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  1. Oh hey my storm queen skin is up there. Woot woot! ? i haven’t been in the forums for ages. Sooooo many memories. I miss it a lot.
  2. I don't think theyrre adding those because of these reasons alone 1. Extinction core is mainly filled with neon coloured creatures with OP stats. I don't think the devs want that. 2. The models and most of the animations for the monsters are straight from the actual game series. It could or may cause some issues between Wildcard and Capcom (creatures of monster hunter).
  3. Yay my brachiosaurus got onto the crunch. Yipee
  4. Would you devs still sponsor a mod if lots of work is being put into it almost everyday but it still takes a long time to complete (I'm talking like more than 7 months or so) simply because it is an extremely large mod? Or will you only sponsor it when it's near completion? I really hope that i get onto this program one day. However I feel like I won't have the time to constantly work on it and the fact that mine is gonna be a pretty extensive mod.
  5. The animals imo are pretty well done. But here's my question that has been bothering me that's about the past spotlights. ive noticed that the animals have better roars and sounds in the spotlights than they do in game. Or at least they are different. A good example is the allosaurus spotlight vs ingame. Completely different and to be honest I would've preferred the spotlight roar. do you make different sounds for the thrill of the spotlight or do you change them after the spotlight?
  6. Most of these comments are mainly an attack on wolf. How about we avoid conflict and appreciate the stuff we have got. Whoever makes the base builds in ark, all of them are still amazing. Its also great to see that most of the stuff I've posted has made it on the crunch. I wish I could post more on my work but it's going pretty slowly and some people might be annoyed of seeing the same stuff. I may post skin concepts but until the models are actually complete, I can't really post much On the bright side, I'm happy that the ark devs like them enough to post them on the crunch. Super happy about it
  7. Woot! My saurophaganax pic got on. Surprised that some of my stuff is being put on the crunch tbh, Still great to see though!!
  8. Childish? You were the one you said and I quote 'nice job on doing some research just to prove someone wrong'. I don't know about anyone else but I deemed that to be childish. You say you do not care if he has prior knowledge or not yet you were the person to bring it up in the first place. Clearly you were being hostile/passive aggressive in order in to make such a silly remark. In a commen sense approach, it would be pointless to continuously clone any animal and place them back into the ark if their population was to keep dying. There's no point in that cause they'll continue to die and it's a waste of the creator's time. You'll have to either tweak the sheep or simply add in something else with the same use (like my example andrewsarchus). It wouldnt matter how long it takes for a mammoth's pelt to grow back. The mammoth is a super large animal. You can just give it a little trim and it'll give you more than twice the amount of pelt a sheep would give you, therefore you wouldn't need to come back to that mammoth for a long time. If you needed more and the mammoth is still growing, you use another mammoth or rhino just like how farmers move onto shearing the next sheep when the first sheep is already sheared. It would take longer to farm off a sheep than a larger mammal because they're smaller and Have less pelt, therefore you must require to have a lot of sheep in order to harvest the amount of pelt one or two mammoths could give you, no to mention that sheep wriggle around and try to break free when you're shearing them. With a mammoth, it could give the a great amount of pelt simply because it's a lot larger. Simply adding in the sheep because humans already know it's purpose is flawed. You can take a walk around the island and will know how every creature can aid you in a way. Therizinosaurus? Hey look at those claws, could help me fight other creatures and possibly cut down trees. Tyrannosaurus? Hey look at those teeth, they could easily aid me in a battle. Utahraptor? Eh, the teeth won't do that much damage but hey, look at its speed and sickle claws. Definitely an ambush animal. Kaprosuchus? Looks like a small sarc-hey! Look at that pounce. Another ambush animal I can use. I understand what you mean by handling a sheep would be easier, but what I'm saying is that it wouldn't take long for humans to easily handle the deadlier animals and therefore saying that a sheep is still in a way, not needed. The game shows that already.
