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  1. I think that the Arctic Ground Squirrel should be added to the new Ark Fjordur map. This is one of the cutest extinct creatures in existence. It's just a fact, not an opinion. People will love this little squirrel that can live in the cold regions of the map. The first thing I thought of when I saw this were the different abilities it would be able to do. It could be like a purlovia, able to be hidden underground, or maybe in the trees, or maybe when you wear it, it could keep you warm when you are in the arctic. They would spawn in groups and burrow into the ground. It would be tough to catch these little squirrels since they would also be fast. They would not be a knock out tame. Nor would they be a passive tame. In fact I have come up with their own method of taming. (You don't have to use this it's pretty cruel but it's creative and funny I think). What you would do is knock it out when you see it outside of its burrow. Then, you would have to find a way to safely transport it back to your base, once you do that, and it sees that it is safely inside of a secure house, it will start to like you, eventually taming. I'm not sure of this idea, but I think it would work. I have also many other suggestions that are better than this one so please check those out, and before you ask, yes this is the same species as that one squirrel from the movie Ice Age.
  2. Name/species: Gargoyleosaurus. Time: Jurassic Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Passive/cowardly Wild: Found in quiet, peaceful and predator free areas, Gargoyleosaurus is a tinier, uglier, rarer, and a far more cowardly version of its Ankylosaur cousin. In the wild, it's not surprising to see them wandering with larger creatures to protect themselves from predators. They are known to run at speeds surprisingly fast for a heavily armored creature when they or the larger creature they follow attack or are attacked. Large herbivores usually ignore the little tanks and the creatures that do decide to run them off find themselves bleeding from the razor sharp spines covering the gargoyleosaurus's sides, and the little annoyance no worse for wear from the attack. In fact, its armor is so thick that most solid projectiles seem to bounce off the creature. Taming: Gargoyleosaurus would be a very easy tame if it weren't for its cowardly nature and defensive prowess, however getting one to follow a survivor is so easy it's annoying. Simply feeding them once is enough to get one to follow a survivor but like most dinosaurs, they require to be tranquilized before they can be tamed. This leads to a common practice of leading poor gargoyleosaurus's into a closed off pen before being beaten unconscious. While it sounds bad in writing, usually the tribe members who took place in the clubbing are more hurt than the gargoyleosaurus after the endeavor. Most tribes see them as a nuisance whos only good trait is their ridiculous defensive capabilities and that these traits are wasted on a tiny and cowardly creature. Domesticated: Tribes that spent time, resources and a lot of blood into taming gargoyleosaurus's find them useful in two ways; as ammo for cannons and catapults as well as meatshields that serve as a distraction for the tribe. The small ankylosaurids seem to emerge unharmed from being launched at high speeds from siege weaponry, however they lack the punch their non-living counterparts have against structure. However there are records of gargoyleosaurus's fired from cannons and catapults dealing huge amounts of damage to large creatures. Even when domesticated they still have the same cowardly trait of running away from predators and things that try to harm them, but they are useful in leading large predators away from bases without sacrificing the tribe member who drew the smallest stick. They offer very little other than this as they are slow to make eggs and to defecate despite eating as much as a creature ten times its size. Ark Meta: Taming: Simple but difficult, grab a few friends, a few clubs and go to town on a trapped gargoyleosaurus, its a knockout tame but it is immune to simple projectiles and reflects melee damage dealt to it back as bleed. A bird isn't going to help move a wild one but at least you can lead one into a pen as long as you feed it and dont fight anything else. These guys tame slow and eat much more than what a early group can get to it. Combat: This thing is not gonna fight other than passively hurting things that hit it and tanking things with a ridiculous damage reduction modifier better than Carbonemys and the ability to deflect projectiles like bullets and arrows. Anything that hits it with melee will be hit with a nasty bleed that slows and deals damage modified by the other creatures melee damage %, making it annoying to tame and to kill. Utility: Gargoyleosaurus doesn't produce eggs or poop at high speed, eggs hatch around the same rate as larger creatures. Using it for farming eggs or poop would be a waste of time. In a PvE scenario having a few of these in a pen with passive creatures could save them from being killed by a raptor or a random t-rex that fell into it or wandered in from who knows where. These guys are fast but are too large to carry and trying to pick one up with a bird is gonna hurt the bird as if it hit the gargoyleosaurus. Raid: This is where Gargoyleosaurus truly shines, they won't do much damage to walls or structures if they hit when fired from cannons or catapults but if they hit another creature they shred it for large amounts of damage and bleed it. This makes them useful in taking out important creatures in raids and fights, of course bosses will be immune to the bleed and poke through the damage reduction. A few of them lobbed over a wall will remove aggressive dinos or turn a base's defensive turrets into a hindrance as bullets from the turret deflect randomly into other creatures and structures. However once a gargoyleosaurus runs, it's not gonna be able to be commanded to run to specific areas but rather run randomly. Soft projectiles like explosives, tech turrets, plants turrets, and elemental damage will still hit. This is just a rough idea of how i'd see gargoyleosaurus in ark, thought about adding a thing to allow them to be buried and act as living land mines that shred creatures who step on them.
