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  1. 1. A few weeks, though I was getting info from the wiki and youtube. 2. It depends on whether you care about the story or not. Ragnarok is noncanon, as it doesn’t have any lore attached to it. If you want to follow the story, I’d start on the Island. Ragnarok is a great map though. 3. I love them all; Scorched Earth and the Center are the most beautiful imo, but they don’t have as much unique content as Aberration and Extinction. Also, if you like roleplay/immersion I recommend Primitive +
  2. I gotta recommend Aaron Longstaff, he’s got some amazing build videos.
  3. My favorite moment was taming my 1st Pteranodon. Before, I’d been pretty much stuck near the spawn area, too afraid to venture anywhere, but when I tamed the Ptero the whole world opened up to me. I’d never felt so confident in Ark before; I’d intentionally start poop with Rexes and Brontos just to see them waddling over towards me, only to watch me fly away at top speed.
  4. I’d say the Island. It has a story, 4 boss fights, and ascension. Ragnarok and the Center are great, but neither of them have any story or ascension, and only one boss fight each. Scorched Earth, Aberration, and Extinction are fun maps, but pretty hard to start out on. I haven’t beaten the final boss on the Island yet so I can’t really say whether it can be done solo or not, I’d imagine you could with enough preparation. Primitive+ is great if you like building, and you can always use mindwipe tonic to reset you engram points if you run out, but if you wanna kill all the bosses and ascen
  5. I’m not great at decoration, I just usually try to add a little something to my builds, for example I put sloped roofs instead of flat ones, or walls and doorframes to seperate rooms (instead of just one huge open room). I also like to put pillars at the corners of my house.
  6. I found a level 112 Argent and kited it up to the top of the volcano with my Ptero. The combination of Argent talons, hyperthermia, and dehydration almost killed me, but I managed to knock him out with tranq arrows from a prim crossbow. I had to tame him with regular meat unfortunately, as my prime meat spoiled, but I still got 98% efficiency (I play singleplayer woth boosted settings). Feeling pretty happy about it, not every day I get a 167 Argent.
  7. I built my base in the large cave in the highlands (the wierd lighting drove me crazy, but otherwise it’s good), but pretty much anywhere in the highlands is good. Ragnarok has loads of great building locations, I just haven’t played it enough to have tested then all out.
  8. ? Ark is probably my favorite, because of how much time I’m able to dedicate to it without it getting boring; followed by Fortnite. I also like the Star Wars Battlefront franchise (specifically the new ones, I wasn’t into gaming yet when the og ones were a thing); simply because Star Wars is lit.
  9. Congratulations, winners! I haven’t played these mods, but they look awesome, and I hope to play them on official servers sometime in the future. Same goes for the sponsored mods.
  10. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite games!
  11. Not true. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-brontosaurus-is-back1/
  12. I’m kinda disappointed with the raptor tlc. 1. I don’t like the head, it looks too much like a Jurassic Park raptor. I’d prefer you left its head as it as, or or give a more unique looking head. 2. I was kinda hoping for a full coat of feathers.
  13. Yes, homo sapiens may be extinct, but so are dinosaurs. My guess is we (the players) are genetically engineered homo sapiens, just like all the other creatures.
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