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  1. Thats a different issue, its probably glitched and needs to transform first.
  2. Strange, i didn't noticed them for at least a week, until this update? This was the patch when ended on 30th of march. Fixed a server crash Fixed multiple cases where the Bloodstalker couldn't swing around Extinction Temporarily disables some lunar creatures from spawning whilst they're invisible
  3. Het lijkt er ook op dat er oude bugs terug opduiken, Invisible defenders are back at lunar biome genesis since event, tames vanish while teleporting,...
  4. Funny thing is, you can just google the release date, set for JANUARY 31 if no delay.
  5. Look at it this way, they said late january, there's lots of january left, im hoping for jan. 31 and you?
  6. Ik vrees voor jou dat ook PVE een paar servers verliest ? Cedric zei ALLE PVP, maar niet ALLEEN PVP, kom naar (un)official, je bent zo terug bij tek met de nieuwe rex-en ?
  7. Happy holidays @Cedric , and all WC employees, fellow survivors, innocent dodo's and yes... even you, troodon. Keep up the good work, i love this game more and more every day, that means your doing a great job! Enjoy the holidays with your family. ???
  8. Indeed octopod means 8 legged (insect), but with the genesis vibe, they also could make it a robot, personally i would like it to be organic.
  9. I took a closer look and indeed, it looks look the real back leg on the right, isn't shown. And on the left, there should be one between the second and the last. Thus if it has 8 legs, it could be the octopod you suggested (if it even is robotic), or just a spider. Nice observation Hippo.
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