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    • Jatheish

      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.
    • Eli

      Official PC: Hard Turret Limit begins on 18th of February at 1PM ET   02/16/18

      On the 18th of February, at 1PM ET we will be enabling the hard turret limit on all PC Official Servers. This means that you will not be able to build over 100 turrets within a 10k unit radius. This will work on autoturrets, heavy turrets, tek turrets, plus plant turrets and is no longer map specific. The hard limit calculation is done on start-up, so if your turrets are ever over the limit, they will be randomly shut-off until you're under the limit. In order to restore shut off turrets, you must pick up any which exceed the number, as well as shut-off turrets and replace them in order for them to work.


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  1. Server is growing and has plenty of room for more. Bring yourself and your tribe today to play PvE or PvP
  2. Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    I'm glad you were able to reproduce something and it wasn't like telling the mechanic your car is making noise and you go to show him and it purrs like a kitten. LOL. Glad we could help. Let me know if you are in need of anything else.
  3. Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    I am EST zone. I am the server owner. We have a cluster of 3 maps and Rag in that area is the one we have issues with. Thanks for the response.
  4. Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    I agree. I would be willing to help with any data WC needs from my Nitrado Server. Just say the word. I know the players and times ive seen it happen or when it has happend to me.
  5. Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    For me it is on an Unofficial Nitrado server. Map: Ragnarok. Was bad even when server was fresh (2 weeks after Aberration) But it has obviously gotten worse as players have built in that region. But we have other areas of the map also populated with no issues. I have not tried it in single player. For my server it is most noticed in the area circled in red. I also have a report of the same thing in a different area...but may be unrelated. Thanks for responding.
  6. Xbox saves to a new account?

    I confirm that this WILL work. I have hosted Player Dedicated servers on XBOX since early access days. I would use the gamertag for the server to host and during the times that Admins and myself would setup events or handle player disputes I would shut the server down, Switch Gamertags and reload under NEW gamertag and it would load same server data. It must be on the same xbox tho. (we switched gamertags so players couldn't join while we were handling issues or setting up events) Also, I agree with the statement that Xbox dedicated are buggy and unreliable...we have lost countless servers due to issues that could be easily reversed with a game save backup (Nitrado offers this)
  7. Dedicated server on xboxone? Help!