  3. "Josephoartigasia Monesi, is a Large rodent on the island that feeds on large amounts of fiber, berries, and aquatic plants. It's thick fur and large warm body make for a good traveling mount for the mountains, and its fur is also water resistant, making it a good semi aquatic mount as well. Their downside is due to their large bodys and fat, they are some what slow on land, with the water being their preferred domain as they can hold their breath for long amounts of time and provide oxygen from the bubbles on their fur. They are also very good for meat production probably better than most creatures on the island, and are recomended as starter creatures as their taming methods are easy, which is just passively feeding them tons of Fiber." I hope that the Josephoartigasia makes it into the game because I think its pretty unique and a good starter tame as well as a possible game changing creature
  4. (just a quick heads up, this image is NOT my art, and is simply for showing the design of this creature) Introducing Meiolania, the giant turtle that brings the fun in the heat of combat! While the realistic counterpart of this animal only reached 2.5 meters, I would want to see an ARK version reaching Trike sizes. This creature's main ability would normally be physically impossible, but I think it should be fine if we have sword-wielding Mantis in the game. Meiolania would essentially act as a giant beyblade, bouncing off of and destroying anything in its path. This could be great for movement, combat, and raiding, plowing through terrain, structures, and creatures. You can even control Meiolania while using this attack, turning Meiolania into a mobile, indestructible fortress. This ability takes inspiration from Bowser's Whirling Fortress attack from the Super Smash Bros franchise, but also takes inspiration from a few other franchises. Why I want this creature in the game: I've always liked turtles and tortoises, but the ones in ARK as of right now are really bad. One is an earlygame beach dweller that's LITERALLY MISSING AN EYE, and it's only purpose is to soak damage. The other one is a giant, ugly, slow turtle, and described by most as one of the most annoying-to-tame creatures in the game. The turtles really deserve more than this. This vote is their only hope, so I really wanted to bring these guys into the spotlight for once. This is when I remembered my old idea for a Titan on The Island, it was a giant turtle with a mountain on its back that used tons of water to propel itself and start spinning. I then decided to apply this to a smaller, more usable creature. And that's when this Meiolania submission was born! @OnFire944 was kind enough to make a video going over some features and abilities of this creature! For a more in-depth description on this creature, check the information below the video. Below this is my fully complete concept for this creature. If you don't want to read all of it, here is a quick summary of what it can do: - Has infinite oxygen and can walk on the seafloor, allowing underwater travel. Using the Rapid Spin will slowly bring you back up to the surface, where you will eventually start spinning on the surface. - Requires boulders or cannonballs be be knocked out, similar to a Karkinos or Rock Golem. However, unlike other creatures with this taming method, Meiolania can breed, so you don't need to waste too many materials taming multiple of these. - This is an herbivorous creature found in beaches and swamps, and will only attack if damaged. - This creature can deal good damage and has high health, making it a formidable boss fighter, siege weapon, and bullet soaker. - The spin attack this creature utilizes is called Rapid Spin, it uses a lot of stamina over time, but deflects bullets, allows fast travel, and even has its own knockback mechanics, allowing you to play Beyblade in ARK! - This creature comes with 4 passenger seats. Bring some friends and take them on the ride of their lives! - This creature can only be picked up by a Tusoteuthis or Quetzalcoatlus, but can also be effected by Net Projectiles. Use these to your advantage when taming this creature or stopping it from spinning. - With Rapid Spin allowing you to travel at high speeds along with high weight, passenger seats, and spinning above water, this is a very solid choice for transportation. Here is the full, in-depth concept: Meiolania: Wild: Meiolania is among the largest terrestrial non-dinosaurian reptiles found on the ARK, reaching Triceratops sizes. Because of this, Meiolania has very few predators, and the predators Meiolania does have are often very unsuccessful in taking them down. Nothing can get past its shell, and no predator would dare to get close to Meiolania’s sharp beak. However, Meiolania is strictly herbivorous and will only attack if threatened. Tamed: Meiolania is large, armored, and very slow, so it’d seem like Meiolania does nothing but soak damage, right? However, Meiolania have an ability normally not seen in the wild, and would normally seem impossible. Meiolania can tuck into their shell and begin spinning at rapid speeds, allowing Meiolania to move much faster while destroying everything in its path. To prevent a rider or other passengers from becoming nauseous, the Meiolania’s saddle uses a gyro to prevent riders from spinning around: Ingame Information: Tamable: Yes Ridable: Yes Saddle: Meiolania Saddle (lvl 82) Breeding: Yes Egg: Exceptional Kibble Poop: Large Size: Large Diet: Herbivore Group: Reptiles Temperament: Neutral Torpor Immune: No Bossfight Entering: Yes Stats (lvl 1 tamed): Health: 1200 (Rex has 1100 for comparison) Stamina: 200 Oxygen: Infinite (walks on seafloor) Weight: 950 Melee: 35 (bite, same damage as an Allo bite) 75 (Shell Collision, same damage as a Reaper King bite) Speed: 650 (Slightly slower than Titanosaur or a 100% speed Kapro) Attacks: RT/LC: Bite. Comes out really fast, but has a small but of endlag, preventing the bite from having an unnaturally fast attack rate. LT/RC: Rapid Spin. Meiolania tucks into its shell and spins at rapid speeds, traveling at 3 times the speed and can move sideways and backwards. If Meiolania is underwater and uses this move while holding jump, Meiolania will rise to the surface and spin on the surface. Colliding into something does 75 base damage, and will knock back the foe. If the foe is large sized or bigger, Meiolania will also be knocked back, launching farther the bigger the foe is. The move uses quite a lot of stamina though. RS/C: Emote: A cosmetic emote where Meiolania lifts its front legs before stomping and letting out a roar (and no, the stomp doesn't do damage). This would also be Meiolania's level up animation. Abilities: - Deflects bullets when spinning - 4 passenger seats - Gyro saddle: The saddle of Meiolania has an auto-turn similar to what creatures like Rock Golem or Gigantopithecus have. However, Meiolania doesn't have this auto-turn, only the saddle. This allows the saddle to constantly be facing in one direction while Meiolania is spinning, rather than the saddle spinning with Meiolania. Found: Beaches, Swamps Maps: Fjordur Taming Method: Cannonballs/Boulders Favorite Foods: Exceptional Kibble Berries/Veggies Drops (when killed): Shell Fragment/Keratin Hide Meat Prime Meat Fits Through: Behemoth Gate Grabbed by: Quetz, Tuso, Skiff Trapped by: Chain Bola, Net, Large Bear Trap Damages up to: Tek (Shell Collision) Variants: None
  5. I already posted this on the last creature vote, but Im gonna try again. Josephoartigasia Remissus (or Dire Capybara) Would probably be an early game passive-tame. They would live in swamps like capybaras do irl and just eat and chill there. Since there are a lot of pictures and videos online about capybaras sleeping or vibing next to monkeys, turtles an crocodiles, I thought it would be a fun idea if these animals protected the dire capybaras in the game. A tamed Josephoartigasia would be able to "recruit" wild Josephoartigasia for a while. The "recruited" wild ones wil follow your capybara and fight to protect it, but they will flee when badly hurt. They can also be equiped with saddlebags to let them carry heavy loads and for extra protection (these could be crafted in a Josephoartigasia saddle, like a lassoo). The wild dire capybaras will shake their bags off and return to the wilderness after a period of time. I hope you like them (I know that you spell 'capybara' with a 'y' in English, my mistake)
  6. Diprotodon, also called giant wombat, extinct genus of marsupial classified in the suborder Vombatiformes and considered to be the largest known group of marsupial mammals. Diprotodon lived during the Pleistocene Epoch (2.6 million to 11,700 years ago) in Australia and is a close relative of living wombats and koalas. Its name in Latin means “two forward teeth.” Similar to living wombats and koalas, Diprotodon was quadrupedal and browsed plant material. Diprotodon, however, was much larger, standing about 1.8 metres (about 6 feet) tall at the shoulder and measuring as much as 4 metres (12 feet) long. The largest specimens are thought to have weighed more than 2,700 kg (about 3 tons) in life. Diprotodon shares many skeletal, cranial, and dental features with its modern cousins, including two long forward-projecting lower incisors that occluded (that is, were brought into contact) with four square-shaped upper incisors. Its molars and premolars had a series of lophs (ridges) running transversely from the cheek to the tongue. These structures likely provided a grating mechanism for chewing, such that Diprotodon crushed and shredded the plant material in its diet in a manner similar to that of modern kangaroos. The skull was massive and narrow with an unusually large nasal aperture, suggesting that the animal had a large nose or, possibly, a short tapirlike trunk.
