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  1. KishK0

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    4x rates Island only isolated map 140 player slots Tribe limit of 6 and no alliances No bolas and clubs or massively nerfed (2-3 second stun for bolas) Nerfed movement speed by 50-60% Weapon damage 1.75x or 2x I think a lot of people will enjoy a server that is balanced around PvP. Would be best if these are all on the same server but different servers with some of these changes might be cool (no bolas or weapon damage 2x) A few other good ideas are: No flyers Solo only No bolas Duo servers (tribe limit of 2) Smaller playable map (cut off some parts of the island so it's half the size) Max wild dino lvl 30 or 60, max player lvl 80
  2. Here's a little PvP montage I did
  3. KishK0

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Nevermind, I'm a retard and I was looking at a different time zone...
  4. KishK0

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Regarding the game modes, I bet no flyers, tribe limited servers or even Island only servers would be 10x more popular that hardcore or primitive, please consider adding those @Jen
  5. And it was quite successful from what I remember. I had a ton of fun and the servers had decent population for weeks but because it was no tame people got bored because there's not that much to do. No flyers would probably have more players and keep that population for a while.
  6. I'm not asking for more servers, I'm asking for different servers. Instead of 200 of the same servers, maybe 10 different ones and 190 normal ones
  7. Servers like: 1. No flyers 2. Max 5 people per tribe 3. Clusters for individual maps (Island only, SE only) 4. No tame 5. No TEK servers 6. Solo only servers 7. High pop servers (100+ people) I would personally enjoy no flyer servers, tribe limited servers, island only servers, high pop servers and no TEK servers, and I think many other people will do too. These server could also be combined (No TEK, max 5 people, no flyers or Island only and No TEK) I feel like it would be better if there are 2-3 types of these servers and the normal officials, instead of 200 or however many of the SAME servers that will be introduced.
  8. I really like the new emotes. Hats off to the creators!
  9. Another great crunch! I was just wondering how long you guys plan to do these Ansel contests for. Also, when can I expect a PM or e-mail, I was a runner up in the last crunch and winner here? Thanks for doing these contests, you guys are an exceptional studio.
  10. Great crunch this week! Lots of great ansel screenshots, especially Christopher Warburton's Sunrise!