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  1. Hey all you Xbox and Windows 10 players!! We have a BRAND NEW-4 map PvP cluster that just launched Yesterday!! Come and claim your spot and play against/with your fellow ARK players!! Server Name: Dinomite Maps: Center/Rag/Abby/Ext 20 slots each to start Argy/Beaver and Theri allowed on Abby Artifacts will be found in Green Drops Gather is 8x Taming is 6x (12x in the dodex ap) and 0.5x consumption Hatch is 25x Mature is 8x 10 man Tribe Limit 1 Alliance Allowed 200 Turret Limit 3x turret Damage, but there are NO HEAVIES Industrial Equipment is learned at an early level Fuel Consumption is 25x NO ORP (Structure damage off during week and on during the weekend) This is NOT a Play to win server, you can donate via boost codes. More info and answers to any of your questions on the Discord Page: https://discord.gg/eqybSd7
  2. Come Join Thirst servers NOW. Population is growing like crazy and there is plenty of space to build with 11 maps to choose from!!!
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  6. Community is growing and we are adding more servers! Specialty servers! Come check it out!!
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  8. Its the weekend! Time to get your friends rounded up and come on over to our Prim Plus server and have some good ole PvP Fun! Hope to see you out there!
  9. Come check out the Prim Plus server..Still Growing and also get inline for your spot on the NEW Extinction server on Nov. 6
  10. Its time to join the KEB Gaming Community. If you want a better server with better players this is where it is!
  11. Now is the time to join! Tons of new players and player population is ALWAYS BUSY! If we add a few more tribes I will have to upgrade the slot size!