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  1. Not buying this like I didn't buy Extinction, Abberation, or Scorched Earth since your company has either been too lazy, too petty, or too ignorant to make the flyer nerf properly optional. Your people were even scummy enough to lie a few times that Ini. settings would eventually get implemented. (You people can scrub mentions of it off here, but you can't scrub it off google.)
  2. So Wildcard now that your last known cashgrab is released when can we start hearing about that flyer nerf revert ini. That your team has ocassionally brought up all year?
  3. What comes next is whatever broken, poorly designed cash cow they come up with next. What ever comes next will ultimately be the same old poopshow just called something else.
  4. Should have never given Wildcard more of your money theyy don't deserve it.
  5. Agreed, there is a lot more polish that they should have put into the game.
  6. Don't get mad at me when you end up wrong about Wildcard and end up with the same opinions most people inevitably do.
  7. I highly doubt they will bother doing any other TLC patches. After Extinction they will probably focus on their next game since profit is far more important than quality.
  8. With them having no attacks, the most use I would get out of them when I did play was future Prime meat for Carnivores.
  9. My go to flyer was Pelagornis. Yes it always had the weakest stats eveen pre-nerf but I'll take that for the ability to land on water when the Pela needs a rest where other dinos have to land. on the ground and be vulnerable to predators. Plus as others have stated they are good at getting organic polymer so you don't have to craft normal polymer. Another thing they are great at is harvesting jellyfish venom. At 300 percent attack they can one shot jellies and their peck has big AOE so you can 1 shot a group. If I remember right each harvest off 1 jelly gave 40 venom. WC has probably nerfed harvest numbers over the moonths though lol. I wouldn't be surprised. I also liked Tapejaras for their great agility. Pump weight and STAM and rule the skies with 2 well armed buddies.
  10. The obvious difference being that Bethesda is a legitimate professional company that has proven on numerous occasions to be worth waiting for while Wildcard has disappointed me more times than they have impressed me with their one game. Wildcard is merely playing professionals while constantly making ameture hour, bone headed mistakes. I'm actually really pumped for Fallout 76.
  11. Cool the latest thing I'm not going to pay for since you clowns still haven't given a proper flyer nerf revert option on consoles yet.
  12. Plenty of other companies develop their games just fine without the many many screw ups WC has had. There's zero excuse for their level of incompetence and people that paid them for content don't have to quietly put up with the nonsense.
  13. When you're done patting yourselves on the back you can hurry up and get the ini setting to remove the garbage flyer nerf that should have already been gone for OVER a year ago now. Actual competent, professional Devs would have had it just 1 month in. Then again competent Devs know how to properly balance for single player mode in the first place.
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