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  1. Most Annoying Creature

    Everyone will be inclined to say pegos or troodons or even terror birds. Its saber cats for me 😡
  2. Issues with downloading patch

    Well, just make sure to throw out a message to your peeps (if you can) and let them know the game's having issues. If they aren't aware now, they will be then
  3. Issues with downloading patch

    Then here's to hoping there'll be a fix before the close of today. . .'cause I was gonna dedicate a good chunk of this day to my rebuilding effort :c
  4. Issues with downloading patch

    Oh, it's happening as we speak lmfao The salt is oozing out of the Bugs and Support forum right now. The good news is it seems the update has downloaded. . .You'd think that'd be the end of it, correct? Nah. Bad news is, I can't join my server. Once I get past the loading screen after I hit accept on a highlighted server, I'm stuck there. Doesn't matter how long you wait; 2 minutes, 15 minutes, go an hour, nothing happens. Tried the 'offline switcheroo' twice, but to no avail. Don't think we'll be getting a fix anytime soon. It's Saturday; most everyone's weekend away from work. Probably won't hear anything from WC until Monday.
  5. Human TLC

    Hair styles, height differences, even weight differences are great distinguishing features, but seem to be the ONLY distinguishing factors between people. I wholly agree; can we get more options to make our characters truly our own? Go a la Skyrim style; add scars, dirt marks, maybe initial war paints? How about just being able to alter our faces completely? Make wacky skin colors as well? I just love the imagination factor of being able to go all-out on a character like that, rather than just accepting one of two models, change their height, and yeah, give them a suitable hairstyle.
  6. need help cannot join

    Ditto, though an hour later, and it seems to be working now. . .I hope Edit: Cancel that. Keep getting stuck on the Joining Session screen.
  7. Update won't even start

    I'm not the only one then. . . Started a topic in general discussion not too long ago with the same issue. Everyone else seems to have downloaded it, but are complaining they can't even start the game.
  8. I keep getting timed out or lost connection

    Unfortunately, as experience has shown, Ragnarok servers are not the most stable of servers. Trust me when I say that Ragnarok has rightfully earned the title of 'Lagnarok'; killer lag, frequent rollbacks, and server crashes galore. You may as well remain grounded for the duration of your stay, or forever fly with the paranoia of the server crashing, and you with it right when you log back in. Now that's not to say ALL Ragnarok servers are the same. I've seen people claim the Ragnarok server they're on doesn't lag or crash (often). Might be dedicated servers or anything away from official Ragnarok servers. You may have chosen the wrong server to play on :c
  9. Issues with downloading patch

    Eeeh, I don't think it's an internet issue, 'cause right after making this post, I played a round of Halo without issue. But, I'm connected via wifi. It's not the best connection in the world, but it is connected.
  10. Issues with downloading patch

    I appreciate your advice, but I'm using the Xbox One X. I have a tag flagging it as such. Though you did give me incentive to put it more clearly in my post :>
  11. ...Anyone else having a problem downloading on their Xbox One (X) console? Granted, it could be exactly what Microsoft is saying on its error code support page, but seeing as how everyone else isn't complaining (or is, but on a completely different issue), I might be the oddball here. To make things short; Microsoft's page claims my console needs an update, but it 'isn't available' at this time. Weird, right? Which is why I can't download ARK's latest patch. Every time I try to, it says it'll install, and right when it goes in to my queue, it just disappears. And like clockwork, whenever I go to launch the game, it just brings up an error code. I've tried a hard shutdown of my console--twice--and even tried to manually update my console, but considering there's no update to be found. . . Blasphemous, am I right? I really hope it doesn't resort to me having to reinstall the ENTIRE game on my console, or I may very well never play again. . .Out of rage? Oh, absolutely not. I mean I'll never see the light of day again. It'll take me AT LEAST a year to download the game, its content, DLC's, and ALL its patches if I'm lucky :')
  12. can't find Megalosaurus

    Unsure if it'll work, but often times, they're stuck in the walls with other cave dinos. Like the dung beetle, maybe eat a rare flower after you do a cave wipe? Might lure them out.
  13. I swear to you wildcard ...

    Forego an entire movie; what about just cinematic shorts every now and then? Like what Blizzard does with Overwatch 😁
  14. Megarabies???

    10% chance against ONE onyc.... It becomes more like 85% against a horde of them. Make sure to pack plenty of lesser antidotes!
  15. Server question

    Because on unofficial servers—those that people choose to host, and not on an official WC cluster—hosts can change server settings, such as spawn and gather rates, daytime/nighttime cycle settings, how much it will rain, mods (if you’re on PC) and so on. Officials are your vanilla servers; most weekends WC will do EXP events that increase breeding/hatching, gathering, and overall boosts experience so people level faster. And that’s about it. Official servers are your best way to learn the game without getting totally spoiled by the benefits that unofficial servers provide. Plus, you also experience the TRUE ARK environment on officials. 😜