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  1. Your luckiest moments

    My luckiest moment happend a few days after Ragnarok became official, and I was exploring the map on my ptera, when I ended up flying too close to the dragon trench (I’d never played on the map before, I was a noob when it came to the layout of Ragnarok). So all of a sudden a fire wyvern shows up, and starts chasing me. It came so close to hitting me several times, all of a sudden it disappears. Idk whether it despawned (does that happen?) or if it found something else to eat, but I got away with full health. Another lucky moment: I was on the same server a few weeks later, and I was investigating a nearby base (was planning to drain a few bullets, kite their dinos, etc, when this dude on a griffin picks me up. Probably was gonna fly up high and drop me, idk. Anyways, as he’s flying me up to the top of the world, the server lags and we’re teleported back to the ground, so low that his griffin drops me, and I escape with my life (it was pitch black, and I guess his gamma wasn’t very high, so my getaway was easy).
  2. What's your main land mount?

    Equus. Great stamina, decent speed, fun and immersive to tame, plus it knocks things out. The sounds are cute too
  3. What is your favorite tamed Ark creature!?

    Equus. Pretty easy to tame at low levels, very fast, don’t need a saddle to ride it, plus it can knock things out. Pteranodon is a close contender tho.
  4. What's your guilty pleasures?

    I have a problem with taming any creature no matter the level, as long as it has nice colors. In fact, this problem runs so deep that I’ll refuse taming a high level dino if there’s a lower level, slightly more colorful dino nearby. I also can’t resist playing with large wild dinos, e.i. gigas, titans, etc.
  5. PDS, Solo don't get to experience events?

    My guess is in the future, everyone will be able to experience events, just as it has been. The reason why the event was so lame this year is because Wildcard’s putting all their time and effort into abberation (which I don’t 100% agree with, but that’s irrelevant).
  6. Whats your favorite map?

    As crazy as it seems, my favorite is the island. I don’t know why, but there’s something nice about simplicity. The center’s probably my 2nd fav, like what @TheSnives said I really dig the tropical/tiki fantasy look, but there’s too much ocean imo, I hate the ocean lol. Ragnorok is beautiful, but a bit too large and it needs some more heavily forested areas to hide in (which is why I prefer the island and the center). Scorched earth is the best map in terms of views, some of my fondest ark moments happened while standing on one of those huge spike things by the canyons and looking at the sunset. I’d have to put scorched earth at the bottom of my list tho, as the landscape and biomes get boring and repetitive after a while.
  7. Alpha tribes

    The alpha tribe isn't an actual ingame mechanism, it's just a term we ark players give to the strongest tribe on the server. Depending on the people in the tribe, they can nice and even helpful to beginners, or they can be total raptorbags and wipe every thatch hut they find. Like you said in your comment @CaptainGiggs, they often control certain areas of the map, and like the other guy said they are often the main factor in your decision to stay on/leave the server.
  8. Are you buying aberation?

    Definitely. I don't know how I'll be able to afford it, but I'll find a way.
  9. Dino Topia

    June 2nd, 2015
  10. Top ten favorite Dinos

    Equus, closely followed by giga.
  11. Favourite creature for exploring?

    Equus is my fav, closely followed by thyla.
  12. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    1.Could you give us a hint on what the next expansion pack after aberration will be like? Pretty plz? 2. How many more modded maps will be made official and which ones are currently catching your eye(s)?
  13. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Will we ever get a story for the center? The ragnorok devs said their working on unique explorer notes, could we at least get a little story on the center maps steam page?
  14. Flying Tame movement

    Wait so you can level movement speed into flyers? Nope, like TuxedoSpartan said they (flyers) got nerfed a few months ago, now you can't level their movement speed. Trust me, it's for the best.
  15. Looking to move to Ragnarok

    Try the highlands. Plenty of carrots, potatoes and flowers, theres also 3 caves (2 have crystal, 1 has an artifact, and none have creature spawns).