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  1. Where's the "and more"? Community Crunch is an absolute joke at the moment. If you've got nothing to say, stop wasting our time and yours. In fact, release a separate poopty weekly with fan art so we can happily ignore it and wait for real information.
  2. No. x3 is too high (this was tried once and it absolutely destroyed these servers.) Clearly you've spent no time on these servers and have zero understanding of why people actually play there.
  3. Yeesh, cut it with the bonus weekends already, you're spoiling everyone too much and for no good reason. Maybe start focusing more on your extinction servers so they aren't deserted and terrible that way the people who cry for faster rates have somewhere "official" they can play.
  4. You know, your PGM bit is cool and all, but when your digest highlights on them, it really gives no indication of what to actually expect from the winner. Everyone has different tastes in what they want to see in a map, and frankly a pretty screen shot of a small spot on the map doesn't give people anything to go on other than "there's a spot with trees, water, and grass, also there's mountains." Maybe a top down screen giving an indication of biomes, or a few aerial shots giving a bit of an idea of what's out there, or at the very least an image of the handheld map. Just a thought.
  5. Gotta say, a little disappointing to see you continue throwing evolution events around like candy. Should really chill on those, they take more away then they add. Great work otherwise.
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