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  1. ChargingParacerParacer

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    Yeah Venting is good even if some can't handle reading it.
  2. ChargingParacerParacer

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    Are people really surprised? They have been making. bad decisions for over a year, arguablly the entire time.
  3. ChargingParacerParacer

    Anyone else losing items when they upload?

    WC doesn't care, even if Jath, Jen, or Chris did answer it will just be fake promises to fix it after their latest DLC with added lines that you should totally be hyped for said dlc, then they are going to keep ignoring the large game problems.
  4. ChargingParacerParacer

    I can no longer support the state of my favourite game!

    And they never said how long after Extinction.
  5. ChargingParacerParacer

    Official changes not spoken by developers!

    Rhetorical question? Extinction will be the same old unbalanced gimmicks that they will tweak 2 or 3 times and call it complete. Agreed that we paid money and deserved/deserve better but they don't really care.
  6. ChargingParacerParacer

    How is Ark's PvE life these days?

    PvE will always be the tacked on mode that only exists for more profit, they only care about PvP. Your best bet is sticking with other games.
  7. ChargingParacerParacer

    Good job making PvE actually PvE!

    Now if only they could stop having crappy balance changes that are only good for PVPers.
  8. ChargingParacerParacer

    Who is excited about the new tek dino!!

    Tek Trilobite Meta #getonmylvl
  9. ChargingParacerParacer

    pve End game goals?

    Dino Fight Club if you still have others playing. It could potentially give you all something interesting to watch when the fights happen and raising dinos good at killing each other will also be good at killing bosses if you use the ones good at fighting bosses.
  10. ChargingParacerParacer

    My #WalkAway Story...

    And since WC lies at a fairly consistent basis us consolers probably never will be able to reverse it. They have made vague mentions of putting Ini. settings to fix it throughout the year but I would bet money on it never happening.
  11. ChargingParacerParacer

    Despite its flaws, why do you continue to play Ark?

    I haven't actually played in several months, but the reason why I did play for a few months after the nerf I hate is because the game itself is still a neat idea, and it does still have a lot of customization options. Still completely selfish/ignorant to just kill off leveling speed for an entire group of creatures though. Plus I had heard good things about Ragnarok and since it was free I wanted to check out Ragnarok and I did play it for a good while. I like it a lot better than the other 2 maps.
  12. ChargingParacerParacer

    Why does eveyone seem to hate the diplodocus

    With them having no attacks, the most use I would get out of them when I did play was future Prime meat for Carnivores.
  13. ChargingParacerParacer


    You keep bringing it upso they know it's needed, and you also stop giving them your purchases until they do actually listen.
  14. ChargingParacerParacer

    If there was one thing you could change what would it be?

    I know it won't change anything but bringing it up any chance I'm able is a good enough way to just vent. Besides, 1.their the ones that repeatedly (though vaguely) acted like they were trying to get ini settings to fix it. 2. I was nice the first few months I was here, look through my whole post history. Patience just gets you nowhere with a lot of businesses.
  15. ChargingParacerParacer

    If there was one thing you could change what would it be?

    I'm going to keep calling Wildcard out until it's an option. 🙂 The difference between me and you pro-nerfers is at least I want it to have been an option, yall are so closed-minded and afraid of strategy your happy it was forced on everyone because you need your hands held and need to break every strategy that beats you.