  7. Species: Saichania Ossudiscutio Common name: Saichania Diet: Herbivore Time: Late Cretaceous Temperament: Territorial Wild: Saichania Ossudiscutio is a large solitary herbivore, native only to steep cliff areas, or places that have a high amount of rocks and are also relatively steep so mountains seem to be the most common area they reside. Going off how heavy they are, it was odd seeing them in high areas, where other creatures wouldn't normally be able to walk on, like a steep side of a mountain, almost like a mountain goat, just giant and heavily armored. Like its somewhat smaller relative the ankylosaurus they have a club on their tails, and use it to ward off anything that gets to close, which isn't often, however saichania strikes with much much more force than ankylosaurus which allows them to completely shatter bones with one strike, which doesn't happen often because they need to charge up the strike before it could shatter bones, it is still able to break them however with a normal strike. Domesticated: While barely as good for gathering metal as ankylosaurus, saichania has other uses that tribes seek them out for, one is the fact they can climb steep areas of cliffs and such, without much effort the other is obviously the sheer force they have in their tails which can do high amounts of damage to metal structures, and their natural armor provides protection if getting shot at, a properly equipped saichania can be incredibly deadly in a war. Non dossier: -Can climb up steep areas, but not like the thylacoleo or rock drake, as they can not climb directly vertically or upside down. -Their saddle has a covering for the rider like the magmasaur saddle, and the functions pretty much the same. -Their natural armor takes up to 35% of any damage. The natural armor, however is weak to explosives. -Unlike the ankylosaurus, saichania can barely collect metal, stone or flint resources, as their tail is made to specifically target the bones in large carnivores and break them, which means the resources most of the time literally C e a s e t o e x i s t. -Their favorite non kibble food are rare flowers. -They have a passive buff in which they do more damage to carnivores, and take less damage from carnivores. -Anything that attacks it physically will take reflect damage, similar to the kentro, this is a lesser degree however. -Its taming method is to passive feed when you reach level 65, since its territorial you will need to apply a rare flower onto yourself (since they like the smell) and wear ghillie. Their kibble of choice is superior. Key controls: Left click: Headbutt (40 base, causes slight torpor) Right click: Club strike (60 base, breaks bone, does slight knockback) C : Wind up strike (Hold the c key to begin winding up a strike, when full will do the bone break strike, which has a base 85, causes a new debuff called the "winded debuff" which rapidly decreases oxygen and stamina, and lowers movement speed greatly, this also does increased damage if the target is a large carnivore, has a very long cooldown) Spacebar: Climb
  8. Corythosaurus: The "Snack that Fights back" Abstract: The Corythosaurus Maximus is an absolute force to be reckoned with, being one of the only herbivores that can claim the title of being able to fend off groups of Raptors, Carnos, and Allos. Additionally the Corythosaurus will be the dinosaur to break the stigma of Herbivorous dinosaurs, especially hadrosaurs, being Defenseless. Corythosaurus Maximus has excellent Stamina, High Health, Mediocre speed, and Great Attack, being lethal in some circumstances. It has the ability to perform directional attacks, all varying in damage capabilities. Its secondary attacks are what make it so dangerous however, being it utilizing its massive size and stature to deal great knockback to any who oppose it. Yet another interesting part about the creature is its special ability: "Persistent stance", which allows it to buff it and its teammates' Stamina Regen and Damage Resistance, allowing its team to last longer in battle. In the wild, Corythosaurus often live solitary or in pairs, and on occasion, group up in numbers anywhere from 3 to 10! With the largest and most powerful individuals having increased Stamina regen and Damage resistance given to by the rest of the herd. All in All, the Corythosaurus is one of the most durable, and hard-hitting herbivores of Fjordur. Introduction: Are you tired of the all-too-common stigma of Hadrosaurs being perceived as "Weak" or "Defenseless"? Or rather the over-centralized meta centered around Carnivorous dinosaurs? Well Corythosaurus Maximus is here to fix that problem! Another Giant Herbivore comparable to the Yutyrannus in size, Corythosaurus Maximus towers above the various other herbivores of Fjordur, only being outshined by the Absolutely massive Diplodocus and Brontosaurus. It is Moderately aggressive in nature, having similar habits comparable to the Therizinosaurus; Docile, until you get too close... The Corythosaurus is an All-around great tame, having Excellent Health, Stamina, and Attack. Speed: Its High Stamina allows it to be Perseverant and determined when squaring off against perceived threats, being able to deal high amounts of damage in various ways (more on that later o0o). As a callback to retro-hadrosaurs, Corythosaurus Maximus can be semi-aquatic when necessary. While not as good in the speed department as other Semi-aquatic mounts, most notably Spinosaurus and Sarcosuchus, it has enough speed in water to outrun things it can't handle on land, like Tyrannosaurus. In terms of Overall speed(land and water), Corythosaurus is a moderately slow dinosaur, primarily relying on its Amazing Stamina to trek great distances. That being said, It isn't slow to the point of annoyance (**cough cough Armored Herbivores and Sauropods**). Essentially, Corythosaurus is in a situation where it can outpace the things it can't fight, but has more than enough power to fight the things that are faster than it. Health: Being a large Herbivore, it's only natural for the Corythosaurus to have a high health pool, allowing it to endure group attacks. Its high health ties closely with its crowd-controlling abilities. Damage: This is where the fun stuff comes into play. One notable feature players will notice when fighting with the Corythosaurus is that it has directional attacks, meaning that when your camera is faced in a certain direction, the Corythosaurus will perform an attack in that direction. Allow me to elaborate further: Looking Directly forward and doing your Primary Attack prompts the Corythosaurus to Bite its attacker; does moderate damage Looking to the left or right and doing your Primary Attack prompts the Corythosaurus to slash/push its attacker; does low-moderate damage Looking Directly behind you and doing your Primary Attack prompts the Corythosaurus to do a deadly Donkey Kick; does