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Community Crunch 79!


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You know, your PGM bit is cool and all, but when your digest highlights on them, it really gives no indication of what to actually expect from the winner.  Everyone has different tastes in what they want to see in a map, and frankly a pretty screen shot of a small spot on the map doesn't give people anything to go on other than "there's a spot with trees, water, and grass, also there's mountains."  Maybe a top down screen giving an indication of biomes, or a few aerial shots giving a bit of an idea of what's out there, or at the very least an image of the handheld map.  Just a thought.

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I wanted to add some positive and Happy for the wild card team and the other fans who enjoy ARK and appreciate all those who work on it. 

You guys are AWESOME!

I have seen how much negative is on here and like another kind fan has posted it cannot be healthy for the wild card team.......Or the anti fans themselves. 

I hope that the wild card team knows one again that they have a lot of grateful people who love playing with their creations, and have no complaints whatsoever with the team themselves. When I have something that is ruining the game for me, I am kind and polite and would not blame. I just ask for it to get fixed, and go on with my life. Because this is just a game and I think others forget that. They whine and be nasty and act like they hate the very people who have created this game that they play so much that they are in a forum about it. How ungrateful? Have they no shame or sense of tact?  Perhaps they are just children? I realize there are many children who play this game so, I am going to assume that anyone who lacks a sense of gratitude and class must be a child. At least this will make me feel less sickened by these negative comments. 

Wildcard you have true and honest fans who love your work and love this game! Go have coffee and smile knowing how many people can fulfill their silliest dreams of having pet Dino's, dire wolves, wyverns, and horses (so excited) on there own little personal island?. And build their dream castle! And Ranch! Etc....




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On 1/14/2017 at 5:39 PM, B0BtasticB0B said:

On average people are here for the digest, probably even the majority. 

Being pedantic is just confrontational on the mods part.

I am here for information on the game in general not watch the same 3 people win a contest every week. 

Youre getting too big for your own shoes wildcard. 

Maybe this Friday if we are lucky.

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