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  1. Got stuck. In my own bear trap . With no one around to help me
  2. Hi sorry if this is not the right place to post. But im very new to ARK and I love this game but I do need help. I was playing game last night no issues and tbis morning when I logged in the game respawn me and everything was gone, my tames, my base and everything in my inventory. I was at level 50 and all the blueprints I unlocked with points was still there and all the things in my selection bar is still visible that I had used last night but all is gone now. Please help I have no idea what to do. 

    1. DarkEliteH2


      Hello~ I’m sorry this all has happened to you ? You are correct in saying that this isn’t the right place to post this lol but I can give a bit of insight to this situation.

      It sounds like it could be one of the following:

      - A tribe simply wiped you. If you were in a tribe before this happened, check your tribe log. It will say who/what killed your tames and yourself.

      - Dev-wiped. Kinda rare, especially if you haven’t exploited or cheated the system, but I’ve heard it can happen without warning ?

      - An unfortunate rollback. Official servers can just randomly roll back to a previous save sometimes, dating from a few hours to a few days, even weeks. It’s either a server issue or someone exploiting to cause a rollback

      - Just a nasty bug. I doubt it but it can happen ??‍♀️

      Id post this in the main forums under the bug and support forum of your chosen platform (PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch). People can help you better or give you a better explanation. Also submit a help ticket to WC under the support tab. They’ll respond—albeit on their own time, which can be slow—and hopefully help you with your situation.

      Good luck, and I hope I gave you some insight on this ?

    2. Chandrew


      Thank you so much so sorry I posted in wrong place. I only saw that after I posted, and I did post it in the main page.

      I did check the tribe log I wasn't killed by anything or anyone it just ends at day 45 where I was busy finishing off the base and starts at day 1 again. This sucks so bad.. Thank you so so much for all the help though, I really appreciate it!!! 

    3. DarkEliteH2


      Sounds like a bad rollback then ? If you were on official definitely send a support ticket in or get in touch with a dev. Dunno if they’ll help but it’s always worth a try ?

  3. I've not played ARK for a good 3-4 weeks ever since my tribe and our allies got wiped. I was, however, maintaining a small kibble farm so that if ever I wanted to return again, I'd get a head start. Well, I get a message from one of my tribemates saying that one of our former members was participating in a raid with another tribe on our surviving ally. Before that, said former tribemate had asked me for dinos. Not knowing what he was up to, I allowed him to what I had. Didn't take much ironically, but he really wanted the dinos in there. Thank goodness I never got on to do that. So...I gave our good fliers to our surviving ally, destroyed the base, and killed the last of my dinos due to an insiding tribemate :') Such is ARK~
  4. I personally hope WC has the decency of wiping all official servers upon launch. Newbies do not deserve to put their first foot in to this toxic cesspool that has emerged from all PvP/PvE servers.

  5. No. Wipe it all. Every single PvP/PvE official server. No dino uploads, no item uploads, not even sparing your own person. Dedicated/private servers should be fine where they're at; the poison needs to be washed away from this game before it remains one toxic cesspool for generations to come. Of course, I could already be late to that punch...But at least certain problems will be fixed with an official wipe.
  6. Terror Birds: That's what's on my mind.

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