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  1. (Art by Dilong, colorized by RiskyBiscuits) Collab art by the Darwinopterus creator, Zci5250! (If you haven't yet, go check out Darwinopterus!) (These sketches were made by Dekaexis!) ================================= (Everyone aforementioned made the art in this dossier, written by me, composed by Sp_ace) Common Name: Hatzegopteryx Species: Hatzegopteryx kukulkan Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Highly aggressive Wild: “Seeing a creature not fully corrupted in the wastelands is extraordinarily rare, if not thought impossible, until today that is, Hatzegopteryx Kukulkan is a savage monster of the skies, as of writing this I’m observing it tearing into the element vein towers that scatter the wastes! Additionally it’s defending itself from any corrupted creatures with dangerously quick efficiency, be it slugging them on the ground with its heavy fists or shredding them apart with its massive maw. While it's not the greatest at flying, it sure isn’t the best to combat in the sky, as it seemingly has a tactic to effectively grapple a creature out of the skies and slam it into the earth!” Domesticated: “Despite its sheer ferocity, there does seem to be evidence that it can be domesticated, Hatzegopteryx seems to enjoy the thrill of battle, even from a young age, so any good adversary that can gain its respect may let it domesticate it. Though, you’d have to be utterly insane to even attempt that! All things considered however, a domesticated Hatzegopteryx would in theory be excellent for taking on hordes of corrupteds and gathering their nodules, additionally it would be great for harvesting the rich amount of element those corrupted spires contain.” Introduction: Hello Extinction survivors, I present Hatzegopteryx Kukulkan as my submission! This fierce pterosaur will show you efficiency on both land and sky combat, while also giving you an excellent counter to corrupted creatures (let's be honest, enforcers are bad) and even the titans! I hope you enjoy this submission, as it was a collaborative effort with Tweee. Now onto the summary! - Receives the “Titan slayer” buff when fighting against a titan, this buff gives it 30% damage reduction and a 15% damage boost, additionally it is unaffected by any of the special abilities the titans have, the forest titans uprooting for example. - Has a passive 10% damage boost and reduction against corrupted creatures. This counts for tumors as well. - Is the best at gathering element dust, element shards, element and corrupted nodules from element veins. - After defeating any of the titans, you are able to make a platform saddle for it, though “outpost” saddle is more fitting. This unique tek-platform-saddle comes equipped with a built-in TEK generator, though you need to supply the saddle with element to keep it running of course. When clinged to a surface, on ground or flight it will shift its position to conform with the Hatzegopteryx body. - This saddle also has a stationary mode for when you need creatures to come up onto the platform, this stationary mode will deploy a staircase. - If fed element, it can become its own TEK saddle (somewhat similar to how Ferox function with element feeding, needs to be fed a certain amount) with 1 unique ability: - The ability it can activate is “Element overflow” of which it is able to deal 10% more damage for 10% of its health taken away. Additionally, the attacks boosted by this cause mechanical creatures (Enforcers and what not) to malfunction and be stunned for a short while, though this has a grace period, This is essentially a trade-off type ability. - Can cling to surfaces similar to a Tapejara, but more like it brute forces itself onto the surface with its strength. - Has its own unique apex drop called “Hatzegopteryx jaw” this item is required in the taming of Hatzegopteryx! Size: 1.5-2x the size of a Quetzal (Sizing by VaporVenator) 1.5X 2.0X Suggested Base Stats: Health: 1450 Stamina: 700 Oxygen: 150 Food: 1200 Weight: 600 Melee Damage: Found in the “Actions Section” per each attack. Movement Speed: 100% (Not as fast as a wyvern, though it can sprint faster than a wyvern on the ground.) Torpidity: N/A Wild: Hatzegopteryx can be seen flying throughout the wastelands hunting corrupted creatures, though if you are spotted you will absolutely be targeted. It is most commonly found wherever an element vein may be. They may also be rarely found in the Sunken Forest. Wild Baby Behavior: Hatzegopteryx as babies in the wild share the same aggressiveness that adults do! However, they are a rare sight to see and have no use for Hatzegopteryx jaws (they do not drop them) and are unable to be tamed. (Art done by Sovi) Titan Clinging: Hatzegopteryx are able to cling onto Titans similar to how Deinonychus are able to latch onto creatures, the cling locations for the Titans are where the tumors on them are. Once a Hatzegopteryx is clung onto the corrupted tumor, it is able to shred at it with reduced damage to the Titan itself, though be wary as it is very stamina intensive. (Art done by Jade) Platform Saddle Shifting: The platform of Hatzegopteryx is different than that of Quetzal, since it is able to cling and has a different posture than Quetzal, its platform saddle is able to shift into different positions depending on if its airborne, grounded, latched onto a surface or diving! Art of it taking off and latched are displayed currently. (Art done by ZCI5250) Taming Process: To tame a Hatzegopteryx you must first challenge it to a fight with a “Hatzegopteryx jaw” in your inventory, it will sense this and then begin to fight you as it sees you as a worthy adversary. When it gets to a low enough health point it will become “tired out” you must then use this opportunity to mount it, after that it will take off into the air, you must try to not get knocked off by rapid button mashing! If you fail, you’ll have to fight it again. - When you start breeding Hatzegopteryx, be wary of the babies as they will attack you at random! Alternate Taming Process suggestion: (This is a complete alternative, I am not suggesting it as a dual taming method type creature. It would either be one or the other.) Alternatively the sunken forest would have an area where wild Hatzegopteryx live when away from the wastelands, in this area Hatzegotperyx eggs may be found, though not without venturing deep within the tight caverns that seldom creatures fit without the threat of Hatzegopteryx spotting you. – This is a complete alternative, mainly due to the fact that Extinction does not have a creature with an egg-steal method, while Scorched