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      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Whats yalls favorite armor

    Unless I’m raiding, I almost never wear one particular set of armor. Flak and ghilie are my go-to combo, usually with a high-level flak chestpiece and high-level ghilie pants 😁
  2. the best way to get paste on island ?

    I haven’t seen anyone mention this, but... Beaver dams, frogs n snails, and swamp caves aside, megatheriums are BEAST chitin gatherers. The only downside is that they can’t fit in the swamp cave. Otherwise you’d hit the 300 slot cap barely halfway in. Not so much center cave though, you could fit one in there...🤔 In my honest opinion, even though they are expensive little boogers, snails are the way to go. Ten will give you 1k cp an hour. Imagine what more could get you
  3. I had a friend tell me a crazy thing... He said that no matter the gender of the wyvern--and we're talking ice wyverns specifically--that they'll lay eggs. Fortunately, we found a 185 ice wyvern, Easter colors might I add, but it is a male... Regardless of its gender, is there still a possibility of an egg spawning in? Or was what my companion said a falsehood?
  4. What is/are the best dino(s) for beginners?

    That’s...why I added that they’re not good in terms of weight, and suggested a parasaur as a replacement. Trikes are great but very time consuming if you don’t have the kibble. Comparing the tame times between a 150 trike (over 3 hours with mejo with no other variable to make it faster other than kibble) versus a 150 raptor (almost an hour and a half, and even then, you could harvest prime meat along the way to cut that time down), it’s a faster choice to make. High level raptors in a pack can be a formidable force as well. But that’s my opinion based on past experiences. How about tame a pack of high level raptors to protect your three-hour tame? 😄
  5. What is/are the best dino(s) for beginners?

    Best all-around starter Dino? Raptors. Easy to tame, fast—can get you out of a jam quick—basic meat-gatherer, and decent defense against moderate threats, at least in a pack. Not really good in terms of weight, but it’ll get you on your feet. Parasaurs will be your starter pack mule. Not terribly fast nor strong, but has more health than a raptor and can carry a good amount, and a basic berry-gatherer too.
  6. Close Calls

    I just had a close call not too long ago actually I had transferred over to a Rag server to tame some ovises. Soon as I spawn in Highlands N, a wild 145 giga demolished me. Needless to say, I had to get my stuff back, as veggie cakes are a bit of a commodity to my tribe right now. Spawned again; same scenario. Third times the charm though. Soon as I respawned, I hopped, skipped, and JUMPED for my life away from the giga in to the black sands area, where nothing more than roaving megalania lay in wait. I get bit once while I struggled to get away, IMMEDIATELY contracting the megaAIDS. Remarkably enough, I escaped the giga...So would I escape my unremarkable affliction? With only 2.5 health left, I did. And with a bit of patience and well-times scampering, I got my stuff back too, and returned home later with 6 ovises en tow 😁
  7. How did you die last?

    Spawned as an angel falling from the heavens 😂
  8. I get that server cleansing is beneficial to an alphas survival—whether mega or not—but this also causes a massive rift on the server. For one, demolishing a developing tribe whose nothing more than a wooden shack with a few kibble Dino’s is hardly effective. If an alpha was really that concerned about an enemy spying on the server under the guise of a noob tribe, they’d have to look out for something more formidable than a wooden, or god forbid, a stone shack with no defenses up. And quite often do I see tribe members investigating a persons gamertag if they’re suspicious of someone, or contact an ally to see if they know something about X person. And when it comes to server defense, it really pays to have allies. If you’re an alpha that consistently wipes their server, you’re only gonna have you, yourself, and you to depend on when a bigger, much meaner tribe comes knocking at your door. A server needs not only a set of eyes and ears to look out for each other, but a community of tribes, a ‘band of brothers’ to help ward off any intruders. Wiping tribes in development hardly helps in that effort. Apologies for going a bit off topic though. For my input? CrossARK has made the game far more dangerous. It was before, but now with the implementation of not only dragging your best Dino’s to another server, but also the capability of transferring a full metal/TEK base, it has hastened the devastation a server can face. Do I think it is an error that WC has made?...On the contrary, no. Not only can it be hazardous, it can be beneficial to tribes seeking refuge away from a hostile server, as well as open new experiences to players that don’t want to be stuck on a single server
  9. I’ve done that before. Never saved my bum from total annihilation
  10. If that were the case, then I wouldn’t have to ask permission to build on a server where a mega alpha resides, lest we face repercussions. Permission to build on a server? Is this game a kindergarten? 😂
  11. Actually I agree with Otto here. Many times have I either rebuilt as solo or with another person, and I’ve come back to a smoldering home where my base previously was, done by the hands of either the alpha or the hand of the alpha. Mega tribes don’t care who you are or how big; if you’re a target—preferably easy—they’ll mess your day up. Ive even had the alpha of a server give me things, and not even an hour later, they wiped me. 😂
  12. Tame limit

    As far as I know, creatures wearing platform saddles and rafts count towards your tribes tame limit. Everything else is free—at least on PvP
  13. What is your tribe responsibilities?

    My main focus is kibbling/taming. At least, that’s what my passion is in this game 😁 Tribe responsibilities though? Well, tell me what to do and I’ll do it~ I’m not great at combat nor defense building, but I am one hell of a team player 👍
  14. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    True, true...In fact that’d be great for all those swimmers to be able to do that. Would be one wicked tactic to use on your foes 😂 Water drakes were more a suggestion because we’ve got mythical lizards of both land and air, so why not water? Making up legible abilities is a tad difficult cause what can a Water Dino do? Aside from flap its flippers and go at incredible depths and speeds? I must admit, having a water drake be both utilized on land and sea would be neat...Have it some sort of buff while in the water, while on land—akin to megalosaurus during the day—make it weaker and slower, but can still traverse the land.
  15. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Perhaps a super-lunge our of the water to grab enemy fliers and bring them back down to the briny depths? 🤔