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  1. This pretty sums up our problem Major ones are dino transfer is very limited and S+ for Prim+
  2. I don’t mind the wipe, make it in to a mod instead so Prim+ can keep what makes it awesome if it is integrated in to the main game Prim+ looses all its purpose, no tek should be involved in prim+, that is the reason we prim+ gamers love it. If you have ti wipe it to make it better i say go for it, this way we can fully enjoy what prim+ is all about!!
  3. JensDMS and Melakor's Journey on Ragnarok
  4. Here is the ground for all new members in our tribe, everybody that is joining Dream Catcher has to start here to build themselves up, in the future you can become a Admin if you show the trust we are looking for. Here you have dinos to use, you can build on the platform that is made and log of safe. Hope you will join in and play Ark with us!!
  5. On a travel around The Island and when we got to Carno Island we spottet this little fella
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