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Found 959 results

  1. Hello, all! We have a 32 slot server up for all to join! It's 24/7 PvPon Ragnarok. We chose PvP, because that's half the fun of ark online, but we want to focus on the late game grind. We've always played on servers and when we got to almost late game, bam! Wiped. It's disheartening, and a waste of effort. We're a tribe of 6, so that leaves 26 slots open for you and your friends! Anyone can join, but if you're specifically looking for a laid back PvP server, where you can choose your battles and not have people just smack you, here it is. No admin abuse, or anything like that. We're just playing the game, just like you. We have had the server up while we optimized the settings, so we won't be attacking anyone unless provoked. We are very serious when we say no admin abuse. If you get to the point where you want to challenge us though, feel free. We love us some PvP. No full wiping, no killing passive tames(but no switching to passive if you attack), and just try to be reasonable. No starter packs and we'll do any painting you guys want at certain times during the week. Server name: Ark with the boys Stats: XP x8 Taming speed x10 Harvesting x4 Food and Dehydration is at 0.5 Lay Egg interval 0.75 Mating multiplier 0.20 Egg Hatch Speed x50 Crop growth speed x4 Baby Mature Speed x15 Player Oxygen 2.0 Melee damage 2.0 Speed 1.5 Stamina 2.0 Health 4.0 Weight 4.0 Temperature fortitude 4.0 Food 2.0 Water 2.0 Dino (tamed) Stamina 3.0 Weight 5.0 Speed 4.0 Health 1.5 Melee damage 1.25 If you're having any troubles joining or finding the server, message me on Xbox! My gamertag is Aimsworth !
  2. The Midgard Tribunal Welcome to The Midgard Tribunal, the official Ark server for TICGN. Our goal with our servers to bring the gaming community together through games. Here you will be able to play alongside members of our podcasts, stream teams and writers from the website; engage in gaming where we hope to have fun interacting together. We propose this server as an alternative to Official servers with a slight boost to the grind. The Midgard Tribunal features the following: Adjusted Stats: - Taming 4x - Breeding 4x - Harvest Gathering 2.5x - Crafting Boosts 1.5x - Fishing/Loot Crate Reward Qualities 1.5x - Official Difficulty (Level 150 Wild) - No adjustments for XP Role-Playing[Lite]: RP-Lite will be used to help bring the server community alive. We want you to play your style. Want to be a server renowned farmer? Become one. Want to start your own tavern? Become a barkeep! Want to just play the game? You can do just that. For the RPers, events will be held to enable you to enjoy your experience on the server. *Currently exploring the concept of removing blueprints to emphasize a focus on character building with the crafting skills. This will not remove the possibility of receiving greater quality items in fishing and loot crates. PvPvE[Lite]: PvP is a major part of Ark: Survival Evolved. However, we all know that it can also be a mess with a lot of downside when you log out of the game. In effort to ensure that we keep the server community driven, we will be employing some tactics to help ensure friendly/agreed-upon PvP battles. - Offline Raid Protection - "White Flag" protocol; Wars instead of raids where tribes can surrender and negotiate peace terms. - Hosted PvP events including Gladiator battles, Purge-like events, etc. - Community feedback to adjust PvP tactics when necessary Events: Events are a major part of any community. With this we plan to push forward community driven events and contests. Some events will include rewards such as improved quality items and even rare tames not accessible in Ragnarok. - Market Day to sell/trade your goods to others on the server - PvP Events TBA - Server Wide RP/Story-Building Events TBA - Server-Wide Contests Community Driven: One of the biggest concerns of any dedicated server is whether or not there will be any admin abuse? This is a fair question because it is all too common. In effort to ensure that you KNOW who the admins are, all admin gamer tags and contact info will be shared to the community. We will be holding all of our admins to the highest standard and integrity to do the right thing. Any proven case of abuse of any kind will not be permitted. Another question is how will trolls be handled? Again, another fair question. For the simple part, trolls attempting to cause intentional harm to the community will be removed and permanently banned. Since this is an RP/PvP-lite server, we have to take each action into account of whether it is someone acting in character as a bandit or pirate, or someone who is literally trying to have fun by ruining the server we wish to build. Donate: We want to run a fun community of servers that we can continue to build upon and deliver to the community of TiCGN. While we will not be charging the community to play on these servers, we will leave options of ways to donate to help keep the servers running. In time, we will be looking to the community for feedback on increasing server populations as well as opening up new servers to create a TiCGN cluster. Patreon/Donation links TBA Join Us: To keep updated on what is going on with our servers and anything TiCGN related, join us on the TiCGN Discord Channel. TICGN -
  3. Power gap ready to be seized

