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  1. 15 players on this weekend! Come join us and add to the number!!
  2. Come check us out this weekend! Structure damage will be turned back up to default to allow the raiding to begin. Also adding some aberration engrams to the game!! Hope to see you out there!
  3. Adding special engrams to server such as Whip, crafting cost doesn't need Silk! More custom engrams and Dinos to be added in the future. PRIM PLUS. Get your spot now!
  4. Loads of players on the Prim Plus server. We will be bumping slot cap to 32 to make for room!
  5. We have a BOOSTED Gather and Tame weekend going on NOW on ALL of our PVE servers. Come join us now!
  6. Yet another ORP OFF weekends has come and gone on our PvP Island server. Now is the time to join and build up for 2 weeks while ORP remains in effect.
  7. Time to join up and get ready! THis weekend will be ORP off weekend on our PvP server
  8. Tons of new builds on our PvP server. Come Build and add to the PvP commuity
  9. Server is busy! Come join the fun. https://www.facebook.com/groups/575401692818241/
  10. PvP Island server population is growing! Come claim a spot today!
  11. We had some new faces out on the PvP Island server for some during the NO ORP Weekend!. Glad you all could make it
  12. Come out and help populate the server! The PvP Island has lots of great spots still available. Come claim one today!!