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  1. I wait for community artworks more than for actual info. Too little info to be hyped by yet and I enjoy the art taste of community crunch creators.
  2. I hope I will be able to enjoy all the new Mammoth TLC features as a lone player. If the drums will give a buff I would like to be able to use it without making new friends IRL and inviting them to my precious world.
  3. Then it wasn't intended. It's sad. F Nothing in the changelog. Now I want to test it myself and look into Dev Kit data too.
  4. A good point there! Ovis have a radial menu option to slaughter them that ignores no friendly fire and their health. They are intended to be breed and killed. There are some things in the game that were tested on one dino and haven't make it to all the creatures yet. A few examples: training Managarmrs, speed imprinting bonus on Snow Owl (flyer), slaughter Ovis etc. I hope they have been collecting usage statistics of those one-of-a-kind QOL features and one day they will be general use options.
  5. You have a good addition with feeding cryopods to Gacha. As you may have noticed the whole topic is about workarounds for having no intended ways of recycling babies while breeding on a server with no friendly fire. If a team member reads it and the team decides there should be a way why wouldn't I give my suggestions? The gamerules imply no harming owned creatures. I follow the philosophy of such a playstyle to the breeding activity. It may be any kind of solution though. I enjoy releasing emotional tension causing virtual violence sometimes. It's called Catharsis. I enjoy livi
  6. With breedable and passively tamable Crystal Wyverns normal Wyverns should definitely be breedable too in my opinion.
  7. When boss timer expires teleport everyone back While death of survivors and their creatures upon failure to defeat a boss on time makes the stakes higher, it has become clear over time that the feature has more cons than pros. Many players constantly report frustration caused by lost creatures and gear due to bugs, crashes, network issues etc. Since Extinction release we can cancel OSD and Element Node fights at will (I'm yet to fight Titans, could you exit their open arenas safely?). Genesis missions can be cancelled too. I think a boss fight should end in a win when the boss
  8. Are 1-5FPS enough? There is a Tek skyscraper in construction too that takes half a minute to load. I would be not only pissed but panick and unplug my internet cable from my quasi-singleplayer server if somebody "special" managed to log in there. Until genocide is the only intended option for releasing server resources while breeding I must obey the rules. If a developer reads this please consider a way to erase a creature that would feel non-violent.
  9. There are some relatively convenient places to approach the edge and throw a creature right over it. One wyvern sits there losing 4 hp per tick (a second?) from the total of 8500 while rendered. It hurts a player hard, I'm not sure if ridden dinos take more damage but that one wyvern seems to be cool with it.
  10. I tried Fire, Lightning and Poison. For lightning I stood under the beam so it went through my body and it didn't even harm my character.
  11. (I got a new job, yay!) Thanks for many good suggestions and a constructive discussion. I'll try to comment on some of your points to not make my post too long. Cryopod solutions either discharged "fast killing machines" or disposable new crafted are instant solution right at the place. The same kind as killing them with weapons or dinos. I put 2100 cryopods in vaults to "spoil". Are there intended, unintended but not exploitative or admin-only ways to speed up cryopod discharging? The idea with a poison looks interesting to test. I'll try organic polymer. Are there other poison
  12. Mend the holes in Wyvern wings Holes in fliers' wings are mortal wounds. They would not be able to lift off the ground, hunt, defend themselves, flee from danger etc. It's OK to have perforated wings on Zombie Wyverns but I ask the community to vote for making living Wyvern wings healthy and more realistic by removing holes in them. Dragons with worn out wings is a common Fantasy RPG cliche on the same level as revealing female armor and oversized overdetailed weapons. It is understandable from a design perspective, though I'd argue the whole wings look more beautiful and nice. If
  13. Caves are buildable either way. There is an option for PvP/PvE schedule. I play ARK to control anxiety, giga taming are ok but schedule is bad. Is there any non-admin way to quickly toggle it in-game as a player? Like voting or agreed tribe warfare or anything like that but for changing gamemode? Not optimal to delete a map. It works as a PvP map for bloody sacrifices of dragon babies to Dark gods. The map could be used for having a battle arena like Colosseum too. It would be ok to transfer one full inventory of frozen creatures (<=299 pods) but it won't be easy if it'd become a 4-
  14. It's a little longer than 24h here 67.5 years (2130000000 seconds). There are hordes of passive wyverns in Forbidden Zone. They feel just ok while not rendered. When I would get far with health mutations they would be able to tank bosses on passive. They have Oxygen for a reason but are unable to dive under the water as most other fliers. I may calculate server population in the later case. The food value divided by idle food decrease rate multiplied by the pace new babies are born. I feel like the total dino count would add a digit or two
  15. I used to have PvP everywhere with necessary adjustments but I didn't find any solutions for not damaging OSDs and Element Nodes. Are there any rarely discussed settings for neutral structures friendly fire?
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