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  1. According to the Ark video winner, I am a baby direwolf =P I'm pretty happy with that! Great entries everyone! What a community!
  2. My PGM entry is called PACIFIC ISLES. Map data is in the quote below.
  3. I'd like to submit this for Ark video please =)
  4. You can post them on this forum, but there's a file size limit on each post of 0.39MB. I'd recommend using https://www.wetransfer.com/ WeTransfer will do up to 2GB for free, no strings and super simple to use.
  5. Valoule's sandbox is adorable. Love it! Great work everyone
  6. I'd like to submit my dire bear cave showcase for ARKvideo please It seems as though they have been overlooked! Hopefully my Ansel submissions have been received separately as I have emailed them using WeTransfer. Can't wait for the finished Crunch! Keep up the great work everybody!
  7. Any chance of us seeing a few more alpha variations on Scorched Earth, such as an Alpha Mantis that can fly? If you're feelin' sadistic, an Alpha Vulture would be tortuous.
  8. I say keep the 1080, for sure! I'm super chuffed to have so much of my stuff up in here! Congratulations to all the winners and runners up! The new Ansel system really allows for some gorgeous screenshots and this is a great way to bring out the talent in Ark's players to show it!
  9. I'd like for this to be considered under ARKitect, please! Many thanks! Good luck again everyone
  10. This is not the place for these kinds of queries, but I'm answering anyway... (perhaps a mod can move this somewhere else?) The light does pass through the walls of the house, but this doesn't make them useless, it just means you can't hide the light easily. There is absolutely a benefit from entering a house. If you have a door, ceiling and walls, you will get a small house symbol in the upper right corner of your screen which indicates a buff to your hypothermal and hyperthermal insulation. Additionally, when this buff is applied you will no longer be subject to the effects of weather, including rain and fog. I would suggest revising the build of your house to make sure you have this buff active as it sounds as though your building is not effective. It must have a door and ceilings for the buff to be active.
  11. This is not a place for question submissions. However, it has been hinted by the devs that more mythical creatures will be released.
  12. Here is my submission for ARKvideo this week! This took a lot of work and hopefully people like it! Good luck to all the entries and I'll eagerly await Community Crunch 63!
  13. More like a sci-fi nerd answer than a hipster answer! And I mean that as a compliment to the developer!
  14. Dear devs/anyone willing to help, Here is a link to a Reddit page, which will in turn link to a video demo of the frame loss experienced on the Scorched Earth map next to obelisks at dawn/dusk. https://www.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/51un7q/i_lose_30_fps_at_dawn_and_dusk_on_scorched_earth/ Basically, between 05:00 and 07:00 (in-game), I lose about 30fps consistently until the Sun has risen fully. I experience the same phenomenon in the evening. Please see the video for clarity: Please could anyone experiencing the same issue write here to confirm in order to heighten the chances of this gaining attention. Thank you very much, especially to the devs and anyone who deals with bugs.
  15. This crunch is HUGE! Alongside the digest, this is a massive post and it's awesome! It hasn't sunk in that I think I was one of the winners for the Ansel contest and a runner up for the Arkitect I absolutely love the community crunch/digest and I hope any negativity about the DLC doesn't manifest here because it's not the place to be making those kind of comments! Great work all around by excellent minds.