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  1. Will keep it in mind for the future if we add more mods Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Okay must be some bug on the server! Let me look at server rates/if adjustments need to be made as I haven't altered food hunger rate. Also that is weird with the structures plus stuff. I will get to it as soon as I can Froglegs. Thanks for the notice. Unfortunately no discord however you can contact me on Steam which is Zergling963. I am currently away and taking a break from the server but am hoping one on my admins can test the issues and if I have to fix game files I can then do that. Will try my best to get it fixed asap.
  3. Maybe thats why I am a little confused about some of the stats and what is happening Thanks that helps me feel better about it
  4. Sorry I need to appologise maybe I mistoke what you were meaning. Sorry I appreciate your suggestion
  5. Actually yes I do But the stats aren't showing at all if there is a stat mutation! I breed all the wild dinos keeping mutations out till they are the exact same stats for both mother and father. Sometimes the stats seem to increase with the levels without me doing anything and what I may think is a stat increase is actually not as its on another mutated dino where the colour is obvious. I am not that stupid! I do know what the actual stats are
  6. So I am having an issue now with mutations. I get a colour mutation on a dino but its definately not colour (unless its the same colour as the parent originally?) And I can't see obvious stat mutations as I find the same mutation I think is a stat mutation on another one of the dinos that already has a colour mutation they don't seem to have two mutations much so what is going on here?? As there is no obvious stat increase that I can see, no colour mutation (unless its the same) Or has the mutation just gone on areas I can't see that aren't on this dino?? Am going to have to go back through all my others and check if they are stat mutations or not too. As what I thought was in the past turned out not to be. This is so confusing at times but I have now started culling ones I can see no obvious mutation cause what is the point in keeping them?? Also how do you tell for sure if the stats have increased? Kinda confused right now but need to sort this out so can anyone help please?? Thanks
  7. Yes I am actually. As it stopped happening so much to dinos when I didn't use the transfer gun on them. Thanks
  8. So I was wondering where I can find a decent amount of crystal anywhere near this location or if I need to travel for it?? Any help with this please?? These are my coordinates I am still working on setting up the resource respawn so the heavy metal yeild respawns at the back of my base. But if anyone could help with this! I have looked at the ragnarok resource map but there are so many resources it gets a little confusing. Thanks
  9. lol well I play for enjoyment Sometimes its fun to just do something reckless lol