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  1. Just play ark on mobile.It has better graphics, more content, less mesh monkeys and actually has s team that fixed bugs.Oh and it runs smoother.Its also free and 100x better than the switch version.They even have bosses and a dungeon.
  2. We all thought this but they clearly stated they would release dlcs early 2019 but wait we are half way done with the year.Unless they live on another planet its past early 2019.Ark Switch is literally compressed disappointment, misery mocking, and other things that was turned to data.
  3. Nah never going to happen.They only addressed switch when they removed like 30servers.And the fact its STILL only on its second patch means they don’t care.They ignore all threads.Even the page that came out when it came out on switch lied.They said the video was taken on switch.
  4. Abstraction is not a fault.Wildcard is apparently not letting them update the game
  5. Quote - Precisely why we've been trying to avoid making promises or announcing things too early. Sometimes we, as devs, get excited about what we're working on and communicate things too soon. Looking for that sweet spot between broken 'promises' and leaving people in the dark. Guess Switch was one if those times they failed to avoid false promises.
  6. I agree they have to fix the game honestly the chances of that happening is when the company gets desperate and really need switch to make some money.I still love the fact that when the trailer for switch came out they stated that the footage was taken on switch and the fact that the 2 patches fixed absolutely nothing.
  7. True.I still love the fact that the giga does less damage than a decently bred up rex.At like level 50 a direwolf level 150 does more damage.
  8. Biggest lie I heard in my entire life next to work hard and good things will happen to you or life is fair.
  9. Probably not going to happen considering the fact its still on its second version and still has the disappearing dino issue.
  10. Ha Switch at end of November ya right no one pays attention to it. It came to switch yes but its not very good.Its literally so bad you look it up and it has 4/10 which is generous.
  11. Honestly Switch is always ignored.Theres so much threads about switch but none of them got answered.So like 99.99999999999 percent not coming to switch.All we can do is complain in the comments.
  12. Only if switch actually got updates before the mods for pc.Shows where WC’s focus is definitely not switch.
  13. “Upcoming Console Patch! Xbox and PS4 will both be receiving a patch” Yes Upcoming “Console”patch. Guess switch isn’t considered a console anymore even tho most people say it is.
  14. Wow first fixing issues no one cares about and ignoring many of your customers and now banning someone for post a YouTube video.Just plain O cruel.Youtube videos regarding exploits are usually a good thing becuase developert gets to learn about the exploit and can fix it but no this company decides to not fix but punish 1 player for every bad person’s actions.This is worse than not answering switch players.Well on the bright side if this “event “becomes big they can be famous.
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