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  1. ChargingParacerParacer

    Another Message to Studio Wildcard

    Wildcard/Snail Games/The fanboys simply don't care who they piss off or how much. The only thing that matters to them is profit and since luckily for them most people don't get pissed enough to stop supporting them they are going to keep right on repeating the same crappy behaviors. Why stop when they keep getting away with it.
  2. ChargingParacerParacer

    DLC Worth it?

    They aren't worth any money to me. All you are really paying for is the map anyways the content can still be spawned in without paying.
  3. ChargingParacerParacer

    Back after a year+, advise on flyers to get?

    As you've noticed there are only 2 flying mounts worth caring about since the poorly carried out nerf, and they have only bothered to fix Argies out of 8 flying mounts.
  4. ChargingParacerParacer

    Kibble Reworking

    I don't know about dinos but it works like a charm on me.
  5. ChargingParacerParacer

    Kibble Reworking

    The reworked kibble recipes have been stored on the dynamic length bridges, being guarded by flyers that are actually worth having.
  6. ChargingParacerParacer

    Possible to get a refund ?

    Unfortunately you likely won't get a refund, though you still have the option of just not buying anything else from Wildcard and warning others away from a sub-par at best experience.
  7. ChargingParacerParacer

    So, Wildcard

    No telling how they willk work, knowing WC though probably dissapointing compared to what modders can do.
  8. ChargingParacerParacer

    So, Wildcard

    Unfortunately I'm xbox and the only mods on there. are mods I've never cared about. I would really prefer they officially fix the issue themselves and give the setting to just make it optional and finally make everyone happy. I'm glad this threads gotten more positive attention than I figured it would.
  9. ChargingParacerParacer

    Megalania uses?

    Their use is to be fed to actual useful carnivores. Other than that their just another useless pest creature outside of PVP like bats and Troodons.
  10. ChargingParacerParacer

    So, Wildcard

    The humorous thing is if they had already fixed their mess and made the nerf optional forever ago (or just made it. optional for unofficials in the first place) then I would still be interested in the game and actually be interested in paying for DLCs. In it's current state they don'g deserve any more of my money.
  11. ChargingParacerParacer

    So, Wildcard

    Are we going to finally get to hear solid details any time in the reasonably near future about the ini settings for the optional flyer nerf revert? It's been mentioned a few vague times over the year and I really hope it wasn't just PR nonsense, but it's hard to believe it's not when it only. barely gets mentioned.
  12. ChargingParacerParacer

    What happens next will make or break the future of this game...

    If it's unreasonable for people to expect AAA quality out of WC then it should be considered every bit as unreasonable that WC charges 60$ AAA price for their little ameture studio game. 🙂
  13. ChargingParacerParacer

    the old ark or new ark?

    Never going to stop giving Wildcard poop over such a blatantly stupid change. 🙂
  14. ChargingParacerParacer

    Ready to quit!!

    Do yourself a favor and move on to better games.
  15. ChargingParacerParacer

    the old ark or new ark?

    Old. The pre-flyer nerf days when it was still in early access and still had the potential to be amazing. now it's 'complete' yet still broke in a lot of ways and too much content is worse than it used to be.