    I am currently starting a tribe on an official Ark Server in which the alpha tribe was recently wiped and most of the members left. I am looking for people interested in Joining me in my quest to dominate and fill this power gap while I can. Some requirements are as follows. A Discord Account, The game, Ark: Survival Evolved. A basic understanding of English. All levels of skill are welcome. basic rules of privacy and rankings are set up and Will be taken seriously If interested be sure to DM me and i'll send you steam/Discord Information
  4. I can,t download uploaded creature after patch v273.691. Anyone had this problem? I,m on new official pve server
  5. I was wondering how to rent a Xbox One Ark Server. When in main menu of the game says in the updates that there is "Rental Servers" now. How and where is this located because I have poor internet and I would like to rent a server for "XBOX ONE" for anyone to come play but having my settings I can enter for a Tiny Bit Boosted Server... Can someone help me? Also is it ran from Windows PC for the Xbox One, because of it saying on Xbox "Windows Rentable Servers"?
  6. ok so iv been trying for like a week now to fix this dam server I got.. and I cant seem to do it. Iv looked up stuff and its just not working.. Im trying to set up a 100X pvp server on the center map, I cant get the stats to go up. light weight and I want to give everyone more engram points. I was able to up the structure limit but I lost the ability to clip into the terrain. can someone please help me?
  7. Ark: Aberration

    Sorry if this has been brought up before, but I can't find the answer anywhere. I know Aberration was delayed to November, but has there been another delay or is it still set to November? Really looking forward to the new map! Thanks for the replies ahead of time!
  8. Hey everyone! We have a fairly new server, with a developing community! We want a friendly, social environment which still leaves room for PVP, below you can read up on our rules to see how we try to achieve this. Hope to see you there! ENGClan PVPVE x5 Gather x5 Tame x5 Maturation Server IP: Mods: S+ AA Rawr Beacons Reusable items Stack Joan Egg & Poop Rules: No offline raiding. English Language only in global chat. No base levelling. Be respectful to admins, avoid chat spam. No killing tamed passive dinos. Remove temporary building such as, taming pens once used. No blocking cave entrances which contain artifacts or are a major resource area. No griefing players, for example: stopping them from playing the game, surrounding their base with foundations (admin discretion). Building inside artifact caves is limited to sleeping bags and campfires which you must destroy afterwards. No exploit abuse.
  9. abberation

