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  1. Flying Tame movement

    Wait so you can level movement speed into flyers? Nope, like TuxedoSpartan said they (flyers) got nerfed a few months ago, now you can't level their movement speed. Trust me, it's for the best.
  2. Looking to move to Ragnarok

    Try the highlands. Plenty of carrots, potatoes and flowers, theres also 3 caves (2 have crystal, 1 has an artifact, and none have creature spawns).
  3. If you could choose one dino to start

    I would choose either griffin or thyla, terrain isn't a problem for either and their both pretty fast and deal significant damage.
  4. Boss battles are they safe

    I've been having some problems with bosses on ps4 singleplayer where their body disappears after they die, and I don't get any element/trophys/flags etc. But I can't say for certain this problem applies to official servers.
  5. Scorched What?

    I don't know about you, but for me the whole point of scorched earth is the challenge of survival, rather than the content.
  6. Model Rework

    That's not true. You are right that they found skin imprints that prove t-rex was not entirely covered with feathers, that doesn't mean they didn't have feathers. Watch trey the explainers video on it.
  7. Model Rework

    I totally agree with what you said about the rex, trike, and quetzal. The carno and bronto are less of a priority imo than the argy, that horrible chicken needs a new model (it should look more like a condor/vulture), more eagle-like sounds and more soaring and less flapping when flying.
  8. Leashes

    Tethers or stationary leashes would make your dinos vulnerable to snipers, but it is a cool idea
  9. I would love for this map to become official dlc, I would like if they removed some of the creatures that don't fit the environment (i.e not having every single spieces on the map), also would be cool if they created their own custom dinos (like a mammoth or rhino without fur, maybe a custom boss (the roc?)).
  10. Questions on engrams

    And one more thing: you can play on other maps, for example you can have a single player save for the island, one for the center, one for scorched earth, and one for ragnorok once it comes. You can also have up to 3 prim+ saves (they will be separate from your regular ark single player worlds), one on the island, one on the center and one on ragnorok (once it comes to console) (you can't play primitive plus on scorched earth). I'm only saying this because in your post you said you will only make use of the cross-ark system if you want to explore other maps, I'm saying you don't have to transfer to another map, you just have to join a different server.
  11. Questions on engrams

    And if you're wondering what primitive plus is, it's a total conversion that removes all advanced engrams (i.e. fabricated guns, electricity, metal structures, etc), but also adds new items, resources, building materials, weapons, as well as more consumables and an enhanced role play experience.
  12. Questions on engrams

    Also you asked what the "total conversion" meant, just click on "primitive plus" and you will be able to play on primitive plus servers and your single player will be prim+ as well. Just click on the "none" by where it says total conversion and you will switch right back to regular ark servers/single player. And no, downloading the prim+ conversion will not ruin your previous single player saves, it will simply create a new save.
  13. Questions on engrams

    1. You can transfer your character to scorched earth, simply go to an obelisk and click: transmit character data, or something like that. I haven't really used the server transfer system, so don't take anything I say about it for granted, but I do know that you transfer to another server via obelisk.
  14. A bunch of (Big) Suggestions

    Yeah they mentioned more underwater harvestables in the ark digest 30 (I think).
  15. A bunch of (Big) Suggestions

    1. I don't like the beaver dam idea, I think it's a little op and kinda removes the purpose of fighting wild beavers for their dams, plus if anything the beavers should be nerfed, not given new abilities, but that's my opinion. 2. Baby spiders: since I'm somewhat of a science nerd, I personally love this idea since it's what baby spiders do irl, but I highly doubt wildcard will implement this, in the end it would be a lot of work and time invested in giving an already useless creature a cool, but useless ability. I can't imagine many players utilizing this, and so I don't think wildcard will implement this. 3. You do realize that Beelzebufo already deals torp with its lick, right? As for generating bio toxin in their inventory, that would make the jellyfish nothing more than nuisances, and make crafting shocking tranq dart much easier, maybe too easy for wildcards taste 4. Oviraptor egg collecting: yeah I agree they should be able to do that. 5. The devs have said before that they plan on adding more underwater harvestables, so it's possible they may do something with algae/bacteria.