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  1. Is it going to be patched? I have to continue play Fear Evolved, upload all the event items or lose them. Or I could place hundreds of them somewhere...
  2. It is the most important game breaking issue with Valguero for me personally. The only reason I have not yet added the map to my cluster. I have been waiting for a fix since the official release, testing transferring once in awhile and checking forums frequently. I would be glad to have it fixed eventually so I could play Valguero before Genesis is out. As of 301.1 I can confirm naturally found Ice Wyvern eggs, Ice Wyverns tamed with DoTame and Chalk/Ice Golems spawned via GMSummon can't be transferred to Aberration with foreign creatures enabled through Tek Transmitter, Cryopods and in player's inventory. One egg uploaded and one inside player's inventory were lost on transfer too. I had no reason to do a bigger set of trials because these gave unambiguous results that the transferring has not been fixed yet from the initial attempt.
  3. Why do you promote self harm on an event dedicated to health? The next time we will be raising funds for your intestine cancer surgery. Why not to do russian roulette then (don't)? What will the kids feel while they're fighting for their survival some adult dudes are deliberately doing harm to their healthy bodies. Think about it. Notice this @Cedric Edit: they ate it with chicken meat. I have zero concerns. I thought somehow they were going to eat the sauces raw, I shouldn't had write anything online until I was woken up completely. Sorry for the cringe guys.
  4. Could you help me with a command to wipe wild beehives please? Edit: java -jar ark-tools.jar modify TheIsland.ark delete.json TheIsland_new.ark with delete.json: { "delete": [ { "classes": ["BeeHive_C"] } ] } does delete all wild beehives leaving player owned intact being it a placed structure or an inventory item. Quite trivial but it took me so long to figure out without experience. The best part is the experience obtained. Thanks, Qowyn!
  5. As a player with my own local "server" I play on mostly solo or with 1-2 closest friends or relatives, I could boost most rates on my own. Various colored dinos are a good thing. It would be the best if we would get more different colors across a year. Though my favorite events were ones with some special dinos like dodorex, dodowyvern, skeletal dinos, super turkeys. I would like to see a next Fear Evolved (maybe not only FE) with tameable event super dinos that you could keep after the event is over with an ini option to make them permanent. Dodorex for the Island, Dodowyvern for Scorched Earth, Dodoreaper for Aberration, Dodogasbags the size of a titan for Extinction or whatever else. A good loot events with something hard to aquire on a map (cryopods, map exclusives) and boosted quality items, like Winter Wonderland with Raptor Claus are valuable too. Event music by outstanding Gareth Coker is what made me fall in love with the game from the very first day I played it on 2015.10.31. Map makeover like mist, graves, pumpkins, snow, autumn tree leaves; alterated dino spawns (I have got my first Argentavis on the Red Obelisk island; there were Kairukus too). Special consumables for dinos, like candies and chocolate, and humans (... cough, cough... Dino mindwipe?.. cough...). "Re-open" already found explore notes to get the boost again with some greeting instead of already seen note? A few long wanted options, features, fixes timed with an event patch?
  6. So it'll be available in Hungary, Poland, Slovak Republic, Romania and Russia but not in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova?
  7. Will the streams be in various time zones or will they be convenient only for some people on one continent?
  8. The price in Ukraine is overwhelming. The scientists like me earn that much money for 1.2 months, if you intend to buy the full game with the DLCs. No way I can afford it in the near 50 years or before I emigrate from this hell on Earth forever. Not if I'd love the idea to purchase the same game for the same user on the same machine on steam and windows store twice. You guys are great and your game is excellent. But I leave it for the riches of this world for now. Thanks God I'd managed to get it on steam and not starve to death (not literally... this time).
  9. I live in Ukraine. As far as I understand I have no options to get the CE directly to my adress. So I must use some post services to ship it from a country it is available in. The questions are do all of the countries have English text? Or are the CE localized differently from country to country? My post service has a warehouse in Germany and USA. Is the CE that ships to Germany locations localized in English or German? What are the shipping rates to get it to a Germany location? What are the sizes and weight so I could calculate shipping cost from a warehouse to Ukraine? Or is it better to get it delivered to a USA warehouse and then get it across the ocean a little more expensive than from Germany but maybe anyway cheaper than using shipping to Germany from your location in USA?
  10. @Jat does the 12h cooldown affect singleplayer? Because there is no reason it has to. I see: * Added new server commandline/ini option ?MinimumDinoReuploadInterval=1000 for number of seconds cooldown between allowed Dino re-uploads (defaults to 0, set to 43200 on Official Servers which is 12 hours). Remaining cooldown time is displayed on the Dino Upload UI. Sorry for not checking patch notes first.
  11. How could it be that you put Scorched Earth on sale two weeks before Halloween Sale and now give it a bigger discount? The discounts are the same on the same products even between Black Friday Sale and Christmas Sale! I bought it being 100% sure that the discount will be the same on Halloween. I would be happy seeing big and good games getting bigger discounts, but I feel cheated by such move in such a little time. I understand that you didn't say anything wrong but I belive you do wrong. Edit: I think I can refund this gift purchase and buy it again. But most people cannot do this if the copy of the DLC has been played for two or more hours since purchase.
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