Earth, Aberration and Genesis 1 do. Tamed: Congratulations! You’ve successfully tamed a Hatzegopteryx! Actions: - LMB (Or its controller equivalent): Performs a bite attack while in the air but a hook/punch while on the ground, with a base of 75 damage. Additionally this gathers from element nodes/veins. - RMB (Or its controller equivalent): Locks onto a flier of large enough size (Argentavis and up) and then proceeds to grapple onto them, this will cause it to rapidly descend into the ground and slam the enemy, the base damage increases the higher you go, ranging from 70 at the lowest to 150 at the highest, however taking 5% of health. Both Hatzegopteryx and the enemy flier will be unable to fly for a short while as well. Though this attack can miss and will cost a chunk of stamina and may not be used immediately after, so it's recommended to only do it on near wyvern sized fliers, this counts for gliding Rock Drakes or jumping Managarmr as well. - This attack will also allow you to cling onto the tumors on titans and shred them, which costs heavy stamina to stay on however. - C (Or controller equivalent): Aesthetic roar. - X (Or controller equivalent): Activates “Element overflow” when fed with enough element. - Spacebar (Or controller equivalent): Flight - Shift (Or controller equivalent): Sprinting on both land and sky. - Looking downwards: Gliding similar to Desmodus. Though this functions as a divebomb as well, as if it hits the ground it will cause a knock-back to creatures within its radius, though it does not do much damage (Roughly 30 base damage that barely scales). Utility & Scenarios: PvE: While at first glance Hatzegopteryx may seem to lean far into a PvP niche, it does not, it is incredibly useful for its element vein gathering capabilities, moreover it is great for clearing out both sky and ground threats on OSD’s. Additionally, it is perfect to bring along for titan fights, especially against the desert titan. PvP: Hatzegopteryx has excellence in a PvP niche as well, being able to effectively tackle other apex fliers is handy, especially since it is able to close the range between it and a wyvern for example, moreover it is able to combat Managarmrs with its grapple attack. And with its “Element overflow” ability, it's able to combat Meks as well. Counter: Hatzegopteryx is worse at sky combat than ground combat, so you can effectively use a fast flier to dodge its grapple attack. After that, you may attack at it until it can perform another grapple, though it's still best to watch out for its attacks, as it still does a hefty amount of damage. It's best to combat a Hatzegopteryx on the ground with an equal ground mount, such as a Rex. Additionally, flying for Hatzegopteryx costs more stamina than any other flier, so tiring one out in sky combat is viable. Conclusion: To conclude this submission, I believe Hatzegopteryx has a good niche carved out for what Extinction offers in terms of gameplay, filling in an otherwise untouched niche. While yes enforcer “covers it already” enforcers are just bad and not suited for late game, and is the main reason for Hatzegopteryx’s niche. Additionally, I believe there is a good balance between its PvP and PvE prowess, though that's up to you of course! Besides all that, I hope you enjoyed reading through the submission and vote for it in the end! Other interpretations: RiskyBiscuits:
  2. introducing Deinochirus custos, the apex omnivore duck! (Not actual dossier just for reference) Wild: Deinochirus custos will usually be prowling the wasteland, desert dome and sunken forest, You will also find them fishing at water areas and competing with spinos for territory. Always on the look out for a corrupted creature as they will stop at nothing to end is. This is because they both hate corrupted creatures and love eating the nodules. Deinocheirus seem to be addicted to it. They have the ability to corrupt their own claws, sharpening and lengthening them. Taming: To tame these magnificent beasts u must first feed one a corrupted heart which will corrupt their claws and you must help them kill corrupted creatures. If the Deinocheirus take too much damage they will lose taming effectiveness, after they will grow tired and fall asleep 💤. You now must protect it from on coming hordes of corrupted creatures until it wakes up. This will always tame first try regardless of lvl BUT the higher the level the more creatures it must kill more creatures and it will sleep for longer ⏱. Tamed: Once tamed Deinocheirus is a force to be reckoned with, as this creature is giant, but more on that later. Deinocheirus has two different saddles. Saddle number one is just a regular saddle but helps with carrying stuff with a 20% weight reduction to corrupted nodules, metal, hide and element dust. The second saddle is a large platform saddle perfect for build large seige bases or for nomadic journies as this creature has immense stamina and power capable of over powering gigas and their corrupted counterparts. The Deinocheirus saddle is unlocked at level 70 and the platform saddle is unlocked at level 85. They are also great for boss battles and is arguably better than gigas for titan battles due it’s abilities. abilities: corruption killer; 3x damage and 2x resistance to corrupted creatures titan toppler; 4x damage to titans,3x resistance due to thick fur and adaption to corruption corruption frenzy; after eating a corrupted heart or 20 corrupted nodules it’s claws will corrupt and sharpen and double in length as it fur thickens dealing triple damage and 2x resistance to all damage, stacks with other abilities Hydration buff; when in water gains a hydration air conditioner; provides perfect temperature anywhere while riding for all passengers tek dismantler; 2x damage and 1.5x resistance to all tek creatures and 6x resource gathering to corrupted nodules metal, element and everything harvested from tek creatures attacks: left click, r2 bite basic bite; nothing special right click, L2 claw swipe; this attack deals bleed just like a giga and will also deal bleed when tamed when in corrupted frenzy hold to do it continuously x attack r3 wing flap +stomp; the Deinocheirus flaps it’s wings wildly while stomping the ground with it’s powerful feet dealing huge knock back and damage, this is it’s most powerful attack C attack L1 R1 same time; the Deinocheirus performs a nasty uppercut dealing immense damage and knocking the enemy sky high size; the Deinocheirus are truly giants being the length and size of brontosaurus and halfway up it’s neck extra: can do a custom chicken dance emote I hope you consider my Deinocheirus creature when voting!
