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  1. Not buying this like I didn't buy Extinction, Abberation, or Scorched Earth since your company has either been too lazy, too petty, or too ignorant to make the flyer nerf properly optional. Your people were even scummy enough to lie a few times that Ini. settings would eventually get implemented. (You people can scrub mentions of it off here, but you can't scrub it off google.)
  2. Wildcard has never cared about PvE. Literally the only reason single player and PvE exist is because WildCard realized how much more money they could make. They don't care about a single one of us though. If they did many mechanics would be diferent and several of their choices never would have been made. As it stands now they think they can shrug off complainers and hide behind their high steam player count.
  3. OP, online petitions are almost always a complete waste of time. Online petitions are the 'mall cops' of boycots the only people who take petitions serious are the people who made em. What you CAN do ks never give em your money again and keep tellin em why your no longer a customer until they actually fix it. WildCard themselves still won't give a toss but more and more people will see your side over time. WC themselves won't care until they HAVE to care.
  4. I've been having fun with 76. I haven't had fun playing Ark in a year & a half.
  5. The only true fix is to move on and play other games because WildCard has shown time after time they don't really care. They only care that we gave money.
  6. The post of mine you quoted was 100% sarcasm and smart-assedry. Next time read the entire post before pissing your pants and getting triggered. I don't own the DLCs either and have zero incentive to want them.
  7. I'm sure everyone here did lol. Gotta keep bringing it up until it happens.
  8. Only thing I want any the only way I would ever give them any more money is the flyer nerf revert ini. setting.
  9. And I'm gonna keep right on caring as long as it takes ? Put me on block if reading the words flyer and nerf together triggers your dainty little feelings.
  10. I'm just waiting to see if they actually release a certain Ini. setting or if that was just one of their lies. It likely was though they already conveniently scrubbed basically all mentions from the search feature when they did mainenance on it that one day.
  11. I didn't actually mean me btw haha. Was poking fun at the type of people that have tended to ask for nerfs in the past.
  12. Fair enough and the suggestion are good, They sound creative. 95% of the time though their rebalancing literally is just nerfing strong things because anything deeper than that has been too much effort to care. There have been exceptions though. Assuming more TLCs wasn't just one of their lies they would be a good creature to re-do.
  13. "But that takes effort! No, that won't do, just ruin it for everyone else!" To be fair WC has repeatedly catered to the 'but i donwanna stratigize' crowd.
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