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  1. ALPHA TEK CAVE PRICE : Free HOST: Solemn Embrace Server: NA-PVE-83-TheIsland Date: SUNDAY, MARCH 3RD Time: 7:00PM CST (UTC-06:00) You MUST ally with us temporarily. You MUST be at least listening in on VOIP. Recommended Dinos: Boss Rexes with 80+ Armor Saddles Recommended Kits: 1500+ Total Armor FLAK x2 100 Med Brews 5 Calien Soup 5 Fria Curry Custom Food/Drinks ( Optional ) TEK Chest + Boots 298 DMG Pump Shotgun 300 Shotty Ammo Cryo'd Giga Mana (Feel free to bring whatever you want. Just make sure to bring a friend on a rex in case things go wrong.) TIP: Arrive an hour early and hop in voice! If you plan to come to this boss fight and you are ready to prep on server please follow these directions: People with Teleporter/Transmitter Unlock - Spawn in near Red Obilisk (West Zone 2) - Go to the teleporter at 78-23 ( There is an unlocked transmitter) and teleport to Tek Cave Teleporter - Follow the signs. People without Unlocks - Spawn in near Red Obilisk (West Zone 2) and get your things from the terminal. - Go to the teleporter at 78-23 and ask for a teleport to Tek Cave Teleporter
  2. Big NO, if we get Ark 2 it'd be cool to transfer characters but lets be real.. it's probably gonna get deleted while transferring
  3. I have the same issue, usually deactivating and reactivating fixes the problem but it does need to get sorted since I have my velons on aggressive for base protection.
  4. Super annoying bug and it only happens to me in the snow biome, my counters are using an Owl's Thermal vision de-rendering the area and coming back fixes it.
  5. Also you can use a crafter to boost stats! If you cryo them with an attachment the attachment will lose dura.
  6. ME READING THAT TITLE.. then I remember I'm a PC player.
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