    I'm sorry to inform you about this, but what you are trying to do will NOT work. The threads you have read about hosting a server and playing with one copy only works if the game was a DIGITAL copy and you use Xbox's Game share feature....I am sorry to inform you of this. If you are looking to play server with some friendly folks just send me a message.
  8. Come on out and check out our community today!
  9. Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    This is a major Issue. Many players on my dedicated server enjoy playing in the Vikings bay area, We have a Community center and Trading post there as well. I can play for hours straight in the Highlands and as soon as I enter the Viking Bay area I can count on the fact that I will DC in 15 minutes or less...I watch the Join and Left notifications and I can see the same player get kicked multiply times in a 15 minute period. This is something that NEEDS to be addressed by Wild Card. The Members of my server have put their own money on the table to rent our Nitrado server...and because of a Wild Card issue that goes ignored and unresolved for this length of time I now have players that are paying to play and they cant play in the area of the map they started building in. I can't expect them to pack up and move locations because I cant promise them that the next update won't effect a different area....so now do I ask Nitrado for a partial refund on the server We have rented, even tho it isn't their issue? I feel a response to this forum is long overdue and WE the community of players that bought your game WILD CARD deserves at least that. Many of us have been with you since day one during early release and had Bases/Servers wiped due to updates...but we always said " well...it is in early access yet" and we would rally together and rebuild...time and time again....now its is an official $60 game and we still have major issues like this on that go ignored. Please give us something...anything to let us know you are aware and have a plan to fix this. Thanks
  10. Welcome to KEB Gaming ARK Cluster! We are a PvE and PvP Cluster looking for die hard PvP players (PVP Starter Pack listed below) Join Server: Search KEB Gaming under Unofficial PC Hosted (NO Password) Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/TDFXtxq Visit our Website: kebgaming.wixsite.com/keb-gaming With our Cluster we have something for every kind of ARK player! We have a PvE Ragnarok 32 slot server and a PvEAberration 10 slot server for those who love to PvE and explore and we have a PvP 20 slot server on The Island (We offer a GREAT PvP Starter package. Check Discord for info) for the players that just want to PvP and blow stuff up! You can play on all servers, the only thing is once you transfer Items or Dinos over to The Island server they will be there to stay! You can transfer your character back and forth just not Dinos and Items. So play on all or play on one and trade with PvE or PvP tribes! Our server rewards players with a credit system, we call our credits "Kebits". These Kebits are tracked using Discord chat app. Admins will award players "Kebits" which can be used for many things from Admin services such as painting dinos, buying materials, buying BP's, and used to trade with other players. Kebits can be earned a few ways: (Donations go towards running server) Kebits are our way of thanking you. Join us and instantly earn 1,500 Kebits to get started!! (1) Become a Patreon and support the server and community, you will receive a monthly Kebit payment each month. (2) Make a one time donation thru PayPal, $1.00= 1,000 Kebits. (3) Be active and helpful on our Discord server. (4) Complete in game contests or scavenger hunts. (5) Be the winner of the FREE weekly lottery. Server settings (Keeping it simple) ORP will be used with a 15min timer on the Island server. Engram points earned are Double per level (6280 total) Gather=2x (10x on Island map) Player Points=2x (4x on Island map) Dino Weight=3x (6x on Island map) Dino Stamina=2x Taming Breeding and Maturing=4x XP= 1.5x (Dino Killing= 3x) Crop Grow= 30x Platform/Raft Build limit= 3x Custom Loot Drops (Not on Aberration) EVERYTHING ELSE= Default Admins and Events: We have a group of Admins that are available a few times a week to help out where needed. We will also be building community builds and events. (Coliseum, Crafting Post/Trading center, Community Garden, Ragna & Rock Cafe (consumables), Kibble Farm and The ARK ZOO ( We will build a ZOO and you can place your dinos on display here to show off your Mutations and Tames). As things progress we will be more than happy to allow players to take over management of any of the above listed areas...or create their own thing. We just recently added a Master ARK Builder to our server. He will be building amazing structures for us to enjoy How to Join: If you would like to join we recommend that you join our Discord Server. https://discord.gg/TDFXtxq (This is the ONLY way Kebits can be saved and spent) You can join by messaging here, messaging me directly or you can join by visiting our website and filling out the Join Server Form under the Events page. kebgaming.wixsite.com/keb-gaming We all look forward to building a great community with you and having a blast doing so! PVP Starter Pack PvP Starter Pack (Spawned on Island server) Dino: Doed w/saddle (level 100) Anky w/saddle (level 100) Quetzle w/saddle (non Platform) (level 100) Base: 9 Metal Foundation 9 Metal Ceiling 23 Metal Wall 1 Metal Door Frame 1 Metal Door 1 Generator 1 straight Electric Cable 1 Electrical Outlet 100 gas 4 Turrets 400 Ammo
  11. We are looking to grow our PvP player base, we just added a PvP Package only available on our PvP Island server to get players started. Check out our Discord for info.
  12. Make sure these things are correct: You need to have Cross Platform enabled in the Nitrado server settings. Also when Searching for your session, all search parameters come into play. You need to have Unofficial PC hosted selected, Select ALL Maps and ALL Types (PvE and PvP and PvPvE) Selecting all will make sure you don't miss it. Then if it is password protected you MUST check the "Show Password Protected" check box. If it is not password Protected you need to UNcheck that box. one would think Checking the box would show both Protected and Not, but it simply filters them. Now type in part of the Server name to search...for example: My server name is "[US] KEB Gaming: PvP Island. Events. Credit System"...I just search "KEB Gaming" as this will Direct me to my server...because if I mistype 1 letter/space it will search for the whole string and will not find it. I hope this helps