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  1. I readed original suggestion thanks for reminding. My solution is simple. let it like this. I happy with this.
  2. no, I m not agree to you About that I always play pvp and still playing and I m not thinking like you friend.
  3. this wont be nice, anyone dont want to spent time for carry dinos on land
  4. Should remove limits Hi everyone, I m playing in a offical server and I m in trouble with limits. First x turret limit came to my base later building limit now tame limit... I dont understand why too many limit in this game. I m a pvp player I m building for protect my dinos. What will PvE player do. I playing for build interesting things and tame dinos. I understood turret limit. They made it for loop in servers but İt didnt work btw. Building limit made it for stop lags I think. Now may I ask why for made tame limit? I broke my rafts for make little place on my quet. My advice is this gam
  5. if you remove platforms how can be carry dinos for long ways?
  6. I m in a offical server and my base at build limit right now. This is one of the game nonsense...
  7. you are really good motivated me. You gave me hopes. Thank you so much.
  8. yes too much lag and bug here And they didnt fix them yet. I m hopefull and stubborn. I will keep write something about primitive and primitive+. Thanks for read this.
  9. I m playing in offical server right now. I have some bases 1 of them huge. I cant let them. But I dont want it just for myself every big tribe has problem about this turret rule.
  10. Thanks man, I wrote here for souluotion. I hope they will see my topic
  11. 'thanks for reading this' is not sound good for me I prefer thanks for read this. You understand what I mean. Dont need to decorate the sentence thanks for read this!
  12. we are using golems but I prefer x turrets. İf you are big tribe and joining wars, you can see there is no competiton in fights. Just you need to stay online. Which tribe go to offline first, they will lose. There is no big raids happening now
  13. I m old primitive player I didnt play in technological servers just I played primitive and primitive+ I dont like other mods. And you know ARK Devs deleted primitive servers. One of was my server too. Now I m playing in primitive+ and too easy to raid someone here. Thanks for read this.
  14. Yes but which one is better 100x turret or 1000x turret. And if you make enough x you can be sure they can kill every meat shield dino. I m giving too much time for tame dinos, breed dinos. But I cant do almost nothing about defense. my all exertion can be delete in a few hours. Thanks for read this
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