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  1. Yeah I've noticed that as well, it's also one of my favorite extinct birds and the creature I submitted for the Fjordur vote, so it's kind of weird seeing everyone either comparing it to a tiny version of the eagle or saying "It looks like they aren't gonna add the haast eagle now". I'd still like to see the eagle itself get added, even with the hawk being a thing. Just having it play a different role, being just large enough to be rideable like I made in my original suggestion would still give it a use and add to the small roster of birds we have.
  2. I'll take your suggestions into consideration when making edits, I like the pve ability and crown of feathers flaring up like a dilo. Thanks for the ideas.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, I really like the wind attack idea, I hadn't even thought of that. I'll think of an ability idea based on that, thanks for the suggestion. Feel free to expand on the idea if you want to add more.
  4. I've always wanted this creature(or something like it) in the game, I love birds and New Zealand's extinct creatures. There's barely any birds in the game, and these would look so cool moving throughout the forests. If I may, I'd suggest it should have the ability to incubate eggs like a living egg incubator, or provide insulation to the rider.
  5. Thanks for the feedback and idea, the other day I made an edit to the abilities under the pest control thing inspired by your suggestion(keep in mind it's a little different, I'm trying to make it work with the way Ark plays). Also just wanted to say a personal thanks to everyone who liked the idea and commented some nice feedback, appreciate it everyone.
  6. I think it's a pretty good suggestion, has good abilities, and it's fairly fitting for the map so I'll give it a vote. Even the dossier looks really official, so kudos to the artist. But most importantly, imagine climbing a mountain and getting knocked into oblivion by a steroid ovis.
  7. Great artwork for the dossier, I'd love to see this creature in the game. Ark barely has any birds, and all the flightless ones are either to small to ride or are in need of tlc. It be pretty unique, and would actually be useful in the colder regions of the map as well.
  8. If I could vote for this more then once I would, new giant badass mammal herbivore. Imagine seeing a herd of these moving through the redwoods fighting rex's and yuty's. Plus, a new elephant like creature that differs from the mammoth would be great, like a war mammoth of the jungles.
  9. roy3100


    A suggestion I have is the giant moa. The only flightless birds in the game are either to small to ride or are in need of a tlc. The giant moa was a huge flightless bird, about twelve feet tall at it's tallest and over 500 pounds. Having these things wandering around the jungles and tundra's of the map would be an interesting sight to see. The game doesn't really have anything similar to it, so I'd like to join the fauna of the game. Abilities -Able to incubate multiple eggs at a time -Fast sprinting speed for extended periods of time -Insulation when riding from it's feathers, useful for the snowier areas -Eggs can be used for all types of kibble -Drops poultry meat when killed, effective when taming carnivores, on par with mutton - Not exactly a damage based creature but it could be given a kick attack that causes bleed, large talons like large flightless birds today
  10. My submission for the next creature vote is the haast eagle, also known as the harpagornis. It went extinct in the 1400's, was the largest eagle that has ever existed with talons the size of tigers claws, and has been credited of being the inspiration behind the legends of giant man eating birds in New Zealand. It was the apex predator of it's environment, and was capable of killing creatures multiple times it's size. It is believed to have killed very large prey by divebombing vulnerable areas, and wrestling it to the ground while slashing with it's massive talons. Given this, I think it could function well as a powerful apex predator of the skies of ark. Ark barely has any birds, and only of a handful of them are actually very useful. Having the haast eagle soaring the skies of the arks mountains and jungles would provide a new powerful flyer that would not only provide a fun way to travel around the map, but also be a useful tame full of utility's depending on what you need. Abilities -Dive bomb attack that can stun flyers mid air for about ten seconds(works on creatures up to the size of a quetzal) -Wing attack, after soaring/diving for a short amount of time the it will gain the ability to perform a new attack. When landed, a built up wing beat will result in gust of wind that pushes attackers back. Works up to creatures the size of a carno/baryonyx. The resulting hit has the potential to keep several attackers back for several seconds. The wing beat will also collect nearby resources if not being used to attack anything. -Enhanced agility, able to turn on a dime at high speeds through the trees -Prime meat collector, can collect prime meat from smaller creatures with it's talons -Extremely fast speed and damage, counter to it's average stamina/weight -Insulation, provides warmth from it's feathers when flying through the colder regions of the map -Does decent damage to armor with it's talons -A screech that boosts other flyers. Similar to the yuty on land, and it would make sense as large predatory birds like eagles and hawks screech -Pest Control + Eagle Eye, when set on wander it targets small creatures in a large vicinity like troodons, pegos, dilos, and ichthyornis(this factors into the whole prime meat collector thing) -The pest control ability would also target non tribemates on foot trying to sneak into your base, so having some of these soaring around base would be very beneficial from getting raided Taming Method: Either standard tranq and feed, or by collecting eggs from nests in large trees and cliffsides. Appearance: Appearance loosely based off the largest living forest eagles like harpy, crowned, and philippine eagles, but with obvious differences to give it a distinct, different look. To some extant, it would make sense for it to have some slight resemblance to the little eagle(ironically it's closest living relative). Having a crown of feathers like some other large raptors that could be a color region would also add to it's look. A small detail that should be mentioned was that in real life it had a fairly long beak. (Credit to artist Ben Garrod for the nest art of eagles, it's very accurate in showing the longer hooked beak. He's an amazing paleo artist so credit to him.) Other Notes: Rideable, can go with or without saddle, although like with almost any creature a saddle is preferred. Smaller then the argent but bulkier/taller then the pelagornis. It would have a slightly shorter wingspan, but more broad and robust wings in general. Posture wise it would stand similar to living eagles, and have a tall upright stance when grounded. Regarding the wing attack, think of the build up being something similar to the woolly rhinos charge. During it's boosting shriek, it's crown of feathers could flare up like a dilo's frill. Spawns with nests in the redwoods, near cliffs, and in the colder areas of the map at higher elevation. Drops feathers(pelt) and talons that can be used for crafting when killed. Most large eagle nests today are full of fur and bones from previous meals, so even if the eggs are the main focus one could collect some pelt or additional resources from nests/empty nests. Extra ideas in the comments are welcome. Also, not ability related but if someone could make a dossier for this it would be greatly appreciated.
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