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  1. Can it be disabled in server configs?
  2. I'm confused. The team has been fixing exploits allowing completion of Gauntlet missions with the highest priority. But they haven't bothered to give a legit way to complete it as the only player on a server. I set up 10x damage received from and 0.1 damage done to player for Gauntlet dino variants. It was barely enough to complete Alpha TEKnological Terrors, Alpha Magma Medley Melee, Alpha Bog Beatdown. But I'm still unable to complete Alpha Built Fjord Tough. 1) What's the reasoning behind prioritizing fixing unintended ways of completion a mission before creating at leas
  3. It's time to revisit an old suggestion. May someone in touch with developers send the link to that topic to Dollie, Jat, Cedric or another right person please?
  4. I clicked on the topic because of a funny name but after I looked on the wiki link I couldn't help but notice how adorable the creature is. Voted up.
  5. Do you use publicly available methods you may share or private, closed behind NDA? May I ask you to point me to the right tools and guides if it's the former please?
  6. I customize my loot drops with a few replacements in Notepad++ after I copy loot tables from dev kit. As you said Beacon doesn't help with getting tables but does the same functions I'm already comfortable with doing my way. The main point is obtaining vanilla loot tables from the game files. It's not a problem to write ini overrides once I have them.
  7. Genesis part 2 is out and there is a long time ahead until the dev kit version becomes up to date. I have loot tables ini override for the crates that don't scale with quality multiplier server setting. Such include creature's death inventories, Extinction OSDs, Aberration Earthquakes etc. Just item quality and resource quantity. Content is vanilla. I certainly know there are other ways to see loot tables. One STA moderator once did me a favor checking Extinction OSDs, youtubers show screenshots of json files with loot tables and so on. So the question is how do you view loot ta
  8. It's an important issue. The training dummy also has been useless on nofriendlyfire servers. Some creatures and structures are intended to be damaged by a team member. I'd ask the developers to look into these cases.
  9. You should be able to plan your crafting projects and related mining sessions, not wait or play 12h a day for a chance. Aberration has set times when you can go for a surface run. The same wish applies to Scorched Earth's Super Heat - I'd like to know ahead of time when I'm able to tame a Phoenix. If a dev has read this please consider discussing these suggestions with the team. An ini option would be enough for me and players like me.
  10. It says as follows on Wiki: I'd ask the team to consider adding an option to enable 1h timer on the Bulbs respawn for dedicated servers. The reason is many players (me included) had been playing singleplayer or non-dedicated but switched to self-hosted dedicated because or richer configurability, simplicity of maintenance and reduced bugs compared to the former. I haven't tested the new map yet but just in case the harvest amount of that mutagen from Bulbs should respect the harvest amount multiplier. Because else one method would yield significantly less mutagen than the oth
  11. I noticed this when testing freshly released Aberration. I had these "locked" notes on the map I just transfered to after I picked up a few while testing.
  12. IMHO The tick means you have tamed the creature. The lock means you haven't unlocked the note on that character but it was unlocked elsewhere and registered to your local player profile file.
  13. It is an option. No one will set it up on a multi tribe server. It would be useful for singleplayer or private servers (for family and closest friends for example).
  14. Extinction Titans are permanent tames in singleplayer. There should be an option for Unofficial servers to make tamed Titans permanent like there is for Titanosaur. On Extinction release we were promised we would have such options. But the promises have never come to life yet.
  15. - Allow using blood extraction syringe while in Tek Sleeping Pod. - Allow assigning the syringe to a hotbar slot. That's it.
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