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  1. DarkEliteH2

    Can someone help me?

    Water is your best friend... Raptors suck. Alpha raptors suck even more. While they spawn a hell of a lot more frequently than in previous days, there’s one thing you can do to preserve your life. Just jump in to the water~ They’ll eventually swim back to shore and mosey on like they do. Do it with any threat, really. If bolas and spears went in your life, always aim for the water 😄
  2. DarkEliteH2

    Your latest 'I've had enough' moment?

    Bees... Bees very often make me ragequit. But since they’re essential with taming (and my tribes PvP necessities 🙄) I need to tame them. The difficulty in finding an active hive, their constant vanishing acts, their voracious hordes of little ear-biters...I tell you there’s not a day I don’t walk away from after taming a bee without a sore throat. I tame two, and that’s all I do in a days hard work on ARK 😂
  3. DarkEliteH2

    Wanna know why Ice Wyverns hardly spawn?

    Mm, I dunno 'bout that... I've gone and culled a swath of mammoths and rhinos, and not long after I have, a wyvern would spawn.
  4. ...A little overkill with the mammoth, wolf, and rhino spawns, don'tcha think? And that's just one location near an Ice Wyvern spawn. All other locations face the same kind of fate! I like culling the herd here and there, but with the immense cold, it makes the task a tad tedious and long-winded. Even with a full set of fur, murdermurder snow is ridiculously daunting. A suggestion?...Lessen the amount of herds that spawn in the snow area so that Ice Wyverns have a higher chance to spawn? It makes sense, really; Ice Wyverns have very little use in terms of PvP. They're the weakest of the quad, and while their ability to slow enemies for 10 seconds upon impact of their breath is mighty useful, the fact you literally have to be kissing your target with they wyvern's snout makes it quite ineffectual. They're nothing more than a novelty wyvern! That doesn't mean I don't like breeding them though. . .😃
  5. Yanno... Rather than have a GM roll up and delete those gigas... A well-placed “Your gigas are biting through the walls and killing players. This is an exploit; please remedy within the next x-amount of time or they will be permanently removed” would probably have sufficed. But that’s just my fair and polite side showing 😂
  6. ...What's up with them? Apparently a lot, if their intended destination most certainly is up. Tried taming a hesperornis yesterday, and found the lake nearby teeming with salmon. Quick way to tame them, right? I believe 3 out of 4 corpses I had killed, picked up, and dropped to tame this little ducky cutie decidedly started to float up in to the air...and when I had the chance to grab them from their aloof state, lo and behold!...I couldn't grab them anymore. Granted, I didn't have an issue with coels whenever I killed, picked up, and dropped them... What a waste of perfectly-good and high-leveled salmon corpses, right?...But that many gone to waste? I wouldn't have been as irritated if it had been one!...Maybe two, due to my forgiving nature. Can we get a fix on this, nevertheless? I can imagine the frustration of not being able to tame not only a hesperornis in a timely manner, but otters and ichthyornises!
  7. DarkEliteH2

    Please someone tell me how to get birthday suit ps4

    Birthday suit should be the same as Xbox. Kill a titanosaur, and it should be on the corpse
  8. DarkEliteH2

    PvE Cross Ark server 7 - No taming - No tek

    I would imagine ‘fresh’ meaning the number of in game days it has gone through. The lower the number, the newer it is. Should be able to see it on the server population list under ‘day’ when you look it up
  9. DarkEliteH2

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    Bring back primitive-style servers? And I’m not talking about Prim+, nooo thanks
  10. DarkEliteH2

    Whats yalls favorite armor

    Unless I’m raiding, I almost never wear one particular set of armor. Flak and ghilie are my go-to combo, usually with a high-level flak chestpiece and high-level ghilie pants 😁
  11. DarkEliteH2

    the best way to get paste on island ?

    I haven’t seen anyone mention this, but... Beaver dams, frogs n snails, and swamp caves aside, megatheriums are BEAST chitin gatherers. The only downside is that they can’t fit in the swamp cave. Otherwise you’d hit the 300 slot cap barely halfway in. Not so much center cave though, you could fit one in there...🤔 In my honest opinion, even though they are expensive little boogers, snails are the way to go. Ten will give you 1k cp an hour. Imagine what more could get you
  12. I had a friend tell me a crazy thing... He said that no matter the gender of the wyvern--and we're talking ice wyverns specifically--that they'll lay eggs. Fortunately, we found a 185 ice wyvern, Easter colors might I add, but it is a male... Regardless of its gender, is there still a possibility of an egg spawning in? Or was what my companion said a falsehood?
  13. DarkEliteH2

    What is/are the best dino(s) for beginners?

    That’s...why I added that they’re not good in terms of weight, and suggested a parasaur as a replacement. Trikes are great but very time consuming if you don’t have the kibble. Comparing the tame times between a 150 trike (over 3 hours with mejo with no other variable to make it faster other than kibble) versus a 150 raptor (almost an hour and a half, and even then, you could harvest prime meat along the way to cut that time down), it’s a faster choice to make. High level raptors in a pack can be a formidable force as well. But that’s my opinion based on past experiences. How about tame a pack of high level raptors to protect your three-hour tame? 😄
  14. DarkEliteH2

    What is/are the best dino(s) for beginners?

    Best all-around starter Dino? Raptors. Easy to tame, fast—can get you out of a jam quick—basic meat-gatherer, and decent defense against moderate threats, at least in a pack. Not really good in terms of weight, but it’ll get you on your feet. Parasaurs will be your starter pack mule. Not terribly fast nor strong, but has more health than a raptor and can carry a good amount, and a basic berry-gatherer too.
  15. DarkEliteH2

    Close Calls

    I just had a close call not too long ago actually I had transferred over to a Rag server to tame some ovises. Soon as I spawn in Highlands N, a wild 145 giga demolished me. Needless to say, I had to get my stuff back, as veggie cakes are a bit of a commodity to my tribe right now. Spawned again; same scenario. Third times the charm though. Soon as I respawned, I hopped, skipped, and JUMPED for my life away from the giga in to the black sands area, where nothing more than roaving megalania lay in wait. I get bit once while I struggled to get away, IMMEDIATELY contracting the megaAIDS. Remarkably enough, I escaped the giga...So would I escape my unremarkable affliction? With only 2.5 health left, I did. And with a bit of patience and well-times scampering, I got my stuff back too, and returned home later with 6 ovises en tow 😁