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  1. Any word on the prizes and when we should expect them? Thanks!
  2. I just wanted to ask about the prizes since I last received some at August 8th. And I am waiting on 100$ form community crunch 100 (August 12th). I won 100$ from community crunch 99 (August 5th) and 50$ from community crunch 95 (June 10th) but only received 100$ on August 8th.
  3. A lot of great entries this week but one stood out to me. Blue Dragon had some awesome screenshots and hands down the best PGM I've seen so far! I am honestly impressed by it. Anyway community crunches have become a lot more competitive lately and I definitely like it! Good luck to everyone, see you next week!
  4. Just wanted to ask a quick questin about the steam giftcards. Did we recieve them as Paypal money or they are going to be processed in the future?
  5. It looks very good and futuristic. I really enjoyed the trailer and I am stoked about the tier. But I suggest it to be very hard to get/almost impossible since it might become very gamebreaking. Otherwise it looks awesome. We support you!
  6. One of my screenshots is named Icelands but it is not the one displayed in the 360 Stereo section. You just swapped them.. it doesn't really matter but I decided to point it out.
  7. Yes there will be a highlight for everything they showed.
  8. I only focused on how it looked and felt but it is in very early stages and has some bugs, and also it is very big and that makes it even harder to optimize.
  9. Some awesome entries yet again. ARKitect was awesome. Ansel was as always full of some great entries! And overall a very good crunch. Looking forward to the next pach.
  10. There is a slight mistake in the title. You misspelled Patch.
  11. The Extra Life is a very good idea! Going to tune in for sure! I am also looking forward to the next patch. PGMs loading faster will be a very good addition along with the new dinos and cave redesigns.
  12. Awesome entries this week yet again. I also had a question.. How are we going to recieve the giftcards? Are you going to email us or give them straight through our linked steam accounts in survivetheark.
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