    I take it abberation aint gonna be released until next year,i know they said november but if theres 1 thing ive learned about wild card after all these years,when they give you a month without an actual date,all bets are off.there trying to build up for the dlc but it aint gonna be released for a good while,unless anyone can prove me wrong? lol
  10. So, as many of you will know there are ark sponsored mods, There's a whole section of this website on it in fact! But not as many of you will know that they were rumored to be coming to PS4 as well as steam. They have already been released on steam, but if like many of us, you're a PS4 player, you'll know that sponsored mods haven't been released for us, and there seems to be no sign of them in any way. Before we get started, if you're still waiting for ark Primal Survival, in which you can play as a dinosaur, then click Here! It's my forum on that topic, anyway, Sponsored Mods, they are already on Steam as I've said, if you'd like to see that click Here. We obviously want that to come over to the console side of ark with XB1 and PS4 ! So let's see what we can find to support whether or not we can expect them on consoles in the near or far future ! There is this article This still doesn't mention anything about them coming to consoles in any depth or AT ALL. But it still has been rumored that they CAN Be Expected for console players It would be Great AMAZING for mods to be introduced to PS4 ark players, but there IS a more recent article on the topic which I have seen, thsi just includes a list of all of the current ark sponsored mods which are available on steam Right Now ! So if you want to subscribe to those on steam, you can HERE. It's a great program that we can only wish for to come to PS4 and XB1. I have also found out through research that the fantastic maps, The Center and Ragnarok were both originally mods, you as well as I may have already knew about The Center being a mod that was integrated into the game, but so is Ragnarok ?! This shocked me as I just ever suspected that. But also I've read that Structures Plus is going to be integrated into the core game in the same way! As are some of the following! NPC Bush People by Swords Scorched Earth Decor, RP Decor, eco In Wonderland, and ecoTrees by eco Ragnarok by Excited Kangaroo Structures Plus, Platforms Anywhere, Platforms Plus by orionsun Steampunk Mod by iSpeZz Roraima by Jeff Castles, Keeps, and Forts Architecture by enc | ExileAcid Survival Plus by Tao Ark Moon Survival by DavidBC Shigo Islands by Exilog Madagascar Evolved by Hey my team rules! Thieves Island and Skies of Nazca by Tkat5200 MRRadTools.Inc by MRRadioactiv Ark Postal Service and Offline Raid Protection by jslay Advanced Admin Command Menu by Woeful Macabre So what does this mean for us console players ?! it means that the sponsored mods We've all been waiting for are ACTUALLY already being integrated into the game, with those that have already been released ( Ragnarok and The Center) So we just have to be patient and wait for the new mods, apparently Structures plus is becoming part of the core game, which is something amazing to get, if you don't know what structures plus is, Here is one of my favourite features (Image) Here's Another GREAT Feature! One more Astounding feature is this, One more feature I'm going to include is There are LOTS MORE, So you can Amaze yourself V If you'd like to browse the screenshots yourself, CLICK HERE A video on youtube I've watched is quite helpful which you may find helpful, rather than reading it here, they ARE a feature that's coming to consoles it seems, but you can watch the video HERE! If you want to get even more news on the topic, thanks for reading this, and have a good day!
  11. I’m trying to change the search settings to find legacy servers and it pulls up the same thing ever single time. On top of that when I try to load a server it says “joining sever” in the middle of the screen for like 10 minutes and and the says “joining failed” and I didn’t even get a loading bar I haven’t been able to get on my sever for like two weeks and the only reason my base hasn’t decayed is because I have a tribe member who logs on regularly to feed. Any help would be sooooooooo appreciated.
  12. Ark Primal Survival

    So, a long time ago, studio wildcard revealed the fact that they're adding a game mode to ark which is going to be a total conversion alike primitive plus, this is called Primal Survival, if you haven't seen the youtube official trailer, I recommend you watch it now Here , because it looks absolutely amazing ! Of course any sane person would love this, lots of my friends are fascinated such a thing exists, some of them thought I was lying, but of course when you hear about something like this so long before it comes out, you are going to anticipate it and build it up in your head, which I have been doing, and I've been thinking about writing forum posts on the official survivetheark website, so I thought this would be the perfect time and reason to do so. I've played ark since it was long into early access, and I love it, it's totally worth every penny it costs and with abberation right around the corner, it akes you think, have wildcard forgot about Primal Survival, or is it something they're working on to bring out as soon as possible ? I currently play ark on PS4 along with 10's of thousands of other fellow ark survivors and this is something we can all look forward to. I have always read all ark patch notes whenever they're released and whenever I can, s I wondered what I could find on this topic! I've started by taking a look at the official ark Game Pedia and as it says below V Ark Primal Survival is an upcoming Total Conversion for the ark survival evolved game. As it also says, It was originally planned to be released in February 2017, as is clear now and below, it hasn't been released. But stuff happens! Development can go according t plan or the opposite, so they're probably working out some kinks at the moment I then researched the topic some more to see what I could find and saw that a recurring topic was "Ark Primal Survival Cancelled?" But in the same discussion I saw that it was delayed, which was what I thought originally, but within this there are mixed arguements, and it seems that everyone agrees it has been delayed, whether we like it or not, so the true question is, are we right, that like many other game features, like renting PS4 and XB1 servers which was expected for mid January thsi year and we didn't get the option until the end of August, it may be another feature that'sjust had a lot of delays, which is understandable, becuase it's a big conversion for the game because they'd have to make all of the mating mechanics and the new camera points of view for all of the dino's for the players the get the best playing experience, because you didn't buy ark for minecraft quality graphics, which could potentially be what it is if it's released when it's not ready. But if you look around on youtube you can find a selection of videos that already seem to have got this conversion. From what I have seen through research, it has been made into a mod on steam, which you can see in This Youtube Video , Which I haven't watched fully myself, so I don't know how appropriate it is for this topic, but I thought I'd include it, because, if this conversion IS released, this UI featured in the video could potentially be what we are going to be seeing when we get ark Primal Survival released to us. Some more information I've found through my research is "" Ark: Primal Survival is coming later this year. Here’s how it works: “ARK: Primal Survival is an upcoming Total Conversion where survivors will be able to play, live, and breed as any of the ARK’s creatures! Survivors will experience full survival mechanics and lifecycles, including mating, growing, recruiting more creatures to your ‘pack,’ even constructing primitive dens.” Transforming into dinosaurs and mating with your best pals to have precious children and form a pack that will ultimately be torn apart by the lascivious jaws of death? Kinky. Each creature lives a different sort of life, too. In a Steam post, Wildcard offered examples ranging from coordinating attacks on other species as a prowling band of raptors to crawling around in caves and poisoning victims as a giant goddamn spider that can raptor off and die, if you ask me. Or you can start a bear family, which apparently involves lots of cuddling and fishing. Conspicuously, Wildcard does not mention mauling at all, suggesting to me that they’ve never met, seen, or even read about an actual bear. It all sounds really neat, and I’m interested to see what’ll happen when players get their hands on the mode. My guess: definitely not what Wildcard is expecting, no matter what that is. Reference I've also read the fact that in the game mode, you can also pay as a human and that you can be attacked by dinosaurs that are being controlled by other players. But sommething that is confusing me is whether or not the player controlled dinos can be KO and tamed, or if they are and don't want to, if that dino character is taken over by AI or if it is just destroyed, which wouldn't be fair for the human, so would there just not be the element of taming, or would there be people taking and leaving control of dinos as they join and leave ? So I think that this is a great shell of a game mode, but from what i've found there's a lot of work to be done by wildcard, and that this gamemode is a long way from complete. I would estimate it to be released in around July 2018, because there would be a lot of developing for them to do, and they do take a while to get things into the game, and this would take considerably longer due to the fact it's a massive conversion that turns ark on its head, so this is something we can all be hyped for. I am going to be updating this topic whenever I get new info so keep checking back, I am going to be tweeting Jat and the rest of the Studio Wildcard Community Team, and seeing what responses I get, so If I get any good Informtion, I will definetely add it in here.
  13. I ended losing my level 126 Quetz and 3500 Advanced Rifle bullets because the game time skipped and glitched my Quetz inside of a raft and I ended up 100 yards away lagging around and time skipping backwards. Never had this happen until the update. Also My Argy keeps getting frozen in mid air.
  14. Alpha giga