  3. Latzelia Primordialis - The Living Artillery Cannon So we all know and love (hate) the acid spitting, armor destroying millipede Arthropleura, but now prepare for the new idea of a massive centipede, with the ability to lob exploding acid blobs of many varieties, the Latzelia Primordialis. So the basic idea for this creature submission would be a rather large, lets say around Basilisk sized centipede that resembles a house centipede, just way bigger. Now for the abilities i have thought for this creature: Torpor inducing bite ála Arthropleura Wall climbing, this creature would be the first platform saddled creature to be able to climb walls and ceilings. Though it would be rather slow climber all things considered and the platform isn´t too big. Skipping on water surfaces, similar to the Rhyniognatha or the Bloodstalker, only slower. Faster with the tek saddle equipped, could use the same jet boosts as with the hovering ability (read below). Spitting exploding acid globules, think Arthropleura but bigger in scale and with added AoE, they could use a variety of different ammunition. They also have a gas attack that has different properties depending on the ammunition used. They would have an eerie luminescent glow to their legs and abdomen, changing color based on what they are eating or using as ammunition. If you hade more than one type of ammunition in it´s inventory, you would be able to change them in a command wheel on the go. Oil - Black color: Spit explodes in to oil slicks and gas attack blinds and slows enemies. Low damage. Healing Brew - Red color: Spit explodes in to regenerating area that lingers for a moment, gas attack becomes a healing AoE similar to Daeodon. Deals no damage. Propellant - Orange color: Spit explodes in to sticky flames. Gas attack bursts out flaming gas around it self. Low initial damage, sets things ablaze. Narcotic - Green color: Spit explodes in to a tranquilizing AoE splash. Gas attack works a bit like the gas grenade but with larger AoE. Low damage. Stone - White color: Spits out a goop covered rock, deals concussive damage like a catapult. Can damage up to stone buildings. Medium damage and no gas attack. Ammonite bile - Lime color: Spits out ammonite bile in an explosive glob, blowing up and giving out the ammonite bile debuff in an AoE. Gas attack does the same thing but around the creature. No initial damage. Spoiled meat - Dark green color: Spits out an acidic glob that explodes, dealing high damage to armor durability like arthropleura spit except in AoE. Gas attack does the same thing but around the creature. Medium damage. Organic polymer - Cyan color: Spits out an acidic glob that explodes, dealing less damage to armor durability, but has highest damage of all the natural ammunition types. High damage. Gas attack does the same thing but around the creature, damaging everything around it. As for the stats i would say its on the tankier side, with a good amount of weight for carrying all the ammunition needed, not too fast though. There would be a small platform saddle and a tek saddle. The tek saddle bringing the living artillery to a whole new level with new ammunition types to use along with element and doubling the AoE of the gas attack. The tek saddle also enables small jets from the tips of the creatures armored legs, allowing it to hover down, slowing its fall from high places. This would come in handy when you have to reposition or escape in a pinch. When activating the tek cannon, the creature buries its tek enhanced legs in to the ground, essentially rooting it self in place, enabling the rider with a 360 degrees turning giant tek artillery cannon, similar to the M.S.C.M. for the Meks. Tek ammunition types: 10 x Metal ingots + 1 element: Orange energy color, the cannon shoots a massive slug of molten steel, dealing extremely high concussive damage and being able to damage up to Tek tier buildings. No gas attack. 10 x Propellant + 1 element: Red energy color, the cannon shoots a large fireball or slug that explodes in to a large area dealing medium damage and bursting everything around it in flames. Gas attack bursts flaming gas along with flamethrowers from the tek saddle around the creature, burning everything around it. 10 Crystal + 1 element: White energy color, the cannon shoots a railgun beam similar to the Tek Railgun, dealing higher damage than the Tek Railgun, being able to pierce walls. No gas attack. 10 Biotoxin + 1 element: Blue energy color, the cannon shoots a rather large blue shocking tranquilizer bullet, dealing high torpor damage, some health damage and dealing the Cnidaria shocking debuff. Gas attack deals medium torpor damage and shocks nearby enemies. Taming would require you to feed both the male and female with the food corresponding to the color of their abdomen and legs. The required food is the same as the colors as the ammunition they use. After the initial feeding the creature will hold still for a moment, sort of "chewing" on whatever you fed it, enabling the harvesting of materials from their behinds. They are neutral untill you gather the materials from the rear, turning agressive and using their corresponding gas attack immediately upon gathering. You need to get Latzelia pheromones from the males, and Latzelia eggs from the females. Combining both with a simple rifle bullet in the chemistry bench and use the ammunition to shoot one of your own tames, starting the gestation process. After the gestation is done, the baby creature bursts out similarly to Rhyniognatha. After obtaining both tamed male and female, you´ll be able to gather the pheromones and eggs easier from your own creatures without the fear of being attacked, though with a cooldown between gathering. Dossier: Species: Latzelia Primordialis Time: Diet: Omnivore Temperament: Neutral Wild Latzelia Primordialis only confirms my suspicions about genetic modification done to enhance the creatures of the Arks. These hulking behemoths of a house centipede gone wrong are quite a spectacle to behold. They spend their days searching for food in the wastelands. Being rather omnivorous when it comes to food, they end up ingesting a lot of different materials. The materials they cannot digest are used in self defence however. If provoked they will spit out whatever indegistible garbage that ended up inside them, soaked in centipede digestive juices, enhancing the effectiveness of the projectile. And if that wasn´t enough they can emit a foul gas around them from their bodies that will turn even the hungriest predator around. Domesticated Many tribes want to get their hands on even one of these beasts for obvious reasons. They are adept climbers and can be used as beasts of burden, but the real power resides in their ability to chuck big globs of acid far away, preferrably at an opposing tribe, enhanced by whatever they have in their stomachs. I have even heard of some more technologically advanced tribes mounting giant cannons on the backs of these creatures. To get one of these insects to bend to your will is no easy task though. Requiring you to, for a lack of a better word, "gather" certain ingredients, mainly the pheromones of a male Latzelia Primordialis and an egg from a female. Some tribes have learned that by feeding them different materials would wake up their breeding behaviors, making it possible to grab the aforementioned materials from the behinds of these bugs. Just be carefull as they don´t exactly take kindly to anyone poking around their rears. Once acquired, one would need to inject the egg and pheromones to another living creature to activate the incubation of the egg. Once incubated the newborn larvae will burst out of the poor being, usually killing it in the process. Lastly i would like to say that i am by no means an artist and i am not asking anyone, but if you feel like it, feel free to post a prototype dossier here, along with any suggestions of your own. Links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latzelia https://naturalhistory2.si.edu/vt3/NMNH/DT/assets/31/Arthropods/s09.html
