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  1. Alright, we'll be ready for it. You know how long it will last?
  2. Our tribe really wishes to get some really nice rock drakes. We also want to breed a line of really good coloured glowtails, so we need to know if maybe Easter is going to be a colour event, or when is the next one? We also tend not to find many glowtails in the Old Railway Cave, so we need to know where to get high amounts of glowtails. With the combination of this knowledge we can find lots of glowtails, which means much more options for colour. Eventually we are going to breed up a completely green glowtail and name it Geico.
  3. This dude right here sadly is correct. On both of these points.
  4. It's not obscure as the entire US flips out over it despite having a higher concentration of other countries' people and not celebrating those holidays. Also I just don't like the holiday in general, but this happens probably because McDonald's serves "Shamrock Shakes" during March.
  5. Why does the entire server keep getting removed for a bit every 1 hour 30 minutes? This is starting to confuse me and the rest of the players on NA-PVE-Official-Ragnarok-81.
  6. Agreed, but they are super fast.
  7. Guys PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO THE DEVS!!!!!!!!! THIS GUY IS SO CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Good idea. Crop fertilizer is smart.
  9. Yeah, I agree. Also, when is the official release date for this?
  10. I HIGHLY AGREE with you. Very much. Please forward this to the devs guys!!!!!!
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