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  1. New kibble system is rediculous, redundant and makes all other dinos worthless. No reason to tame most things. And really, you need basilisk eggs to tame a karkinos? Change it back or fix it cause it's just wrong.
  2. Mega tribes are tribes that exist accross multiple servers. And 6 to a tribe doesn't fix that either as 3 6 player tribes could all be one mega teibe.and.leave no evidence that they are working together. Just existing on a server will take up spaces allowed for other tribes. I hope this answered your questions.
  3. When is the update coming to xbox. Most of my players on my servers play primitive plus. But it would be great to have it fixed to work with all maps.
  4. Let's just hope when extinction comes out it will actually have the kibble system set up.
  5. I just have one very important question. Is the primitive plus going to be incorporated into all the maps. Like when you are on scorched and ragnarok saddles and some of the items are available? We would like to play it on aberration to but man there is no point.
  6. The raptor. Is it reeeeally going to stalk us. Or just jump and say hay, fooood. And them just run at us. And please ad an ability of line of sight to all dinos as to if they don't see or sense us they do just automatically know we are ther. That would give us a fair advantage to all the new abilities coming out for the predators. And be 100 percent realistic.
  7. They should actually change it up to have some events on week days to be fair with all their player base. Not everyone on earth works on weekdays.
  8. No events on nitrado rented servers? Wild card, get on it please. I pay, I expect events.
  9. Careful. I had the same response and was met with hostility. Apparently you have to buy the windows 10 version of the game as its a Microsoft thing not a steam thing. Luckily I bought 4 copies of this game. I prefer pc version. Guess I'll have to buy 2 more when my wife gets a pc. Jokes on me haha.
  10. Fix ragnarok graphics before you move on to more maps please. Aberration is nice looking in theory but please fix the game and prim plus. Let the modern do their mods. I don't care about end game content right now I want to play what we already bought at the quality we deserve. Your not in alpha anymore, remember?
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