  4. Pachystruthio is a giant bird known from Europe and Africa’s Pliocene and Pleistocene eras. This giant bird was nearly 1,000 pounds and around 12 feet tall, meaning it ranks alongside the giant moa and elephant bird as the largest bird to ever live. Unlike the two however, it lived on a mainland continent alongside many predators, and early human relatives. Already accustomed to such challenges, these birds have managed to make out a living on the Ark. Often seen sprinting across the wastelands of Extinction, these giants can be a useful taming companion, fast travel mount, or even an effective war bird. Whatever the situation calls for you can trust your feathered friend to have your back. Abilities: -Wall runner: When in a full sprint they can traverse and scale steep walls, rocks, and other structures that tend to block most creatures. -Stone launcher: Large bird species today tend to swallow rocks and stones to help grind up the food they eat. In game you’re able to passively feed tamed birds stones. Once it eats enough stones it will gain the ability to perform a new attack, that being the ability to spew out the digested rocks at attackers like a living slingshot. The resulting stones being spat out can cause heavy topor and temporarily blind attackers. -180 degree spin: Able to twist and spin while moving at full speed, then rapidly charge forward in the changed direction -Peck: A basic peck that does damage and collects resources -Boom call: Modern ostriches produce loud, deep booming vocalizations to communicate with each other. Struthio does this as well, and this boom hits at such a low frequency that it can be used for two methods. The first can be used to scare smaller creatures, corrupted or not, away. This works on animals up to carno size. The second can be used to detect resources, as the struthio will boom if you're getting close to a desired resource. You can train the struthio to locate certain materials in a similar way to a moschops. -Weather detector: Able to detect meteor showers minutes before they happen, the struthio will alert its rider of the incoming threat by ruffling its feathers and shaking its wings. -Eggs: These massive birds lay equally massive eggs, and these eggs on their own provide massive nourishment. They are most useful however when used in recipes, as they can be used as substitutes to craft antidotes, and can be used to craft any type of kibble. Predators love the taste of these eggs as well, and they provide a similar use to them in the way that raw mutton does. -Insulation: Their fluffy feathers keep the rider insulated from both hot and cold temperatures. -Kick: A kick that cause bleed and knockback -Duststorm: When in the middle of a losing fight, these birds can rapidly kick up sand and dust, temporarily slowing down the attacker and providing an opportunity to escape. Swimming: Modern ostriches are actually decent swimmers, able to float and propel themselves forward with their powerful legs. While not the fastest swimmers, don’t be afraid to cross water with your Pachystruthio. They’ll be able to pass the map's waterways just fine at a decent speed. Appearance: Unlike modern ostriches who have bald heads and necks, these birds have fluffy down on their heads and necks. The rest of their bodies are covered in tough, weather resistant feathers. The only parts of their body not feathered are their legs and feet. Males tend to have brighter plumage while females have duller, faded versions in comparison. Size: Absolutely massive, and undoubtedly the largest birds in Ark. Large bodied and a long extended neck, they stand taller than an allo. Behavior: These birds usually travel in small flocks made up of one to two males and a handful of females. They are naturally passive unless provoked or if they’re eggs are stolen. If a member of the flock is attacked, the females will sprint away in all directions while the males will charge and attack the aggressor. If the attacker is overwhelming the males, they’ll kick up a dust storm and retreat. When unprovoked and peacefully wandering around, they will frequently partake in dust baths. Taming method: These birds are very resistant to tranqs, and cannot be tamed in the traditional way. Instead a survivor must approach them while they’re having a dust bath, mount them and hold on for dear life as they sprint around trying to knock you off. While dashing around they’ll knock into objects like rocks and trees, and after a while of this they’ll crash and fall, briefly tired out. Once they're like this you can passively feed them their preferred foods, fungal wood, blue crystalized sap, or superior kibble. Rinse and repeat until tamed! Saddle: There are multiple types of saddles you can equip with the Struthio. You can ride them without a saddle, the next is a multi purpose saddle that acts as an extra bit of added armor alongside a mobile crafting station, and finally a small platform saddle. The platform saddle is smaller than the platform saddles of other creatures, but still large enough to carry the basic necessities you’d need during travel or for battle. The multi-purpose saddle acts as weather resistant aid, protecting the tame and rider against the negative effects induced from being out in the wasteland. I’ve left an example below that gives a good idea of what I’d be going for. Additional references:
  5. hello i think the alberto should be added into the game because the sea feels really empty in ark SO why not add something huge to it like the alberto ok before you search up the size of it it was smaller than the mosa in length reaching lengths around 11-12 meters whilst the mosa reaches around 13-18 meters BUT wild card makes almost everything bigger than real life, The rhynio is a perfect example of this. So we could easily see the alberto way bigger like my idea. Ok so my idea for the alberto is to be a lot longer than the mosa and tuso so im thinking like 2 mosas + 1 tuso sort of length yeah so really big. It would be rather fast for its size and be rather tanky. here is some images of the albertonectes Taming method. so to tame this creature you must feed go to it and through out one of the creatures listed. coelacanth, sabertoothsalmonan, juvi meg and juvi tuso and let the alberto kill and eat them similar to the car car but it wont attack you. You would get max effectiveness by feeding it juvi tusos and not letting it get hit by anything, you will have less effectiveness if you feed it a meg, coelacanth or salmon. here is the list of the best creatures to feed it, top of the list being the best bottom being worsed. there is a massive difference between using a salmon or coelacanth than meg or tuso, for an example lets say you decide to feed a max level alberto coelacanths you would have to feed it like 10 more than a salmon 40 times more than a meg and 50 times more than a tuso. if your going to use coelacanths it would take 60 FEEDS if you use , if you use salmon 50 feeds, meg 20 feeds and tuso 10 feeds. the alberto will have a feeding timer around 2 minutes so if you are going to use coelacanths you will be there for 2 HOURS AND get less effectiveness so I do not recommend using them. use tusos if you can for shortest time spent taming remember this is an end game tame so trying to tame this with salmon or coelacanth will take way longer to tame, give less effectiveness and will have an even faster food drain than a meg or tuso tamed one. This is to encourage people to use meglodons and tusos more and make the alberto feel more end game. you might ask WHY ADD THE COELACANTHS AND SALMON IN THE FIRST PLACE well that's because you might want to try challenge yourself and make yourself suffer i find people like that sort of content on YT somethimes so it would be a good challange for content creators. . juvi tuso . juvi meglodon . salmon . coelacanth abilities listed here. . bite . neck bash . whirl pool: the alberto starts spinning rapidly and creates a whirl pool that sucks nearby boats and creatures down towards the alberto dealing constant damage . passively generates oil . fast food drain . cant be grabbed by tusos Saddles: so for the saddles it will have a standard saddle and a platform saddle BUT it also has a torpedo saddle making it like a war sub. Can launch up to 3 torpedo's from both sides of the alberto they can be destroyed by turret's. Ok I hope you like this idea and sorry for any incorrect punctuation I have never been that good at it. it may sound rather OP with the whirl pool and torpedo saddle and I will change it a bit if I get in the comments alot.
