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  1. If you actually read the post it answers that question fairly early on....
  2. It works perfectly fine, the issues is that the servers are always full so you’re probably sitting there in limbo starring at the obelisk you tried to transfer from while the game puts you in queue waiting to join said server. (Xbox)
  3. @Jen “We will be releasing an initial start batch of servers, and bringing more servers online as needed so please be patient for us during this period.“ alright we have been patient... but now you guys need to roll out MORE than enough smalltribe servers to suffice because now there are tribes 30+ server days ahead of everyone else and with no hope in sight of catching up.... stop adding little by little and add ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE and then you can take down little by little.... the fact that I have been “waiting to join session” for over 27 hours straight is absolute buffoonery! And there’s no point in playing x1 official if you’re a smalltribes player so there goes days and days of people WAITING to play an inevitably broken game.... I understand first launch issues.... BUT AT LEAST LET US EXPERIENCE THE BUGS AS OPPOSED TO WATCHING THIS DAMN SERVER SCREEN FOR HOURS ON END thanks ??✌?
  4. Xbox has been running for 22hours straight, seen the servers bounce between 68 and 70/70... but nope still “waiting to automatically join session” like please.... add MORE than enough servers for SmallTribes and then take away what you can afford to lose .... not release 6 at a time and keep the majority of people unable to play or at a significant disadvantage being soooo late to the game. I can already tell once I finally do get on it’s going to be a s*** show.
  5. 12 Smalltribes servers aren’t enough !!!!! Try to get something right for once please!? ?
  6. 3 NA Smalltribe servers? Lmao I know you claim to release more as needed but you’d think you guys would anticipate and be ready for More people to play the most popular server type..... idk how you guys get away with selling this for $80+dlc!? my lord.?
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