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Welcome to The Gamers ARK This tribe is dedicated to the protection of all Dodos and Jerboas. All are welcome to join the tribe, but please make sure you introduce yourself here in order to receive an invite.

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  2. Hey! Name: Snacks (PSN down below)Do you love Dodos?: Who doesn't?Why do you want to join the Tribe?: To build up and experience the end game of Ark with a group of friends that have fun, but dominate!Timezone: Pacific TZ I would like to play and get to know you guys as well, I am not on official ps4 servers as I used to play official on XB1 when the Center dropped but stopped playing official after getting insided. I am extremely excited about new servers releasing and want to try a crack this time around with a much bigger tribe. My psn is: SitAnSpin and also: AmericanReignX. If you guys would like a no stress situation we can play together for a bit on some boosted player dedicated servers to get to know each other and plan things out. -Snacks
  3. Looking for folks who are team players and wanna help keep the peace! Since you guys like to protect dodos maybe you'll be down to help protect people of the Highlands! Message me for more info, or ask questions here! Either way I look forward to getting to know you guys!
  4. Name: Nickelman/BamsefarDo you love Dodos?: I love dodos, i even had a giant army of dodos once!Why do you want to join the Tribe?: I would like to join the tribe because im an experienced player with a lot of passion for dodosTimezone: GMT+2
  5. Hey everyone, do I love dodos? Why yes, who don't love those little guys. Want to join the tribe so I can put all my time for this game to good use, love to grind and work towards a goal. Hope to hear from you guys soon, thanks. Time zone UTC
  6. Name: Shagy_gDo you love Dodos?: Of course, first best tamesWhy do you want to join the Tribe?: Been playing solo for a while and i want to join a big tribeTimezone:GMT
  7. Name: MadCowDo you love Dodos?: Dodos are love dodos are life.Why do you want to join the Tribe?: pretty much the same reason everyone else is applying, i have been playing single player for a long time now and i want to experience it with others and share a few laughs.Timezone:GMT +1
  8. Hello I'm Logan Do i love dodos? Who doesn't? Why I want to join? I need a group that has my back and I can rely on.
  9. Name: Supaciv Do i like dodos? Well yes they are usually one of my first tames and have many uses! Why do i want to join this tribe? Well to be honest, i am looking to find a reliable group of ppl to form a large active tribe and hopefully end up alpha, or atleast not get raided daily lol Timezone: EST
  10. Name: McDugalsDo you love Dodos?: Well mostly turtles but yeahWhy do you want to join the Tribe?: Want to meet more people on this community forum who play ARK on PC, like to RP ect.Timezone: EST
  11. Name for online play is Cryxus. Do I love Dodos? Of course! i want to join because I'm looking for a group to play with instead of playing solo like I've done for so long.
  12. Do I love dodos? Is the even a question of course I love them. I want to join the tribe to have a lot of people to enjoy the game of ark and Ive had the game since it was $20... very experienced and a decent builder. Now... let's get to raiding😏
  13. Name: DemonDJ JrDo you love Dodos?: Of course, who doesn't love those feathered rats hahaWhy do you want to join the Tribe?: I've been playing this game since it's release, and I mostly play single player. But that's starting to get boring, and so I thought it would be good to find a group of like minded people to play with.Timezone: England GMT+1
  14. Hello! My name is rexz my PS4 name is / Oddtunes i really like dodos my timezone is PDT and the reason i want to join is because im tired of always soloing and would love to join
  15. iNTRO XD

    Name : Niki DO i like dodos : Ovbs especially with a sprinkle of wyvern hatching and taming experience WHy do i wanna join : tired of joining tribes and them leaving so i end up doing solo again Hit me up on steam : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198326242850
  16. Name: itsmeme/ Xbox username: axeman296 do you love dodos: of course I do it's a bird. Why do you want to join: I dont have people to play with and I always get raided. timezone: mountain time zone
  17. Name: Kisza84 Do you love dodos?: Yes they're so cute! Why do you want to join the Tribe?: I'm just looking for people play and help me with problems. Timezone: GMT+2
  18. Name: Joseph PeterDo you love Dodos?: Of course I love dodos, to bad they were wiped off the planet in 1600's. Though it is not too late to re-emerge them to the world!Why do you want to join the Tribe?: I'm an Xbox player looking for a tribe and other people to play with. A little bit more interesting to do, rather than playing by myself and broadcast alone. I want to make this short lol, but this will be my first tribe, but I have participated in Gaming communities in my past. I am of 19 years of age and you will see me act that age.Timezone: Eastern Time Zone(5:30 PM)
  19. Name: Diozinho Do you love Dodos?: Sure. i have all colors! Why do you want to join the Tribe?: Good players and friends. Timezone: GMT+4
  20. Dodos hold a special place in my heart. They are so gently docile and ask for nothing more than love and companionship. Unfortunately the Dodo population is in danger, predators, natural disaster and extermination by human tribes has proven a massive threat to our feathered friends. In order to save these brilliant creatures they must be protected and sanctioned. I'd love to join the tribe because I've never been a part of a large community like this in Ark. I think it would be a rewarding experience to engulf myself in a tribe and dedicate my Ark experience to one like this. I am located in The United States (Central Time Zone) Thank You!
  21. My name is jamie, Do i love dodos? YESS I been trying to find a tribe who i can stay with forever, And your tribe seems perrfect Im from the uk, But i play ark all day and night
  22. Hi I’m a new xbox player and I wanted to join a tribe because all my work on solo never payed off because I always got raided. I’m glad to be a member of a tribe especially one that loves dodos!
  23. Hi my name is Robert, who tf doesn't love dodos come on. I'd like to join bc I got tired of playing solo and getting raided everyday on oficial server
  24. TreZZa13 Application

    Yes I also play on the PS4 and was wondering if anyone here did, I fall asleep every night to the sound of dodos my psn is joe_schultz15.
  25. Hey was wondering if u guys were on ps4? i love Dodo's... Sexually... No Homo Im lvl 85 and have a huge desire for grinding resources I most of all specialize in the PVP Aspect of the game, i take it you'd want to get in contact with me so heres my PSN TreZZa13 See you ladies on the battlefield