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  1. Cool I will see you around when I get back in 3 weeks And will get your steam name from you then so I can contact people if ever I have to wipe the server! Which is definately not in the plans lol. Enjoy your time
  2. Yes I will notify anyone whenever possible of any wipes! Only scenario of that would actually be in the case of something really wrong messing up in server files. And server rollbacks etc can't fix it! So server wipe is really a last resort as my last few whilst sorting out and testing everything on the server was a nightmare and I do not want to go through that again if it can be avoided! And nope currently no rules other than don't be a jerk! We are flexible people that just like having fun with others! We even play the odd prank on each other like taking all the birds back to base and leaving someone behind when we are close to base lol 😂 So just bring a sense of humour and fun! I am heading away for 3 weeks but will let me other friend and admin know you will be around. when I get back I will add anyone who plays on steam to my friends list so I can notify everyone of any server resets 😌 Hopefully that does not need to happen again though as I have put the server through at least 4 weeks of rigourus testing with the settings I have added to the server lol! Including before the last reset testing giga breeding/imprinting Hope to see you around when I am back in 3 weeks
  3. Move it up! Structures Plus now replaces Galass/metal Hope to see you there
  4. Move it up Server now seems to be fully functioning and all dino uploads/downloads and item transfers are working! Feel free to join us! Haven't tested character but I am sure they are working too since the rest is
  5. Good News Phoenix can be transfered to ragnarok!

    nope spending all my points on weight being PVE server! I would rather go around and quickly get metal if I need it than go out and have to come back to use it! I would rather fly the bird out than not use it at all! I don't care about not getting many points into weight as for me it is worth pumping that weight! Not a waste of specs to me or possibly others that play pve
  6. Good News Phoenix can be transfered to ragnarok!

    Yes it tends to respawn in the same area!
  7. Good News Phoenix can be transfered to ragnarok!

    Yeah makes sense! Still its a fun tame even with low weight Love how I never have a Constant supply of cooked meat now lol helps with keeping dinos fed for longer too lol
  8. Good News Phoenix can be transfered to ragnarok!

    oh no I am not using those lol
  9. Good News Phoenix can be transfered to ragnarok!

    no you can get sulpher from ragnarok or transfer around sulpher from ragnarok gameplay! Don't necessarily have to use admin commands to feed it!
  10. Good News Phoenix can be transfered to ragnarok!

    Nope no saddle! Need to pump weight too but you can ride it without a saddle
  11. Good News Phoenix can be transfered to ragnarok!

    Probably! As long as you have sulpher to feed it
  12. Good News Phoenix can be transfered to ragnarok!

    Yep it even smelts metal, cooks meat, harvests stone and flint! Only thing is you need sulpher to keep it alive. As sulpher is what it eats The bottom picture is me riding it
  13. So I know you aren't able to find the phoenix on Ragarok due to it being exclusive to scorched earth! Good news is you can transfer it there. I transfered from my singleplayer game to my unofficial server (needed to test this anyway as have had issues in the past) And successfully downloaded a phoenix, Argentavis and items Pictures to show it in Ragnarok! So happy I can now use my phoenix on Ragnarok Enjoy
  14. Not alphas! Just being admin I don't like to let this stuff happen as I feel this spoils enjoyable play! I don't let people troll with pillars etc! if they try it they get two warnings than a ban if they keep doing it! Same for people kiting titans and gigas etc to others bases! I don't feel its fair for peoples games to be destroyed by these types of people