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  1. I dont know as I reset the whole server at the same time but one time when the server people accidently removed the mods everything but dinos vanished
  2. Except its still doing it when all mods have been removed from my server
  3. Primitive Plus V1.5 Bug List

    Engram points only go to level 86! Cant access the last few items/tiers of levels from 86 to 100
  4. So guessing this is a bug?? Characters in primitive plus only goes to level 86 yet engrams are available to level 100?? Am currently setting it up on my server had issues getting it working thanks to mods but now it is but force experience my character to test things to find she will only level to level 86! How are we supposed to get the items after that?? And most of all is this a bug or the correct level?? Thanks
  5. Community Crunch 97 & ARK Steam Summer Sale!

    You forget to mention sometimes people are loyal but they don't have the time to put into it every single week to enter even if they may wish to! Real life priorities comes over entering every week for me
  6. interesting to know too really I was trying to test breeding/imprint timers on my server haven't had much luck yet but I also want to breed for colour mutations but want bright colours lol
  7. Thanks my first mutation was a normal green which is not what I wanted but its just not showing up in this baby! My server just broke and went down anyway so hopefully its up again before imprinting needs to happen or guess I just wont bother testing imprinting on this baby either
  8. Interesting thanks wasn't sure about this! Good to know!
  9. I can't remember totally as I was trying to imprint but cause my timers are every hour I just had to sleep so can't remember all the parents stats! I know for certain stamina has mutated cause that is higher than both the parents other stats I don't think are any different know the weight is the fathers as it continues from the mother as it's the first mothers weight and I am certain other stats haven't mutated. Interesting though
  10. But the colour mutation isn't there but its showing in the genes line?? Is this because I got a second mutation stat?? I am trying to test breeding timers on my server hence why I am using the mosasaurus but I am kinda confused why the stat mutation showed but the colour didn't when its registering there?? Pictures below! mosasaurus was bred with my green colour mutation male mosasaurus and I am certain it got a stamina mutation as its different from the parents but it seems to be registering the colour mutation but there is none there??? or is it not the colour mutation but instead a double stack of stamina mutation?? As it has gone from 6480 to 6560 stamina so probably only one increase there! Help please am kinda new to this breeding stuff! Thanks Dads mutation pic included and the baby picture which seems to have mums colours but not the mutated colour?? So confused
  11. Wow some unlucky stuff there and makes sense with stats! Will keep trying to get more mutations but have decided that I think I am going to just imprint the mutated one so I can get some sleep due to my increased timers as to imprinting every hour or so! Would love to do all of them but even though it didn't get all the good stats of the others imprinting will still improve those stats I am sure And really looking at it it does suit the ocean and doesn't mean I can't keep breeding them for other colour mutations
  12. Guess when you mention that yes its not too bad and it is a nice oceanic colour! Guess I will be imprinting a third lol! I need to sleep so bad though lol But thanks I see your point! Sometimes it takes someone else to change your mind on something and make you realise yes its not as bad as you thought lol And its not disapointing as I was very lucky to get it on the second breeding and really I shouldn't be expecting or hoping for certain colours as there really is no guarantees as to which colour you will get lol Edit: I have my server settings increased to every 50 minutes to hour for imprinting lol so you don't get much sleep in between lol
  13. So I know I am lucky to have gotten a mutation with the second breeding of the mosasaurus since the first 2 were twins from the same parents but why did it have to be an awful coloured green lol! its also not the greatest stats so will probably just keep it with no imprinting as I love bright coloured dinos not olive green lol! Parents were orange and crimson. Know I am lucky to have gotten a mutation but think I will keep going and not bother imprinting this one and just keep it as a memento due to the fact its not a colour I really want and stats are pretty awful! The twins are lower level by 10 and came out with good health, stamina, melee and food in the first breeding. This one is pretty meh! Anyone else had that exciting but then disapointing experience of finding you got a mutation but then you discover its not a colour you want?? Would be interested to hear others experiences I am going to keep it either way as hey its a colour mutation Picture below Enjoy and look forward to hearing other experiences
  14. Community Crunch 97 & ARK Steam Summer Sale!

    Thanks @Jat Interested to see what happens :0
  15. Community Crunch 97 & ARK Steam Summer Sale!

    Thanks for this response and I agree with this idea! I would have been happy if I had lost fairly as you said but it does kinda seem rigged. It didn't even make the video into the fan feature and you probably know what it takes out of you to build, record and edit the darn thing. A lot of time that I feel was wasted cause it wasn't added to fan feature unlike the rest but maybe I missed some unknown deadline who knows. I enjoy building etc but let's say it is disheartening when the same person wins multiple categories as you said it doesn't seem fair and seems rigged but thanks for your response