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  2. Went out looking for rexes, allos, or an otter to tame. Came up with absolutely nothing. I don't think I even saw a single rex over level 100. The allos were even worse. Did kill an alpha rex surprisingly easily with my bird. Granted it was a low level. I don't even have my ascendant saddle on it, got a BP in a drop and have been gathering mats. Should have enough to craft one now but forgot to check before logging for the day.
  3. Uhh everyone knows that AMD doesnt have issues with this, bring that up is pointless. The issue is that back in September Wildcard pushed an update that caused issues with nvidia cards, because Ark was going to to be one of the first games to work with RTX cards and use all it's new features, only they don't work with ark because wildcard didnt update right. So the problem only effects nvidia cards (because AMD cards dont have the features nvidia does) and the problem was caused by wildcard. Nvidia at least looked at it on their end but Wildcard hasn't, yet they still sell the game as being RTX compatible when they know its not.
  4. Looking to join Hey I'm looking to join this tribe, I put a lot into this game and would really like to join. I have 1100+ hours. Get back to me as soon as you can, my discord is CaanWaterBurnWood#4237
  5. Looking to join Hey I would really like to join the tribe, I put a lot into this game with my 1100+ hours and being solo is VERY boring. Get back to me as soon as you can. My discord is CanWaterBurnWood#4237
  6. Do wildcard not read this, I'm having the problem now. It's getting unbearable, it's spoiling the game for me. Does anyone know of a fix please?
  7. Breeding Needs to really be looked at it can be a good thing and a bad thing we got players who are using it for both and some more towards the bad side of over breeding on faster servers that become populated over server that are losing player do to that population so in return players are logging in servers grabbing up a few dodo's or any type of easy tame they can get there hands on fast setting them to breed and logging out if we have no way of knowing the location and that this kinda malicious gameplay is going on 30 minutes to a few hours later a 30 ping rises to 255 mimicking a DDoS attack the only way to fix it ( PS4 ) is to know the Tribe and or Species that are breeding to wipe it. while the console is a great thing it serves a crap purpose and needs to be a bit more informative. ( OFFLINE BREEDING SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED ) this would be the simple fix. Should have an extra tab to show all players with the tribe they are in and pets they own and or individual own and or the type with a count so we can the server owners can track the malicious garbage down we rent these servers upwards to a $120+ and we are losing money as we lose players. most of all the settings the game offers the admin are clearly based on STEAM PC RCON this needs to be changed you can limit the usage that RCON permits a PS player to use or create a third party panel for mobile and or pc that PS users can use to manage the servers without going into modding. User names in the manager should be clickable so admin can teleport faster, transfer. DOESN'T WORK ON PS ( G-PORTAL ) Names of HUMAN & TRIBE HUMAN. ( only mods on PC seem to have a patch on this that mod should be impedimented into the system on developers end.) Needs to be added to G-Portal. Player clearly ask for this on every server for the last 3 years lets get this feature added even if it comes as a DLC and we have to pay for the feature you can take my money I will gladly pay to have this as a server option Servers need some kind of event system that operators can use to increase the fun not everything is just about raiding be fun for those using PVE servers to keep the servers entertaining outside of the daily farming and taming.
  8. That Enforcer has also done nothing about people spamming racism in in chat and players talking about Real Money Trading of dinos. This was just the most recent example for this dude. And yes, I'm on PvE and we try to pillar the metal nodes. Some new tribe that built their first base blocking multiple paths managed to worm their way into a spawn after the pillars decayed. It's not a waste of time to get a second opinion, when you know the first guy only has one setting: close ticket without taking any action.
  9. We will be opening our The Center server this week for our patrons! Be sure to join us!
  10. titanoboas have the 'enable mating' wheel bit, but they can't mate, probably the same with wyverns which makes me sad ;_;
  11. can someone pls tell me if transfers of dinos and itens between valguero official servers are allowed ? i m talking about valguero only?
  12. allow invite for non admins with tribe ranking ? Simple story, I want a member to invite another member without making him admin. In tribe settings, he was set to be rank number 10, invite allowed, and not limited, invite into tribe rank 0 (there is an existing rank 0 rank). He is not admin. "number of invite allowed" was set to 10 Then simple issue, he cant invite anyone Similarly, the rank has demotion , promotion, and banishment allowed. max promotion/demotion/banishment rank 10. He can promote, demote, BUT NOT banish any non-admins members in tribe. Am I doing something wrong?
  13. @Legend0530 as was stated above, the only way tames can disappear is if their overall level, not any one individual stat, is higher than the max for that difficulty (450 for Easy,Medium,Hard and 600 for Brutal). Tames cannot exceed these levels by any means other than force leveling a wild creature past these levels while taming them. You will never be able to hatch or birth a tame higher than these limits. Each stat increase is tied to a certain number of levels. If the total stats of a baby from its parents would put it over the 600 limit on a brutal server, the stats will randomly be reduced to fit within the level 600 limit (it assigns only a portion of the value of the stat for that tame while maintaining original values for breeding purposes). I play on brutal so I use that limit for my examples, any other difficulty just replace 600 with 450. However, the stats when passed on through further breeding will not be the reduced versions if the baby’s level is under the max level limit. If it is born at the limit, the assigned portions of the total individual stat will be random once again for that specific individual. Does this make sense? EDIT: @Coman speed is the only stat with an imposed limit or maximum value due to its game crashing/breaking potential and that limit varies for each individual species of tame.
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    New servers

    New servers Is it possible to make new official servers with transferring disabled for a month or so, so new players or players who got wiped and need a fresh start can build up? Because all the official servers we have now are almost unplayable. I think if we get new servers ( especially smalltribes ) alot of people will start playing again because the early game grind is fun and we will have the space to build up and not get wiped everytime by bigger/stronger tribes.
  16. How to get unbanned I want to work to get unbanned i was banned for no reason and would like to know how to get unbanned
  17. @Mythical that is correct, except that they cannot be recovered from chronicling as far as I’ve seen. Additionally, remember that there can only be 3 titanosaurs on the map at a time, which stipulates that more may be placed on the map simultaneously if chronicling them was allowed in the same way as other tames. Until anyone official says otherwise, my “expiring” thoughts were the only explanation I could think of for why they cannot be recovered from chronicling.
  18. Global banned I have been banned but don’t know why I don’t mesh but I have dosed a couple times but nothing to serious
  19. Agreed. Was just wiped by a single owl. Soaked over 4000 bullets, by itself....DILO wildcard....
  20. It’s not free if you’re paying for a server and impositions are being made that change the way you can play the game you are paying for... servers are paid ahead of time, so you can’t get that money back. The recent god console changes do not belong in this game. They are not in the spirit of the unofficial servers and are in no one’s best interest playing the game. They were made to push more players to buy buffs to complete dungeons (which still need some work on their mechanics).
  21. Now see. This is not the same as my post. Metal spawns should be protected but they aren't which is why people pillar them. However, the base being built there doesn't violate any rules. He investigated and came to his conclusion based on the rules. A second look does nothing but waste time and resources. You got your query answered so feel lucky. Even if it didn't go in your favor the job was done. My post relates more to the jobs not done in obvious violations of the CoC nor acknowledged and it seems that it is more likely to be the case in the instances of what they label griefing. I'm not sure your game mode or how old your server is but unless it's Valguero, I find it hard to believe any important resource spawns aren't protected on a PvE server at this point.
  22. I have had full grown dinos disappear and babies from cryopods. It's a bug that started up at the easter event. I lost a m ele gacha. It's like they starved in the cryopods or something.
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