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  1. How do we submit screenshots? I have 1 and it's on xbox one! Sincerely Aaron L. Sandoval
  2. But devs don't listen to those people out there. They say you have no respect, I for one think the exact opposite. I think you guys respect and really care for the community. Keep doing what you're doing, and don't let them bring you down. I really love this game, mainly because I like dinosaurs, but when I saw it was a survival game (I had never tried one before hand) and I thought it looked interesting and I loved it! And when you first announced tek, I legit freaked out, and I couldn't contain my self. But remember there are people out there who really really love this game. Thank you for the wonderful game and amazing respect! Aaron Sandoval
  3. YAY!!! -Aaron L. Sandoval
  4. Per pixel painting?? What does that mean?? -Sincerely Aaron L. Sandoval P.S. Great game, I love it so far
  5. Dude, just wait. They're gonna answer, take a breather
  6. list

    Wow, I was actually quoted..... You think it really is a good idea?
  7. Well skins is good idea. Yeah skins is some thing that could instead be there
  8. I was kind of thinking that we have more tiers. Not anything over the top, like cultures almost. Like you have the Japanese culture, or the European culture. Stuff like that. Like for the Japanese one, katana and throwing stars and kunai. And also for the Japanese, the samurai armor. For the European culture have European long sword and/or long bow. You could also go with primitive dinosaur armor as well. And the armor for the European culture's armor you go with knight armor, or Viking armor. These are just suggestions. Please take this into consideration. - Sincerely Aaron L. Sandoval
  9. Love the story so far!!!!:P
  10. Thanks for the advice. I'll be sure to do that.
  11. I do not own ark, or anything. This character Is based on me. Without Further Ado lets get to the story. I woke to feeling of water touching my legs. I jumped up screaming. I forgot everything I knew. That's when I noticed a crystal logged in my wrist. I scratched it and it hurt. I stopped and covered it up. I walked around for a few minutes. I noticed a huge metal obelisk like thing. I started towards it when heavy footsteps fell. I spun around, looking at a huge lizard. "A-a Dinosaur!" I said to myself. I noticed something below it. It said Wild Male Bronto LVL 12. I noticed my crystal was emitting it. I tapped the the crystal. A blue hologram screen popped up. I didn't seem surprised. I saw craftables. I tapped that. I was looking at two craftables. A torch and,.... a Pick axe. I held my finger over the pick axe. It said I needed 1 stone, 10 thatch, 1 wood. I wondered how I would get wood, and thatch. I looked at a tree. "Oh god, no" I said as I walk up to a tree. I start punching, and it says added 1 thatch.I kept punching until I got 20 thatch and 5 wood. I need a good shaped stone. I found one that sort of looked like a pick head. I went back to craftables. I tapped the now lit up white pickax. It said removed 10 thatch, 1 wood, and 1 stone when I touched it....... It said added 1 primitive stone pick. I take it in my hands. It felt cold, I couldn't explain how it crafted. I see a Dodo, I wondered why they were both here. They lived in different time periods, right? I couldn't think straight any more. I was walking to the red obelisk. I stumbled upon two dilophosaurs attacking a parasaur. I shoved my pick into the face of one of them. He instantly dies. The other dilophosaur comes straight at me. He shot me with a green goop. I was blinded. I started swinging. Every swing he dodged. I finally hit him in the back with a loud crack. He drops to the floor with a terrible scream. I had made it to the obelisk. Just then I felt a really sharp pain in my foot. I started feeling sleepy. I looked down and saw a contraption with needles and narcotics looking stuff. Right then I fell asleep. Chapter 2 "Babe, this ocean is beautiful!" my girlfriend said to me. We were on a boat. Her name was Jane. We were taking a trip to the Himalayas. I went back to our cabin. "Today is the day." I say quietly to myself. I grab a box. We have been dating for almost 5 years now. I walk out to the deck. I kneel down and ask "Jane, will you marry me?" She seemed very surprised. "Oh my gosh, yes!" As she slides the ring on, I feel a violent vibration. "?" i question what was going on. Then a purple rift opens. It starts sucking in the boat. I grab Jane. "Whats going on?!" she asked. "I have no Idea!' I yell. Then I black out. I woke to the feeling of water touching my legs. Chapter 3 I woke up on cold table. Where am I, I wonder. It's dark. All of a sudden a bright light shines in my face. Click. A door shuts. I see a bulky sillohute. I'm strapped down to the table. "So, what's your name." he asks. I-it's Aaron Sandoval, Sir" I reply. "Good, very responsive," he says. "Now, which tribe are you with," he asks. I look at him. "Come on spit it out boy". "I-I, uhhhhh" I say. "Which God damn tribe are you in!" he says more violently. "I-I'm not in a tribe" I say. "Well sucks to be you then," He says. He gets closer to my face. I can see that he is wearing riot gear. He backs up and walks out of the room. I feel very nervous now. I hear the door open and and close. Now we are gonna release back to the Ark, but never come back to the red obelisk." he said. He sticks something in my arm. I see its a tranq dart. I fell asleep. He threw me out. Before I fall asleep, I saw three slim figures above me. That's it for now. Reply if you want me to continue.
  12. How about the Velociraptor. Also how about the microrpator. OOOO one more, Dreadnoughtus.