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    Gen 2 Transfer

    Will Gen 2 be viable to transfer between servers like all other maps or will it be hard like AB was? ( which was impossible for new characters unless they found drops)
  2. Plants started growing back when I added irrigation. Thanks!
  3. Apparently.. But It does states its Irrigated plus the previous batch of crops did not need any irrigation to grow. So now I need to add to it irrigation suddenly?
  4. Not sure what happened in my base..maybe some attack anyways my light plants and some crops got destroyed... So I went and placed new plots and seeds and furtilizer,but the plants dont seem to start growing.. Anyone know whats going on?
  5. What does Canada got to do with it? This company is American not Canadian.. Wildcard Properties, LLC (doing business as Studio Wildcard) is an American video game developer with offices in Kirkland, Washington, and Gainesville, Florida.
  6. No idea,ok can you move it to normal General chat please?
  7. lmao why was this moved to Genesis?
  8. Thursday , 26 November Thanksgiving 2020 in United States
  9. Where to start: The x10 RATES were a total joke as most servers were unplayable(I myself tried like 4 Veins all destroyed because of server inability to remain online more then 10 min at a time and lovely system of destroying anything that goes out of render aka a player that dc cause of your infrastructure) ,I was only able to gather stuff when it went back to normal rates with that we got no lags as well and no crushes Server 507 ext keeps crushing even after event thou its much better now we get crushes every 20 minutes not every 10 so that's a HUGE difference!!! thank you Wil
  10. After many server crushes, I managed to log back in. I tried to drive my skiff.. When I press E.it simply drop from the sky where it was hovering to the ground without apparent power(Its got plenty of Element in inv) On the status it reads: "LAUNCHING" and nothing happens... When I try to move press space it jerks up a bit but nothing happens.... it doesn't do anything with all the other keys... If I press E again it simply moves back into hovering mode in the air above.. Anyone know what to do please?? At this point all I see I can do is demolis
  11. darcek


    Glad there was rollback tbh, as I was in volcano with tames and high equipment would lost everything without it
  12. What rates do we have now on Officials now that charity event is over?
  13. Yes I tried all method all gave same result of 20% and lower efficiency. As if the shots were 100% accurate? probably not but close .Its very hard to shot them as they constantly move..
  14. A tribe on my server has captured 2 high level queens(145 and 135) and keeps them in render and locked all day. Does that effect other high level queens from spawning?
  15. I went to try tame the space whale. Was able to tame one but the efficiency was like 10%... How to get 100% efficiency? Also after tamed it completely disregarded me went its own way although was on follow and passive...it just came toward me then past me etc...how do you make the creature stop? Can it be poded? Another issue I have is with Skiff when I teleport on it it always put me on the ground and the skiff is above me with no way to reach it...do I have to land it before teleporting? or do you need to do something else?
  16. Any reason for this: https://ibb.co/V3h1nb2 Last update shown on Aug 28?
  17. Just open radial menu while aiming at your dino and use remove leech.
  18. Unplayable for me,server keep crushing and sometimes even cant connect so I left ,decent game otherwise,especially if you live in the UK where the servers are.
  19. Thank you for the explanation, and the workaround. Im sure to use that. Still weird this only happens to me on Crystal Island,Dont think it ever happened on different maps but I might be wrong. ?
  20. Weird, Why this only happens to me.. ?
  21. I have no idea if this is a bug,but when you open the baby inventory it should show you the imprint meter on the bottom,below its stats. If it reads 100,then it simply means you've already maxed the imprint on that baby,it will still request imprint from time to time,but theres no effect to that except showing 0% .
  22. Tek tek cloning chamber Issue So I've just built my first cloning chambers. I have a small base placed one in each side. Powered them and placed 2 dinos. What happen next is only one dino show for cloning. there`s no option for the other. ? If I take one down then the other show. Anyone know why this happen and what I should do to fix this? Nm found the solution my self,apparently you need to re chose the cloning option for it to show the other clone.
  23. Crystal Islands and transfer issue After they opened the crystal islands map,I've transferred there built a base,and continued playing there and on other maps as usual. Then I noticed this issue: Except of prime crystals and fertile eggs I cant transfer or upload consumables. These include: comestibles . Shock darts.Kibble.Health and other potions. Anyone else notice this? Is there some workaround or all consumables I bring to Crystal STAY in Crystal?
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