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  1. I got a 6h cooldown on my quasi-singleplayer server until I can fight Ice Titan again (he didn't drop head). Is there an option or a command to disable the timer or make it 1 second? There should be at least an admin command Wildcard were using for debug and testing back in the Extinction days. If singleplayer has no cooldowns for Titan fights Unofficial servers should have the same optional feature. Many players circumvent singleplayer bugs and inconveniences by setting up dedicated servers for themselves.
  2. Here in my country we expect prolonged blackouts and dark winter without continuous heating, internet, communications, water supply etc. The goal of this topic is to find a working solution to be able to connect to a locally hosted dedicated server cluster that is running on the same PC machine I use to play the game. With no internet access. The platform is Steam, Linux. ARK is played via Steam Proton. A solution of any technical complexity will do. I intend to keep the topic alive until it is found.
  3. Maybe issues with newer kernel on non-LTS system? I have switched to Linux not so long ago and these (new kernel and non-LTS OS) were the reasons of ~50% complete reinstalls I had to do to get things working.
  4. Does your install location happen to be on a NTFS partition?
  5. Keep a way to tame Zombie Wyverns if a server enables such option after the event is over. Reasons: - Scorched Earth has no Ascension. Dodo Wyvern hunt is a good substitute. - Zombie Wyverns can't be tamed in a legit way all the year but can be used. Hunting down a big boss is a fair trade for taming these double-leveled Wyverns at any time. - Scorched Earth is one of the weakest DLCs. With Dodo Wyvern and tamable Zombie Wyverns I have been spending most of my time on the map. I enjoy it, have reason to be there, beat Manticore boss on all difficulties, collected all the Ex
  6. There is an option OverrideStructurePlatformPrevention=true that works for Auto-Turrets but doesn't work for Heavy Turrets so they can't be placed, among other things, on Hover Skiffs. The topic is relevant to me, following.
  7. He often spawns underground. I was looking for Dodo Wyvern at specific coordinates, music was playing but no Wyvern. Tek Helmet and detached camera view showed that he was underground. Dodo Wyvern appears at midnight between days with numbers that after division by 3 give remainders 1 and 2 respectively. (i.e. (day# mod 3 = 1) and (day# mod 3 = 2)).
  8. After a recent update some enemy attacks have started 1-hit kill me. I play alone with 3x Damage and 3x Resistance settings. Before I was able to take 1-2 bites/impacts of everything and had a chance to react and save the day. Now poison balls from Poison Wyverns and Basilisks are game-ending (or mission-ending?). I tried to craft a good Gas Mask (745 durability) and use it with 4 pieces of flak with 3571 total armor. Take into account 3x player resistance and 200 HP. Dodging every projectile and creature is impossible due to horrendous lag (even though I play on the same home PC with 128
  9. Dodo Wyvern gave me 500 of each event item (Dinosaur Bone, Pumpkin, Scarecrow, Stolen Headstone) as well as some skins that are also obtainable by getting specific achievements and 4 Chibis, 2 of which were uncommon and 2 rare.
  10. For me personally it has been unpleasant experience. The mission takes 4-6 minutes for a failed attempt. HLN-A is distracting. The part I'd like to get better in is after ~3:30 mark plus the time needed to restart the mission. I struggle to get close to the finish line with any health left. I can either get to the finish after trying hard and be late for a second or less or maintain needed pace but crash. I haven't completed it once yet. It's my last mission to do. I have 50/51 missions and repeat most of them on alpha (except canoe missions) when the buff timer is about to end. The fact
  11. Will all Corrupt Giganotosauruses become their basic version again or have you tested it this one time? Almost forgot that all the Tek creatures in Lunar biome were normal counterparts too. Every past Fear Evolved event has messed up creature variants for those creatures that were getting event variant.
  12. Request an ini config option to override Shadowmane natural saddle armor cap and gain per level. Reasons: On uncapped unofficial servers max armor of a saddle is just over 350. It means that after the patch v338.23 introduced the new hard cap of 80 points for saddle natural armor Shadowmane's maximum damage reduction is approximately 3.6 times lower than such of saddled creatures. The proposed option would allow server owners to fine tune the numbers. Please vote up if you find this to be useful for you or others.
  13. An .ini option to increase or decrease duration of mission world buffs similar to the introduced option to increase or decrease efficacy. Reasoning: On crowded servers many players can reset buff timers. On a singleplayer servers you have few options. Like to do the missions annoyingly often or to start the Genesis Part 2 server only occasionally while every other server on your cluster could be up and running 24/7 if needed. We have fuel consumption multipliers, battery discharge multipliers, food values etc. I think the option would be useful to many. Please support.
  14. I have even set damage and resistance of these gauntlet mission creature variants to 0.1 and was still unable to do it on a test save with gcm on. I have 169/176 missions and Alpha Corrupted Master Controller beaten but 6 basketball missions and Alpha Built Fjord Tough are mathematically impossible to complete as one player. Dodoball and Bulbdogball missions simply fail with one player and Alpha Built Fjord Tough lets you deal less then one tenth of required damage on the first wave without strategic cooperation with 9 other people who use different gauntlet weapons. Comparing Genesis par
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