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  1. Not buying this like I didn't buy Extinction, Abberation, or Scorched Earth since your company has either been too lazy, too petty, or too ignorant to make the flyer nerf properly optional. Your people were even scummy enough to lie a few times that Ini. settings would eventually get implemented. (You people can scrub mentions of it off here, but you can't scrub it off google.)
  2. So Wildcard now that your last known cashgrab is released when can we start hearing about that flyer nerf revert ini. That your team has ocassionally brought up all year?
  3. The obvious difference being that Bethesda is a legitimate professional company that has proven on numerous occasions to be worth waiting for while Wildcard has disappointed me more times than they have impressed me with their one game. Wildcard is merely playing professionals while constantly making ameture hour, bone headed mistakes. I'm actually really pumped for Fallout 76.
  4. Cool the latest thing I'm not going to pay for since you clowns still haven't given a proper flyer nerf revert option on consoles yet.
  5. Plenty of other companies develop their games just fine without the many many screw ups WC has had. There's zero excuse for their level of incompetence and people that paid them for content don't have to quietly put up with the nonsense.
  6. When you're done patting yourselves on the back you can hurry up and get the ini setting to remove the garbage flyer nerf that should have already been gone for OVER a year ago now. Actual competent, professional Devs would have had it just 1 month in. Then again competent Devs know how to properly balance for single player mode in the first place.
  7. Last night I spawned some mating pairs of Featherlights to my Ragnarok file and after last night and today I've ended up with 4 all yellow birds and one with a black main body and red glowing spots. I also tried repeatedly to spawn in the Aberrant versions of already existing dinos but no dice for whatever reason.
  8. I just injure my sacrifices to the point where they are very close to death anyways and send it to attack the Troods. It takes longer but it hasen't caused as much failure as some other ways for me. I can't always get the 'Put your dino to sleep' method right either, a,d I really don't like the baby method I had to practically be on top of the baby and almost died with it anyways.
  9. Got a lvl 130 wild female Troodon last night by taming and sacrificing a lot of nearby Brontos.
  10. I have/get to give this gam major props because it showed me god-tier levels of glitchy kindness after a freeze earlier today. It's been freezing and crashing quite a bit lately and sometimes it loses several minutes of progress, thanks to one of the crashes I found the Wyvern that I had raised but Kill comanded alive again, for some reason out in the lava lands near the wyvern trench and highland area where sheep spawn and it was fighting 2 wild ones. The truely lucky part is after it killed the wilds I called him to me and he had the 50 still mostly fresh wyvern milks in it's inventory so an alpha must have spawned in and lost a fight. Using the milk to raise a lightning and poison baby and I also used the Wyvern to get a Morellatops and also got a green winged lvl 130 Lymantria. I also almost got a second griffin but it got away lol.
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