    Make an alpha giga and if you manage to kill it you get asc stuff lmao
  15. pvp MysticalAges

    Ark Cluster Network : Website:
  17. if you are looking for a server that is boosted but not too boosted feel free to join my new server, there really isnt anyone on the server yet but i am working on the advertising. when i ran my old server off the xbox it was favored by a lot but i was unable to keep the server running 24/7 without it crashing. but now its back up being hosted off the pc server. all the information you need is in the link....
  18. [EU] WeAreUnity - PvP max 3 players per tribe, perfect for solo or small tribes. Map: The Island Slots: 10 (with an increase in numbers when we find it necessary) Difficulty Offset: 0.5 XP: 2 Taming speed: 3 Harvesting: 2 Lower food and water-draining for a more realistic experience (I mean, who needs to eat like 40 steaks a day IRL? xD) Floating Damage Text for RPG-like gameplay! Welcome welcome! WeAreUnity welcomes you to their PVP - max 3 players per tribe server. This servers main purpose is to provide a balanced server that small tribes and solo players can enjoy playing on without falling behind to that point that there's no way they can compete with huge tribes/alpha tribes. If you are playing online for yourself or with a friend or two and have noticed that you simply don't have the capacity to compete with the bigger tribes, then this server is for you. In the future we have all kind of fun events planned and you are also welcome to come up with ideas. A few of the events planned atm are: - Christmas event with presents hidden around the map - A Hunger Games-inspired arenacompetition where the last man/woman standing wins an epic price - Harvest/killweeks etc which will only provide experience from the chosen activity and that only for a limited time, in order to mix up the gameplay in a fun way Here are a few of the settings on WeAreUnity: - Max 3 players per tribe - No alliances between tribes - No download/upload of dinos/survivors/items. - No wyverns, stone elementals or other OP crap from other maps. Only dinosaurs that actually live on The Island is okay to tame and use. With that being said, there might be future events where we as admins choose to give away or spawn other species from other maps but that will be announced if that's about to happen. - No duping! Fair play or you won't stay! - A nice gaming enviroment is encouraged, this means no threats or other types of aggressive statements. This type of behavior may result in a ban. Ventilate your aggression through ingame mechanisms instead such as killing and raiding others 😉 We hope to see you on WeAreUnity, and may the Ark be ever in your favor.
  19. It's a PvE server with 3x all on the map TheIsland Mods Teleport pad Egg and poop collector / incubator Death helper Removed creatures I've removed these following creatures because I found them very annoying: Eels and Cnidarias: I was tired to be stunned and many dinos where killed by those Leedsichthys: It was annoying to use the boat and surprise! A huge whale is eating the boat... About the server The server has been up for a couple of months and I played occasionally with some people but now, we've been playing less frequently. The server is running 24/7 and will update automatically (with warnings before of course). I plan to run this server as long as I can and if one day I'm closing the server (that I'm not planning yet), I'll let you know in advance and I'll made the save files available for you to download. Everything x3 is to make things a little easier but not too much. The average dinos levels are slightly higher. For now, I am the sole admin of this server and I am not interested in "admin abuse". For more informations about me, I am 30 and I work full time as a programmer. I am flexible for suggestions and comments to make the server more interesting, like events, ... If you are interested to play in a server with a low population (for now), you can join! Rules Because it's a PvE server, I don't want people putting foundations everywhere to "own" or "reserve" an area and when a structure is unused, please remove it. With that, the server should stay clean. I don't care about "politically correct" because it's a cancer that destroys communication. I like it when we respect others but I'll not police the chat. I'll do something only if someone is abusing. Have fun! To join * The ip address may change in the future but the server name will keep the word "logicalgo" in it
  20. ARK RCON tool ACCIon

