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  1. McCluskeyy


    Expectations are way to high? So being able to play a server without it going down 24/7 is way to high? Please.
  2. McCluskeyy


    I've played since EA.. They should have fixed these problems before releasing the full game.
  3. Our Xbox server has been constantly going off and on these past 4 days (30 min uptime and atleast 1 hour down time). The Server has been reported multiple times by multiple people but still nothing has happened. Waste of my time and money.
  4. McCluskeyy

    Whats the point?

    Whats the point of playing ark? I thought the game was in beta to resolve these issues such as duping, ddos attacks etc. And yes, Duping is now a thing on the new servers. After all the beta did last 2 years but still the game gets fully released and people are still able to knock servers offline and duplicate. Joke
  5. Will all the servers be wiped?? Would be cool to atleast keep 1 dino when transferring over.. after all we did wait 2 years.
  6. I have logged on after the patch to find my character missing? I have not transferred to any other server
  7. Yes they are but its not like people are duplicating dinos? Or glitching under the map. Theres still work to do with this ''Exploit''.
  8. Yes its an exploit but it works out better.
  9. Agreed.. the imprints are enough to tire us out.
  10. I play primitive so the fridges are not an option.
  11. Are you forgetting the spoil times are the same? Just as much meat runs as normal breeding and also just because your job suits your gaming time doesn't mean everyone else's does.
  12. Its balanced though imo.. Finding a good enough spot to do this ''Floating Breeding'' is a challenge on its own.. It poses risk. You need to be unemployed to breed 100 percent dinos on this game, No Joke. Thats why i think the devs need to Re-look at this breeding like they did with the gather rates.
  13. This is a better breeding system.
  14. Should keep this trick a thing and not patch it. Its not like it changes spoil times or makes the baby grow faster, it slows consumption. Not every base has a deep water area so id say its pretty balanced, its a disadvantage too. Its hard enough doing imprints every 4 hours. Spoil times are the same so it would mean the same amount of meat runs but less frequently. It helps smaller tribes get bigger too. Just me that thinks this?
  15. McCluskeyy

    How do you get a mutation

    Honestly Inbreeding improves your chance by 2.5%. Mutations are hard too get.