  6. The Tylosaurus was a giant mosasaurus being equaled to the mosasaurus in size, but this subspecies has very specific forms of attack. Wild: Unlike the mosasaur that lives in the depths, Tylosaurus sicarius lives closer to the shores looking for prey that is far away or that is on the surface when the prey is sighted you can see from afar a bang after the jump followed by a bite that if it does not kill the prey the bleeding will kill them they are solitary predators but they will be of great help. Taming method: To tame your own Tylosaurus you will need patience since you will have to look for a bigger Tylosaurus and make it retreat leaving it with 2% of the total life so you will find where the nursery is and be able to tame a baby with Kibble and only Kibble. Skills: Bite: Basic attack working with right click with good damage. Ambush: Hide with your Tylosaurus and attack prey while swimming to cause bleeding. Swing: Uses its tail to throw creatures smaller than a plesiosaur out of the water, this attack works on large ones but only deals damage. Push: In this attack, the Tylosaurus throws itself against the enemy and stuns it, giving time for ambushes or escapes. Thirst for Battle: Gives 20% bonus speed and 10% damage to allies. Saddles: Like its mosasaur relative, Tylosaurus has the normal and platform saddle with the platform saddle being slightly smaller than the mosasaur platform. Shallow Jump: In this attack, the tylosaurus will jump onto the beach or nearby rocks, dragging creatures smaller than a triceratops into the water. Dossier: the tylosaurus is a literal great addition to this marine giant's team, it is always ambushing the creatures, this mosasaur enemy lives in intermediate places between the deep and shallow and loves to attack rafts in the center so attention must be given to the sea survivors , his attacks are incredibly effective so make sure he doesn't miss your boat but don't settle for staying on the beach if this giant spots you he will jump onto the beach trying to get you dinner.
  7. Disclaimer: as with all creature submissions, voting for this is only voting for the creature itself. Any ideas in this are merely suggestions for Wildcard and are not guaranteed. Alamosaurus A sauropod in a cave? Why not! My vision for Alamosaurus is an immense apex tame of the caves of Aberration, a mobile sentry/sniping tower, a charge battery charger, and Reaper-slayer. If interested, keep reading! BASIC INFO Full Name: Alamosaurus illumimensi Group: Sauropod Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Docile Equipment: Alamosaurus saddle, Alamosaurus platform saddle DOSSIER Wild: Alamosaurus illumimensi is an impressive, if odd member of the caves of this Ark. Before exploring the deeper chambers, we believed Diplodocus to be the largest herbivore left in these caves. Imagine our surprise as we began our exploration of the blue zone, only to be nearly trampled under what we thought was a tree! They stand slightly higher than their cousins Brontosaurus, holding their head high above the glowing plants in this area of the cave. The easiest way to distinguish them, however, are the visible air sacs that, when inflated, give off the same glow as the Bulbdog and Glowtail. I suspect this is thanks to a reaction from the mushroom spores and their unique biology, but I can't be sure. Like most herbivores on these Arks, Alamosaurus is very docile. I have only seen it engage in combat twice. Once, when a few of us attempted to tame one by knocking it out, and once when we saw a Reaper make it's way up from the radioactive zone. Alamosaurus were quick to intercept it, going after it with such aggression that I quickly understood why Reapers seemed to stick to the very bottom parts of this Ark. an example of air sacs at various stages of inflation Domesticated: Tribemates have found many different uses for these animals. I know of two survivors that managed to gain its trust by feeding it plant species Z seeds, and then helping it kill the Nameless that would start to come after it once their charge light ran out. Once they gained it's trust, they managed to construct a saddle that harnessed their charge light to recharge worn-out charge batteries, at the cost of keeping the animal well-fed. They also decided to make use of the tall ridge formed from the tall neck vertebrae just behind the animal's head, situating two seats on either side of the ridge. They claimed it was so they could keep a good lookout, but I saw one of them carting up a heavy sniper rifle one day, likely for some target practice. While Alamosaurus can also support a decent-sized platform on its back, most tribes seem to use it more as a combat mount, feeding it Mushroom Brew and taking it into the radiation zone to hunt Reapers. Some have even brought in high leveled ones to help against Reaper Queens, as the charge saddle keeps them high enough to avoid accidental grabbing, and the Alamosaurus's torpor immunity, high health, good damage, and knockback resistance allow it to hard tank anything a Reaper Queen can throw at them. BEHAVIOR Alamosaurus, like most herbivores, is docile unless attacked. The exception is when a Reaper enters it's aggro range. This will cause it to bee-line for the Reaper and attack it until one of them dies. Drops: Raw Meat Hide Raw Prime Meat TAMING Taming Alamosaurus is very similar to taming Amargasaurus. Start taming by feeding a wild Alamosaurus plant species Z seed. This will disable the Alamosaurus' ability to generate charge light until it is tamed or killed. Turn off any other sources of charge light, and wait for Nameless to begin attacking. The Nameless will ignore the Alamosaurus, going only for survivors. Kill Nameless until the Alamosaurus askes to be fed again. Feed it and repeat. In the event that a Reaper spawns, the Alamosaurus will attempt to kill it. Damage dealt by the Reaper won't count against taming effectiveness, but it is still recommended to help kill the Reaper in case the Alamosaurus isn't strong enough to kill the Reaper on it's own. Killing a Reaper will give substantial taming progress. UTILITY Abilities: Stomp: [LMB], [RT] – Stomps with either the left or right foot, determined by what direction you're looking. Deals bonus damage against ReapersGathers Fungal Wood and Thatch from trees. Kick: [RMB], [LT] – Kicks with the back foot, determined again by the direction you're looking. Deals bonus damage against Reapers. Gathers Berries and Mushrooms. Charge Light Cycle: [C], [R3] – Cycles between three charge light modes. Off: Does not produce charge light in the area. Disables recharging batteries in the saddle. Indicated by air sacs not inflating or glowing. Normal: Produces charge light to protect a small area, and enables battery charging at a slow rate. Costs a noticeable amount of food per second