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  1. snkart

    Aberration Map

    While babysitting i noticed a surprising difference in how the map looks in 1st person and 3rd person. Would love to see the same map from 3rd perspective aswell
  2. snkart

    Nameless Spawning inside the base

    Ty @invincibleqc for moving the topic. Didn't notice it was in the general area.
  3. snkart

    Nameless Spawning inside the base

    So we have tried building a small outpost for storing an anky for metal farming in the blue zone. We have 4 pets who are constantly charged and emit charge to protect us from the nameless. With all that being done nameless still spawn inside our small box. Is that an intended mechanic? I mean people are running around naked around there just to make nameless spawn to kill our stuff. Spawning them outside the base is ok but inside seems a bit overkill. We don't have quetzals or anything on this map to bring the anky there everytime we want to farm.
  4. snkart

    Aberration Official Servers?

    I thought Aberration was supposed to be a PVE oriented map. Where are the servers?
  5. Been reporting using that form for months now and I haven't seen my server being added there 1 time. No reply, no nothing but our server is cancer every weekend with 255ping and rubberbanding. I want to have fun not to be more frustrated than doing work...
  6. snkart

    Are rock elementals hard to kill?

    Well to be fair I now use the giga simply because i can kill one golem in under 10 hits. Golem simply takes more hits. I will give you a real life example of how I used to use my weakest golem i own now. Stats on him are as follows: 11125hp 1440st 472.1dmg. I can easily kill 5 6 max lvl golems before I need to let him heal a bit. If you want a demonstration you can always come on my server and see with your own eyes
  7. snkart

    Are rock elementals hard to kill?

    30 minutes? Maybe more like 2 3 minutes
  8. snkart

    tek tier Solo Boss recommendations

    From personal experience I would suggest having a friend or an ally with you just in case you get a disconnect. It happened to me quite a few times to get a disconnect while entering the boss arenas and the only thing that saved my dinos was my friend who didn't get a disconnect. Even though that doesn't happen very often it is a risk worth considering.
  9. snkart

    Are rock elementals hard to kill?

    Golems are very easy to kill, not sure why some pople think it is hard If you don't have a tamed golem with decent dmg or a giga or a few boss rexes at your disposal then some rockets will be the best option. A golem with around 400%+ melee can kill any max lvl golem without suffering high health loss even if it has a primitive saddle and considering most of the golems I tamed on Ragnarok and sell usually get around 240-300% base melee after tame i would say it is quite easy to get to 400%.
  10. Ok but still an unoriginal piece won And in the criterias for choosing a winner are quote "These bases are judged based upon a number of different factors such as their creativity, uniqueness, how fun of a base it is, the difficulty of building it, the functionality it provides and much more!" Hope you get my point
  11. So the idea orginally made by @GG Fizz got first place and a super unique design got second place....nuf said.
  12. +1 Almost all games that are in a long LIVE development process have this type of servers. People will definitelly join and help. And you could even make a strict selection and give access to certain people who can give relevant feedback.
  13. @wildcard Every raptoring weekend you do the same poop. Create an event for the community and then immediatelly do an update aswell. Have you not learned yet that every single update that you release is broken af and instead of having a nice time you just ruin the weekend for everyone that wants to have fun? Why not do the update on monday or any day of the week when the activity is not that high? Just why? Do you ever stop to think that you have never released a functional update since your game was initialized? Or in your heads you always live with the idea that the thing that you change will work fine and that will be it? I mean either that or you are insane. By definition doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. I wonder if you will ever learn.
  14. snkart

    wth is with the aggro of dinos?

    A diplo has more balls to attack me than feroceous carnivore dino. Idk man i guess ark is now "ARK:CarnivoreWithNoBalls Evolved"
  15. snkart

    ARK: State of the Game

    People are just blind and can't read man don't worry