and completely forgot my timer was still active from the wyvs. I had no weapons, just a fully charged set of tek armor. Sure enough a theri aggroed my sick giga so i had no option but to fist fight
  12. The OP Anarki is my tribemate. So i spent the first 5 seconds figuring out why i couldn't move. He had filled my inventory with junk so i was encumbered. After filling his sleeping body with the same junk I decided to be productive and tamed 2 lvl 140 spinos and a 150 rex. Also raised 3 bears and hatched a lvl 252 ptera that got a mutation in stamina.
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