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  1. Damn must of hurt some feelings
  2. Forums are dead better to follow some devs on twitter for updates.
  3. The map not opening in 3rd person is super annoying hopefully they fix it sooner rather then later.
  4. When in 3rd person you used to be able to zoom into your map holding LT now it no longer works so you have to revert back to first person to see it which is annoying. Please fix
  5. They just don't appear at all I've never had this before but after putting in to Google seems this is a bug thats been round for years im struggling to find a awnser on how to fix this though. Hoping someone can help me before this gets put in the bug section never to be seen or heard again lol
  6. So for some reason my character can no longer craft a pick or torch so not sure how I'm ment to get flint at the start no more. I tried transferring server and relogging and that did nothing for me anyone know of a fix?
  7. ddos is everywhere on xbox servers making the game unplayable....
  8. Always seen people moan about this problem. What i would like to know is this really common these days and is it even worth returning to check new things out if ark is in this state.
  9. Im a returning player I quit after about a month of genisis release due to all the bad bugs and everything genisis was suffering with at the time. Wonder what state its in now Anyway I thought I would return to check crystal isles out so I transfer to it only to be greeted with 255ping regularly checking its been like this for a week straight Thats my high level character lost then great start im thinking... So I thought to myself why not start a new challenge and create a new character and go give Valguero a try because I i never tried that out either. Made a new cha
  10. Oh its Microsofts problem wildcard cant do a thing right and release anything that works ??
  11. Been calling for this for a while something so easy to fix but wildcard just ignores it. Wildcard are pure lazy surely this is fixed with a toggle of a server setting......
  12. New game modes? Is it not possible for wildcard to bring out some new fresh server rules or some brand new game modes. The game is massively stale for me it's all the same old same old. I mean I cant imagine it's hard to do this aswell and not heavy resource wise for wildcard to do it. It's a no brainer it really is ?
  13. I've had this issue since the event started eggs all chucked down at same time all with different timers. Babys maturation getting stuck. Not confirmed but feel like food from troughs is depleting quicker also
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