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  2. QLMX

    Old menu music?

    Or the option to choose which soundtrack should be played.
  3. Lorischmid

    Where i will be tonight on ark

    Im lori 14 year Old grinder I like farming and pvp what else I like is this tribe so if I can join add my ps4= luca-schmid
  4. So a beacon for utility only? Teleport spots and traps maybe. I like it.
  5. Lawlesss

    HELP Somebody pillared in my base area.

    Put in a ticket and let customer support decide. its always down to their discretion what is officially "breaking the rules"
  6. So I am not sure if this post belongs here, so I figured I would start here. Ok, so i pillared off space to expand our base and placed pillars about 1 wyvern body length away, then another tribe came in at a later time and placed their own pillars wherever they could fit them in with our cluster of pillars. This is now hindering my tribe from growing, and I dont know what to do. Would this be grounds to report a player or tribe for griefing?
  7. rpicardi1

    fanfiction The Stargate, a most unusual adventure

    I will be updating the previous chapters soon to reflect the changes made in this story. Chapter 12. Bad News from back on Earth. “What was that all about?” asks Professor Narcy as the Stargate is shut down. “A lot has happened in the world since you discovered the Stargate and entered into it’s world,” reports Dr, Nasser. “The world has exploded into a global war with the religious forces of Islam. So far, our secret here is safe, but, I don’t know for how long before Egyptian High Command becomes compromised by the Muslims in it’s command and starts to interfere with our research so they can use this world for their base of operation. To make sure that the Stargate doesn’t fall into Islamic hands, Coronal Arafat plans to rig the gate with explosives. We had best keep everyone out of this chamber given that we don’t know what will happen here if the gate on the other end is activated by the explosion.” “When did that happened?” asks Professor Narcy. “Two days after you arrived at the dig site, coordinated terrorist attacks were launched all over the world. As feared by various conservatives and ignored by the liberal politicians and their media allies, the soldiers of Radical Islam had infiltrated into those countries through the refugees and illegal immigrates flooding across the mostly unguarded borders. They chose May 23rd to launch their coordinated attacks to hit the infrastructures of the countries, shopping malls, major churches, anyplace where chaos could be created. They even managed to set off nuclear weapons in the port cities of New York, Seattle, Las Angles, San Francisco, Houston, London, Madrid, Rome, Tokyo, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Israel, and even in Saudi Arabia. The current situation has resulted in rioting and violence everywhere those infiltrators have established themselves. Martial Law has been declared in the US, Canada, the UK, Japan, China, India, France, Germany, and just about every other country in the world. Saudi Arabia is embroiled in a holy civil war with the Muslims as a result of the city of Mecca being vaporized by a suitcase nuke.” “I have no idea what is happening in the world outside of Egypt since the nukes went off. With the internet and cell service down, what information that is coming through has been severely restricted and censored. Clara and I were lucky to be able to catch a ride to the dig site to find and alert you to what is going on.” “How do we protect the Stargate if Coronal Arafat is unable to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands?” asks Professor Narcy. “I think that I have the answer,” reports Dr. Croft. “I’ve pulled up an app on the gate operation. If we disconnect the power supply from the control unit, no one can activate the control head to this world from the Stargate back in the buried temple.” “Then, lets get to work before we are paid a surprised visit that we cannot deal with.” answers Joe. With the tools that Joe has in his backpack and the info from the app, the control head is removed, a cover plate on the base taken off, and a plug disconnected from the power unit. “I hope that the app gave us the right information,” reports Joe. “If an armed party were to force their way through the gate, I don’t even think that our dragon friends could stop them. If this doesn’t work, we may be forced to throw the control head into the volcano.” “The app info says that the gate at this end will not connect without the link signal from the control unit.” reports Dr. Croft. “They will only open a portal into space. It’s the reason the Star Chamber is built like an airlock.” “What happens if they open the Stargate to the vacuum of space if they have destroyed the door in order to get in?” asks Joe. “Without a link signal, the Stargate will shut down on it’s own after one minute,” answers Dr. Croft. “By then, the entire dig site will likely have been sucked out into space.” “Then, will we lose out ability to leave this world?” asks Dr. Nasser. “No,” asks Dr. Croft. “There are other places that we can travel to. We just need to find the address to those location.” In the Star Chamber, the glyphs on the gate start glowing bright