    I have a while looking for a RCON tool which manages multiple servers at the same time. Unfortunately I have not found one. That is why I wrote one by myself. And in case someone have same problem, I want to share it. ARK RCON tool ACCIon have the following function ARK RCON tool ACCIon ACCIon is a RCON tool for the administration of gameserver with RCON support. It's been developed for ARK: Survival Evolved, but was testet with Dark and Light. Functions Add up to 15 different servers for administration Get all the chatlogs from the server including timestamps, Steam name and ingame name of players Filter for specific types or groups of the chat Send ingame message, either to specific player or global Set different color for each server, for better readability Divide your servers into groups (e.g. game specific, PvE vs PvP) Show online players Mark new (unseen) players for seven days Send commands to all servers, groups or specific servers Commands can be delayed and repeated Delayed commands are shown in a query Commands can be set to a specific execution via the "auto" function Can be repeated daily Warnings can be set for auto commands (via broadcast message) with custom text. #time is available as a placeholder for the time left until execution Logs(Chat) are saved to log directory Download the last version here: ACCIon Let me know what you are missing or how you like it.
  21. I'm currently renting an Xbox one Ragnarok Server and will continue having it run for what i hope will be years. The server has ten slots open as of now. If enough people join up I'll gladly expand the amount of slots. This is a "mature" server. No trolling or offline raiding (unless you ask us to test your base defense). There will be competitions and "war days" for sure. The goal is to keep the pvp balanced, while also joining tribe forces to exterminate bosses and what not. Taming, harvesting, and xp are all x2. Tamed dino stats have been ever so slightly buffed to (vaguely) imitate the higher stat points the dinos had before all the nerfs that have been implemented over the years. Havent found a work around for the flyer nerf yet If anyone would like to join, email me at [email protected] or contact me on twitter @iAlways_Finesse.
  22. Muiltiple peopleare losing there character so far me and my friend with is 20 of us just lost our character and people across other servers I know did aswell, but because we went to another server and after playing 10minutes on there server rolled back then we Reyes to log back into that server again and just gives us character creation screen also we checked download characters nothing there not even Our main server that we went out of anyone got any suggestions please help 4 roll backs in spam of 30 minutes on Xbox one just after the 30g update
  23. Hello! Me and my friend have made an ark server. we are making this server for making ark a better place. everyone is welcome to join. we are going to have events and other things on the server to make it as fun as possible. server name: Nostrum Server US/EU 5X rates. The map is Ragnarok and we are trying to get people to join the server right it's about 3-5 active players. Help us get more. you can find the server on unofficial as well. Any questions add me on steam: korren3
  24. Bug ?

    Hi, so when i destroy the bee hives. No queen bee is coming out, am i doing something wrong ?