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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.
    • Jatheish

      TLC Update - Ragnarok 'Puzzle' Cave.   03/20/18

        In our most recent Ragnarok Update, the puzzle cave was revised so that it would no longer allow survivors to build within it. Due to this change, player structures found in this location were removed and some dinos became stuck. We will not be rolling back our servers at this time. We would like to keep rollbacks limited to major service-wide disruptions going forward due to complications caused by CrossARK and Tribes (part of being a multi-server persistent open-world survival game). Later today, we'll be rolling a server update which will allow survivors to build in this area for an additional week so that players can move their creatures via a transmitter or teleporter. After the 27th of March, this will no longer be possible so please use this time to remove your creatures swiftly. Console players, please use this time to move out any creatures or structures you have in this cave because once the update hits, you'll no longer be able to do so! Thank you for your patience and ongoing support, survivors!


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  1. Is it wrong....

    It's merely pest control.
  2. Kapro's are kinda more useless now

    Far as I'm concerned the Kapro is supposed to be 'worse' anyways, but maybe inthe future there will be more TLC and the Kapro will be one of them. Assuming WC isn't just full of it again which I bet they are, still a lot of creatures that need TLC.
  3. is it me, or new argents are oversized chickens

    Their majestic BuzzarDoves. I do quite like the shape of them now.
  4. April 1st is just around the corner...

    They could do what they did for halloween event and spam bats, snakes and spiders everywhere people LOVED that.
  5. Big News!

    I suppose so, SOTFand pvp in general isn't my cup of tea though.
  6. Ark TV show?

    It's called Neebs Gaming on Youtube.
  7. TLC Phase 3 Suggestions

    Pelagornis, make it be the best for not having stamina loss or just good changes like the Argie is getting. Allos Bigger distinctions between the dinos that apply Torpor please, between how much torpor versus damage each gives. Pachy Moschops, fix them so they actually harvest fish meat and harvest sap on non SE maps. Maybe the Bronto and Paracer can be revamped?
  8. April 1st is just around the corner...

    They did just recently say they were going to be more frequent with bug fixes. I'm on to you Wildcard....
  9. Glider Suit Nerf

    IMO far too much of what they decide seems like it was rushed out before thinking about how it affects everyone.
  10. Big News!

    There's micrtransaction stuff but yeah the base game is free and I've never had any issues with running the game on console.
  11. Glider Suit Nerf

    I was here when the flyer nerf made the game objectively, inarguably worse for some players. (Hey you brought it up lol.)
  12. Big News!

    To be fair the people working on Fortnight really don't seem half bad at all and it's a very popular game. They deserve it.
  13. Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Definitely don't hold your breath the focus is profit first, what your customers actually want last. Odd way to do it since when I'm displeased with a product I give it no more money.
  14. Dino 6 TLC2?

    It's most definitely an implication, but tell yourself whatever you need to so you can feel correct. If it was a definite no they should have said so. Like it or not if you say maybe and give false hope people are deservedly going to give you crap for it.
  15. Dino 6 TLC2?

    Incorrect, but points for at least trying to sound smart. They most certainly heavily implied there would be more if enough people didn't like it, and for several months there were no shortage of people on here, reddit, and the steam forum telling them it wasn't enough. Like it or not that's plenty of evidence WC is wrong. They don't always get things right. They abandoned trying to do right by their customers with buff 2 just like they are already done 'for now' giving us better dinos that would actually make the game somewhat fun again.