red. “Someone is trying to activate the Stargate!” warns Joe. Just then, Dr. Nasser’s smart phone alerts him to a text message. Reading it, the message is from President Janus of the University of Cairo. It is a warning that Islamic radicals have invaded the museum and are destroying the artifacts there. A second message comes in as Dr. Nasser is texting a reply. It is from Coronal Arafat warning him that a rebel force has taken control of the dig site and are forcing their way into the Star Chamber. A second text describes a massive implosion in the dig site that sucks all of the sand and everything not tied down into it. There are no further text messages from Coronal Arafat. One more text message comes in from President Janus smart phone as the gate glyph are still glowing. It just says “Allah Akbar.” A shocked Dr. Nasser passes on the bad news to the rest of the researchers as the glyphs on the Stargate return to normal. “You disabled the control unit just in time.” he tells Joe. “Some rebel forces attempted to activate the Stargate to this location. From the description Coronal Arafat sent me, they opened the gate into outer space. The suction from the vacuum has destroyed the dig site. I’ve lost all contact with his phone.” “We are definitely stuck here for the time being.” reports Dr. Croft. “There is no going back until Armageddon has ran it’s course.” “What’s happening,” asks Ramseys as he reenters the Star Chamber and notices the somber look on the faces of the researchers in there. “Our world is destroying itself in all out religious war,” Dr. Croft tells him. “We just blocked an attempt by a rogue military force to invade and conquer your world. The Star Chamber on that end has been destroyed. There is nothing for us to go back to at this time.” “You’re all welcome to live with us,” Ramseys tells them. “Thank you for your generous offer,” answers Professor Narcy. “We can safely live in the sacrificial temple for now while we continue our study of this world. With the help of our dragon friends and these apps we have been getting from some unknown source on our devices, we may eventually find a way to return to what is left of our world once things return to somewhat normal.” “We better get back to the temple, take an inventory of what we have there, and see what we need to do to become self sufficient for the foreseeable future.” orders Joe. “It appears that we have become an experiment in survival of the human race on an Ark until the day arrives when we can return to what is left of the Earth to repopulate it.” “It would explain the finding of the Star Chamber temple, the anonymous donor, the selective invitations to research the site, the fact that most of us are already paired up with a spouse or girlfriend, some higher power must be conducting an experiment with us as the world explodes into Armageddon.” reports Helena. “They must have known that our world was about to erupt into all out global war, so, they made arrangements to shelter us on an ark until that war was over.” “That means that whatever interstellar species that constructed the Stargate must have survived their intergalactic war to continue this experiment of theirs.” answers Dr. Croft. Dr Sanders and Dr Croft are back on Farrell and Freida who fly them back to the temple by the swamp. “It is most unfortunate,” Dr. Sanders tells Farrell. “We found the way to get back to our world and had to abandon the attempt thanks to our world deciding to destroy itself while we were gone.” “What were those men standing behind Coronal Arafat carrying?” asks Farrell. “They were armed with assault weapons,” answers Dr. Sanders. “The Islamic rebels that attacked them have weapons far more deadly then what his soldiers were carrying. You could have been easily shot you out of the sky with them.” “Could they have hit me from way up here?” asks Farrell. “Yes,” answers Dr. Sanders. “They could have done so as easily as Joe dropped that troodon with his crossbow.” “That is so frightening,” answers Farrell. “Politics and Religion,” chimes in Dr. Croft. “Those two things have so badly divided our world the past several years that something awful was bound to take place sooner or later. It’s a good thing that we didn’t take you through the Stargate to visit our rapidly deteriorating world. We could have lost you for sure had we been unable to return to your world.” “Our world has been a far more dangerous place for dragons since the time your ancestors visited it during the Dark Ages,” answers Dr. Sanders. “Now, it has become too dangerous even for us to return to it.” “Then, is my world is going to have to be your new home?” Farrell asks him. “We will make the best of it so long as we have friends like you,” answers Dr. Croft. “I can see us having some most interesting adventures together for our foreseeable future. We’ll spend the next several days making the temple our new home. Then, we will start exploring your world to look for clues to other places we can visit.” “That’s sounds wonderful,” Farrell answers. “You have turned out to be such great friends. Frieda and I have enjoyed being with you researchers. We’ll help you any way that we can.” “You both have been so enjoyable to be with.” Sandra tells Farrell and Frieda as she lands outside of the temple.
  8. Supersonic

