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  1. ALPHA TEK CAVE PRICE : Free HOST: Solemn Embrace Server: NA-PVE-83-TheIsland Date: SUNDAY, MARCH 3RD Time: 7:00PM CST (UTC-06:00) You MUST ally with us temporarily. You MUST be at least listening in on VOIP. Recommended Dinos: Boss Rexes with 80+ Armor Saddles Recommended Kits: 1500+ Total Armor FLAK x2 100 Med Brews 5 Calien Soup 5 Fria Curry Custom Food/Drinks ( Optional ) TEK Chest + Boots 298 DMG Pump Shotgun 300 Shotty Ammo Cryo'd Giga Mana (Feel free to bring whatever you want. Just make sure to bring a friend on a rex in case things go wrong.) TIP: Arrive an hour early and hop in voice! If you plan to come to this boss fight and you are ready to prep on server please follow these directions: People with Teleporter/Transmitter Unlock - Spawn in near Red Obilisk (West Zone 2) - Go to the teleporter at 78-23 ( There is an unlocked transmitter) and teleport to Tek Cave Teleporter - Follow the signs. People without Unlocks - Spawn in near Red Obilisk (West Zone 2) and get your things from the terminal. - Go to the teleporter at 78-23 and ask for a teleport to Tek Cave Teleporter
  2. ME READING THAT TITLE.. then I remember I'm a PC player.
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