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  1. Good day. I was looking around the Tribe sections for fun and your name caught my attention. I am a huge Dragon Ball Z fan and I also served 5 years in the US Marine Corps. I been playing video games since I was a baby (now 31). I am very mature, logical, kind, patient, and intelligent (I will correct you on how to pronounce chitin). All my life I had a passion for dinosauria, and do plan on being a paleontologist one day. This is what drew me in to ark, and I know the game inside and out. I am looking for a new group to play with as my previous tribe of the past year slowly disbanded. The funnest thing for me is to play with other people, and that is what I want. (I also have it for PC so I can test out new stuff before Xbox gets it).


    Below is my succinct, sad story of why I am now alone in Ark. Should you want to know my experience in the game and be like "whoa" and stuff :) 

    I decided to join solo and test things out. I got pretty good at getting in to and out of bases, and was absolutely amazed at what people built. I was also envious they had all these awesome dinosaurs at their disposal, and hoped one day I would be on par with them. I got stuck in a base's house because neither the owner or I saw each other and he closed the door when he left. I managed to get out through a window, but I talked about it and I became friends with this tribe of real life friends. We played for almost a year together, and during that time they slowly left Ark to play other games. I ended up with ownership of the tribe and got us to become one of the strongest tribes on the server (because of me). I even started trading on my server, as no one wanted to talk to each other or trust one another. I ended up with such good relationships with everyone I was able to borrow any blueprint I wanted, and even had the first guy on the server to be high enough to craft a giganotosaurus saddle make me the first one (for outside his tribe). I got my giganotosaurus by logging in one day, seeing all the chatter, and found out the server knocked out the highest level giganotosaurus yet seen and were about to kill it. I proclaimed I had the kibble ready (which I did, remember, this is the old 1x tame rate) and wanted to tame it. So they let me join the tribe of the ones who got the final blow and I tamed it and had the highest level giganotosaurus on the server (much happiness. I gave tribe ownership to my alt account using my wife's profile). I had everything: at least 2 of each dino, mastercraft and ascendant blueprints and gear, a base with all the artifacts shown off and broodmother head (only boss at the time). I solo tamed 90% of that stuff, including my 100+ mosasaur that took me 40min to knock out with it having 1,000 health left. Then the redwood update came, and even though I was outside the warning zone I still got wiped. All I had left was a plant species x and my mosasaur. Quit for a bit after that, despite attempts to rebuild with the last dangling tribe member who mostly played offline with his son.

    I decided to check out tribe postings and saw one of my interest. Joined a mediocre tribe where there was one active member as the others were waiting for the game's release and were semi-active. I brought this tribe up from mediocre to one of the top-tier tribes on the server (I transferred). People would bombard me every day for eggs or trade items, and sometimes I would just give it away (which is what you do when you have two fridges full of eggs). Again I became so well known and liked I was able to do things like borrow tribe's only female sheep and breed it, or get their best blueprints so I can craft them. I also processed new members: showing them the ropes and doing background checks. Everything was fantastic. Sadly, they slowly died out due to real life issues. The final blow came when one member recruited someone during the July 4th holiday (so the rest of us were not playing Xbox) and that person happened to be a nobody 15 year old troll insider. He destroyed our Tek, killed my best raised dinosaurs (dire wolves and rexs), destroyed my tower of the base (had every trophy head except dragon, every flag, every artifact), took all our blueprints (some were the best on the server), and then had the gall to laugh at us and say "just get it all over again". I got him and his cohorts banned from all the xbox PvE trading clubs, found their server, and tried to block up their stuff with some garbage dinosaurs we had. I had no help from my tribe, and of course when I executed this plan that was when they were moving so their online member screwed up my plans. I get heated just thinking about all that stress. I got some good stuff back from the people I helped on the server, but it was not enough. I lost too much and have not had the heart to log back in on the server since.

    I been planning on hosting a Ragnarok server. I played around with the settings and like where they are at. I want a D&D type experience, casual PvE where breeding is not a pain, and this way I will NOT get wiped by stupid stuff since I can just admin. I also plan on hosting events and other fun activities, with loot/dinosaurs as prizes. I have people who are interested in it but I am still hesitant as I will manage a facebook page (which I made long ago as I wanted to host a server when the game came out) and a patreon page where subscribers get monthly in-game rewards. Who knows, if I make enough money I could rent out a server so my wife can have her Xbox back.

    TL;DR: I am a pro Ark player ;) and would be a huge asset to your tribe. I am trying to not do things that eat up my life, such as raising rexs to 100% imprint, etc as I have well over 100 days played and every achievement.

  2. hi casper I cant go to tribes go online on steam

  3. joining

    hi my name is Sasha and I love dodos and other animals also am good at gathering resources. ,for GP