    Griffin Buff/TLC

    As Griffin uses Extraordinary Kibble now I think it would be good to change/buff the Griffin to justify it. (And probably make it harder to tame without Kibble) I know that it would be unfair to players who didn't tame one yet, but the need of the Extraordinary Kibble is kinda unjustifiable, and TBH the Snow Owl replaced a lot of need for the Griffin (and also has a saddle and breedable) Or make it take a lesser Kibble, I think Superior would hit the spot. Any ideas, thoughts?
  9. Mr_BloodyDevil

    EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland347 Down again.

    again server unable to connect / offline =o
  10. fbcoachjoa

    Cryopod exploding

    I agree. Facepalmed myself. Oh well
  11. Today
  12. Vaculity

    Cryopod exploding

    I wish it was. Trying to throw out pod sometimes and it says not enough room to fit so it didn't deploy. That's what happened. But it flashes and same result as grenade. I know it sounds stupid Are you sure you aren't carrying a tek grenade or gravity grenade out of random when you were trying to unfreeze a dino from a cryopod? Because I felt like you did, and I am facepalming right now.
  13. Blackmac83


    I am having this exact same issue. WHAT IS THIS BULLpoop. 2 days in and still all EU, NA, and Asia servers give me the same time out cant connect bs. All showing 9999 ping. This came out of nowhere there must be a simple fix to this
  14. As the title states PC NA-PVE-Official-Ragnarok383 is down again, for whats going on 9 hrs now. I'm not sure what exactly is causing the server instability but this has been happening almost continuously for days. The server comes up, is semi playable for a few hours then drops off the face of the earth for extremely long periods of time. As it stands I am terrified to leave my base these days because who knows when you will drop, where you will drop or if you will get back in at a reasonable time. If you could please bring it back up we would all appreciate it!
  15. Sphere

    Server will not update.

    Hi there Patch 295.102 is the client patch. Patch 295.101 is the server patch. You are up to date. Hope this helps.
  16. Our server's been so popular recently, we've been at 20/20 for a bit tonight so we will be upgrading the server to 30 slots, CPU upgrade and adding in the Primal Fear Boss Expansion pack tomorrow morning from 7am (Sydney time)
  17. Sphere


    You need to submit a ticket using the customer support portal above. 您需要使用上面的客户支持门户提交票证。
  18. VannZann

    Weigh In: Options for the future of Primitive+

    Help, Prim Plus CrossCluster 3 The Island has been going down numerous times in the last week for up to 11 hours at a time. At this point in time its unplayable. Did we get moved already? This server was one of the most stable servers in Ark up to a week ago now its crap. What changed? It also contains the Center. So when one goes down they both go down.
  19. fbcoachjoa

    Cryopod exploding

    I wish it was. Trying to throw out pod sometimes and it says not enough room to fit so it didn't deploy. That's what happened. But it flashes and same result as grenade. I know it sounds stupid
  20. here are some screenshots from events and fun moments
  21. Usuallyafk

    Some info for everyone on PvP servers.

    They have been aware of this for atleast 8 months.
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