on top of normal drain. Indicated by air sacs inflating and glowing in-sequence from its head to its tail. Overdrive: Produces charge light to protect a large area, and enables rapid battery charging. Costs a large amount of food drain per second. Indicated by all air sacs inflating at once, and glowing brighter than in normal mode. Note: battery charging is only available with the normal saddle, not the platform saddle. Roles: Mobile Base: Like any animal with a platform saddle, Alamosaurus makes a great mobile base. It's ability to produce charge light in varying ranges elevates it above other platform animals on Aberration. Charge Station: The normal saddle allows you to charge batteries anywhere at the cost of additional food consumption. Reaper Combat/Taming: With it's knockback resistance, charge light abilities, torpor immunity, and bonus damage against Reapers, Alamosaurus is an excellent support mount for taming or killing Reapers. Mobile Sentry: Due to it's unique saddle and how high Alamosaurus keeps its head, they can be used as sentry towers or sniper towers, with the driver acting as a spotter and the passenger acting as a sniper. Harvesting: Wood, Fungal Wood, Thatch (Stomp) Berries, Mushrooms (Kick)
  8. Common Name: Mastodonsaurus Species: Mastodonsaurus leviathanica Time: Middle Triassic Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Ambushing (This is my first ever digital dossier) Wild: Probably the biggest amphibian to have ever existed, Mastodonsaurus leviathanica can sport lengths of up to 32 meters. This gargantuan creature can be found on the pools of the crystalline swamps and luminous marshlands where it spends the entirety of its life. Mastodonsaurus doesn’t move much, mainly catching prey by ambush, or luring them with their set of biolumiscent spots alongside its body, this creature appears to be putting its prey in some sort of trance, and then mastodonsaurus burst out of its hiding location and swallows the victim whole, so be careful when travelling throug this locations as you and your mount can end up as a Mastodonsaurus meal. Mastodonsaurus seems to have adapted a very particular paladar, it mostly feeds of cnidaria and electrophorus which seem to have granted Mastodonsaurus some sort of stunning bite that can let its opponents paralyzed, making them an easy meal for this amphibian. Domesticated: When tamed, Mastodonsaurus becomes the greatest warmount in this cave system. Thank to his massive size you can even build a platform on the back of this amphibian! Mastodonsaurus is a very swift swimmer but in land it becomes a really sluggish creature, moving really slow and making it a easy target for enemy survivors and other creatures, but is here where Mastodonsaurus shines (literally…), this creature can flash its brilliant lights rapidly and in different colours, any enemy that directly looks at the creature while doing this light show can be subject to seizures. Also thanks to the two massive tusk in his lower jaw, Mastodonsaurus can impale his opponents and then shook them with his bioelectric capabilities. Now lets explain everything in detail: Taming: Mastodonsaurus leviathanica can be found in the pools of the crystalline swamps and luminous marshlands, where it will stay motionless in the deepest areas of these pools. First of all, Mastodonsaurus is a passive tame. To tame it you will need to swim to its gaping mouth and feed it its favourite food, Bio Toxin, but this is no easy task since Mastodonsaurus will be shining its bioluminiscent spots when wild (when looking at this lights the survivor will start to receive torpor overtime and will start to move iregullarly), and then you may ask how do i get close to it without looking at it?, thats where the red mushrooms (with red root and pointed cap) enter into play, if you get the effect “Dizzy Spore” (Obtained from entering a area where there are red shrooms spores) the Mastodonsaurus lightshow wont affect you. Meaning you can finally get close to its mounth and feed it. But this doesnt mean the threat is over, when feeded mastodonsaurus will start to move to repositionate in another area, during this it becomes territorial and if it senses something near it it will attack it, so you better start swimming away after you feed it. After sometime you will have a tamed Mastodonsaurus. Abilities and attacks: - Left Click: Stunning bite, just like cnidaria, Mastodonsaurus bites inducing torpor and dismounting survivors, this attack has some delay so cant spam it to stunlock a mount or survivor. - Right Click: Grab, Mastodonsaurus grabs a creature in front of it, impaling it with its two massive tusk, this bleeding causes the victim to lose 10% of its max hp over 5 seconds. If Mastodonsaurus has a grabbed enemy in his jaws it can still bite. It can grab creatures up to the size of a Spino. - Pressing X: Mastodonsaurus quickly turns back (like sarcosuchus) - Pressing c :Activates the bioluminiscent spots, when this spots are activated Mastodonsaurus will start to shine its bioluminiscent spots in a quick sucession and in different colours. To stop these lights just press C again. This “attack” drains stamina periodically (like daeodon). The effect of this lights varies depending on the victim: - Survivors: Survivors that directly look at Mastodonsaurus while the lights are active will get start to get dizzy, increasing their torpor as long as the are looking at Mastodonsaurus, they will also start to move irregullarly and will get limited vision. - Mounts: Mounts wont get any of the effects mentioned, instead if the stay close to Mastodonsaurus a bar will start to fill, when this bar is filled the mount will enter some sort of trance and wont obey any commands as long as Mastodonsaurus stays close. If you dont want your mount to enter this state, the only thing you need to is run away for a few seconds and let that bar drain, when is drained up, go back into action. Saddles: - Regular Saddle: Just a regular saddle for Mastodonsaurus - Platform Saddle: A saddle with a platform where you can build. - Platform Saddle with magnifying glass: A platform saddle with glasses that cover the bioluminiscent spots of Mastodonsaurus. This specialized saddle adds the effects of a flashbang after Mastodonsaurus activates its bioluminiscent spots, blinding opponents for a few seconds and also dropping whatever they were holding at the moment. And that my submission for Aberration, i think it feets really well with the aesthetic of aberration, also, Ark lacks amphibians. I think we need more amphibians in the game, right now we only have two amphibians in the game (diplocaulus and beelzebufo), and i think a giant powerful amphibian would be a neat addition to the game. I based his design and colors on deep sea fish. This is also a direct succesor to Koolasuchus caementus.
