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  1. Yay “all consoles “ they said but not switch. Atleast they are honest and doesn’t pretend to care about switch.They also ignored most forum posts about switch and never improved graphics. Mobile ark is still better.
  2. Great yes ignore the switch players that were told that dlc would come out eay 2019.Its march its already a quarter in the year and the graphics are still terrible we just go mentioned after 3 months of silence and they can’t even say its the platforms fault the graphics on mobile are better you can actually see 50m away.
  3. rageraxes

    Nintendo Switch DLC

    Lol they never answer is march and there is still no dlc.
  4. Switch finally came up in a update. Still ignored but like 1%more attention from 0% so we are working our up the lists.
  5. Yes i agree and mostly want switch improved.
  6. Yup they usually don’t answer the switch complaints so they probably decided to ignore it.
  7. Yes it would be cool if a there was a creature that can smelt stuff like metal. It would be cool if like a Fire Wyvern or a Phoenix could make coal or smelt metal and a Ice Wyvern could be used as a fridge.
  8. How about improving nintendo switch graphics and the invisible ground that happens occasionally.
  9. Its basically on the same level as atlas on the first day.
  10. rageraxes

    Happy Holidays, Survivors!

    Yes MerryChristmas to all the survivors including the terrible switch. ?
  11. The bad part is they the ark devs don’t usually answer these “complaints”.
  12. Ah I see mobile has more hardwarebacking then switch got it.
  13. Yes fix pc, xbox,and ps4 and not switchwith terrible mesh and graphics.
  14. Its funny that the dino glitching through the mesh happens very often. I had a megatheium,anky,argy(somehow),etc. Its also funny that you have to defeat manticore to get the tek shield, sword, and light but there are no other maps except the island so how are you supposed unlock them.
  15. Yes fix pc before fixing switch.
  16. Wow makes Atlas feel like a great game compared to it.
  17. You said this in several other topic or threads and this has been a problem for more than a month,when is this getting fixed
  18. rageraxes

    Unable to watch Ads for gift and ambers

    This is also happening to me and I play on Iphone Se and i am playimg on both multiplayer and single player.Also my friends have ads so they have like 30 amber while i have 2 from like 1 month ago
  19. If you don’t care then why don’t you shut up. They can’t not be hacking if you place beds in random places and they come to those locations with 3 pt and kill a raft under 20 sec with melee.
  20. My server is more worst.The Chinese tribe spawns in ascendant gear and has a tracking hack so they find most tribe that talks in chat and if they find a tribe that is active constanly they wait a few hours for them to start a new base then attacks them and gets mad when ally gets attacked. They also one shot you with armor and has Taken prisoners to get then item s like hormones. They also never lose gear because they constantly spawn it in.They also know when you go off line.i just logged off 30 min later they raided me for the 4 th time today. Please stop the hackers. Please war Drum I play on sabertooth and you can ask most people on the server . They destroyed multiple tribes, greifed players and captured all obsidian spots and most caves. I say it again Stop the hackers or send a admin or something like raid shield like clash of clans so you don’t get raided every 1 hour. Also it not a exploit if you spawn in asendent gear and know where every base is and not lose any Dinos and build a base under 1 hour made with stone Andy metal and move a therzino, argy,pteranodon,3anklyo with 2 persona nd have access other tribe items like gates while one shoting people with a pt level 200 with over 700 weight and 200 movement speed and imagine the argy and the quetzal. So they basically spawn in any gear or item they want to destroy and kill players and their base. Found out they tracks beds or can see you beds but not bags