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  1. what the hell is that pet flying? is like a griffin with lion face?
  2. i want my event on valguero! u say "All Official Servers across each platform". why dont u write "(except Valguero)"???? damn, u broke my heart
  3. i love the last one, the magazine
  4. omg, i knew it!! quetz! i love the new tek dino! thx !! =D
  5. I love that treant, I want tame it now! About that robot, will be a enemy? Like defense Unit? 36 more days...
  6. what can i say, i apreciate the info we get with the 6 questions. But i want more, i hope we can get more info in the next weeks. I know is hard or imposible to keep everyone happy, but u are making a good job and thx for givin us fun times with Ark.
  7. OMG! i love the Earth! look that Treant! And the new creatures, i hope they can be so awesome like Drakes on Aberration. Cant wait to play the new map! GJ
  8. NOOOOOOOO! why!? Tek Parasaur? i prefer other dinos to be tek... I like the green color, and the coorrupted chest look really cool.
  9. I love the scout! And i want breeding event too, i hope this 18th september we can breed with x2.
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