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  1. Imma get my friend to post some of his stuff, he is a god at drawing dinosaurs.
  2. Do you play single player on the island? I would like to know strats for fighting brood etc. solo...
  3. How do you mix a Microraptor and an arch up?
  4. Well... Sounds hard. Why did you put that in a spoiler?
  5. Yay, finished it! Im gonna start playing singleplayer, so I guess I will have updates on that.
  6. Hockey has change they way I think about life...

  7. It isn't a matter of life or death... Its a matter of living or dying. 

    "Cool, I'm in!"

  8. It isn't a matter of life or death... Its a matter of living or dying. 

    "Cool, I'm in!"

  9. Spoiler

    Well, this is odd seeing you here...


    1. invincibleqc


      Talking to yourself is okay. Answering back is risky.

    2. DrChicken24
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