high damage/knockback, potentially lethal for Raptor-size mounts and smaller. This smoothly transitions to its secondary attack(s): Crowd Control. When performing the normal secondary attack, the Corythosaurus will attack and deal knockback in one of two ways, both as deadly as each other: Performing your Secondary attack while looking Forward prompts the Corythosaurus to Body slam anything in front of it, dealing good damage and moderate knockback. Performing your Secondary Attack while looking backwards prompts the Corythosaurus to use its MASSIVE tail and flings any poor soul very far away from where you are; dealing High damage and even higher knockback. Special Abilities: So as we've established, the Corythosaurus is an absolute unit. To help solidify that some more, the Corythosaurus' unique ability is called "Persistent Stance". When enabled, it prompts the Corythosaurus to get on all fours and Roar furiously, buffing its own and fellow teammates' Stamina Regeneration and Damage Resistance, allowing Corythosaurus to aid in large-scale battles with lots of people involved. This combined with the Mammoth's Drums, and the Yutyrannus' Roars, can make for one hell of a team. The Cooldown for this ability is comparable to the Parasaur's intimidation Roar. Taming: The Corythosaurus is your standard knockout tame, preferring the more exotic fruits and vegetables in its environment, however it won't discriminate when fed meat, seeing as many herbivores of the modern day occasionally munch on meat for extra protein, you can also feed the Corythosaurus meat, but will work to lesser effect when compared with other options. One thing you'll need to look out for however, is that while Corythosaurus are mostly solitary, Corythosaurs will sometimes form groups of anywhere from 3-10, with the most powerful individual having buffs in Stamina Regen and Damage Resistance. While it is Preferred to tame at least two Corythosaurus to keep this buff, Corythosaurus still functions Well on its own and doesn't rely on said buff (**AHEM ALLOSAURUS ANYONE? jk jk**). Environment and Habitat: The Corythosaurus is a common sight in Plains when in large groups, but 75% of the time you'll find Solitary Corythosaurus wandering the more temperate parts of the map. Special Items?*(Optional): Being Called the "Helmet Lizard", When killed, the Corythosaurus has a 50% chance to drop a "Corythosaurus Crest", which is a vital Component when making the "Corythosaurus Club". Conclusion: The Corythosaurus would be an excellent addition to ARK for many reasons. First and foremost, It'll have the honor of breaking the in-game stigma that Herbivorous dinosaurs, especially the Hadrosaurs, are weak and defenseless (Thanks a lot Para), and show how truly dangerous, yet helpful, these dinosaurs can be. On top of that, It would go nicely along with the rest of the colorful cast of ark, being a truly giant and majestic sight to encounter(but don't get too close!!) in ARK. I hope you enjoyed reading this. I genuinely would like to see this amazing dinosaur finally get some love and be implemented into the game, if you'd like to, go ahead and vote for this lad! I'd greatly Appreciate it! P.S, Stay safe out there,
  9. johndud


    Meet our newest flyer to this ARK, the Pegasus able to out speed griffins and wyverns making wyverns egg stealing easier. Able to run on land or fly in the air making it a versatile mount for any situation, Able to knock out creatures similar to it's cousins the Equus and Unicorn, also being able to tame creatures from the air as well. Taming this majestic creature won't be easy though, with it's ability to go on two terrains it proves to be a very challenging tame. If you manage to tame it you'll be rewarded with a new companion who will never leave your side http://www.playjurassicark.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/1475614123_dossier_template_gimp_.png
  10. Name - Dwarf Sicilian Elephant Diet: Herbivore Usage in game: Berry Picker / rideable / Walking food trough / Waterskin or jar refill These small elephants can be used as a small packmule, being able to carry a wide variety of plant-based materials and reducing it's weight as a result. These creatures can be ridden. They are prolific berry harvesters due to their small stature as they are closer to the ground and thus able to get both the low and high branches of a bush. These herbivores, due to their small size, are easy prey for most carnivores but, other herbivores, while nearby this small elephant, can feel the benefits with this creature creating a walking feedtrough. The creature is close to herd-mates and will grant them access to any berries within it's inventory, feeding them but only while moving. Each herbivore in it's vicinity will receive a buff and take reduced damage. They can hold water in their trunk and, should the tamer have a waterskin or jar, they can fill it if said jar/waterskin is placed in their inventory. Their trunk can only hold one dose of water and they must be ridden to intake more water and fill any further skins/jars. Size Reference for Sicilian Elephants Information regarding Siculo-Maltese Dwarf Elephants / Sicilian Dwarf Elephants Wikipedia page on Dwarf Elephants
  11. What Cervalces is for those unfamiliar with it would be a large ancient moose with an elk-like head, long legs, and palmate antlers that were more complex and heavily branching than the moose of today. for ARK I'd say these would be larger, stronger and more bulky then the Megaloceros, however they are slower then the deer due their size, weight and large antlers, however it's more geared towards combat where the antler's can gore whoever is hit by them (thus inflicting a bleed debuff) but can also deliver a fierce kick with their legs. That being said it would have use as a beast of burden due to possessing a high weight stat for it's size, you would also be able to harvest a good amount of keratin from it because of its antlers along with meat, prime meat, hide and pelt creatures that could carry the Cervalces: Pteranodon, Tapejara & Tropeognathus: no Argentavis: no Quetzal: yes Megalosaurus: no Karkinos: maybe Tusoteuthis: yes preferred kibble: Superior or higher Riddable: saddle unlocked at lvl 57 or lvl 64 Other things to note that like Megaloceros: females would lack antler's, but can still kick with their legs, but unlike the Megaloceros, Cervalces would stand it's ground and fight back against small to medium sized predators in the wild (including humans) up to around the size of a carnotaur or a megalosaurus, but flee from larger predators such as a T.Rex typically Cervalces would spawn alone (as moose are generally solitary in nature), but rarely will they spawn in herds of up to 3