  9. You ask why you two are continuing this argument yet you're the one still rambling on and 'defending' your original post. youre also just making accusations and saying that he did all of this research to prove you wrong. I speak to him all of the time and I know that it's all prior knowledge to him as well as basic biology. You are correct that the creators of the ark can add in whatever they please. But you also gotta remember that this is a game that adds awesome prehistoric and non prehistoric creatures with these amazing abilities for people's entertainment. the Ovis Aries is just the modern sheep we see today. The only difference is that it's bigger and has different horns due to the devs creative license. You can go on with it being around for more than 10000 years but in the end, it's just a sheep. When you go to an exotic zoo, why is it that you don't see any sheep? Because it's a sheep. And sheep are boring and not exotic. There could be special goats. But we're talking about the normal sheep. Which is what Scorpio has been trying to say. It's not an exotic animal. It's a plain modern animal you see everyday alongside humans. All he asked was for some more exotic animals. Then people will say 'you might as well remove the mammoths, dodoes and the other ice age animals cause they were alongside humans briefly'. You are right. But the difference between a mammoth and the sheep is that the mammoth is a fan favourite. The sheep was introduced cause they were nominated for an award. Not a fan favourite. The equss howerver was a fan favourite to a large group of people who wanted a horse. In the ark, every smart person can understand that this is a game with not only prehistoric creatures, but with mythical ones too. If you took this into a realistic standpoint, any creature that should be added should have to be able to survive on the island that is filled with all of these dangerous animals. I can let the equss slide cause it's fast and can possibly kill raptor sized preds by kicking them. The sheep? Not so much. Kairuki and dodos can survive cause there's a large quantity of them. Lots of eggs and babies. The only other animal I can think at the top of my head right now that cannot survive is the lystro. But the lystro probably got added in cause it was a fan favourite. @Scorpio A more exotic version of the sheep IMO would be the andrewsarchus. The largest mammalian predator that can passively shed its fur as a harvesting ability. Not to mention it being a Great War mount. Yes it is a very early ancestor of the sheep and goats. But it's still an exotic animal and a fan favourite for some people.
  10. Seeing my noctis model on the crunch brought a big smile to my face. Really made my day devs. Thank you ?
  11. So is chalico I believe. I like the design of the horse on the dossier, but I feel like this guy is just gonna make other animals kind worthless. I don't see the point of adding it when we already have a deer. When this guy gets released (as usual, the new creatures are a lot better) and then megaloceras will get left in the dust. Then once the TLC drops in, its most like the deer will get some ability it can do with its antlers and horses won't be as special to some people and not get used. Now you're just kinda replacing old animals with new animals. This is just gonna be a deer that can't fight but has a better beaver saddle Also for farm animal lovers. We don't need a cow or a chicken. We've got dodos that produce a lot of eggs. And the phiomia functions as both a pig and a cow.
  12. The problem is that some people don't get why the devs will choose a modern day animal we see everyday than a nice looking prehistoric creature or mythological one. Remember a lot of people played this game to ride the dinosaurs (since that's what it was in the start besides the bosses and alien tech). The devs have stated that hey wouldn't add in horses but they'll add in sheep? For some players, it's sorta a slap in the face. You could've given a cool animal the same niche but instead they took the regular sheep and made it bigger with extra horns. Andrewsarchus would've been a good example. After all, it did evolve down to sheep and goats over the many million years http://www.cracked.com/article_16117_6-formerly-kickass-creatures-ruined-by-evolution.html
  13. I'm just a little disappointed that it's just THE modern sheep just bigger with a bunch of extra horns. Seriously, look up Ovis Aries. It's just the normal sheep you see everyday. People say you can make it a pelt farm by shearing them. Why can't you just shear the tamed animals you've been hunting to get pelt in the first place like mammoths and rhinos? There's not much point in this animals since we already have a few animals that have the potential to do so. Want a pig? Already got an animal that has its niche. Hello phiomia. I support the game and I will vote for them. I just feel like the sheep's purpose is kinda defeated. Plus it's essentially the modern day sheep.
  14. It would be cool if it could cling onto the side of titanosaurs and brontos
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