  9. Trigonotarbid Palaeocharinus tryantus A familiar face from SE's submissions General Information Back again for a second time, this time on a more fitting map, the massive Trigonotarbid is here! Now coming in with bioluminescent highlights around its legs and spikes, most Trigos can be found in the Blue Zone, but higher level ones can be found on the surface. Though its size is a bit larger than that of a typical spider, it won't be easy to spot as it blends in with the environment of the Blue Zone. Since these creatures are so large and don't hunt, they can be typically found asleep. When they are asleep though, their bioluminescence goes away. I highly recommend not looking for one when you, or your mount, are low health, as wild Trigos might see you as their next meal attack you. Wild Trigos on the surface will attack you regardless if you're low health or not, they can't be choosy with their next meal up there. Taming These tanky beasts are completely immune to tranqs and tranq creatures, so other methods must be used. Like other arachnids, Trigos are scavenging creatures, meaning they wander around and eat corpses they find. You can use corpses to tame them, but it won't be a quick tame as Trigos have massive appetites! Trigos do find certain deadly creatures tastier than others though. Tamed When you finally tame one, a Trigo is a very useful creature for resource collection in the caves of Aberration. They spoiled meat and regular meat, but regular meat will spoil faster in their inventory. Their relatively cheap saddle acts as a mortar and pestle and platform saddle thanks to the Trigo's large and quite flat abdomen. Trigos are also able to collect various resources; they can collect wood, stone, crystal, all gems, fungal wood (didn't draw), and meat. Trigos offer a large weight reduction on the resources mentioned. Passive Abilities Trigonotarbids, as mentioned before, have weight reductions on the resources they can harvest, but also have other useful abilities. Their bulky form and color can often disguise them as rocks which hides them from being noticed by creatures that would attack them. The rider can turn off their bioluminescence pushes this ability further, but makes Trigos more vulnerable. While eating spoiled meat, Trigonotarbids will occasionally produce Organic Polymer. Trigos can also be occasionally trimmed for molted shell, a substitute for Chitin. Trigonotarbids' shell is so durable that most, nearly all, projectiles can't even scratch it! (arrows, bullets, dilo/arthro venom, etc...) Attacks/Abilities (shortened for easier reading) Leg swipe (camera angle depends which side) Heavy Bite (does not inflict venom as Trigonotarbids don't produce venom) Rear on hind legs (intimidation move) Can rotate in place Can Jump onto surfaces Can crawl walls and ceilings Jump leads into ground slam if lands on the ground Crouches down defensively (takes further reduced damage and predators give up attacking) TL;DR Big Spider Tanky as hell Tame via Corpses Platform & Mortar n Pestle Saddle Angy on Surface Produces Organic Polymer & Chitin Immune to Projectiles (on shell) Glowy Not Glowy when sleeping Harvesting chad Found in Blue Zone and Surface Sneaky for their size Weight reduction of resources it harvests Faster meat spoil time Will eat you/ your tame if you're on low health (Art done by me) Feel free to suggest details in the comment section https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trigonotarbida https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palaeocharinus
  10. The Vorombe Titian, also known as the elephant bird was the largest bird to ever exist and was native to the island of Madagascar. At ten feet tall and half a ton, nearly five times heavier than an ostrich, it was massive. Not only was it the largest bird to ever exist, but also the largest creature to have lived in Madagascar for millions of years. Ark doesn't have many birds, and those that are flightless typically aren't very large. The addition of the elephant bird would add to the avian roster while also providing a giant new traveling companion full of abilities to make a fine addition to the game. Abilities -Standard kick that causes bleed damage with its large talons; this attack has the added benefit of temporarily stunning smaller creatures up to the size of a raptor or saber -Great weight-carrying abilities(important for later attacks) -Peck(default attack) -Incubating abilities, when placed near eggs the elephant bird will warm them up and act as a living egg incubator -Able to scale elevated surfaces utilizing its huge claws similar to the ovis -Provides insulation to the rider -Kicking rocks will collect flint as the clawed feet can scrape off materials -Fast movement speed, decent stamina, and surprising bulk given its size -Small platform saddle: The vorombe is large enough to hold a small platform saddle, and, while smaller, are able to move much faster with one when compared to other tames that can support one -Body slam: Being such a big bird has its advantages, the vorombe can charge and slam into structures, attempting to break them using its massive girth. This attack can be charged up, and once in effect can damage structures up to stone. -Special ability: Large bird species today tend to swallow rocks and stones to help grind up the food they eat. I think it is an interesting ability to be able to passively feed a tamed bird stones that it collects during its flint gathering. Once it eats enough stones it will gain the ability to perform a new attack, that being the ability to spew out the digested rocks at attackers like a living slingshot. The resulting stones being spat out can cause heavy topor and temporarily blind attackers. -The topor caused by spewed stones could in theory be used to knock out creatures in the same manner slingshots are used, just on a much more effective level making the elephant bird an effective taming partner Taming method: As the real-life birds nested on the ground it only makes sense for their Ark counterparts to do the same. Eggs can either be collected from nests, or grown birds can be passively tamed using stones. While being a passive creature, if attacked, disturbed, or robbed of its eggs the bird will attack. Size: Fitting to its name, this bird would be very large in the game. Undoubtedly Ark's largest bird, towering over the argent with its neck raised high. In real life, it was about ten feet tall and over 1,000 pounds. I believe approaching near allo height is adequate. Its neck while long and elegant should connect with a rounded but powerfully built body, less of what you see with the dodo or terror bird in-game and more in line with what you'd see in an ostrich or artist's depictions of it shown below. This would make it much larger than the argent, and nearly three times taller than the terror bird, currently Ark's largest flightless bird. Appearance: Large and covered in a thick coat of rough plumage, similar to what you'd see in an emu or cassowary. Eggs: The elephant bird lay some of the largest eggs of any creature, and I believe the eggs whether fertilized or not should be useful. They can be used in replacement for any eggs for the higher tiers of kibble, and besides providing massive nourishment for survivors is also a preferred food for many carnivores, acting on a scale similar to prime meat or mutton. Other notes: Drop's feathers(pelt), meat, and raw prime meat when killed, require a saddle to be ridden, spawns near beaches and on the outskirts of jungles, etc.