  12. Megacerops was a prehistoric relative of the Horse, despite its biological similarities with modern day Rhinos. The creature lived in the late Eocene just before the Ice Age. What made this creature distinct was its large nasal display made of bone rather than keratin like modern day Rhinos. Though not intended for battle outside of their territorial disputes amongst rival males, it had to be the center piece for this creatures integration into Ark. The Megacerops was thought to live in communal herds where males would fight amongst themselves for the right to mate with the females. So, how does this animal behave in Ark? Well, because Megacerops was a herd animal and herbivorous groups aren't exactly a thing in Ark yet, I decided that most Megacerops would be found in herds consisting of three to four individuals of various ages. The one thing that is consistent however is that each one will include a single adult male. The herd usually spends its time wondering open planes to graze however, if a predator is spotted the herd will panic causing their horns to glow red, a sign of danger. The male will rush down the threat whilst the females flee in random directions with their calves. Be careful however, if you approach too close to any adult Megacerops it will attack. The male will fight another creature until either creature dies or the members of the herd are a certain distance away to which it will then turn tail and retreat. The opponent is unlikely to follow as attacks from Megacerops cause a creature to receive broken bones and a limp. The creatures effected by bone break are any creatures smaller or the same size as a Rex. Creatures smaller than or as large as a Carno will not only receive broken bones but be knocked down prone until they can get back up. The Megacerops has a charge meter like the Wooly Rhino that, if at full speed, can knock a Rex down prone as well. The hide of the Megacerops is very thick and can't be penetrated with tranq darts or arrows. The target must first be weakened in order to successfully educe torpidity on the creature. This is why creatures who can educe torpidity like Scorpions work well to tranq these beasts. The lower the hp of the Megacerops the more torpidity can be applied. Once tamed, the Megacerops has a host of abilities that can be useful to tribes. The most basic ability is the ability to change the horn color of the Megacerops in order to communicate stealthily with other tribe members about threats, it works similarly to Para's roar. Green means there are no creatures in the area that will attack Megacerops, Yellow means there are small threats, orange means there is a player not a part of the tribe in the area and red means there is a massive threat either by amount of individuals or size of a hostile creature. Megacerops is particularly useful to nomadic tribes as it can carry a cart or wagon behind it that can hold various supplies and provide a spawn point to tribe members. The weight of the items within the cart is drastically decreased when being toted by a Megacerops. However, be mindful that carts impede any creatures ability to make sharp turns or travel rocky terrain. The basic attack of the Megacerops is a headbutt that can cripple opponents or knock them prone. As previously stated, Megacerops can charge at opponents in order to knock down larger creatures. What was not discussed is that Megacerops causes twice as much damage to Chitin and Flak armor due to the blunt damage of its horn. Finally, Megacerops gets a pack bonus but only if the group is consistent of one male. If there is more than one male in the group there will be a rage meter that slowly fills up the longer the two males are close to one another. When the meter becomes full, the males will enter a competition with one another and fight until one has been knocked unconscious or dies. The boost received from the pack bonus is a defensive bonus to females and an attack bonus to males. I had lots of fun making this creature concept! I thought that having a more 'realistically tempered' herbivore would be a challenge but, I like what I came up with. I wanted Megacerops to be a threat but only if it felt threatened, I didn't like the idea of this murder Rhino just charging at players for laughs. Getting close to the Megacerops causes it to attack which is identical to how modern day Rhinos behave; Rhinos don't have very good eye sight so if they see something they don't recognize, they attack. The thick hide of the Megacerops was also a call back to modern day Rhinos but, other than that I wanted a herbivore that felt difficult to tame because it can give the tamer such massive benefits. Bone break is a status that I wanted in Ark for so long and it would be great if that status was given to other creatures like Anky and Dodic. I chose Megacerops because of my early childhood where I watched the BBC documentary Walking with Beasts where this animal was brought to my attention. In the documentary the animal is shown multiple times and in one scene it was shown fighting off two Andrewsarchus'. So, with Andrewsarchus being announced for this very map, I decided why not include its old nemesis? Anyways, I wish everyone luck and may the best creature win!
  13. Common Name: Ugrunaaluk Species: Ugrunaaluk fjordurensis Time: Cretaceous Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Defensive Wild: It Travels mostly in herds. They are mostly found in Jotunheim in the freezing lands. The Ugrunaaluk is mostly passive but when threadned it will ram,kick the thread. They mostly spend the day grazing and finding plants beneath the thick ice sheet. Strangeley enough it is not freezing since it`s relative Ugrunaaluk kuukpikensis can survive upt to -20 degrees celsius (-4 Fahrenheit) but U. fjordurensis can survive up to -90 degrees celcius (-130 Fahrenheit). Tamed: It isn`t very durable or very powerfull, but it can keep his rider super warm since it has a very unique ability to give out heat since his heart will kick in adrenaline if it is very cold outside but if it is very warm his heart rate will drop and give less insulation. Many tribes also use this creature as a pack mule since it can carry many heavy weights. But small tribes use it to search for food sources since it can smell food sources like berrys. How to tame: Regular ko method need to tame with only veggies Gameplay: It will be faster and stronger (+0.5% speed/-1 degree celsius) (+0.5% melee damge/-1 degree celsius) in artic invirorment and slower and wearker (-0.5%Speed/+1 degree celsius) (-0.5% melee damage/+1 degree celsius) in warmer invirorments. It uses a Radar like system to detect cropplots or bushes. It will protect the rider in Jotunheim from the cold Attacks: LMB clik: Headbutt (10 damage) RMB click: Kick (15 damage) LMB hold: Charge (30 damage) Saddle: 3 person saddle -360 Hide -250 Fiber -25 Metal ingots LVL to craft: 45
