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  1. So a lot of areas have the house symbol however some areas near walls etc (am still building parts of my base but these spots have a well enclosed ceiling and no opening nearby!) that I am still being affected by the weather. Yes the castle is still open in spots cause I haven't finished making it yet. However a well enclosed area near the windows and walls doesn't seem to be getting the house affect. I move a couple of steps away and I am covered. Is this still an issue or what? Just curious thanks
  2. Builders Suggestions please?? Help??

    Second angle. Am considering attempting to record the rest of the main castle/other additions with time but will see how things go time wise.
  3. Builders Suggestions please?? Help??

    Pulled back the areas that was under the water and extended a couple of small spots slightly! I like how its looking I guess another option is to use villager stuff etc in it too I don't know but either way if anyone has some suggestions how to combine mods with the castles and keeps mod due to different wall heights I would much appreciate it. Thanks Think it definately looks better for the foundations layout! And yes its meant to be a large castle. Enjoy and any help is appreciated. Am pretty certain this is the final layout for my main castle though Am using Red Granite cause I feel that makes it look like it just fits into the desert but may change that colour yet to be something creepy lol Wait and see Anyway let me know your thoughts. Though I did just discover there are windows with teh castles and keeps mod that look awesome so thats cool Means I can still look out and see the waterfall etc lol and looks like I will need to fix up that spot that looks like a missing foundation later lol Though I did have one that changed textures earlier but that could have been an accident whilst running along and not noticing changing the floors! Had a second picture that it won't let me post in here due to the 399kb only error. Have been able to skip past that in the past since this saves and then refreshing the page. Seems maybe they stopped allowing you to do that Will post it below.
  4. So I need help from the builders out there. I love building but am stuck in a bit of a dilema currently as I am currently building with castles and keeps mod and due to land placement and having to stack some foundations I thought oh yep since the walls are 1/3rd higher than usual I will somehow incorportate those raised foundations area into what looks like a second building but is actually not. Next is the fact I want to be able to see the waterfalls I have built right along at the back however can't see how that will be totally possible as yet again castles and keeps is 1/3rd higher and as a result can't easily be used with other items. I have noticed they will perfectly snap into each other so is this a possibility?? I know I may have to move some spots out a bit from the waterfall since they are going under it but figured I will do that when the time comes. Its either that or have the rock face sticking through the castle which is not the most desireable but currently I love the shape of the specific layout I have. Even though I know some alterations may be necessary. Which I am pretty certain will need to happen but there is areas I don't want to shrink much further but some that I could pull back one layer. Temporarily everything is just out in the open. but I realise some of those areas that cut into the waterfall will need to be pulled back. Basically my idea was to have a medievil/steampunk (since steampunk has glass too) look to the castle however issue is the fact both wall sizes are completely different. Hence why I am a little stumped trying to work this out. Stone floors is from The castles and Keeps mod and is a red granite base for now. Usually I don't get so stuck but some ideas on how to proceed would be awesome please. Can anyone help with ideas on how to progress?? I have included a picture of the current foundation layout. Map is Ragnarok. I also do plan on adding other buildings around the area conected to this castle through upper walkways etc in the future to have things like stables etc available and a breeding hut etc. So I have lots of additions for the future for dino buildings etc in a medievil/steampunk theme but currently this is the main castle area. And figured better to work on that first. Thanks
  5. Finally got the Purple Back Mutation combined with a Magenta spine, Magenta Body and Coral Belly SO happy with it! Like both versions. Enjoy
  6. Thanks and thanks for the suggestion will see how things go as usually I don't have a lot of time for official servers. And I really am so proud of these rexes. But thanks a ton really appreciate the comment
  7. Got the purple back on but seems the magenta has mutated out from the magenta to brown. So have now had to bring back over the male magenta spine rex to try and get the pink back into the purple back rex. I will admit I do really like the look of this one too. Will be amazing once I get the Magenta spine back on Enjoy
  8. So I got a new mutation whilst doing this (surprisingly the same lime green back came out in 2 seperate eggs. Am still trying to work in the purple back with it to see how it goes Since one of the ones with 4 mutations was a male. As you can see I now have 3 ones with all colour mutations on them. However not sure what I think about the lime green with it. Thoughts please? Think I will still try to get an original 1 mutation only lime green rex back as I don't really want to start out with heaps of mutations already. But yes thoughts?? Will update when I have one with the purple back too. I don't mind the one with the lime green back but just not sure yet if its the one It was a random colour mutation edition whilst I was trying to combine colours lol Anyway thanks for your thoughts. Look forward to hearing them Thanks
  9. So hey everyone. This is my first time trying to fully combine Rex Mutations together. (I still haven't gotten all the colours I want and have over 50 rex mutations currently! LOL) I just wanted to share it as I really really love how its coming out. Its very much a valentines sort of colour. Going on inspiration from valentines recently! I will update this as I go with images of the combos I get. Am still trying to add on a dark purple back and a magenta Spine. Currently doing this on singleplayer whilst waiting for my server to be fixed. (I do plan on moving them to my new server when I have it back working as I have player downloads/uploads enabled.) I do have character/dino levels you get after taming increased but have not been pumping anything yet into these dinos whilst breeding them. But yes I just wanted to share as I have fallen in love with my first mutation combo Let me know your thoughts please? Thanks and Enjoy! EDIT: SO far I have a magenta body and Coral Coloured Belly!
  10. Tame animals starving

    Still an issue. In singleplayer I just discovered a dead megalodon with no food and no health that died when there was food in the trough. (it was mutated too ) So this seems to still be an issue damn it
  11. Was trying to use it on crystal isles but didn't notice it work. Now switched to ragnarok and I haven't seen fog yet but haven't spent long enough to test it
  12. Thanks I couldn't find it and I scaned through the patch notes. Appreciate it Thanks
  13. So I was trying to find the disable fog command. I found a disable weather command but I don't want to disable all weather as I still want it to rain etc. I only want the fog disabled on my server. Can anyone help me out please?? Thanks
  14. Aberration server crashing! Help please?

    Doesn't matter anyway as I have removed the aberration server and replaced it with Crystal Isles which has no issue with any of the mods/crashing. So I don't think it is the server version. As I am manually updating that anyway. But its no longer there anyway so it doesn't matter anymore!
  15. Aberration server crashing! Help please?

    Thanks Vaculity, But with the lag and crashing difficulties I decided to switch the aberration server back to my crystal isles server for the meantime as they saved my previous save on there for me. Going to be checking it out soon. It was so laggy the game was freezing up bad etc. I can always add it back in later