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About This Tribe

Welcome to The Gamers ARK This tribe is dedicated to the protection of all Dodos and Jerboas. All are welcome to join the tribe, but please make sure you introduce yourself here in order to receive an invite.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. tibor1234562


    Hi I am Tibi. I like dodos an I want to join your tribe because my tribe members right now dont'k know how to play ark PVP they are ultra PVE players.My timezone is UTC/GMT +01:00
  3. tristanbadia


    Hi I'm milkshake.I will be turning 15 in a month. Love dem dodos, they get u what ever you want. Ganna get da golden dodo. I want to join because my tribes keep quitting and leaving me alone. Just want a active tribe to play with. My time zone is US central. Please dm MILKSHAKE#0310.Go dodos
  4. Greetings, my name is Sergio and I'm 16 years of age. I adore Dodos and I would like to join the tribe so that I could meet and play with other players.


    Name: THEMIMIC Do you love Dodos?: Yes :d Why do you want to join the Tribe?:I'm and old player age 27 1k time and 102 char . Iwant to start the again. Timezone: GMT+3
  6. alecmartens

    Introducing myself

    I really like dodos ofcourse. I am wanting to join the tribe because i just got back from a break from ark and looking for new mates to play with. I have always played on official servers aswell and online everyday.
  7. Name: KingGFP Do you love dodos: Once had a great army of them Why do you want to join?: Never played on official because I never had anyone to play with. Official sounds fun though and would like to get into it. Timezone: GMT
  8. We are 2 people, we have 1 year playing ark 2043 hours until now, reason why we want to enter? because we are tired of not being able to play the official, if it is pvp or they do not leave you or have the minimum, or if pve pillars and Chinese are everywhere. I'm good at raising. Especially doing armies of dodos and jerboas.
  9. IMPORTANT - READ BEFORE APPLYING This is not a real tribe. I do not play on Official servers. This tribe was originally created and is used as a demonstration for people creating tribe forums on the Community Forums.
  10. Hi I love dodos and I would like to join the tribe to get a better understanding off the game and to have a fun time, I'm not the most experienced player but I do want to learn a lot of new things from some good players and learn a lot of new things about the game while having a great time on the way! I'm for GB and my Discord name is Fizzy.
  11. Critttt


    Call me Crit, i love dods as they make kibble :/ and id like to join the tribe because ark is ost enjoyable when played with others instead of by yourself and BST
  12. SkyB57


    Hey I'm SkyB, been playing ark for a few year now and just looking to join up with a larger group to have a good time. Timezone is Eastern United states which i believe is GMT+1?
  13. suparime


    heya my name is well suparim i love dodos dodos for Life i whold like to join becuse i dont have any people to play with but i'm a littel shy GMT+1
  14. My name is Batu i love dodos, I would like to be a part of a big tribe and fight bosses. Timezone : GMT+1 my discord is Batu #9474
  15. Name: Devon Freeze (Mr. Freeze) Do you love Dodos?: Like fat kids love cake Why do you want to join the tribe?: To have friends to play ARK with Timezone: CST Steam Name: devog13
  16. My name: ASDkillerHD. I love dodos. I joined cose I want to be a part of a big tribe. I played duo, stopped cose of offline raids. Im lvl 94 GMT+1.
  17. My name is Milky or Cocomilk. I love dodos because of how they look. cmon just look at thoes cute small feathery birds walking around like the kings and queens they are. I also love them for the way they are just like walking around just got your salary in a clothning store buying everything u see and still isnt broke after that u know. I want to join the tribe because im not really a solo dude i like having friends and tribe members around you helping you out and you help them its like a family, plus its a dodo tribe timezone= 6hrs ahead of est have a great day
  18. Supergamingpotato


    Name: steam name: SupergamingpotatoDo you love Dodos?: I would kill and die for the Dodos! Why do you want to join the Tribe?: I played a lot of Ark a few year back and I really want to get back into it.Timezone: GMT+2
  19. GT: ZacThomas8 Name: ZacDo you love Dodos?: Yes, my favourite feature about dodos is grabbing their hairy bodies and throwing them miles.Why do you want to join the Tribe?: As I'm looking for a tribe to join and make new friends in.Timezone: GMT+1
  20. Hi im ganjey and dodos are pretty dope. I would like to join the tribe so i can learn some advanced things of experienced players. Have a great day gmt+2
  21. SmoggyHickory


    Name - Rather not say so can I just put Sog? Dodos - I like them because they have small poo. Reason I Want to Join - Recently started with only 20 or so hours so I want to have a good time in a tribe that's pretty big and get to know people that have the same interests as me. Time Zone - EDT
  22. Hi, my name is danybabz in game. I love dodos because they are usually the first tame etc. I love the tribe because I was allys with them on a previous server.
  23. Hello! Do you love Dodos?: Yes they are marvelous beings! Why do you want to join the Tribe?: I have been playing ark for quite some time now and are looking for new ways the experience the game, and why not join a dodo tribe
  24. Regulator


    Who doesnt like a good dodo Looking to join tribe to better experince the game and tag along with Other tribe members help and and lern tricks
  25. Takomaster


    Hey im takos. I love me some dodos bcuz u gatta get flyers early n game Xbox looking 4 pvp tribe to join. Lvl 80 mainly tame nd harvest supplies looking to learn from more experienced players and hopefully fight the bosses Gmt-5
  26. Name: OLIGATOR999 or Oli Do You Like Dodos: Yeah, their a good Dino to start out with, me personally, I take a few dodos when starting out Why I Want To Join This Tribe: I’m looking for a tribe, this one is the most active and has a good number of members, I feel like I could fit in Timezone: Mountain Time, Canada