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  1. If you don’t know what they did to the tek items then you shouldn’t comment. Just FYI, Ark took all the tek suits and meks from everyone in PVP.
  2. Tek Don’t steal my meks I worked hard for. I hate you.
  3. I quit I ground out 6 meks in the last two days. One an ascendant. I may have played my last day of Ark. I saved them until I had the material and didn’t even get to use them. Bring back 8x for a two weeks and maybe I will play. At least then I can get the resources to make more when I get them. That still isn’t fair to me, but it will make it so people can get more. I hate you Ark.
  4. Missing Dinos I am missing a 239 Dodec that we’re in my crab’s claw when the new update just happened. I want it back.
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