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    Hopefully when structures+ becomes official, it’ll come with a whole bunch of new structure pieces. According to the screenshots I’ve seen, s+ allows you to turn ramps into straight stairs.
  2. Species Z Plants

    I’m pretty sure you have to be standing right near the plants to keep the nameless away (i.e you have to have the charge light buff showing in the bottom right corner).
  3. Controllable Auto Turrets

    Have you heard of the minigun turret? Making auto turrets mountable would make the minigun turrets practically useless.
  4. Overhaul the Kibble Chart

    Actually, the Titanoboa IS tameable. Similarly to the Basilisk, you have to drop fertilized eggs in front of it. But otherwise I totally agree with your post. EDIT: another one that seems wierd is ptero kibble for turtles. Not in any universe are turtles harder to tame or more useful than pteros.
  5. Dino's in the radiation zone

    Basilisks, mole rats, ravagers, and giant bees aren’t immune to radiation. All other creatures are immune, as long as they’re the aberrant variations (e.g. a trike from the island won’t be immune, but an aberrant trike will be).
  6. Tips for surviving official pvp?

    I wouldn’t waste my time with a Parasaur, horses are great for transport and aren’t that hard to tame imo, as long as you have kibble or carrots. They’re quite rare on the island tho, maybe you could tame 1 on Ragnarok, then transfer it back to the island? As for base locations, I can’t really help you, I’m a noob when it comes to pvp.
  7. Five things that need to be changed about maps

    Hold right-cilck/R2/whatever it is on xbox to zoom in while holding the map. Should solve your problem.
  8. PvE/PvP Griefing

    Offline drowning should absolutely not be allowed on pve, idk how they’d implement it (obviously we don’t want people logging off in the water amd not drowning), but I really hate it when people drag me in the water. PvE stands for Player vs Environment, meaning other players shouldn’t be any kind of threat at all. On pvp I don’t mind, if you don’t wanna be killed don’t log off outside. Maybe on pve dragging unconscious/offline players should be disabled.
  9. Ps4 crossplay server

    Currently there’s no crossplay available for pc and ps4, only xbox and windows 10.
  10. gui.hud broke

    As I said, at the main menu there’s an “options” button. Click on it, and find the slider that says: “General UI scale”, and move the slider to the left (just a little bit). Then click “Apply” and then “Save” (at the top right of the options menu). That works for me every time.
  11. gui.hud broke

    If you’re on console, under options there should be an slider to increase or decrease the UI scale. Move the slider to the left (not to much), and then press apply and then save. Hope this helps.
  12. Multiple seating dinos

    On PC it’s C, so on xbox that’ll be the right stick (I think).
  13. Multiple seating dinos

    Also, you probably know this already, but just because I don’t have anything else to do, here’s a list of all creatures that can pick up and carry other players (including your tribe): Argentavis, griffins, Kaprosuchus, Karkinos, Megalosaurus, Pteranodon, Quetzal, Tapejara, Teusoteuthis, Wyverns.
  14. Multiple seating dinos

    List of creatures that can seat more than 1 players: Diplodocus, Gallimimus, griffins, Karkinos, Pachyrhinosaurus, Procoptodon, rock drakes, roll rats, Tapejara. List of creatures that have platform saddles: Brontosaurus, Mosasaurus, Paracer, Plesiosaur, Quetzal, Titanosaurus. You’re welcome EDIT: almost forgot about the kangaroos, 1 player can sit in its pouch while another comtrols it EDIT#2: thanks @Eli, I didn’t know the Karkinos could seat 2 players. And thanks @SwishPapaSweets, totally forgot about the rock drake lol, they can also seat multiple players.
  15. Describe Aberration in 3 words or less

    Dark, scary, awesome!