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  1. This is new!

    Lots of us Xbox players are. Turning my console off and back on again worked for me. Good luck
  2. update right after 2 x breeding ?

    Anyone else having the issue of being stuck on joining session after most recent update?
  3. can't find Megalosaurus

    Try doing a wild dino wipe and going back through the caves? Never played Singleplayer so not 100% if this will solve your issue.
  4. This Topic About Update

    They planned to release their content first then bug fixes and optimisations afterwards. In terms of DLC they have one planned for Spring this year which will likely be their final one for this Version. It all depends how well Abberation and the next one do.
  5. Island difficulty level.

    I play official PvE but thanks anyway
  6. Why exactly does the Island have a lower difficulty level than the Center and Ragnarok? Finding good breeding stock on the Island seems to be a lot harder due to nearly everything being low level. So the question is, why?
  7. Player Count on Official Servers.

    Peak at 20-25 on Official Island PVE during event. 10-15 with no event.
  8. Event this Weekend?

    2X is active. Taming, Harvesting and XP.
  9. Honey continuously nerfed

    They destroying while you have rare flowers in them?
  10. Aberration DC and Can't Reconnect - Mega Thread

    Anyone else constantly getting kicked from the server on Xbox official? Kicked 10 times in a row now. Frustrating. Not even cause of player overload either as there is only 3 players on the server.
  11. I'd assume it will come with the Dino TLC pass which is scheduled for after Abberation i believe.
  12. Poison breath attack.

    Anyone else find that most of the time when your poison spit hits a Dino they often don't react and no damage is dealt? Or is this just me?
  13. Question about ovis

    They eat berries.
  14. Why no 2x raising?

    This game isn't aimed towards us who work full time or aren't part of big tribes. Get used to it. The grind is real.
  15. Why no 2x raising?

    I'd love a 2x breeding event today.