  11. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Brontosaurus Species: Brontosaurus lazarus Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Docile Wild: Among the largest creatures I've seen on the island, Brontosaurus lazarus is larger than any sauropod I've read about. In fact, the dinosaur is so massive that it ignores most other creatures. I've seen a pack of Raptors tear apart smaller Dinosaurs while Brontosaurus continues eating, seemingly oblivious to the hunting pack. The Brontosaurus is extremely protective of its eggs and will attack if provoked. However, some may think this is an Apatosaurus, Dreadnoughtus, Argentinosaurus, or other sauropod - but this is a strange island and I'm the one doing the research. I'm convinced that this genus is Brontosaurus and no one can tell me otherwise. My study, my rules. Domesticated: Because of how docile it is, Brontosaurus makes the ideal pack-animal. Peaceful tribes use it to carry incredible quantities of resources, while warring tribes use it to mobilize their army. Unfortunately, its enormity means that most attempts to tame Brontosaurs can take longer than almost any other creature on the island.
  12. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Quetzal Species: Quetzalcoatlus conchapicem Time: Late Cretaceous Period Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Skittish Wild: Quetzalcoatlus is one of the largest avians on the island. It shares a similar silhouette with the Pteranodon, and nests near the absolute highest peaks. Upon closer inspection, though, Quetzalcoatlus is an enormous creature of tremendous power. I find it strange that such a large, imposing beast would be so skittish. Unlike other creatures of its size, it is more likely to flee than fight. I suppose the decision to flee from any trouble keeps the species alive on an island with so many dangerous predators. But then how does it eat enough to sustain its massive size? Domesticated: Tamed Quetzalcoatlus have a very specific role on the island. Too slow to be an efficient local transport, and too weak to be an effective warbird, the tribes I have encountered tend to employ it as a mass carrier.Quetzalcoatlus is primarily used by these masters of the skies to safely carry vast quantities of supplies, creatures and human cargo from one base to another without tiring.
  13. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Plesiosaur Species: Elasmosaurus remuspissa Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Docile Wild: Elasmosaurus remuspissa has a strange role in the oceanic food chain. It almost exclusively hunts the smaller creatures in the waters, leaving most even moderately large creatures (such as humans) alone. The sheer size of theElasmosaurus means that the quantity of creatures it must eat to sustain itself is nothing short of enormous. Despite its imposing size, Elasmosaurus still has natural predators. Well, a natural predator: the Megalodon. Apart from that monstrous creature, I myself have only ever seen two creatures bring down an Elasmosaurus: a Spinosaurus that found its way into the deeps (not common), and humans. Though I will admit, I have yet to fully explore the staggering deep underwater caverns surrounding the island. Domesticated: Much like the Brontosaurus on land, Elasmosaurus is an excellent way to transport large quantities of goods over water. These powerful creatures are in fact so large that they can be used as mobile water bases. Ambitious tribes sometimes build bunkers right onto the backs of Elasmosaurus instead of building cargo ships.
  14. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Mosasaurus Species: Mosasaurus suspirita Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressive Wild: Until recently, I believed the Ultramegalodon to be the greatest of the ocean predators. Then I discovered Mosasaurus suspirita in the deeps. Not quite as fast, but much larger and stronger, the Mosasaurus rules the deep waters off the island. Growing up to 50 feet long, Mosasaurus is larger than almost every other aquatic creature I've encountered thus far. Contrary to common belief, Mosasaurus cannot breathe underwater. Rather, it can hold its breath an incredibly long period of time, similar to a whale. Mosasaurus is a deep-sea marine lizard, not a fish. It spends most of its time in the deeps, and only comes up to surface to breathe, or chase prey with an engulfing chomp. Domesticated: Despite its power, Mosasaurus is not ideal for all deep-water activities. Its slower swim speed makes the risk of drowning much higher when using Tylosaurus to reach oil deposits or silica pearls. Having one with you as an escort, on the other hand, is probably the best oceanic defense available!
  15. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Paracer Species: Paraceratherium gigamicus Time: Oligocene Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Docile Wild: Paraceratherium Gigamicus is a massive, long-necked mammal that inhabits some of the island's grasslands. It resembles a gigantic horse/rhinoceros hybrid, but is over twice the size of either. Paraceratherium is a very peaceful and friendly herbivore, and doesn't even seem to mind other creatures near its nest. Barring some... surprise... yet in store for me, I can safely say that the Paracerathrium is the largest mammal on the island. While its size means that the Paraceratherium can provide an incredible amount of food, it also makes it dangerous when hunted. Domesticated: A beast of burden second to the Brontosaurus, Paraceratherium is an excellent worker. It is a naturally friendly animal, and is not afraid of humans. However despite its normally calm demeanor, when it or its owner is provoked by aggression, the Paraceratherium can quickly become a real threat to the attacker and will use its girth to its advantage in combat.
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