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  1. GermanGamer7

    Lymantria's failures

    Being a moth, they should have that Tapejara ability. Agreed on the mounted combat, because you can slow say an Argy and then snipe it from your moth. Yes! Charge lanterns aren't in SE, so you might have to use the best light. They'd be attracted most for taming effectiveness for a high-end light emitter, and a torch would be least.
  2. GermanGamer7

    Lymantria's failures

    Thanks. I wasn't very good with figuring out how to use it. Can I have a taming guide for it? I agree. Also, if they could shake poisoning dust off of them in a similar manner to New World members of Theraphosidae rubbing urticating hairs off of their abdomens, as shown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUOb7OyZXs0 (all credit belongs to Chao Jimmy Wu *Mantisman630*). These poisoning spores could have a similar blinding/damaging effect to Dilophosaurus sputatrix's venom. L. sporarmis should remain skittish, as it is a moth. Aggressive moths don't make sense.
  3. GermanGamer7

    Lymantria's failures

    You have many fair points. I just feel Lymantria sporarmis would be better suited to be being maybe more active during night, like Megalosaurus noctedominus but without the grogginess. For example, merely spawning 2x as much during night would make sense. Core design is also just terribly bad. People would rather tame the current 2nd worst flyer, Pteranodon wyvernus, after the flyer nerf, than Lymantria sporarmis. Health: Bad. Melee: Absolutely terrible and cannot even attack. Speed: Abysmal and even worse after the flyer nerf, the slowest flyer in the game. Stamina: Still mediocre, albeit not the worst stamina ingame. Weight: awful. Overall, this is just a punch to the face of a tame. ARK has to finish this tame, or even just buff it.
  4. GermanGamer7

    Lymantria's failures

    As a clear lover of spiders, here are mine, from most needy to least (these are all ones in desperate need tho) 1. Araneo, they can be so much more viable if they got wall climb like Megalania or a buff in speed and melee. 2. Lymantria, as above. 3. Pulmonoscorpius, as above. 4. Ichthyornis, needs a better skill or trait that makes it worth taming. 5. Pachy, torpor is so weak it's useless. If you agree that ARK should fix arthropods, join my group, the ARKthropods.
  5. GermanGamer7

    Dododex account

    I don't and can't make a Twitter account.
  6. GermanGamer7

    Dododex account

    How do I make a dododex account so I can post things such as name ideas?
  7. GermanGamer7

    Araneos aren't as trash as people think.

    This thing needs a TLC. If you guys agree, join the ARKthropods. It's my tribe in the TRIBES section of the website.
  8. GermanGamer7

    Connectivity issues

    Playing on NA-PVE-OFFICIAL-ScorchedEarth90, I often get kicked with a message reading "Lost/timed out connection to host." Is there anything I can do about this? 😡 Also, how do I react to other posts? There's no blue heart button.
  9. GermanGamer7

    Araneos aren't as trash as people think.

    Again, due to its dire need of a TLC, this is EXACTLY why I formed the ARKthropods. It's my group on the forum dedicated to getting all the arthropods (e.g. Lymantria [again in dire need of a TLC) fixed. My main grievance with ARK is that they haven't made them breedable. A new kind of breeding isn't that hard to make. It was done with the Griffin and the Wyvern, why not now? Also, i re-edited this because the posts per day limit is extremely low. I can't speak in a new post.
  10. GermanGamer7

    Araneos aren't as trash as people think.

    Fair point. I did state it was inferior to some other cave mounts, but it's not the worst thing ever.
  11. GermanGamer7

    Araneos aren't as trash as people think.

    Levels, just put them into movement speed.
  12. GermanGamer7

    Viable Wolfpacks!

    I feel dire wolves are a bit already overpowered, and insanely popular with every tribe. I don’t think they need a buff.
  13. GermanGamer7

    Can we get this dinosaur added?

    A bit OP to exist.
  14. GermanGamer7

    Lymantria's failures

    Dear ARK, Your creature, Lymantria sporarmis, has failed to live up to promises. I am especially angry over the fact that you promised it could make silk in a future update, but after 2 more expansions, Lymantria is still not able to produce silk. Here are a few things I would like to see added: -Nocturnal (Similar to Megalosaurus, but doesn't get groggy or suffer from sleep deprivation) -Wild ones are attracted to light -Making silk -More spore types -Make them breedable -Make them faster I do not expect ARK to live up to all of these, but here is a rundown of each: Nocturnal: Since real moths, especially of the named genus Lymantria, are active during night, it would only be sensible to make them nocturnal. Light attraction: This one is one I really want to see added. Moths LOVE things like lamps, and really it does not make sense to make Lymantria sporarmis cathemernal. Making silk: This infuriates me, as you have promised in the canon dossier that they will be able to make silk, but here we are, 2 expansions later, with an unfinished moth. More spore types: This one isn't so necessary, but it would be nice. As a bomber, if they could drop poison spores as well (since they are giant moths) it would be very good. Breedable: This one also is pretty necessary. I have seen ARK's neglect of arthropods lately, and disallowing any of them to be breedable is just crazy. Why though? Faster: Finally, this creature is almost never tamed either because it is so slow, and moths are much faster in real life. Besides, making them use slow spores is just adding insult to injury at this speed. In all, ARK has not finished the Lymantria and must do so at once, along with many other arthropods. Best regards and hopes for saving the ARKthropods, GermanGamer7