  14. Pezosiren Dossier Common Name Pezosiren Species Pezosiren xxxxxx Time Eocene Group Mammal Habitat Aquatic Diet Herbivore Temperament Docile Aggro Radius Domestication Tameable Rideable Breedable Yes Yes Gestation Land Mount Flying Mount Water Mount Yes No Yes Taming Method Abduction Preferred Kibble Preferred Food Mushrooms Saddle No Platform Saddle No Rider Weaponry Yes Humans Can Carry No Can Carry Creatures No Wears Equipment No Data Spawn Regions Rivers, Lakes and Mangrove Swamps Drops Organic Polymer Hide Raw Meat Special Loot Loot Chance Feces Size Medium Drag Weight 400 Carryable By Quetzal Tusoteuthis The game's first herbivorous marine mount. Basic Info Dossier Pezosirens are the quadrupedal ancestors of the manatee, dugong and the recently extinct Stellar's Sea Cow. A combination of the creature's poor quality meat and surprising capability to throw their weight around has seen the pezosiren go ignored by many of the Island's predators - they're simply not worth the time to kill for how fatty the meat is. Also being one of the Island's only herbivorous marine creatures leaves me with no doubts as to how they've managed survive as long as they have. Encounter Pezosirens spawn up to level 225, similar to Crystal Wyverns. Female Pezosiren spawn with an identically levelled infant (random maturity/age) that follows them closely. Pezosirens are fairly docile creatures and will tolerate humans, and only indiscriminate predators pose them any threat in the wild. Similar to the buck-retaliation of a horse, pezosirens will use their bodyslam to startle attackers - but prefer to flee rather sustain an attack. A mother will turn to defend her calf if it gets stuck or is otherwise unable to follow her. They are capable of sticking to the ocean floor and walking around, similar to the Karkinos - but will kick off to swim if engaged. Domestication Taming Adult Pezosirens cannot be tamed. In order to domesticate the species: you'll need to acquire yourself an infant. The infant must be separated from its mother in order to gain the prompt to claim it, otherwise you'll get an error saying "This calf is being protected by its mother". If its mother dies while under the taming threshold range, the error message will become "This calf has been traumatized by the death of its mother" and it can no longer be claimed. A traumatized calf will despawn after 30 seconds. Gameplay: The death of its mother will initially de-aggro the baby if it's currently fleeing, and you will have to witness it crying. However, it will resume fleeing if you attack it again. A tamed maewing or procoptodon can trivialize this encounter, but I'm sure players will be able to come up with some creative traps involving having the mother run off a cliff. I like it when players are given the opportunity to get creative. Gameplay: the "protect the baby" response is a toggle from cowardly to aggressive. Once triggered, can take advantage of the AI to just lead the mother away from where you've trapped the baby, or apply torpor to trigger a "low torpor" response (which would cause the mother to flee again). Gameplay: calfs should match the speed of their mother and weigh as much as an adult. I would pin the Pezosiren as weigh-in about the same as a mammoth, and so can only be picked up by a quetzal or a hover skiff. Alternatively, and more simply, Pezosirens utilize the same taming method as the Gacha - a passive tame where you have to drop valid food items on the ground. The Pezosiren is naturally attracted toward discarded items, and Taming Affinity will be credited to whoever dropped the item. Stats Health: 500 (+100) Stamina: 300 (+30) Oxygen: Cannot drown Food: 3000 (+300) Weight: 200 (+4) Melee Damage: 15 (+0.75) Movement Speed Walking: 110 / 253 Swimming: 150 / 555 Pezosirens can be ridden bareback and have natural armour, similar to the Shadowmane, which is to represent their thick-fat. Unlike Shadowmane, I think it would be neat if the armour value scaled with their Food stat instead of total level. Usage [LMB] Munch. Deals minimal damage. Capable of picking up dropped items and harvesting hand-picked resources. [RMB] Bodyslam. Slams forward a short distance, dealing increased damage and stunning targets briefly. 10 second cooldown. [W] Move forward. [Cursor] Will turn toward the cursor while moving (like most terrestrial creatures). While swimming, swill turn to the face the cursor while idle (like tapejaras). [A]/[D] - While swimming, will strafe left/right. [S] - Move backward. [Space] (Jump) - Take-off (if in water or space). While already swimming, this hotkey will ascend. [C] (Crouch) - Descend (if swimming or floating in space). [X] (Prone) - Attempt to land (if swimming or floating in space). Roles Aquatic Mount - A fairly durable combat mount that is capable of stunning-and-running. Does not use Stamina to swim. Bush/Coral Harvester - Their primary attack will harvest from bush and coral nodes (coral nodes would subsequently be interactable by any bush-harvester, but the Pezosiren would have an affinity for it). Hoover Mouth - To date, the only creature that is *actively* capable of picking up loose items on the floor (stones, pearls and dropped items). Gachas can do this passively, the oviraptor can pick-up eggs only and some modded creatures exist (e.g. Ludodactylus) - but as an official mount you can control: it's a unique feature. Ocean Floor Mount - To date, the only tameable creature that is capable of sticking itself to the ocean floor (as a choice, I'm aware that Rock Golems and Karkinos cannot swim and so always sink). You can toggle this at any depth similar to flying creatures to "attempt to land". Automated Hoover - While set to Wander Enabled, the Pezosiren will autonomously pick up nearby loose items, as well as harvesting from bush/coral nodes. The Pezosiren, similar to other automated dinos, can still perform this function while encumbered provided either it or the valid resources are moved nearby. Gathers Food (e.g. Berries, Rare Mushrooms, Rare Flowers, Aberrant Mushrooms and Seeds; maybe Coral as a new resource) Surpasses most existing herbivores. Scales with melee damage. Marine collectibles (e.g. Silica Pearls) At least as good as an anglerfish, or perhaps slightly worse. Scales with melee damage. Loose items (e.g. stone and aberration earthquakes) As above. This includes space collectibles (e.g. Aberrant Gems, Black Pearls and Element Dust) Would likely be the best available method as even the Tek Stryder doesn't seem to significantly surpass humans in quantity (although I won't dispute the Tek Stryder's speed/convenience). Their slam attack can destroy trees and rocks, but gain minimal resources. The destructible coral nodes in the Genesis Simulation (and other maps) should grant resources! This could yield existing resources, such as a random selection of aberrant mushrooms and/or rare mushrooms. Alternatively, "Coral" is a new edible resource that is comparable to raw meat in food/health values for herbivores.
