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  1. unfortunately nothing will change until the devs make some hard decisions about the performance of their servers. ive never played a game that runs as poorly as ark. the servers simply cant handle these giant ugly dinosaur warehouses that fill the servers. i play (and i use that term loosely) on oc pve 69 ragnarok and it's constantly rubber banding. I wanted to play over the weekend but ended up rage quitting because the game was performing so badly. the entire server types "1" or "." in global chat to know when the lag is over. It's absolutely shocking. here's how i would fix the problem, at least for PVE: strict build/tame limit - enough for one semi-large castle per tribe - 50 tames in the world per tribe at a time. Make it so people have a single base that represents their tribe - if that base is an ugly box - it's their only ugly box. make cryo a cheap craftable item that everyone can build. this will prevent backlash from the strict tame limit and allow tribes to keep all of their work. one cryo trade per tribe per week to prevent these greedy raptors from simply splitting into multiple tribes. make cryo the only way to trade - disable claim/unclaim dino entirely except for breeding. then actually introduce something to do in PVE, add some roaming threats, maybe introduce pvp zones that contain rare materials/drops that can be built on but are open for destruction... honestly anything is better than this dino factory stagnant laggy bullpoop we have right now.
  2. can we please make it so standing/wall torches turn on automatically at night and dont require fuel? it's such a tedious mechanic that adds nothing to the game. nobody uses torches because they are a pain to maintain - which results in everyone using electric and artifact lighting. along these same lines - could we also change it so that the different tiers of structures dont have different decay times. Creating something out of wood because you prefer the aesthetics shouldnt mean you have to log in every single day to make sure it doesnt dissappear. maybe make decay based on the players proximity to structure.
  3. this - they need to give dinos a broader radius of attack similar to the giga.
  4. So can we get an official response to the literal years of players requesting simple things like DINO HUNGER, FOOD CHAINS, HERDS AND SLEEPING for all creatures across the ark? some of these have been achieved by mods, others are in light and dark (if the herds in the trailer arent just fluff). Just got gang banged by a team or raptors and troodons who worked together despite being completely different species - and please, no piss poor "It's ark lore" replies. Yeah the dinos get stuck on eachother because they are actually holograms and created by the shield droids from the phantom menace... b please.
  5. tlc 2 was definitely a mixed bag - the spino, raptor and argent all look great - but the trike should have been moved up to a later game tame and given a size and strength boost, the parasaur NEEDS a new model (loving the functionality though) and the sarcos death roll looks very cartoonish and should only be able to be activated when in the water.
  6. I'd say that's a wrap guys, no more tlc until after the third dlc... which in my mind means never. I was worried when the trike was kind of half-assed - and the parasaur confirms it - the art team has been assigned to new things. I hope I'm just being cynical but I can't imagine them continuing to do free work once the season pass is done. I just hope whatever tacky cheap halo-looking sci-fi schlock comes next is worth it for everybody who likes that stuff. My hopes of that goddamng ugly Quetzal having some majesty are lost here's hoping I'm wrong.
  7. they need to do something with it - watching it slowly die whenever i see one is just depressing. i say remodel the face (so it looks less derpy) and make it flee until 50% health and then defend with a rng tail whip attack that can deal severe damage
  8. instead of giving the direbear the ability to climb trees it would be a lot easier just to add more hive spawns to rock faces. it would literally take a few minutes to do.
  9. Sounds awesome man, and thats a great point about a tame gaining points. You've just broken the creature, and nurtured it back to health - if anything it should lose vitality after such an ordeal.
  10. I'd love to see that, have creatures rag doll if they get knocked over dismounting the rider - i'd also like to see wild creatures take fall damage... but i know these things come with issues and it won't happen
  11. im all for removing levels, from both players and the game. would make balancing this mess a whole lot easier the problem with ark and wildcard as a whole is they can't decide what direction they want this game to go. You have an ultra harsh, grindy survival game where the cold and heat and the need to eat and drink are constantly a threat... and then you have toilets giving you a buff when you poop in them and magical pigs healing other creatures like some kind of MOBA. Anyway agree to disagree - you guys like the status-quo - i think the game would be better if it took itself a little more seriously.
  12. I'm speaking strictly from a pve perspective here - because lets face it, pvp will always and has always been broken (recent events further highlight that fact). That being said, do you think twice before encountering a WILD rex or spino? would you rather take on a pack of allos, a giga - or the supposed king of the dinosaurs - tyranosaurus-stuck-on-a-rock-turns-like-a-truck-rex? If you can't see a spino or rex coming to avoid their bleed then you deserve to be slowed, and killed. Pve is incredibly boring late game because there is no danger. Thats why the pve servers are full of people breeding god ugly mutated abominations instead of fighting together to survive.
  13. You opened with a strawman. Nobody said apply it to all dinos, just where it fits. I wouldnt suggest a bronto cause bleed, but a rex - it fits. A bronto should have a chance to topple it's adversary - or stun it. I mean that tail is huge. Likewise an ankylo should be able to do the same. It should all be dependent on what the creature is attacking too. If a scorpion stings a dodo - it should KO immediately - but if it stings a bronto it shouldnt have any effect. These are all things that would take maybe a meeting to work out the tiers of creatures based on size/tankiness and then work out how they would interact with eachother to make combat more interesting. But no - lets just have them mash into eachother and the one with the best health to damage ratio wins... zzzz.
  14. by that logic they should remove dinos from needing to be fed - make it a feature only for some dinos - preferably remove it from the ones that eat fish only - it would make filling those feeding bins easier.
  15. megalania looks really bad, mouth always open, blurry textures, dull uninspired colours - also it can't attack wild dinos - they simply ignore the attacks while the megalania bites forever. See for yourself, go near the volcano on ragnarok and watch them derp around. Take a look at some real monitor lizards - take note of their colours, look at the detail in the scales - the mouth closed... save the scary teeth for when the thing attacks, and hopefully when it does it's able to actually deal damage
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