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  1. same problem, but ther is some peaple online on the serwers, so its prapably problem with platform, anyone else is from epic ?
  2. simple pliars decoy faster then more structrure connected in base, for base timer is material dependent, for single pillars is 1/2 or 1/3 that time but if u made fundation, pillar on it and celling, it will have decoy time same as base.
  3. u can buy gachas producing element dust from another players on server. u dont need dlc extinction for it, same as magmasaur(high expensive 170-250k ele dust) but u need buy adult one with saddle. magmasaur farming atleast 500metal from 1 rock same as obsidian and crystal, that is the best gathering. for gachas gathering dust u dont need saddle. But u can use that dust only for trade with another players, element from dust u can make only on extinction.
  4. This map i amazing for ghetering element, and very rare blueprints and items. for osd drops u can do solo event hardest purple one, u should have up to 3 gigas with 30k Hp and 1300%dmg and defending osd or elemend node i very easy, after 1 purple u can get even 500 element for 1 elment node, and for osd tons of items and BP like ascendent tek staf up to 700 armor. And that cutes dinos in game Gachas
  5. my jurney with ark started in pvp, played there about a month, in first day playing, other players infected my with swapm fiver. after week, when i was about 50lvl, some 140 lvl players, come and detroyed my base, and everything else i have. so if u dont want to play in existing tribes, and u can play only with girlfrind like me, there is no option to playing pvp. in pve there is so much fun, and good helpfull comunity.
  6. tame 10-20 rexes, keep 1 male with higher dmg and hp stat, then bread it with as low as u can female rexes, best is 1lvl. all for that u dont get levels in stats u dont want. u can mate same stats rexes, but always mating only this what has levels only with favorite stats, for boss rexes HP and DMG, all other stats should be base. this is vero long way to get high lvl arond 380lvl with top stats, better way is buy breading pair with almost top stats
  7. im just throwing pack of stones, gacha will pick it up, and 6-8k stone its enough for about 10% rise, and after that it will eat from thouth. in that case u dont need to be in render zone. but without event its pain in the ass to raise it, even raising giga is easier. and even if baby gacha can produce dust, after some time it will atomatical change type of production. i tamed about 30 gachas and none of them produces dust...
  8. Wywerns are rebalanced for breeding, mayby u cant breed, "old" wywerns and u can breed wywerns born after patch ?
  9. What's Ragnarok or crystal isles pve serwers are note full to taming/breading dinos, Ragnarok752 are full, and u cant tame, or even hatch na egg...
  10. During that update i was on base and preparing dinos for boss fight, i have on cryopads on inventory 15rex, 4deodons, magmasaura, managrm, spinos... and some more... All top and max lvls... after restart server i logged and saw that i was dead, after reborn i saw green light pointed me dead place IT was on ghe middle od bazę, but body and inventory wasnt three, i destroy all Cellings and fundations but inventory just dissapeared...
  11. Yeah, Griffin with few thousend weight, that should be perfect
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