  15. the Moa unlike the real worlds Moa these versions have learned to adapt to the cold environment teaching them to run faster in the snowy Biomes and will lose stamina faster if running in more heated Biomes such as the desert and especially volcano like areas. but what i have found most confusing is how you tame these creatures could they be tamed at all well yes after days and weeks of study it seems these creatures are only tamable through passive methods threw protecting it from bigger predators. but ive noticed that there is a weaker method of taming these threw knocking them out but it seems that its taming effectiveness will have dropped drastically when i tried this. another thing i noticed is that they will not like hot areas and will only hatch is very cold areas how special. it also seems they are rideable without a saddle thanks to its long and sturdy neck it allows you to grab onto so you dont fall off when the creature runs. these creatures best ability though is to copy voices of other creatures and imitate things such as the giga Rex to give the surrounding players if threatened or needed they will do this if the player sneak up behind us and is wearing ghillie flak and riot all three of those will most likley get you killed. move set and ability's. left click will activate is copycat ability and will search for dino noises and it will learn the voice of a random creature in the area. right click will use its kick attack and will do a bit of torpor kind of like the equus. x attack will ready the copy cats ability and will screech the sound of the copied creature such as using the yutys screech will make the sorrounding tames brave and the surrounding wild creatures will get scared just an example. and the c attack like the trike will begin charging really fast in any direction and if it crashes into a wild creature it will do a medium amount of torpor and will do damage to the moa. and the final thing for this is its most powerful ability a full torpor attack the q button will anger the moa and will make it shoot spiked feathers as sharp as needles into the aimed creature and this attack will suck a decent amount of stamina whilst using this torpor dealing attack. thankyou for reading this dossier i hope this gets put into the game and id love to see this little creation in ark have an amazing time community in this vote and have an amazing time
  16. Laellynasaura is a medium-sized Ornithscian found in arctic regions. They are bipedal and substantially larger than their real-life counterparts, being about three times larger, enough so to be rideable and comparable to an in between of the Pachy and Utahraptor. They are speedy and have a quick turning radius. They are covered in fur and their color palate is usually white or grey with highlights of black and light blue. They are normally passive creatures, but will defend themselves if attacked, they also have a unique reaction to flamethrowers, alight oil and torches, being that of fear. Harvesting their bodies reward fur, raw meat, and hide. They are tamed passively and by feeding them iced water jars. Their saddle is unlocked at level 50 and crafted in the smithy. They have an incredible ability to run on water, near identically to the real world Basilisk lizard. However, unlike the similar ability that the TEK leggings offer, Laellyenasaura can stop and move at a more controllable pace on the water. They also get a speed and damage buff when in the arctic regions or in/on water, much like the spinosaur. Their fur also is uniquely qualified to hold cold temperatures, making them a semi-natural fridge. Attack 1: Bite; the Laellynasaura bites the area in front of itself, dealing little damage. Activated by pressing Right Click, LC or Right Trigger. Attack 2: Back Kick; The Laellynasaura kicks behind it with one leg, dealing medium damage. Activated by pressing Left Click, RC or Left Trigger. Ability 3: Water-walk; this toggles the Laellynasaura’s ability to walk/run on water. Can be toggled with C, RC or R3 Jump: The Laellynasaura can jump by pressing A, X or Spacebar. Other: Laellynasaura serve as natural fridges for water containers and berries. Dossier “Common Name: Laellyna Scientific Name: Laellynasaura Aquaambulans Temperament: Defensive Time Period: Early Cretaceous Diet: Herbivorous Wild Laellynasaura Aquaambulans is a bizarre little critter found in the arctic regions of the Ark. Despite their bipedal nature, they are most closely related to the Iguanodon. Their feet are specially designed and similar to the Basilisk lizard of South America, allowing them to run on water. Due to their even more specialized feet, they can even just stand or walk on the water. They aren’t very high on the food chain, but their speed allows them to stay ahead of lower predators such as Sabertooths or Direwolves. Domesticated After taming these quick and cunning creatures, the ability to maneuver over water is at your command. Their natural affinity for the element, solid or liquid, also makes them fairly useful combat mounts. Their mobility, paired with their fridge-like coat make them one of the best non-flyer transport mounts and can pack a surprising punch if used correctly.” General Base stat description: Health: Low to medium Stamina: High Oxygen: High Food: Medium Weight: Low to medium Melee: Low to Medium Speed: Medium to High Misc: Laellynasaura require very cold temperatures for their eggs to incubate. Laellynasaura are resistant to Managarmr beams and Ice Amargasaurus quills, while it is immune to Ice Wyvern breath. Laellynasaura take extra damage from Torches, Flamethrowers, Fire, Fire Wyvern Breath, Fire Amargasaurus quills and Magmasaur attacks. Laellynasaura’s name roughly translates to Water Walking Laellyn’s Lizard. The Laellynasaura has four color regions, being its scales, head patterning, stripes, and feathers. Note: The attached image is a recreation of the real life Laellynasaura. it does not perfectly describe its look in this suggestion.
  17. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Therizinosaur Species: Therizinosaur Multiensis Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Aggressive Wild: I’m not entirely sure how Therizinosaur Multiensis stays populated on the island. It is surprising slow for it’s size, and is a solitary creative (so no pack to back it up). I suppose the fact that it’s sheer power rivals Tyrannosaurus us the only thing that allows this very aggressive medium-sized herbivore to thrive on the island. The claws of Therizinosaur are some of the most versatile biological tools I’ve encountered, as adept at removing trees and foliage from Therizinosaur path as they are at piercing the thick shells and hide of the island’s most defensive creatures if backed into a fight. Domesticated: A tamed Therizinosaur is one of the most versatile mounts a survivor can have. It can be trained to use it’s claws brutally or delicately, allowing the rider to primarily harvest the specific kinds of resources that he or she needs, with abnormally extreme of resource that he or she needs, with abnormally extreme efficiency. And in combat, these same claws can piece straight through. The toughest armor. This flexibility more than makes up for it’s inability to carry the large loads of the islands many herbivorous pack beasts.
  18. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Dodo Species: Raphus replicare Time: Late Holocene Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Oblivious Wild: Raphus replicare (more commonly known as the Dodo Bird) is quite possibly the dumbest creature I've ever seen in my life. It wanders around the beaches of the island, eating berries off bushes and being eaten by all manner of carnivore. Without the Dodo the whole Island's food chain would disintegrate. This subspecies of the Dodo has developed an unbelievably clever way to sustain itself: they mate constantly. I'm fairly convinced that they reach full maturity within a week of being born. This is the only trait keeping them populous on the island. Domesticated: There is almost no reason to domesticate a Raphus replicare. It cannot carry enough to be a beast of burden, it does not provide much food, and it's too stupid to show companionship. I suppose it could work as a last-ditch food source, though.
