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  1. Perhaps two categories for mods and no mods instead of console/PC. I'm a PC builder, but I often build without mods because I'm making videos for Youtube of builds that others should be able to reproduce on consoles. But however you decide works for me.
  2. PC Singleplayer - Game equips scissors onto the player when reaching the top of a ladder and no other equippable items (e.g. guns) are in your inventory. Scissors do not have to be on the hot bar. - single player worlds are still pretty susceptible to being overwritten or made no longer accessible, leaving only a blank world accessible when there's a mod update. I can't really tell if my save game has been overwritten or not because of the way steam names mod folders. This does not happen every time there's an update. Example: The Ragnarok DLC released, I built something in my Ragnarok world, a week later something updates, the DLC disappears from the official maps section and shows back up in the mods section, and the next thing I'm realizing is that the entire world is wiped/no longer accessible. (Mods in use: death helper, classic flyers, fog remover, s+)
  3. Come to think of it Jat, I wouldn't mind a bit more variety in the winner selection while still weighting your decisions for overall quality. I notice you guys already make your selections based on what game features you're promoting any given week. This would be along the same lines because it would presumably build community participation in the event. But I don't think there should be any rules like "you can only win once." That just heads too far into 'participation trophy' levels of silliness for my taste. Good luck balancing that! As long as the contests benefit Studio Wildcard and build community, which I'm given to understand are their primary purposes, I'm happy with any rules changes. These contests aren't here to serve as charity funds for up and comers or as a regular income for well-qualified entrants. Although it's definitely nice when I do win, which has happened twice, my intention for entering contests is to spread awareness about my Youtube channel, and I'm happy when people watch my vids and are inspired enough by the content to subscribe. Don't need a contest win to pull that off. If there's anyone here trying to win so you can make money, I think you'd be a lot happier and make a lot more if you were to put your time and creative energy toward something that paid better. Not sure if anyone here fits that description. I don't really pay enough attention to know that and don't really want people telling me if they think anyone here does. I'm just sayin that if its money you want, there's better ways to get it.
  4. Thank you! Wood in the base game is pretty decent, except when you paint it. Then it gets all splotchy.
  5. "The Stacks" is a stylish "ruined" cave base at the bottom of the Central "Grand Hills" cave that you can fast travel to, use as deep storage since there is a lot of vertical space down there, farm Artifacts of the Clever, and use as a redoubt in case your base above is taken over or invaded by an enemy tribe, which could allow for some fun planning of a two-pronged counterattack where one force could attack from the surface and one from within the cave. Especially if you have megalosaurus's in your party. I built it in creative but designed it to be build-able in survival by a tribe. It's stone and wood for aesthetics on the inside, and metal on the outside.
  6. Watch this video to see how I built it in Survival mode. Or check out the images from the concept build!
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