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  1. Rebind E with R and E with R. (sometimes you might move the keyboard while it is dark and put your hand a little bit to the right and while in the air press E to dismount and fall to your death) Rebind All Agressive to a key like F8 or something like that that is out of reach. Unbind your J key (unless you want to rearrange your dinos all the time)
  2. Ok but still an unoriginal piece won And in the criterias for choosing a winner are quote "These bases are judged based upon a number of different factors such as their creativity, uniqueness, how fun of a base it is, the difficulty of building it, the functionality it provides and much more!" Hope you get my point
  3. So the idea orginally made by @GG Fizz got first place and a super unique design got second place....nuf said.
  4. +1 Almost all games that are in a long LIVE development process have this type of servers. People will definitelly join and help. And you could even make a strict selection and give access to certain people who can give relevant feedback.
  5. People are just blind and can't read man don't worry
  6. 60 FPS Epic on Xbox but what about PC? Our PCs can have much more power yet we are left behind. Also 60 FPS EPIC when you are looking at a huge base with a ton of structures of when you have a 7x3x4 base with 1 door and 1 window? Also I think I can speak for all people who have been supporting ark since the first days when I say the collectors edition package for those who bought the game while in early access could be at %50 the current price. Don't get me wrong I want to support ark and I supported when I bought SE but milking for more and more seems like WC doesn't care about th
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