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  1. Maybe the number of Bison rigged up to a wagon affects the speed your mobile wagon base moves and the weight you can carry
  2. Its a contest. There are winners and losers. Maybe everyone shouldn't have plastered "Anti-Giga" and "Giga-rival" on their other submissions lmao
  3. From the discord I saw the dossier, and immediately caught my attention. I'm giving you a vote because not only is an extinct goat unique (before non-educated idiots assume its just another Ovis), but I like the idea of it scouting for resources. One question is: would its horn grow continuously and be used as a keratin farm when you cut them off so they grow back?
  4. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Bison!
  5. Possibly the feeding narcoberries/narcotics would work when doing the bull-ride, KO it and then feed it crops. I'm not sure about the stone-crushing, people were asking for it to break metal, and I'll say Bison are strong, but no way are they destroying stone lol we already got stone-breaking dinosaurs.
  6. Wildcard just won't go through all that effort for a free new dinosaur, especially one that is a mammal. Thats why the suggestion for the bull-riding similar to how you break them via the fishing style minigame would help make the taming unique and allow Wildcard to edit the style of passive-KO taming. (Of course Immersive Taming will update to passive Bison eventually.) I thought though that baby penguins could be KO tamed, just not passive tamed.
  7. Bison was 3rd place in the last voting by only a mere 6% compared to the 30+% that Dinopithecus and Carcharodontosaurus were competing. So I was not surprised that people wanted to see this guy back in the top 10. Many of the ideas are panned because some suggest that the Bison is gonna be the new Maewing in terms of supplying babies with cattle milk or the beef idea (I originally had written prior to edit) would outplace Ovis for good. Many who supported it seemed against most of the ideas due to micromanaging, and this is coming from the usual ARK players who play TEK servers. The subm
  8. I had many ideas for the milk, but everyone is complaining that Wildcard wouldn't micromanage so many things I had planned out, some even saying that the milk idea would counter the Maewing for baby food. Same for the beef idea, everyone seems to have an alarmed grievance that the Bison will completely overshadow the Ovis in terms of their meats, and the beef would have too many other unique crafts. Its really all up to Wildcard in the end. But it seems people are focusing too much on the PVP meta than the PVE meta. But I am open to everyone's opinions to take into account what could affect.
  9. I suggested that wild ones do not drop beef, but the tamed ones you slaughter for do, that way it forces you to breed them and slaughter. Similar to how wild beef IRL has a more wild flavor, but domesticated beef is more lean. Maybe two different types of beef, wild vs domesticated, one can be used for recipes and one can be used for taming? In the end, up to Wildcard.
  10. It will be all up to Wildcard in the end. Not all the suggestions will be put in.
  11. Got some Apache or Aztec ancestry in me, and Bison are super majestic. That and being a farmboy growing up, I love cows. Who doesn't love cows? lel
  12. Especially in a Nordic environment, Europe still has Bison roaming their forests, so why not an Ice Age Bison (even though its American) live in a similar manner?
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