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  1. Extinction Titans are permanent tames in singleplayer. There should be an option for Unofficial servers to make tamed Titans permanent like there is for Titanosaur. On Extinction release we were promised we would have such options. But the promises have never come to life yet.
  2. - Allow using blood extraction syringe while in Tek Sleeping Pod. - Allow assigning the syringe to a hotbar slot. That's it.
  3. SAS

    ARK 2!!

    I'm not an executive but I see some potential problems from a business perspective. New game = lower sales for Genesis and base game cause these don't matter anymore. PS community morale will take a hit, players might abandon the base game and ignore sequels. Uncertainty about whether you will be able to continue playing your worlds you invested a part of your life and soul in the near future could drive away many players, some of them, this time, forever. The ARK2 announcement IMHO devalued the core product and before Christmas sales too. If I were to make publicity decisions I'd hurry u
  4. SAS

    ARK 2!!

    There is a reason why there won't be Minecraft 2. There shouldn't be ARK2 too. ARK's a game that doesn't end. ARK2 should be an upgrade to the engine and straighter, easier to maintain source code. There should be a tool to convert every map savegame from ARK1 to ARK2. Yes, there should be the same maps and new ones later on.
  5. SAS

    ARK 2!!

    I'm more concerned than hyped right now. Does it mean ARK 1 will become Primitive+ 2? Are all the time, efforts, memories I earned on my way through ARK since October 2015 becoming meaningless? Does it mean a player will have to choose which ARK game to play? Will the new game include everything from the original? Will there be possible to transfer bases, dinos, items, character back and forth between the generations? Will it be online only or will it still be possible to host a cluster for myself? Such uncertainties on the very announcement paired with Wildcard's record of scrapping
  6. Will Fear Evolved 4 event be fixed so we could use it later? I mean specifically the issue with spawning normal creatures instead of corrupted or Tek. 135 normal Giganotosauruses on Extinction and 0 Corrupted, Fire Wyverns instead of Corrupted counterparts. Lunar biome with 1200 normal Trikes instead of Tek. And so on. I thought you guys said it should have been fixed in a patch. The event isn't so exciting to play with such issues. A lesser solution would be to add FE4 chibis to the lootitemset so they could be obtained in other event. Will the Dodowyvern remain in game files so we can t
  7. There are somewhat near 5-15 of each on every Force Respawn server restart. Eldritch Isle is a haunting place by itself. I have been worried by the number of underwater Alphas for some time. The place, taking into account my thalassophobia, is the most horrifying place out of every other biome on every other ARK. I've faced my fears and dived down there (so happened at night) on a high level Tusoteuthis with an ascendant saddle. I use 3x tamed dinos resistance setting on my servers. Two Alpha Mosasaurs had eaten half of her health in a minute before I escaped. The water there literally ga
  8. What's the config line for hexagon rewards multiplier and where does it go (game.ini or GUS)?
  9. I wait for community artworks more than for actual info. Too little info to be hyped by yet and I enjoy the art taste of community crunch creators.
  10. I hope I will be able to enjoy all the new Mammoth TLC features as a lone player. If the drums will give a buff I would like to be able to use it without making new friends IRL and inviting them to my precious world.
  11. Then it wasn't intended. It's sad. F Nothing in the changelog. Now I want to test it myself and look into Dev Kit data too.
  12. A good point there! Ovis have a radial menu option to slaughter them that ignores no friendly fire and their health. They are intended to be breed and killed. There are some things in the game that were tested on one dino and haven't make it to all the creatures yet. A few examples: training Managarmrs, speed imprinting bonus on Snow Owl (flyer), slaughter Ovis etc. I hope they have been collecting usage statistics of those one-of-a-kind QOL features and one day they will be general use options.
  13. You have a good addition with feeding cryopods to Gacha. As you may have noticed the whole topic is about workarounds for having no intended ways of recycling babies while breeding on a server with no friendly fire. If a team member reads it and the team decides there should be a way why wouldn't I give my suggestions? The gamerules imply no harming owned creatures. I follow the philosophy of such a playstyle to the breeding activity. It may be any kind of solution though. I enjoy releasing emotional tension causing virtual violence sometimes. It's called Catharsis. I enjoy livi
  14. With breedable and passively tamable Crystal Wyverns normal Wyverns should definitely be breedable too in my opinion.
  15. When boss timer expires teleport everyone back While death of survivors and their creatures upon failure to defeat a boss on time makes the stakes higher, it has become clear over time that the feature has more cons than pros. Many players constantly report frustration caused by lost creatures and gear due to bugs, crashes, network issues etc. Since Extinction release we can cancel OSD and Element Node fights at will (I'm yet to fight Titans, could you exit their open arenas safely?). Genesis missions can be cancelled too. I think a boss fight should end in a win when the boss
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