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  1. You forget to mention sometimes people are loyal but they don't have the time to put into it every single week to enter even if they may wish to! Real life priorities comes over entering every week for me
  2. Thanks for this response and I agree with this idea! I would have been happy if I had lost fairly as you said but it does kinda seem rigged. It didn't even make the video into the fan feature and you probably know what it takes out of you to build, record and edit the darn thing. A lot of time that I feel was wasted cause it wasn't added to fan feature unlike the rest but maybe I missed some unknown deadline who knows. I enjoy building etc but let's say it is disheartening when the same person wins multiple categories as you said it doesn't seem fair and seems rigged but thanks for your response
  3. Thanks and I do enjoy entering just feel a little disheartened and sometimes real life gets in the way of me entering! But will keep attempting it I guess Thanks
  4. I know I don't enter regulary just due to time but honestly I am starting to wonder if there is a point to entering Since my ideas don't seem up to the standard of others. Any suggestions for ways to get them better or what?? As I am starting to feel disheartened cause I can't enter regulary and it seems like what I am proud of and think is good enough isn't. Any suggestions please @Jat on ways to improve my builds/what you look for in the builds so I have an idea if I need to make it better?? Thanks Seriously though huge congrats to all the winners! Amazing builds/maps etc
  5. Very very interesting for a beginner map maker to read! Thanks so much
  6. I am interested in breeding and getting mutations with colours etc but then I will admit I play singleplayer so really don't mind teh long breeding periods as I can just log off when I want and the game freezes and I log on again when I am next on! Honestly though there needs to be some effort required if people want super dinos. It can't all be easy to achieve. At least in my opinion
  7. Congrats to all the winners and thanks for the Fan Feature! Appreciate it and am a big fan of this game. Thanks for another awesome Community Crunch!
  8. From what I have read once you sign up for the sponsorship program you are basically signing some of the rights to wildcard as they are paying you money to help finish it and may use it in an official capacity! They also need some of those rights to have the finished content in case you don't want to keep working on it once its finished/done so if they are using it in an official capacity so they can easily fix it! As they said once the map or mod is finished its your choice as to if you keep working on patches/fixes or decide not too. In which case they need to be able to fix it. Which makes sense to me then that they do own some of the rights to this hence why you wouldn't just be able to transfer ownership as part of the mod program does give some of that ownership to wildcard. I heard one of the people who are sponsored say this on a shared stream on youtube whilst working on there map. I think this is a fair enough coverage in my opinon as they are giving you a decent amount of money to help complete it and they need to cover there back in the process. I can't speak for Wildcard personally but all I have read I can agree with what they are doing
  9. I run it on the same specs as my pc! My PC Specs are intel i5 6500 3.2Ghz Quad Core 8GB Memory Nvidia Gigabyte Gtx 960 4GB GDDR5 2x Windforce OC edition graphics card. I mostly run custom settings in ark which are optimized through Nvidia Geforce Experience. hoping to save up for a new power core and an Nvidia Geforce 1080 ti 11GB graphics card. Just be warned the Dev kit can be slow and can take awhile to load all shaders etc. Hope this helps
  10. I am in the same boat but I just downloaded the ark Dev Kit and Joined the Ark Modders Discord and they have all been very helpful with getting me started! Hope this helps
  11. One thing I read is that the Wildcard devs require access to the files in case the developer doesn't want to keep the mod up and working with fixes once its fully released as its there choice if they keep supporting it or not! If not Wildcard has all files etc of said map and hence if they send out a patch or fix that breaks said mod that they can fix it if the developer no longer is wanting too. Hence no need for another developer to take over it/get the money as if its done and wildcard have the files they can keep it fixed and up to date! Particulary if its official. I would say if this happens before its finished they no longer get the money and are dropped from the program hence the new developer wouldn't be taking up any money anyway unless wildcard decided to take them on with the sponsorship program again. Also read if they aren't keeping up fixes and content whilst developing the mod that they can be dropped from the sponsorship program hence if you get lazy or slack or don't try to fix things up you loose your place and any sponsorship of your mod having a chance at becoming official. So in otherwords if you don't persist/fix issues then you loose your place. Yes there is a guarantee of it not being compatible with other mods but that is where I would say the person creating the map/mod is supposed to step in and work on a fix with that map maker/mod maker and work out on whos side it is causing the issue. As it may not be that persons fault for it not being coded compatible it could be the other map/mod maker whos is not compatible and hence needs a fix which is where you would need to work together with that mapmaker to sort out whos side the issue acctually is on. As for copyrighted material from what I have seen wildcard is only selecting sponsored projects that don't have any association with other already copyrighted games/materials as there is too much of a risk there and ages ago they were sued for different reasons to do with another company and the game and I doubt they would want to go through that again so I would assume they would only select maps/mods that are original and relate to this game and would select nothing relating to other franschises like jurrassic park or monster hunter as then there is too much of a risk of being sued if they do add that stuff as official content. I may only be very much a beginner to map making/learning but I did read up about this stuff through the community crunch/sponsored mod articles before I started and its all there. Others are also just general ideas/solutons to do with fixing up if the map or mod isn't compatible with others and working with the other map makers. The reason I read this stuff is because I am attempting to make my first ever mod by doing a large map so I have been interestingly following stuff to try and learn all I could and let it sink into my head just how much work you really need to do and learn to make an awesome map which is my goal even though I have a lot left to learn and a long way to go I am still going to keep attempting it Hope this helps
  12. Very nice even though I am a beginner modding very much interests me and things like this just help me to realise how much time and effort needs to go into making something amazing! Thanks for this post appreciate it
  13. Pretty certain I can do that GamerPerfection! Won't be able to enter something this week as heading away for Easter here in Australia and won't be back till next week! Tried playing with getting a Tek Base done so I could upload it this week when it was announced but unfortunately its nowhere near finished yet! Still have a long way to go! Speaking of which I forgot to check fertiliser on my gardens as was so busy raising 2 Equus Babies, 7 high level dragon babies and playing around with spawning in Tek gear to play with a Tek base in my singleplayer game Thanks probably a good thing to wait and see if Jat responds as well anyway I think it would be okay but just wanted to double check. Thanks and will start making them when I am next able and share them in the video section! Bedtime now so will ttyl
  14. @Jat can you tell me is it okay to enter video footage of ark dev kit maps l am working on creating? I am not far yet but am wanting to start up progress videos where I discuss what I am doing and where I am going with the map and was wondering if I was allowed to enter these in for ark video or not? I am very much a beginner to modding and have a ton to learn yet and thought doing a series of videos following my progress as I learn could be fun to do! just wanted to ask if that would be allowed or not? As I have decided I really want to focus time on my mod for a bit and learning everything since I am a beginner! Thanks
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