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  1. Im currently breeding mesopithicus, troodons and hyenadon. I would say 80% of my game play is weird stuff that makes so sense. They all laughed when I said im shooting for lvl 300 born mesopithicus... In the end they will still be laughing but I will get my lvl 300 monkeys XD
  2. High movement speed is going to be your best friend early on. Be smart and shoot at things from cliffs or get them stuck in tress etc. Flying is by far the safest way to travel, just don't blindly land without checking for threats first. Ark has alot of dying early on, and as long as you learn what you did wrong and prepare better next time you will master the island and can move on to the harder DLC maps you mentioned.
  3. ishootpaint

    Hey Builders, how do YOU decorate?

    Just a few shots of my room. Still have some stuff to change around and try out but i like the look so far. Hope this gives you some inspiration.
  4. ishootpaint

    Crashing to Home Screen Xbox

    Throw that xbox in the garbage can and get a Decent PC. That will fix your problem right there. I bought my 7 year old an xbox1 for Christmas, it was right next to the toy isle XD.
  5. ishootpaint

    Where can i find bp

    There are no such nodes on the center. Kill alpha water creatures or sea scorpions. We just brought over a black pearl gacha and its far faster than the other two ways i mentioned.
  6. ishootpaint

    Defense Units???

    If the only way to get somthing is forcetaming it then be rest assured, it will be a buggy disappointment. They were never meant to be tamed so they are not scripted the same way as something that is.
  7. ishootpaint

    What would you do ?

    Gain more respect from your tribemates than they have for the leader. Bide your time and wait for his stupidity to breed terrible results and use that event to spur a forced leadership change. If he doesnt step down force him out with the backing of your tribemates. Or you can inside your own tribe and jump servers but my first suggestion would be better for everyone... Except the old leader lol.
  8. ishootpaint

    Did Mutton get a nerf?

    Even for wild ovis the mutton drop rates scales off their HP. Maybe it was two very low lvl ones you killed and harvested?
  9. Are you sure none of your dinos were set to aggressive? A new bug we have noticed is tames changing their behavior randomly from passive. Sounds like its a good time to head to the Obi and jump to the main cluster. Your only experiencing a small taste of Ark staying on begginers and are actually more vulnerable from the lack on engrams and good tames for defense, instead of safer because of lower lvl dino spawns. And I assure you if WC was trying to purge older players they wouldn't be doing it on a beginner's server lol.
  10. ishootpaint

    breeding Breeing tips and tricks?

    Large dinos like spino, rex and giga can be set to wander and will not move at all as long as their targeting range is set to lowest. No pens or spamming U required
  11. ishootpaint

    Crypoding babies

    Yes. We do ours the same way, always raising in 8 hour intervals. It takes more time but you get a much higher imprint if your like me and have a job, family etc.
  12. ishootpaint

    Drowning people and stealing dinos on PVE

    Flyers were OP before the nerf even on PVE. Killing alpha rexs with ease on a ptera seems a bit OP. I didn't like the flyer nerf much after it happened but after the dust setteled I enjoyed the game more because everything wasnt trivial. Yes, i can still kill an alpha rex with a ptera but it would take so long it is actually more time efficient to go get a more appropriate tame from base like a giga or wyv. Flyer nerf happened, and its never going back to the way it was.
  13. ishootpaint

    Extinction Lacking in Endgame Tames.

    The post you quoted was satirical with its spelling. Its a meme and I guess you didn't get the joke. If they dont pertain to the topic or even the game at all then why are you posting it here. Thats called thread hijacking. I don't think the OP or anyone here cares to be lectured about literacy since, well.... We can all read. Again, this is a video game forum, not the UNs forum for a worldwide literacy program. People come here to discuss the game and not real world issues about education. Thats about all I have to say as this has dragged on long enough and don't want a mod to purge the thread for going off topic.
  14. ishootpaint

    Extinction Lacking in Endgame Tames.

    I admire your concern about literacy, but how does any of this pertain to the OP or Ark on general. Again, this is a forum for a video game, not many people care to use proper punctuation or grammar. Maybe post your concerns on a scholastic forum or more relevant site. People can say maganamererereer as much as they like and eveyone understands what creature they are referring to. And I highly doubt anyone here reading is illiterate. Ive seen a few that are close tho lol. Back to topic. There are 3 titans you can tame. So I would say theres not only 1, but 3 end game tames.