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  1. Official servers are showing. Still waiting for unofficial to pop up
  2. Saaaame... Server list still not populating after update. A shame...Really wanted to continue exploring Valguero since I haven’t had the chance to Guess now I have a chance to...take a nap? Cause if it’s been like this since 10 hours ago, I guarantee you it’s not gonna be fixed anytime soon
  3. Ah I see I see~ I’ve done it before too, and I had no idea how to fix it Granted, I play on consoles, so it took me longer to figure out how to toggle back item info. And speaking of options~ • Living in darkness is never an option. You can turn the gamma up from your options or press tab and type gamma 1/2/3/4. It may not work as intended in redwood areas, as the ambience there is purposefully darker. • Torches and campfires provide good lighting and heat, but it can also invite unwanted attention. Be wise when and where you use these, or you may end up on the bad side of a spear. • Kibble works better than meats/berries/crops when taming, but are also necessary for the breeding process. Always have some of each on hand!
  4. Solo players have it rough on PvP servers. Mainly because it takes a lot of time by yourself to grind out a decent base. But hey, I’ve done it once, and I’m sure you can do it too If by what you have you mean is it enough to defend against the wilderness? Close. A Rex offers ample defense against most creatures. Against players? Depending on where you’re at and who happens to stumble across your base, then it’s either a yes or no. Turrets are a good deterrent for trolls. Tames are nothing more than a challenging piñata for players that want to ruin your base. If you can, tame Velonasaurs. Mobile turrets with infinite ‘bullets’ if on turret mode. Otherwise, I’d focus on base defenses like turrets and structure rather than tames.
  5. So you mean our UI toggles where you can turn off, say....the pop ups that display Information of a certain item in our inventories? Cause if that’s the case then I too forget how to do it
  6. Since most—if not all—information about all the creatures on the ARK has to be researched online, bumper messages could feature more information about each dinosaur so that new players can be enlightened. Or warned For example: • Compies are harmless when alone, but stand around too long, and you’ll be surrounded by its friends in seconds! • Raptors are capable of pinning you down—or smaller dinosaurs—and mauling you in the process. Keep a handful of bolas on you, or have friends/tames to protect you if such an incident happens! • Pegomastax are shifty little pickpockets, and can easily slip away with items from your inventory. Kill them to get your items back! •Icthyornis, or the Pegomastax in the air, will devour whatever they take from your inventory. Killing them will not get your stuff back. Avoid at all costs, or approach with EXTREME prejudice. (And show them no mercy.)
  7. I can actually appreciate this Though I don’t do it myself. I normally just hide under the bed when I log off.
  8. Another handy tip to add on: • Normally-passive wild Dino’s will become aggressors if you happen to eat a Rare Flower. Use this with caution!...Or to your advantage!
  9. First one goes hand-in-hand with PvP servers too. High-pop PvP servers mean one of two things: A raid is underway, or it’s a server full of trolls. Either way, still quite informative Second one, if I may add, if you continually spam in global chat, your likeliness of getting friendly gratuities go down considerably with every 1-minute chat spam. Or something to that effect. But on the topic of global chat!: • Silence is often golden. Global chat is a usable function, but it doesn’t mean it should be used constantly. Keeping a low profile greatly heightens survival.
  10. I’m guessing you mean if there’s pillar spam it’s a sign to players that they should look elsewhere? How about this, for people that appreciate Parasaurs but don’t know the dangers of having one on turret mode. My friends tribe was wiped because of it: • Parasaurs are great at detecting enemies, but remember: If it senses an enemy, an enemy will be alerted as well. Be mindful as to how/when you use your Parasaur!
  11. This one is quite true, though~ You don’t eat, you die. Same with drinking water
  12. If we were to put this in the format of a more helpful bumper message... Be conscious of where you put your structures. It may impede other players from doing what they want/need? Although I’m more impartial to the suggestion of cleaning up your structures after you’ve finished taming. I do it all the time, as I hate spike wall spam lol
  13. I actually forgot about that lol Alpha raptors have definitely gotten an upgrade in their spawns, especially on the Island maps. Probably why I’ve forgotten, I haven’t played on the Island in ages
  14. Bumper messages Ahh yes, those outdated, and very often incorrect, bumper messages (or blurbs) that our eyes dawdle on during the loading screen before soaking in the anticipation of whether or not you were wiped overnight. As mentioned, most of these messages we see are not as accurate as the game leads on: • Male dinosaur species tend to have brighter colors? As far as I’ve seen, both genders share equally bright or mundane colors. • Beaches have the fewest threats but the least resources? Not quite true. If one is aware of the dreaded beach patrol troll, then most seasoned ARK players know the beaches are never safe. And not to mention, they have quite an abundance of small trees and stones that respawn relatively fast. • Fences are great for keeping your Dino’s safe while logged off the Island? Unless you have plenty of turrets to ward off trolls or have a wide enclosure that won’t attract wild animals to your fences, your tames are easy prey. • Grasslands have the largest creatures and most resources? Only one part is true, and that’s the creatures. Otherwise, grasslands tends to be pretty barren, aside from a scattering of stone and metal nodes. Those are just a few that I find factually incorrect. And sure, they might be geared towards people who play casual PvE/solo, but no matter where you join, they’re always seen. And for new people, it can be terribly misleading So I figured it a fun idea to see what people can come up with for new bumper messages on the loading screens to tell new people—or amuse veterans—just what they’re about to get in to. For example: • Pretty and accessible as beaches are, they are the most ruinous and deadly places to build on. You are more safe if you build more inland away from player spawn points. • Please be kind; empty out beaver dams when you collect cementing paste! • Building near or on popular resource spawns is one good way of getting a swift wipe from a neighboring tribe. Show me ya blurbs!
  15. Bring back primitive-style servers? And I’m not talking about Prim+, nooo thanks
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