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  1. So they are adding new structures but still no perch to put shoulder animals on? How has this not been made yet? Do the dev's even play their own game? I really wonder sometimes.....
  2. I'd like to see a perch created that survivors can build for shoulder animals. You could make a standing perch or wall mount perch that you can place your shoulder animals on to show off. And dungbeetles should automatically pick up feces when on wander instead of having to hand collect it to feed to the beetles *edit - beetles should have tek saddle or attachments that allow them to collect feces and then deposit fertilizer created into crop plots that are tagged with beetle tek nodes. Tek beetle gardener
  3. AldNoaH

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    Is there an XP event for this weekend since last weekend it was impossible to do anything for bonus XP or taming because people were duplicating and causing servers to shut down? Ping on our official pve server was 255 pretty much from saturday night to sunday night.