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  1. Baby maturation I'm taking notice of a...problem while I'm raising babies. Their maturation bar isn't increasing. 5 minutes after hatching baby kentros, some are still at .1%. Easy fix would be to cryo and toss it back out, right?... Well, even with that quick fix, I'm still seeing kentros getting stuck at .7% or .9%, even after I toss them back out. I notice as well, that if a baby's health bar is more filled up than the other babies, that its growth is glitched. I can keep cryoing and tossing back out, but it's really impeding on the group growth of my babies, which means so
  2. I could've sworn argies got a weight reduction to wood before...A little disappointing, considering the fact that it's a smithy, but nonetheless...I just found it alarming my argy was filling up faster than usual. Thanks for the heads up ?
  3. Something ain’t right with the argy right now... We all know that the argy is a mobile smithy, and that most raw materials placed in its inventory are basically halved (maybe less, I’m not sure of the math). While doing a wood run (after the most recent patch update) I noticed my over 3k weight argy was filling up faster than usual, so I snooped a bit. A full stack of 100 wood on my person weight 50lbs. On the argy? 50lbs. Call me crazy, but...is that incorrect? Shouldn’t the weight be less on the argy? I know I’ve done a wood run on an argy with 1k less weight than this
  4. Anti-meshed killed after patch update ...Seriously? I log back on after safely logging out on the ground (couldn't transfer off map to the safety of my own base, ironically, 'cause the timer was 15 minutes), UNDER THE MAP. Killed by anti-mesh soon after. Lost my gear, lost my wyvern. Friend experienced the same ordeal as well. This was an Extinction map as well. Absolute raptor dung, WC.
  5. I can agree with this. In fact, change megalosauruses entirely to just being cave-dwelling dinos who don't need to sleep (otherwise give the sleeping function to ALL non-nocturnal dinos, and whoooo-ee, I can hear the rage on that already). Make them their strongest in dark settings, whether at night or in caves, and their weakest in lighter settings (sunlight, manmade light, light pets). Or how about go the troodon route, and make them just normal during the day? They're not hyper-aggressive, they don't sleep, but they roam about (maybe keep the sleep function optional?) and at night, the
  6. I was thinking of this, too, BUT...for certain flyers. Slow flyers like argies and definitely quetzes would benefit. I might get some flak for this, but pteras would be opted out. They’re fast enough, though maybe they could get a stam depletion buff since their stam is ridiculously low as it is. And from what I remember back pre-flyer nerf, pteras could go so fast that they could out speed turrets. That’s scary. But yeah. Add back flyer movement speed for CERTAIN flyers. And aren’t alpha dinos already considered mini bosses? ?
  7. Crossplay Small Tribe servers I know while rifling through the potential crossplay servers that I didn't see any that were Small Tribe. I'm sure a handful of us would appreciate seeing at least 2 of each map under the crossplay enabled servers...Unless it's only me ?
  8. What made me fall in love with ARK? Simple. I love dinosaurs :I But seriously, the fact you can control dinosaurs won me over in a heartbeat. On top of that, just the general do-all, have-all feel of the game (in spite of usual in-game antics, mostly hostile in nature) meaning you can do just about whatever the hell you want. Make friends? Go for it. Make enemies? Easily done. Tame yourself an armada of super-mutated dodos and slaughter all that dare cross your path?...A little more difficult to accomplish, but whose gonna stop you? Aside from the usual suspects lol I remember m
  9. Sadly...yes. Once they're raptored, there's not really anything you can do. Any ice wyvern hatched and transferred via cryopod from Valguero will get raptored. I've tried a few methods to get ice wyverns off of Val, that being uploading eggs(they disappear), uploading babies (they disappear), and cryopodding them, all of which have failed. I have gotten lucky and, like, one ice wyvern egg survived the transfer from Val, but that's so rare that you may as well not bother. Oddly enough, it doesn't really affect deinonychus...just ice wyvs. But yeah. Your ice wyverns are stuck in limbo
  10. You beat me to this lol I experience this, too. Every time. Without fail.
  11. Apparently, this has been a problem for quite some time, and I, too, have discovered it not too long :c We have one 'raptored' ice wyv from Val, and many high level eggs lost from transfer. It is possible to get an egg over from transfer, but the odds are very slim. No idea if WC has any idea of this problem, let alone will there be a fix soon
  12. Argentavis grab I know I posted this in the General Discussion forum. It was more an attempt to get answers to a problem I thought I was doing something wrong in. However, at this point, with all resolutions leading to false ends, I do believe that the Argentavis grab, when trying to pick up mounted tames (anky/doed/beaver) is either broken or flawed. It's like the argy grab was solely intended on grabbing the mounter rather than the mount itself. Ideally great in raid-time situations; not so much when trying to farm. I've gone at every angle, adjusted to every altitude, and still, it
  13. Fair enough lol But I have a helper that can help me on element dust runs and it goes by so much faster..........minus the time spent trying to grab him lmfao
  14. Been wanting one of these. We've only gotten the fireworks flare gun and rocket launcher skins. Can't we get some colored dinos, too? Not to mention, it'll be a while before we see another event for ARK. Gotta have something for the inbetween
  15. [Xbox Official Crossplay] Looking for tribe! (For some reason, the page isn't allowing me to put in tags) Hello, fellow survivors and alpha-meisters alike~ As the title states, I'm looking to join a tribe on an official Xbox server (crossplay enabled). I have plenty of time (years) put in to this game, starting as far back as the game preview on the Xbox One. I like to tame, farm (kibble), assist with the grind that being a tribe takes, and occasionally dabble on the side of PvP. Yes, I will admit, my PvP skills aren't fantastic or flourishing, but as willing as I am to take orders, I
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