  19. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Pegomastax Species: Pegomastax Fructarator Time: Early Jurassic Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Defensive Wild: Among the bottom of the island’s dinosaur food chain is a small herbivore called Pegomastax Fructarator. It is content to spend all day alone, gorging itself on far more food that you might reasonably expect for a creature of its tiny stature. It’s beak appears perfectly evolved for collecting food from plants while avoiding the indigestible fibrous strands. Pegomastax is likely to ignore any nearby creature and continue foraging, unless it is attacked. At which point, it turns into a very aggressive (though rather nonthreatening) opponent, shrieking and wooping far above it’s actual threat level. You would expect a creature this small and weak to live in flocks, but Pegomastax seems to be fairly solitary in nature. Domesticated: While not pretty, and far too small to ride, tribes often keep Pegomastax around as a kind of farming aid. It’s skill at scavenging means that it collects an extraordinary quantity of seeds and berries, while also handily gathering the rare flowers, mushrooms, and other ingredients necessary to cool up unusual conceptions.
  20. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Iguanodon Species: Iguanodon vicissitudinis Time: Late Jurassic Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Reactive Wild: Of the many creatures I've yet encountered the island, the Iguanodon vicissitudinis has the distinctly versatile ability to change its primary method of locomotion according to its momentary needs. While bipedal, it can employ rapid stabbing attacks with its distinctive thumb spikes. In quadrupedal stance, conversely, it seems to have an endless supply of stamina, even while sprinting! Primarily a rather lethargic quadrupedal herbivore native to the island's many grasslands and forests, in situations where increased speed or maneuverability is called for, it will quickly shift its posture into bipedal stance and behave like a very different creature! Domesticated: Interestingly, the Iguanodon's thumb spikes also provide it with the capability to pick seeds out of fruits, allowing a farmer to handily convert stacks of fruits into stacks of seed for planting. Combined with its highly effective fruit harvesting and substantial carry weight, the Iguanodon's excellent mobility in bipedal stance makes it an ideal field-hand that can also pull off a quick get-away, or an agile defense, when needed.
  21. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Achatina Species: Achatina Limusegnis Time: Holocene Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Passive Wild: Found mostly in marshes and jungles, Achatina Lumusegnis is a very slow, very non-threatening land mollusk. It might be the safest creature on the island to hunt, and while it only provides a small amount of meat and Chitin, An easy meal is always good on the island. Unlike nearly every other creature on the island, Achatina does not defecate normally. Instead, it secretes a thick, sticky substance. Achatina leaves trails of this slime, but the trails are so thin that they crumble to dust quickly. Domesticated: There is a very diguesting, but useful, fact about achatina that causes tribes to seek to tame them: its secretions are chemically similar to the 'cementing paste' used by many tribes for building materials. Tamed Achatina naturally build up this slime over time, which can then be collected at the tribe’s convenience.
  22. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Lystrosaurus Species: Lystrosaurus amicifidelis Time: Late Permian - Early Triassic Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Loyal Wild: Lystrosaurus aicifidelis is a small herbivore, common to much of the island. Only about two feet long, it is not high on the food chain, and eats small plant life. The poisonous insects of the island seem to have little effect on Lystrosaurus. Despite being among the Island's tinier herbivores, Lystrosaurus is an incredibly resilient survivor. It recovers its torpor and health much faster than most creatures, which makes rendering a Lystrosaurus unconscious a rather difficult affair. Domesticated: Not surprisingly, Lystrosaurus is an extremely loyal pet once tamed. It's a very fast learner, so it gains experience much more quickly than most other creatures. Additionally, its presence nearby appears to inspire allies, making them learn and gain experience more rapidly as well. Thusly, Lystrosaurus is an excellent addition to any tribe's hunting party.
  23. From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Woolly Rhino Species: Coelodonta Utiliserro Time: Late Pliocene - Late Pleistocene Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Friendly Wild: Coelodonta Utiliserro is a friendly herbivore, common to the tundra and grassland regions of the island. It is a large and dangerous creature, though it seems fairly trusting of the fauna around it. Once attacked, Coelodonta charges towards its foe. It builds up momentum as it charges, and depending on its ultimate impact speed, the results can be terrifying. With enough room to charge, it can even skewer the largest creatures in just one single gore! Despite how powerful Coelodonta are, many tribes still hunt them extensively due to their unique resources. Its horns can be ground into a highly arousing powder, and its thick fur can support many insulating outfits, making the Coelodonta much in demand. Even less advanced tribes use packs to hunt them down, though at significant peril. Domesticated: When not being hunted for its horns, Coelodonta makes an excellent beast of burden. Its ability to take on far larger opponents provided sufficient sizeable load capacity, make it a solid addition to any trader party or gathering expedition.
  24. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Ankylosaurus Species: Ankylosaurus crassacutis Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Docile Wild: Unlike many of the herd animals on the island, Ankylosaurus crassacutis tends to live in small family units. I believe they can afford to stick with smaller groups because of their incredibly thick skin for which they're named. Despite not being among the largest of the islands herbivores, the Ankylosaurus is one of the more difficult Creatures to take down. Its thick, armored skin seems to make it more than a match for several of the mid-sized predators that would otherwise hunt it. Reckless carnivores are just as likely to hurt themselves on Ankylosaurus' spikes as they are to get hit by its tail. Domesticated: Without a doubt, the best trait of a trained Ankylosaurus is its enormously dense tail. This tail is powerful enough to shatter the resource-laden rocks of the island. One of the wealthier human tribes on the island utilizes a squad of Ankylosaurus in its mines and quarries.
  25. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Carbonemys Species: Carbonemys obibimus Time: Danian Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Defensive Wild: Carbonemys obibimus is one of the least aggressive creatures on the island. Were it not for the plethora of predators on the island, I'm certain it would spend its days basking in the sun, eating, or sleeping. Carbonemys leads a simple, solitary life. It seems to be one of the most peaceful animals I have yet encountered. With its slow walking speed, the only things that keep it safe are its surprisingly fast swim speed, and its incredibly thick shell. I would not be surprised to see a Carbonemys withdraw entirely into its shell and be completely safe from most predators. Domesticated: Carbonemys ' swift swim rate, fairly high strength, and lack of real threat makes it an ideal aquatic mount for many coastal survivors who shy away from violence. It can carry its rider to the ocean's resources at a fairly high speed, and are not particularly dangerous to tame.
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