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  1. Thank you for that! I didn't know about the 64 factor. So it has nothing to do with these recent patches and it has been always like that? (The BP was generated in a double quality red OSD. Most OSD loot have normal distribution so could often reach quite large values in a stat). By the way, setting extremely large crafting skill for testing purposes is a great idea I'll be using from now, thanks for it too!
  2. It was 2086 durability and equal insulations. Only armor rating differs.
  3. It might be armor rating then. If both are good then it was a temporary issue, a bad setting that I'm unaware of or something else. I have several crafted armor pieces with crafting efficiency varying from low to 70%+ with exactly the same value of armor rating (1500) and different everything else. I began to notice this after tek armor cap patch. Though I might not have this blueprint before. I'm going to do some screenshots and craft a few pieces more for science when I get to my PC.
  4. I didn't set up any item clamping but hit an upper limit on flak helmet durability (iirc) of 1500 while I was crafting a really good blueprint a couple months ago. Is item clamping hardcoded now or are there two limits - lower customizable and upper hardcoded? I'm a little worried that my better than official items and blueprints will be forcefully worsened ignoring my settings. May anyone clarify that to me?
  5. For the love of God please don't change Rock Drakes asking exclusively for cuddles. Let it be a "works as intended" feature just for this one specie. The issue with more percentage per imprint was indeed present with Drakes.
  6. FuelConsumptionIntervalMultiplier - what does it affect specifically? I've been searching the question for all morning but there is little of easy to find info. The setting would greatly reduce grind for me as I play alone on 9 servers cluster using Tek Generators, Electrical Generators, Preserving Bins etc on several servers. I play irregularly and keep the cluster up almost every day while I'm awake. My settings philosophy implies that if I have grinding disadvantage based on my low play time only the setting related to it should be set to x10. Such settings are Crop growing, Resource respawn, Battery discharge rate and similar. Currently I have no means to build Tek Forcefield protected bases in radiation zones, and zones exposed to meteorites, comets and volcanic projectiles as even one such base would require ungodly amount of grinding for fuel. This setting might help with maintaining fuel consuming structures that use fuel when I'm offline. Some old threads I read said there are unwanted consequences though. Jerky meat slows its production, wood barely burns to charcoal etc. May I ask people who know how it works to list most of affected by FuelConsumptionIntervalMultiplier structures, items, creatures, anything else and some things that are not affected that are worth mentioning?
  7. It's straightforward to setup too. You won't need to experiment with numbers. I got mine from a quick c# program I had written. It isn't a trivial task currently to get somewhat optimal values to one's preferences.
  8. Should I look for those values in specific spawners? Does it work like that on every map? I'm still learning random pieces of info about Dev Kit. I saw your post in another thread after I had already submitted that post of mine, it was pointless to edit at that moment
  9. Actually setting an imprint interval and minimum spare time interval per imprint and deriving the number of needed imprints from those feels like a better solution than current, you have a very good point. As well as "short raises" to ask for a single 100% imprint right after claiming. These two ideas, in my opinion, would vastly improve the current mechanics leaving me without any issues with it.
  10. Current imprinting mechanics feels like it's a crutch. My main concerns are uneven spare time per imprint for different creatures that can't be fine tuned and that I must sacrifice my ability to imprint several smaller creatures to have reasonable timers for the rest, ie "zero imprint" creatures with their raising timers lower than one imprint interval. I think bUseSingleplayerSettings isn't allowing imprinting even more creatures than my settings.
  11. Was that 1% chance of Alpha spawn proved? It's 5% of any Crystal Wyvern spawn on CI (neutral and aggressive) in Dev Kit. So on average it's 1 Alpha and 19 normal. Working in low numbers might feel misleading. To understand it better think about having roughly 50 Alphas and 950 normals after a long testing. There's one or more Alphas spawned on my map after almost every dino wipe. I use Ark Bot and ark-tools (mostly for nests and eggs).
  12. I recall it happening once before. Maybe the last Extra Life. I was getting 100% on the very first imprints. It's free 100% imprinting but it felt cheaty so I finished one boss Therizino batch and postponed others.
  13. The arithmetic here is trivial but nasty as it asks for mistakes. There were a few fields that used to break repeatedly on many updates. Like Horde Events etc. Imprint is one of them. I'd give it some time until the team will figure out where not to do the repeated mistakes in the complicated development process. If the community sees a big issue the team is definitely aware and working on it.
  14. Per dino imprint settings would be simpler solution than inventing a wheel adding new globals IMHO. It's a nice addition though.
  15. I have to do imprints now every 21 and something minutes. It's the setting that leaves the most spare time per imprint across all species but 7 that can't be imprinted. I don't think doing 4:40h Giga raising with the need of imprinting every 15 or less minutes could be enjoyable. That means the setting isn't too helpful for my cases. Edit: or I may disable losing imprint efficiency altogether. I'd like to listen to public opinion on if it would give me too much easy advantage or take away unnecessary timer-tight stress.
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