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    TROPHIES I play on Genesis,PVE official In the past when I played on The Island map,we used to collect trophies from various dinos(like bronto,yuti,giga etc) for boss fights. Do Trophies have any use in the new maps or are they only good for the old one?
  2. Whatever folks, First you dont help and patronize, Now your trolling my thread. Im done with this enjoy your poop show,help was offered thats what important thanks again to @OMCWILDCAT
  3. Dino Transfer between maps Its unclear to me what creatures can be transported and which cant. What I mean is to use of course said creature. For example I tried bringing a dire wolf and Rex into aberration. Both came in pods but when trying to use them I got an error : "Wrong creature module" or something. My question is for Genesis and other maps like crystal islands,vaulgro etc, are there any other creatures I cant use?(I know about fly nerf and mangas nerf as well) lets say snow owl or gatcha from extinction,etc. Just want to save wasted hours on creatures ill tame but cant use eventually. Tried to google this and find no info on the matter at all.
  4. If that was true sir, it would make me an ungrateful Bu_stard However both you moderators didn't help at all! Commenting on my plight with observation helps who exactly? no one. Hence the facepalm ,which is from my frustration for your pointless explanation lack of assistance and instead patronizing me,for not knowing all of ARK mechanics (just jiber jabber tbh, not only no solution was given, also wasn't understood what exactly your trying to say except that it is hard for you individually to understand the issue,however as you see other people did understand and helped as well! and your condoning that?! god bless your misguided heart)
  5. Finally a solution. Thanks mate!
  6. Still dont get it. Is there a solution to your answer or your just explaining the game graphic engine to me? I dont mind debating structures,just need a solution first please
  7. Not sure what that means.. I tried to put then re put wall above the door frame all leads to same results. Tried also crafting double doors didnt help.
  8. Cant get in Greenhouse door Playing on officials without any mods etc .true vanilla. Got this annoying thing,if I build a green house door I cant pass it normally.I have to crouch each time. Any Ideas how to fix this? edit: For now I just placed another door less frame above it solved the issue,thou its ugly as hell. hopeing someone have a better solution then this. p.s. If your wandering if my character is too tall,I can easly pass through metal or stone door frames.
  9. darcek

    Bee transfer to Gen

    Yea a Stego on a tree branch sounds normal.. Now if the Stego had wings! The experience also really varies when you compare between servers. Im sure its different on Unofficial and Single player but I think this thread is aimed at officials where you cant cheat your way to get stuff.
  10. Im still having troubles with these controls. Basically when you aim at other tree or branch.pull towards it,then when you get close, you want to grab onto it and start exploring the tree by climbing. Releasing from the web can be done either with jump or X.when I do that then press the left shift nothing happens. The stalker drops to the ground.It will only start climbing either from regular stance without web or from time to time you get lucky with positioning and it will get to climb mode. Is there anyway to this or is it just purposely made this way?
  11. darcek

    Bee transfer to Gen

    I tried to tame one,even with BS its really not something thats conceivable in normal way. At least make BS immune to bees attacks like bear or something, Most hives ,arent even situated in places where you can use tames to destroy them, you need to get a flyer in an non flyer map(not that its impossible its just plain tough as they are rare) I also tried unpoding tames on brances..or use bs to attack..because of the ARK engin they just fall down at one point or other.. Also possible to shoot from far then Queen drop to ground impossible to find.. Any way the whole thing is just a hot mess, unlike Aberration, where you can find hives actually on the ground,easy pickings,and thus im getting my hives from there.(Even the Island and Ragnarok have easier places to get hives)
  12. its 15th,tried to teleport dosent let me.
  13. Yea I tried the crossbow and its really awsome..few darts for levels lower then 100,was able to take even a X-REX without trapping it
  14. Think your talking about PVP. I was thinking about taming. Still need answer on that as its two diffrent things. My goal isnt to kill dinos or humans but to put them to sleep for taming.
  15. Crossbow VS Longneck on ARK pve Server. I got an ascendant crossbow 336.1% Was wandering what was better for TAMING purposes. At this moment ,with only these two choices available to me, should I use the Crossbow or the primitive longneck version I currently have?
  16. Blood stalker controls So Ive seen about of vids and read about controls still cant seem to get comfortable with this mount. When I aim at a tree ,further away from me. With the web I pull there get to that branch and then i want to un web and start exploring the tree,get from the bottom of a branch to the top of it so I can pull out my map check my barrings and survey the surrounding area. I cant seem to un web,If I press ctrl it dosent latch t the tree and lets me climb it,and when i press space it just drops me down to the ground. Anyone got some pointers on how to control these? (or are they just jerky this way hard to control on normal)
  17. darcek

    Alpha Tuso

    Alpha Tuso Do they exist in Genesis? I never seen one and think ive explored all the Ocean biom,killed couple of regular Tuso,never seen an Alpha thou. Anyone know location?
  18. Yea I had that happen with an Anky. For me it was teleporting from bog to volcanic biom to farm metal. I was advised to use pods on tp and just teleport with dinos if Must (full inventory etc),been using that since then and it worked pretty well,thou could be just luck.
  19. Im with a new character. I have no tek ability left alone a cloning chamber. Moschops are pain to tame they require quite unique materials.(alt ought you can get away with low level ones,I rather skip this dino) Anything else except para? How about stego or frogs? or deer(forgot the name) Do they like only Herbivores or can use carnivores like Dilos as well?
  20. Taming a Blood Stalker So for what I gathered,and the info is really all over the place I went to try tame a blood stalker which my friends said its easiest tame... Well I guess Its easy depends who you ask lol.. Anyways Was looking for which tames I can use with the stalker. On my failed attempt I saw he grabbed a dodo.. and also Iguandon. But when I try to offer him a dre bear,he passed it off. Which tames can you offer the stalker,or better said which tames gives you best efficiency toward the 100%?
  21. What stats do you need to kill an Alpha squid? In SP I had a decent 135 tamed basil which was able to kill normal squids,but against Mosa it usually failed,which was weird cause in the Island map I used Basil on mosa with no problem only took ages to kill. Apparently the Genesis Mosa have much higher DPS. So was wandering about the Alpha squid ability if its the same as the Island or also boosted dps.
  22. darcek

    R.I.P Beloved Rex

    R.I.P Beloved Rex So im wandering the bog south side,looking for iguanadons to tame. I got one,then kept looking..then Im attacked by this HUGE Sarco... I tell myself no way. Cant be a mission boss just spawn and stays on if someone just activate mission or fail.. But no it was.. a freaking 1k level Brute Sarco. He chewed my level 240 Rex in two bites... Dosent mission bosses despawn?
  23. Well nm that Someone from my server just solved this issue. Ill just use cry pods!
  24. Teleport area build off I have made a base near the West point of the swamp. The problem is some tribe/dude built on top of it a Tek teleporter. Each time I teleport to the West to get back to my base I find myself below his pillars structure,then I have to make myself out somehow. If this was the only thing its ok. Problem is I start taming dinos and want them of course back at my base. If I use the W teleport they most probably get stuck and couldn't move them. Question is can I report this person so WC remove his building over the W teleport zone?
  25. This isn't helpful and or related to this post. This is about bugs,in Lunar biom. Not about taming mechanics. I have 5k hours playing mkay? I know how to tame. If you've encounter these bugs,speak up that be helpful,If you also found a solution for them that be extra helpful.
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