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  1. title-screen choice

    +1, there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be a feature. Also, why is the center the only map not to have its own logo? I know it’s not being worked on anymore, but it just frustrates me that my favorite map (aesthetically) is literally the only one without a logo.

    You wanna tell me your source(s) for that? Aside from that, I kinda agree with @Weiss in that it’s basically a living feeding trough, which imo isn’t a very useful niche. I suggest that it serves as a egg-incubator, it can be commanded to sit on top of an egg and keep it at the right temperature. That could be a little OP though, maybe it should be harder to tame than you suggested. There could also be some exeptions to what it can incubate: not wyvern or drake eggs (due to the temp requirements being to much for the maiasaur), it also can’t incubate eggs too large too sit on (gigant eggs, bronto eggs, etc). Additionally, it could serve as a feeding trough, but towards pregnant animals as opposed to babies, the maiasaur will keep the gestating female at full food, while sacrificing its own hunger (but at a lower pace than the pregnant creature, otherwise it wouldn’t be worth taming). Just some more ideas, not saying yours are bad, simply stating my own.
  3. when will ark sponsord mods come to consoles

    Don’t forget S+ will (eventually) be integrated into the base game. Of course, nobody knows when.
  4. Things I don't need in the ext DLC (Extinction)

    I think you have a point there. WC has yet to create a dlc map that’s difficult/challenging (and uniquely so) but not annoying.
  5. Be the dino mode

    It’s certainly not the next dlc, as far as anyone knows there’s no ongoing development on that gamemode/dlc. Would be awesome if they did something with it, maybe after extinction?
  6. the best way to get paste on island ?

    Tame an achatina and set it to wander.
  7. Raptor "classes"

    I’m not entirely sure what you mean. Raptors are theropods, and technically oviraptor isn’t a dromaeosaur (usually what people mean when they say raptor). Are you saying there should be more small sized carnivores?
  8. Tarbosaurus Bataar

    Same could be said about the Yutyrannus.
  9. How to Tame a Giga

    Giga’s are k.o. tames, not passive tames. You might wanna knock it out before attempting to tame it. I apologize if there’s a joke here I’m not getting, I’m prone to that lol
  10. Forum Game: Bad Advice

    Build your greenhouse in the snow cave on the island, don’t forget to cover the roof of your greenhouse with thatch ceilings. What’s the best health-regenerating food for boss fights?
  11. Easter Tames

    Pretty sure the dodo’s lay the eggs?
  12. Weathertop Boulders

    No, they can’t be broken. It would be awesome if we could place tree platforms on them, would a cliff platform work?
  13. Breadfruit? Or any tree, really.

    +1 to @DJRone89‘s suggestion, planting grape seeds will result in a medium sized tree, alternatively you could use re-fertilizer and hope a tree grows, of course that depends on where you built your base.
  14. Griffin or Ice wyvern for The Island?

    Haven’t you ever traveled from 1 server/singleplayer world to another? Here’s a link to the wiki page in case you haven’t/don’t know how:
  15. Valentines colors?

    This may seem like a weird question, but does anyone know what colors were used during the valentines day event? Obviously red/pink/white colors but I don’t know the actual colors that were used. The exact names of the colors please (don’t just say pink, as there’s no color called pink and there’s a few that look pink). Thanks in advance!